I'm Evelyn. I'm 103 years old and I speak my mind. So ask me anything: love, life, career . . . I'm here to field your most important questions.

About me: I recently posed for the Seattle Weekly in an issue about marijuana use. I've been inked. I gamble, collect boyfriends (or will hit on yours!) and drink whisky. Here are some fun links where you can learn more about me: http://imgur.com/a/mFNwu and http://www.seattleweekly.com/2012-03-07/news/the-high-road/

Here's my proof: https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253024160747520/photo/1 https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253381108617216/photo/1 https://twitter.com/seattlewagamama/status/415253123414757377/photo/1

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iSkyHigh1812 karma

Do you wanna fight?

seattlewagamama2595 karma

I don't think I can put up my dukes, anymore. You win, sonny.

seattlewagamama1802 karma

I have to go to bed kids. I'll be back tomorrow if you want to ask me more questions. Good night and Merry Christmas.

Couchee1762 karma

Do you look at 80 year olds and think "damn younglings"?

seattlewagamama2573 karma

They ask me the same kinds of questions you do. I think that's so funny.

seattlewagamama2078 karma

Hehe yes

Almick1618 karma

What may I do now, age 18, that can help promote lifelong happiness?

seattlewagamama2936 karma

Love yourself the way you are. Get your priorities straight. Keep your family close. Save money for a rainy day. Laugh.

popeslopethe3rd1578 karma

Most risky thing you have ever done in your life.

seattlewagamama3068 karma

I helped my brother steal a model T when we were kids (6 and 9). We just wanted a joyride.

TankerD18805 karma

What's it like to know that you might have taken place in one of the worlds first car jackings?

seattlewagamama1149 karma

That's really funny!

sperglord_manchild331 karma

Those things are really difficult to drive! Thats awesome you could even get it moving as a kid. They have a manual ignition advance for chistsake and the early ones you had to start with a hand crank :)

seattlewagamama1095 karma

I was 9 and my brother was 6. We pushed it downhill to start it.

Not_A_Chef1454 karma

This is probably the best AMA I've read in a reeeeeeally long time. Thank you very much!

seattlewagamama1080 karma

Thank you!

Onloooker1372 karma

Is it true that the older you get, the less you sweat(the small stuff)?

seattlewagamama3052 karma

Oh yes. For example, I am at the age where I cannot control when I fart. There's nothing I can do about it so I just let it go.

Kansas_City1304 karma

What were you doing at these moments in time and what were your thoughts on each:

  1. Titanic sinking
  2. Moon Landing
  3. 9/11

seattlewagamama1949 karma

  1. I was a baby when the Titanic sunk.

  2. I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and I thought, "never in my lifetime did I expect this!"

  3. On 9/11 I was at home in Seattle, Washington living with my daughter. I get up early, before anyone else goes to work or school, to make my morning toast and egg. I saw it on television and thought it was just awful.

big_whiskey94345 karma

I'm from Sioux Falls! What were you doing there?

seattlewagamama555 karma

I was born in Elrod, South Dakota. My daughter's family lives in Seattle and I moved in with her before I went to my current apartment [assisted living].

Tog_the_destroyer1286 karma

What do you want for Christmas?

seattlewagamama3150 karma

Magic Mike

seattlewagamama1250 karma

Ask if you dare!

Worldbuilders1173 karma

What is the one thing all young men should know about women?

seattlewagamama2938 karma

Don't be afraid of a woman who knows how to drink, play cards, eat, and show you her zest for life. She will take you a lot further than some skinnie minnie with no personality. You'll have great things to say to each other and great stories to tell when you're old.

Leisabet1622 karma

...I love you. Can you adopt me?

seattlewagamama3379 karma

Yes. Now bring me a bacon sandwich.

zombiemullet1165 karma

  • As a woman how would you describe the difference between your youth and now. How has society changed for women?
  • How did birth control affect your life?
  • Were you raised religious and are you still religious?
  • What is your biggest regret?
  • What is the one thing in your life (past or present) that you wouldn't change good or bad?
  • What is a common mistake that you see people make in relationships? What advice would you give a newlywed :)

Thank you for doing this AMA.

seattlewagamama2247 karma

Women today can do anything they set their minds to. In my day, women married and had children and stayed at home. If they worked, it was on the farm or piece work sewing or odd jobs. Teaching was the only job open to women that had a salary. But then you ran the risk of becoming a spinster. I didn't get married until I was in my thirties because I taught school to support my family.

Birth control came too late to affect me. But I had three beautiful children.

I was raised a Lutheran but church is too dogmatic for me. I prefer a good walk in the outdoors to find God, or listening to pretty church hymns.

I have no regrets. I made mistakes, but they made me who I am. Life is too short to fret over the past. Let go and let it be.

I grew up with a lot of hardships but I would never change the way that it shaped my personality. It made me hard-working and appreciative of what I had.

Leanbean941102 karma

What is the most memorable experience of your life?

seattlewagamama2020 karma

As a child we used to sled down a hill called Mayflower Hill. In the summer, we went down in a rickety old wagon. It was better than a rollercoaster.

funkyrave1083 karma

Can I just say, I wish you were my grandma

seattlewagamama2103 karma

Here's a hug for you honey.

seattlewagamama1059 karma

Kids I've opened a new AMA because Reddit shut my other one down, then reopened it. But by then, no one could see my AMA. So here's to a fresh start. Ask me anything, things you would be too embarrassed to ask your parents or friends, and I'll tell you the honest truth.

grapecrushsoda970 karma

Are you afraid of dying? Was there ever a time when you thought the end was near?

seattlewagamama1904 karma

Yes, I am. I have had a good life and no one wants to leave before they're ready.

When I was in my 90s I was a diabetic but I didn't know that I had diabetes. I used to wake up, eat a big breakfast, then drink coffee and eat sugar cookies and snacks all day. I got heart palpitations and they rushed me to the hospital. Turns out I almost ate myself to death!

Team_Realtree942 karma

Is there anything you regularly ate/drank for good health?

seattlewagamama2037 karma

I eat meat and potatoes. And a lot of pickles. My doctor says whatever I eat should have killed me.

BlackbirdSinging877 karma

What type of music do you enjoy? And what was your favorite decade?

seattlewagamama2485 karma

Big band! And my favorite decade was the forties. It was when I got married, and a man really knew how to wear a hat back then.

turtle_girl865 karma

What kind of career/s have you had over the years? Any important memories about this?

seattlewagamama1935 karma

I was a teacher at the age of 14, and I taught in a one room school house. I have a lot of memories about this time in my life. Like the big boys who used to not listen to me. And the day a father came to school and asked me to, "go get your teacher." I said, "I AM the teacher." Then he asked me again, and I gave him the same answer. He was pretty surprised that I was handling that class all alone. He just turned around and left.

fatz_recountchocula830 karma

what is the most important thing you have learned while living so goddamn long?

seattlewagamama1537 karma

To live life to the fullest and regret nothing. You never know. One day you're here, the next day you're not.

here_for_the_lols2082 karma

Or in your case - One day you're here, the next day you're still here.

deesmutts881860 karma

One day the Titanic sinks, then there's a few World Wars, then a few smaller wars, man lands on the moon somewhere in between, then 9/11 happens, then you're still just sitting here, on reddit.

seattlewagamama1639 karma

You're funny!

kingreynoso817 karma


seattlewagamama1853 karma

That's a lot of questions.

The 60s: A bunch of dummies. The 80s: What's MTV? The Internet: I thought it sounded dangerous and that we'd be sorry we invented such a stupid thing. But now everyone is using it and it's mainstream. 9/11: One of the saddest days of my life. President Obama: I voted for him. Never in my life did I think a black man would be President!

seattlewagamama799 karma

What is vape or vaping?

annhari778 karma

Evelyn, How is the food people eat and the way people cook today different than the food you ate and the way your mother cooked growing up? What was your favorite food as a child?

seattlewagamama1393 karma

We didn't have much food growing up because we were hungry and very poor, barely making our way on the farm. People in that day ate hearty meals of fresh vegetables, meat and dairy from the farm. And plenty of black coffee.

Today people eat less and healthier but that's because they don't worry about being hungry.

As a girl I enjoyed good old meat and potatoes, custard, bread pudding and a meal of cooked chicken or pork belly.

derolitus424 karma


seattlewagamama1663 karma

I like vegetables but I was raised to see animals as food. We slaughtered our own animals and treated them humanely. I think it's admirable that some people choose not to eat meat.

Pachuco_Cadaver757 karma

What's your whiskey of choice?

seattlewagamama1507 karma

Johnnie Walker but I'll drink anything.

Breastroke699 karma

How prevalent were one night stands amongst the teens in your day? Highest you ever got?

seattlewagamama1805 karma

People weren't promiscuous in my day. Especially in small towns where everyone would talk. Though every now and then, a couple had a shotgun wedding and an "early" baby.

I have never gotten high. My grandchildren are trying to convince me to smoke marijuana. I am thinking about trying it.

seattlewagamama1087 karma

That picture in the paper with me an "Norman" (my pipe) was just for fun.

blindfire40691 karma

Does longevity run in your family, or are you an isolated incidence?

seattlewagamama1424 karma

My brothers and sisters have all lived long lives. My sister is still alive and she's in her late 90s.

KingSavvy678 karma

Where's the best place to eat in Seattle?

seattlewagamama1359 karma

The Frying Pan [Granddaughter edit: she means Skillet Restaurant]. It tastes like good food from the farm. They have the best coffee and a good egg and toast breakfast.

pranavrc657 karma

Would you rather fight 103 1-year old BAMFs or 1 103-year old BAMF?

seattlewagamama970 karma

I would rather take on someone my own size. That is a funny question!

Smultronstallet650 karma

First of all, you seem like a lovely woman. Thank you for doing this AMA.

What have been some of the happiest and saddest moments in your life?

seattlewagamama2209 karma

Happiest times are just ordinary days where you laugh and share with others. I had some fun times in my childhood and good memories with friends.

Saddest moments are the days that all three of my children died. I have outlived them all. I never thought that would happen. It's hard to bury your children.

kawaiicat618 karma

What are some things that you want to do but haven't had the opportunity yet?

seattlewagamama1160 karma

I really feel lucky. I have travelled the world and seen and done wonderful things. I might like to go to Las Vegas. But at my age, I just want to experience everything that I can while I can.

Team_Realtree579 karma

What do you feel is the greatest achievement of mankind in your lifetime, so far?

seattlewagamama1402 karma

Communication. We can talk to each other and see each other on the Internet! [Granddaughter edit: she's referring to Skype.]

anticiperectshun578 karma

When did you decide to live your life in this devil-may-care fashion? Did anything spur it on?

You sound pretty cool. I look up to and respect the way you are living to the fullest.

seattlewagamama1176 karma

I've always been a little adventurous. After I was widowed and alone I developed a devilish sense of humor. Mainly it was to get attention. But then I discovered my alter ego.

loopmoploop566 karma

My grandmother is getting to the stage where she's too old and with too poor health to live independently. What's your advice to her for lifestyle change as she ages?

seattlewagamama1384 karma

I moved into assisted living when I was 101 years old. I was still doing my own laundry, going up and down stairs, baking, cooking and cleaning. But the time comes when you need to accept some help.

I was upset about being moved into Providence [assisted living facility], but it is the next best thing to home. They check on me during the day, take care of me, do my laundry, cook for me. You will be sad in the beginning but it's just because it's hard to accept a change so late in life.

Adman5000558 karma

During your life, how have you seen the world change for the better and for the worse?

seattlewagamama1426 karma

Both. But I sometimes think people today just aren't satisfied. They have so many materials things but they are unhappy with their life.

seattlewagamama1130 karma

Also, the world seems more violent today than it was. I can't believe that children are shooting each other at school. That makes my heart sad.

DEDson551 karma

What were your initial thoughts when you saw wizard of Oz in color for the first time?

seattlewagamama1120 karma

The first color movies were really something! I thought, what next?!

PotatoTime420 karma

Have you ever seen a 3D movie? The new kind without red and blue glasses.

seattlewagamama1126 karma

Yes. I almost jumped out of my seat!

Psuphilly513 karma

Remember when the Cubs won the World Series?

O wait...

seattlewagamama836 karma

Now THAT would be something to see! The poor Cubbies. They've only won one Series.

Starl1ght511 karma

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were drunk?

seattlewagamama2067 karma

I saw a horse smoke a corn cob pipe. From its behind.

6ote502 karma

What did you always do that was out of your way for happiness

seattlewagamama1049 karma

Pick wild flowers and take nature walks.

Etonet473 karma

how fast can you type?

seattlewagamama1279 karma

I don't type. I have arthritis and I can't see the computer. My grandchildren type for me.

jedberg467 karma

How are you awake at such a late hour? I'm 67 years younger than you and I'm exhausted!

seattlewagamama1058 karma

My bladder keeps me up. And my grandkids are over. We are doing this for fun.

turtle_girl461 karma

Any regrets?

seattlewagamama1426 karma

No, just people who are gone and that I miss.

Murcer436 karma

What are your views regarding gay marriage or homosexuality in general?

seattlewagamama1537 karma

To each their own. Do what makes you happy. Live and let live.

HalandDiscovery433 karma

How did you feel about the Civil Rights Movement while it was going on?

seattlewagamama1194 karma

I knew that it was the right thing but I wasn't necessarily a very progressive person. I think I've come a long way in my views. I voted for Obama in the last election.

Drezemma419 karma

This is awesome! I always enjoy talking with older people. A couple questions for you...

  1. Any professional/academic advice for college students?
  2. What made you want to get a tattoo? (not judging, genuinely curious)

seattlewagamama1196 karma

  1. Study hard and don't be afraid to take any job that helps you be self reliant. In my day we didn't care whether we had to clean for a living or work a gas station. The important thing is to make money and save it. Good jobs have to be earned.

  2. My stupid grandchildren talked me into the tattoo. But it turned out pretty good. I'm the talk of Providence [assisted living facility].

Stebert48338 karma

You stole a car at the age of 6. Which is awesome. What other "adventures" have you been on / was life really easier back then?

seattlewagamama891 karma

It was not easier at all. We were hungry and dirt poor. Our farm barely gave us a living and I worked from the day I could walk and help my mother. I even watched my baby siblings when I was 7 years old while my mother worked.

But life was simpler.

I have to think carefully about my adventures. But I had an Uncle Carl who became a real bum. He was a hobo who rode the rails. He ran away from home when he was in 3rd grade and then he came back home when he was 17. Just listening to his stories was amazing.

Sometimes I'd visit him on the "island," which is where all the bums lived. They ate meals over an open fire, usually cooked beans, meat when they had money.

blakep333 karma

Favorite thing to do in your free time?

What generation has been your favorite, and why?

How is your overall health? Doing good?

Thanks! :)

seattlewagamama1129 karma

The "Greatest Generation," those of us who experienced WWII, is my favorite. We were thrifty, hardworking and understood sacrifice. We were also more optimistic than kids today and we knew how to be satisfied with what he had.

seattlewagamama779 karma

My overall health is really good! They can't figure out why I keep ticking.

seattlewagamama777 karma

In my free time, I: -play cards (Rummy and Solitaire) -write letters -read the newspaper -watch baseball on TV -nap in my chair -birdwatch out my window -read books, lots of books -do crosswords -spend time with my grandkids -eat

amabikaeypabaf452 karma

Wow we have all the same likes and I'm a 31 male! Let's hangout!

seattlewagamama524 karma


leafgum333 karma

This was probably the best iama since Keanu reeves. Will you be my grandma

seattlewagamama921 karma

Okay, but you have to write me letters, push me my in wheelchair, and bring me a bacon sandwich.

Quadly308 karma

What blew your mind the most the first time you experienced/saw it? (Excluding the moon landing)

seattlewagamama819 karma

Taking a train was really something. It went so fast that I got sick and my mother gave me some kind of schnapps or liqueur to help me settle my stomach. But I threw up anyway!

I also thought it was amazing when we got a phone and electricity. And now people can see and talk to each other on the Internet, imagine that!

JJBears295 karma

Do you believe that "we just grow older, and never grow up?" I am 23 going on 24 in a few months and I am convinced I will never feel like a grown up!

seattlewagamama471 karma

Yes, and good for you!

Callen013293 karma

What is your favorite memory?

seattlewagamama936 karma

Also, my first kiss is up there.

seattlewagamama578 karma

As a child I used to sled on Mayflower Hill in Elrod, South Dakota. It was a thrill. Then, in the summer, we'd get the old wagon and ride down it as fast as we could.

WharfBlarg288 karma

How do you feel about today's revered pop musicians? What kind of music do you prefer?

seattlewagamama712 karma

It's all noise to me. I like Kate Smith, Glenn Miller and the Andrews Sisters. Or anything soft and pretty.

untbunny275 karma

No questions. Just wanted to thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and wisdom. Have a happy new year!

seattlewagamama249 karma

Thank you!

star-board210 karma


seattlewagamama486 karma

Thank you! I have no idea how I've lived this long. The head of my assisted living said, "you are so healthy, I wish I had 10 of you!" I think I got lucky.

birchpitch192 karma

Here is a 103 year old with tattoos on Reddit, and the most technologically advanced device in my grandma's house (besides her television) is her toaster.

Did you just wake up one day and decide that life's too short to putter around, so screw it six ways to Sunday and then drag the corpse?

Any tips for collecting those boyfriends? ;)

seattlewagamama1035 karma

Yes. To get a boyfriend all you have to do is pinch a lot of butts. It cuts to the chase.

XSugarLipsX178 karma

Evelny, how fantastic are you?! Awesome!! My bf's grandmother just turned 100 a few months ago, it is so nice to see people go on and live.. gives us hope? Especially when you have a good quality of life. Thank you for doing this AMA.

My question is a bit morbid and sad.. but it is something I would love to know an answer to...

I am worried that as I get older, inevitably I will lose the people in my life that I love the most and I won't be able to cope with it.... what is the best advice you can think of.. to help us to deal with losing our partners/parents/best friends to old age etc?

How can we try to go on without them?

Thank you again. xox

seattlewagamama602 karma

The hardest part to life is losing people. I lost my husband at a young age and never remarried. I outlived all my children, my high school class, and the town where I grew up doesn't exist anymore. It can be lonely. But I also made wonderful girlfriends, travelled the world and did things I never thought I would do. The important thing is to be present in the here and appreciate that each day is a gift and an adventure waiting to happen.

guyzyl154 karma

What is the most important life lesson you have learned over the years?

seattlewagamama515 karma

Save money for a rainy day! And don't be a dummy.

salamander823144 karma

What's the most important lesson you can teach a 23 year old woman?

seattlewagamama473 karma

Don't lower your expectations or settle for any man. Be independent and go your own way.

-taco139 karma

Who did you vote for over the decades? Do you have a preferred political party or has it changed over time?

seattlewagamama489 karma

I'm an Independent. I have a relative who was a Republican governor of South Dakota and he founded our town of Elrod, South Daokta. So we tended to vote Republican. But I voted for Obama in the last election and I don't care what party someone is. They just have to be smart and have the right ideas.

ihatebarcelona139 karma

How do you keep your innate spark of adventure and curiosity alive?

seattlewagamama446 karma

My grandchildren are crazy. They think it's funny to make me do things.

newbie33136 karma

Have your grandkids show you old addresses of places you can't visit anymore on Google street view to see what they look like now.

seattlewagamama154 karma

I asked them and they will do that.

Foxlink38122 karma

what do you think the point of life is? I bet you get asked that a lot

seattlewagamama574 karma

I'm still trying to figure this one out. There may not be a meaning of life but there is meaning in it. So live like each day is your last.

Live_Ore_Die121 karma

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Also, what keeps you motivated?

seattlewagamama373 karma

I'm proud of my family, and of graduating from college in my sixties. I only went because I had started teaching in a one room schoolhouse when I was 14, and then the school district found out that I didn't have a college degree. Going back to school at that age was one of the hardest things I have done.

My motivation is just to stay alive and happy and vital. Each day is precious and I know that I have been lucky to have lived as long as I did.

benzippo94 karma

What is the worst part about living so long?

seattlewagamama423 karma

Some parts don't work so well anymore and I can't stop farting. But people are nice to me and just ignore it and pretend they don't hear it.

governedbystars75 karma

How do you overcome feelings of inadequacy?

seattlewagamama238 karma

Just love yourself. There's only one of you in the whole, wide world. You are special.

ty-dj201074 karma

Since you were a teenager in the mid-late 20s, what did you do for fun?

seattlewagamama158 karma

I went to dances and sporting events. They were a good place to meet men! We also had barn dances and parties.

pdeex72 karma

At what age did you feel the best? I'm 25 and starting to feel old.

seattlewagamama164 karma

Give it 75 years and see how it feels! After you have kids you start to feel old. It makes you responsible and then you start living for them instead of yourself.

thelespaulguy65 karma

What's your secret to long life?

seattlewagamama241 karma


boymac4565 karma

What's a person like you doing up at this hour? Have you evolved past the need for sleep?

seattlewagamama122 karma

I wake up a lot in the night because of my bladder. I'm with my grandkids and we're getting ready for Christmas Eve and they think this is funny.

rickfinkel53 karma

Will you post in /r/gonewild?

seattlewagamama139 karma

Okay, what is this?

awesomeness_prime50 karma

What's the best thing you have eaten over the years?

seattlewagamama151 karma

LORDY that is hard. Because I like to eat. I just ate a big feast for my 103rd birthday with all you can eat crab legs. I had three plates of food and three desserts: carrot cake, bread pudding and a cheesecake brownie.

I also like good Swedish pancakes. I crave them.

Bbrowny49 karma

Who's your favorite grandson/granddaughter and why?

seattlewagamama145 karma

I could get into trouble for answering this. But let's just say that there are some grandkids who like to get me into wild adventures and I love doing that with them.

mamsh44 karma


Thanks for doing this!

Any advice for a teething baby?

All these damn books today tell me to do something different, what worked best for you? :)

Also, merry Christmas!

seattlewagamama136 karma

Frozen waffles. But a fussy baby can be hard to console. My mother used to use a little alcohol on the nipple to numb the pain and help us sleep. But you can't do that anymore.

djnielse24 karma

What's your favorite strand of weed?

seattlewagamama110 karma

I have never smoked it. I might do it for my next birthday.

evilive22 karma

Not sure if you're still here- but I just wanted to thank you for doing this AMA. As someone who suffers from depression / has attempted suicide in the past, it's really wonderful hearing a beautiful life, full of memories. Gives me hope is all. Just thank you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, holiday period and 2014

seattlewagamama47 karma

Young man I am sad to hear about your struggles. Next time you have those thoughts, just imagine what you can be doing when you're my age. If you were here I would give you a hug.

gotta_know_sorry18 karma

Sorry for the really personal question and I understand if you don't want to answer, but for science:

When's the last time you had an orgasm?

seattlewagamama39 karma

I wish I could tell you. I can't remember.

mmatuu6 karma

What kind of videogames do you enjoy/enjoined?

seattlewagamama22 karma

I don't play video games. My grandkids did let me play the drums [Band Hero].