I'm Barry! I edit the YouTube channel Game Grumps and just started a new show Table Flip with Suzy! (she's u/suzyberhow!!

Suzy runs the channel mortem3r and manages Game Grumps!

Table Flip is a new show on polarisgo.com where Suzy and I play tabletop games with guests from all over the Internet. It's a great time! You can check out the first series, where we play Cards Against Humanity with the rest of the Game Grumps crew, here!

Also, if you're worried about missing any of our video responses here, we're compiling them on this forum post.

Thank you video!!!!!

Oh, and here's proof it's us. Hello. SO STOP READING THIS AND ASK US STUFF! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!

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accaraway609 karma

So three part question for Barry

  1. What's the best thing about living with Dan?

  2. What's the worst thing about living with Dan?

  3. Do you prefer asian girls or red heads?

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emzerzzz431 karma

HI BARRY!!!! this is emily from high school. not sure what this, but its on my front page and has your face. thanks for boosting my confidence in high school by casting me in your show. hope table flip is a success!

razzbarry402 karma


Hi Emily!

Sardonus385 karma

Hey Suzy, I've always wondered this, why's your youtube channel called Mortemer? Is that like your middle name or something?

Also Barry, do you ever have free time? I worry for you.

razzbarry383 karma

I had free time once.

TOASTuh316 karma

Hey guys!

Barry: How bad was it having to edit the No Time to Explain videos with the death counters?

Suzy: Why were your wins edited out of the Cards Against Humanity game?

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mundosderretidos285 karma

for both. would you consider playing twister? it can be a table top game if you really want it to.

razzbarry427 karma

Hmm.... never say never....

The_Joevahkiin284 karma

For Barry:

What was your favorite thing to edit in to an episode of Game Grumps/Steam Train and why is it wolfjob?

razzbarry443 karma

Wolfj-oh DAMMIT.

esquirebob255 karma

Will there be any official 'Table Flip Animated' or something similar?

SuzyBerhow363 karma


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CHR1597254 karma

How does it feel to have become more integrated into the Game Grumps community since appearing on Steam Rolled?

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808sAndThrowaway203 karma

How ofter will Table Flip be uploaded?

Will it be a polarisgo.com exclusive thing or it will be uploaded to YouTube too?

Edit: Often*. Spelling is hard.

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PipUhStrello189 karma

Hey Barry and Suzy! Two questions for Barry

  1. How long does (average) it take for you to edit a Grump video?

  2. Do you edit anything else outside of GG? (Movies, short films, commercials, other YouTube videos)

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Jemunoz167 karma

Barry, how big of a room do you want, when did everyone decide it was time for you to speak??

Suzy, how long was that wedding? Any cool highlights from it that you can remember?

Keep doing what you're doing, guys. You guys made me buy Cards Against Humanity and all the expansions!

razzbarry273 karma

When we started planning Steam Rolled and decided I would be a part of it, we decided I should speak. It would've been too difficult if I never talked, and would limit the kinds of games we could play.

But we wanted to give people what was long requested - me being silent on the show, which resulted in Quake and CS:GO where I didn't talk at all. We knew from the start of Steam Rolled I would talk, but we needed some sort of transition from me being silent to talking, even if it did just...kinda....happen.

ShaolinSlim293 karma

At the end of the CS:GO vid. . . That whole: "Mmmthanks fur havin' me..." followed by pure screaming is one of my favorite GG/ST moments. I was screaming right there with them!

I have fond memories of the whole "silent 3rd grump", like how you were an extra punchline to the videos with the words and graphics.

But Talking Barry is just as cool too!

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KejiKotaro144 karma

1) How long did it take you guys to get into costume?

2) How did you guys come up with the name for table flip? Who came up with it?

3) How do you guys pick your games? Why Cards Against Humanity first?

4) Suzy, are we gonna see anymore from your meeperfish?

5) Are we gonna see a mortem3r video for how you did your hair in this table flip?

Sardonus144 karma

Barry, what lifestyle choices should I make so I can live like you? You seem to have everything made and I want to become a god like you.

razzbarry384 karma

Eat lots of fiber. Or no fiber. I'm not really sure.

Also the more body hair the better.

mrmahoganyjimbles89 karma

Barry, what lifestyle choices should I make so I can live WITH you? I want to wake up every morning to the smell of your beard and the sound of you editing.

razzbarry303 karma

But not the sound of my beard and the smell of my editing? harumph

razzbarry169 karma

Chutes and Ladders has a really interesting history! I believe it stemmed from an ancient Indian game about Hinduism and karma and the universe and whatever.

And now it's a game where you go down slides all weeeeeeeeeeee!!

rallyhog555126 karma

Hey Suzy! how did you feel when you were filming your first steam rolled?

razzbarry256 karma

Less scared - since my first few episodes didn't require me talk at all. I could just focus on the game. Worms, which was the first Steam Rolled I talked in, had me a bit more nervous, partially because I had to talk, partially because I had no idea what I was doing. And then editing those episodes was weird since I'm not used to listening to myself talk. Turns out I hate the way I talk! Yayy...... (trying to do a better job speaking clearly, slurring less, etc....)

Razzadoopz145 karma

You're not Suzy!

razzbarry253 karma

Oops! I know not how 2 reed!!!1

Nerdcromancer125 karma

Barry, how do you feel about Arin's incoming beard?

razzbarry255 karma

I welcome it with open follicles.

Endrance88122 karma

barry, when you have to edit in a fast foward, and there is no sound clip for it, do you just randomly walk into the room whenever arin/danny/ross are up to nothing and go "guys, sing or do something relevant to that episode you made a couple weeks back."

razzbarry70 karma

thepaintrain105 karma


Can you please model those CHOO CHOO booty shorts?

-Sincerely, Every Lovely Out There.

razzbarry192 karma


I would like to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

-Sincerely, the Internet

Awesomebeardude99 karma

Will we be seeing more of...


...or is he simply a fun one off? ^

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terriblybland91 karma

I know you guys do this for a living at this point, so I'm curious about that side of things!

1) Between all your different youtube projects, how many hours do each of you put in a week?

2) Suzy, what's your favorite thing about Arin? Also, congrats on your wedding!

3) Barry, how do you deal with all the rabid lady fans?

razzbarry200 karma

  1. Time has lost all meaning.

  2. I can say that my favorite thing is his chicken parmesan. Mmmmm.

  3. Rabid...lady...fans? I don't go outside much.

iamohjay89 karma

Barry and Suzy: Favorite games?

Barry: How do you feel about your reputation among lovelies as a hyper-competent, godlike figure?

Suzy: Do you feel pressured to compete with Ross, being the only two females on the show?

razzbarry119 karma

ALL THE GAMES. I mean my favorite games of the last few months include Zelda Link Between Worlds, Tiny Brains, and Samurai Gunn.


-JakeTheAwesome-84 karma

Barry! I'm hungry. Could you edit me a sandwich?

razzbarry192 karma

Wumbo_Corp81 karma

Barry I'm a graphic design student and I'm looking to pick up video editing aswell. What editing software do you use? Also why not make a series of video tutorials for that program? Barry‽

Oh and is polaris maybe hiring? I need a jaaab when I finish school.

razzbarry184 karma

I edit with Premiere Pro! I've long considered doing tutorials but I want to make sure they're high quality and entertaining, and I don't have the time right now to dedicate to that. Hopefully someday!

NOpieMAN81 karma

what was the most weirdest/hilarious thing ever sent to you, the grumps, or steam train?

razzbarry218 karma

Someone sent the entire Season 2 of Alf. And we got a box of Mardi Gras beads that smelled really, really bad.

Pie_am_Error80 karma

Barry, you've risen through the ranks from silent sentinel to best Barry, and I was wondering, I mean, everyone says you're the guy, and...I wanna be the guy too. Any advice?

razzbarry113 karma

Must....come up with....Homestar reference.......

razzbarry134 karma


Mace5555576 karma

BARRY: You are stranded on an island with Arin and Danny. You must eat one, and mate with the other, who do you choose for each?

SUZY: Would you rather have bellybutton for nipples, or a nipple for a bellybutton?

razzbarry275 karma

Eat the island, mate with Arin and Dan.

zact12373 karma

Barry i love you. That is all.

SuzyBerhow223 karma

I SEE HOW IT IS /u/zact123 , I SEE.

razzbarry170 karma

YEAH. waitwhat

Hoggy11072 karma

Hey there Barry and Suzy. I've enjoyed the episodes of Table Flip which have come out so far and I hope for more to come out soon. I have 3 questions to ask

For Both: Who do you want the most to star on Table Flip?

For Barry: What is the one thing that you refuse to edit into any Game Grumps video?

For Suzy: What is the worst thing about living in the same house the Grumps record in?

Thanks, may Table Flip have great success and have a happy Xmas and New Year

razzbarry45 karma

Rebelofold65 karma

Two quick questions 1. I love table flip! What games are you guys going to play? if you are taking requests, you guys really need to play betrayal at house on the hill.

2.The last christmas video had you guys plugging for marshmallow mateys, but have you had CHOCOLATE marshmallow mateys!? they's the best.

razzbarry119 karma

  1. Well....

  2. Arin was actually really torn up about bashing Marshmallow Mateys in the video. He wrote it before we tried the cereal. Turns out that shit's delicious. Haven't tried the chocolate ones! High on the to do list, thank you.

legomaple65 karma

I have 2 questions about table flip!

1 What kind of games can we expect on table flip?

2 Can we expect Settlers of Catan as well on the show? I'd love to see that game.

razzbarry120 karma

  1. All kinds! Basically we'll never play any purely digital games.

  2. I love Settlers of Catan! Would love to play it on the show someday. Some serious friend-ruining potential there. "I KNOW YOU HAVE WHEAT AHHHGHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

cranium762 karma

Suzy, How are you enjoying your recent involvement in more grump videos? And Barry, will you be my dad?

Really enjoying table flip!

razzbarry167 karma

For the right price.

Banjo-Daxter61 karma

Barry: What has been your favourite series to edit so far?

Suzy: Do you resent the 'goose' personality that you've been associated with?

Both: Has it been tough going from being a very much behind the scenes part of GG to being onscreen often?

Love you guys! <3

razzbarry95 karma

I enjoyed working on The Oregon Trail, as short of a series as it was. I was cracking myself up with the happy music I was adding in, especially near the end.

It's been tough, and I feel more pressure to perform when I'm "on camera," so to speak, but the lovelies outweigh the haters so I'll keep going! I hope to improve with each episode.

gicobi60 karma

Barry: How many videos do you edit for day? Susy: How does it feel to be surround by 3 manly men?

razzbarry84 karma

Well the bare minimum I need to do each day is the three for the next day. But I usually try to do more than that so I have days off!

SquazzyNaples56 karma

How have Arin and Dan influenced your daily lives now compared to when you first met?

razzbarry145 karma

Arin and Dan have made me a better person. AND THAT'S THE GODDAMN TRUTH. #truthbomb


Barry and Suzy, whats your relationship like with your siblings?

razzbarry100 karma

My brother, Alex, is the bestest brudder. We both went to colleges on the East Coast and somehow wound up back in Los Angeles, living twenty minutes away from each other. It's great!

Opachopp39 karma

To Barry: What was your reaction when they told you that you were going to be able to speak on GameGrumps?

razzbarry275 karma

I was speechless.

Mr_Helix25 karma

hello there, this question's for Suzy.

How much behind-the-scenes work do you do for Game Grumps? Did you ever think it would get as big as it has?

Also what are your guys's favorite pizza toppings?

Cheripo17 karma

Hey Barry, do you remember at PAX when we met? That was magical. and you are super cool thanks alright yeah

razzbarry16 karma

So magical!

triggersmash16 karma

Hi! Just one question!

Barry! Is that the top hat that Arin wore to his wedding? Or are they different? If so, what were its origins?

Also! I drew you guys today at school, please look!! http://vanilla-kid.tumblr.com/post/70432783833/trying-to-upload-more-stuff-to-this-blog-even-if

razzbarry18 karma

Different hat! Came from the costuming people at Polaris. I dunno.

And those drawings are great! <3

SimTheGeezer14 karma

Where did the idea for tabletop come from?

Was all the stuff that happened this year with GG, starbomb, and everything else planned way ahead of time?

How's your day going?

Will there be several monopoly episodes with different versions, or one monopoly on the monopoly episode that's like a 6 hour epic?

Do you drive a candy red Dodge Durango? You should.

razzbarry27 karma

Where did the idea for tabletop come from?

We love tabletop games! We used to have a monthly-ish game night with Jessica and Holly from Crabcat and a bunch of other friends. Stopped doing it since we got crazy busy....BUT YEAH! Tabletop games are a lot of fun and we wanted to find a way to bring that to our work online.

Was all the stuff that happened this year with GG, starbomb, and everything else planned way ahead of time?

Sure! Stuff like Starbomb was in development for a year, Table Flip came together in the past month and a half, and so on. The only stuff that usually just kinda...happens is the day-to-day content on Grumps.

How's your day going?

Pretty good! Happy to be doing an AMA again! Hard to believe my last one was over a year ago!

Will there be several monopoly episodes with different versions, or one monopoly on the monopoly episode that's like a 6 hour epic?

Honestly not the biggest fan of Monopoly, but I've heard it's better if you actually play by the rules. We want a combination of games people will be familiar and unfamiliar with, hard to say if we'll do Monopoly.

Do you drive a candy red Dodge Durango? You should.

Duly noted.

RaindropsPony9 karma

Hey Barry, what do you use to do those awesome animations and things on the game grumps videos? I'm aspiring to edit in that style and I would like to know. :D

razzbarry19 karma

I do everything in Premiere. So it's all motion tweens and keyframes and stuff.

YuGaoren9 karma

For Both, How did you meet eachother and everyone else?

razzbarry30 karma


AzurousRain8 karma

Barry, did you get any formal education for editing before GG or learned on your lonesome?

razzbarry15 karma

No formal education! Online tutorials are the best. In fact, one of my main concerns if I make a tutorial for what I do is that people will see my broken workflow and tear me to shreds. Ah well. Works for me.

raveman0015 karma

Will any of the "new" Grumps be involved in any future Grump Events, such as panels at places like Magfest?

razzbarry8 karma

We'll all be at MAGFest! Say hi! :D