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Hi Ron, big fan going back to Happy Day's as a kid and I'm looking forward to "In the heart of the sea". If I may, what do you think are some of the best films in the last 5 years or so that we may not have heard of?

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We don't have SyFy in Canada but we love your content on Space Channel. P.S. would love to see a StarGate Atlantis movie.

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No question just saying that I thought the movie was great. It hit all the right notes with action and a bit of comedy. It all really worked well and I've highly recommended it to people.

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Thanks for doing the AMA. Is Gun's N Roses a full fledged band or is it Axl and hired musicians to fill a role (similar to Gene/Paul from Kiss).

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When can we expect to see "Six Pack" available for streaming? Can you get on that? Saw it in the theatres when I was a kid and I have fond memories.