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terriblybland155 karma

Will you guys be doing any auditions for Lazer Team's casting? If so, do you have any idea when that might be taking place?

Also, congrats on the success of the IndieGoGo campaign! You guys deserve it.

terriblybland91 karma

I know you guys do this for a living at this point, so I'm curious about that side of things!

1) Between all your different youtube projects, how many hours do each of you put in a week?

2) Suzy, what's your favorite thing about Arin? Also, congrats on your wedding!

3) Barry, how do you deal with all the rabid lady fans?

terriblybland64 karma

Ninja Brian - what's your favorite way to murder people who dare cosplay as you? Also, what are your favorite non-Starbomb pieces to play on piano?

Danny Sexbang - how long was your longest stretch of celibacy?

Egoraptor - how does it feel being the voice of reason in a group like Starbomb?