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Sardonus385 karma

Hey Suzy, I've always wondered this, why's your youtube channel called Mortemer? Is that like your middle name or something?

Also Barry, do you ever have free time? I worry for you.

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Barry, what lifestyle choices should I make so I can live like you? You seem to have everything made and I want to become a god like you.

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by liking rush you're now an honorary canadian. Our citzenship test is just a tick "yes" next to "IS NEAL PERT THE GREATEST DRUMMER OF ALL TIME?"

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How much of Archer's dialogue is in the script and how much is improvised? When I watch certain episodes it all just flows so well! Does the whole cast record together?

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Do you ever feel a bit weird listening to things you say to your brother? I'd have an incredibly hard time recording that stuff, like one episode I think for Family Guy where Quagmire hooks up with the abusive girl. What's that like?