My Bio: My Twin and I are mirror image twins. You may be asking what a mirror image twin is! It's where the egg seperates later than usual, resulting in a set of twins that are almost exactly alike. Being mirror image, he is left handed and I am right handed. Unfortunately there is no test to prove being mirror image but the most common result is different dominant hands!

We're both college students in the Midwest, and have the same major (business entrepreneurship). We've pulled some epic switcheroos, and both have a dying passion for film and visual effects. We have a pretty sweet YouTube channel if you want to check that out. Ask away! :)

My Proof: Proof!

If more proof needs to be provided, we can take a picture holding a piece of paper!

EDIT: Our YouTube since it has been requested!

Also, as I said above, we both love film and are actually in a competition to win pretty much the camera of our dreams, so if you want to support us there as well, take 2 seconds to vote for our submission! We'd love ya'll for it :) Vote link!

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alman1240 karma

Hey... I'M A MIRROR IMAGE TWIN TOO! If you saw the movie 2012, with those russian twins, that's me and my brother, we're all grown up now :P we are in the same college too! He's way better at saving money than me, we don't share money, but also we're looking at different majors. But we do live right down the hall, and plan to move in with each other next year.

I feel you with the different personalities (tech vs creative) I'm the more creative, sociable one, and my brother is more technical. I wish I was more technical, nowadays that's the kind of smarts that gets you respect (CS being the new Law Degree and all).

You don't feel like you want you're own life in a way? I know that me and phil have to carry each other through certain things, and I always wonder what it would be like to get some extended time on my own, although I have a feeling I would instantly regret it haha

EVEN more: your youtube channel is fucking sweet dude, make regular uploads and I'm sure you'll be huge. I learned all the skills but still havent put in the effort you guys have into making those kinds of videos, best I got is a rave video I punched out in 2 days. My current camera rig is a 7D with a 14-40L and a 50mm, and a 55-250mm f5.4. The red is an incredible camera and I want you to win that man! I voted :D

CGUnsder11 karma

I'm still here! :D And dude that is freaking awesome.. you guys were in the movie?! I wish we were that cool lol. We like to be the dudes behind the camera I guess :D but that's awesome man.. do you both live together and go to the same uni?

alman128 karma

we live right down the hall, both at RIT, we're not interested in the same majors though. He's more technical and wants to get a computer job, but I'm more physical, I've really become a gear head over the years, and I've always been into buisness.

yeah we were in 2012 back in the day, honestly I only said that because I was too lazy too post pics of myself, because if you look above you we get shit for it idk why lol.

Dude I love being behind the camera too, honestly I would do whatever in movies, it's just a really tough career to hold on to.

CGUnsder2 karma

No worries I down-voted that pathetic attempt to be rude to someone! I don't know why anyone would waste their time making a new account to just to slander your name.. you seem like a nice dude to me! :D

I imagine, being in movies and finding auditions and having an agent is probably SO tasking. I couldn't imagine all the time it would take. but still, that's badass that you can say you were in a movie haha.

alman125 karma

Yeah no the hometown I'm from, when someone accomplishes something they'd rather do shit like that then congratulate you.

Yeah my mom did all that for me haha she's the best. Oh it's a good time especially going into the city right after the movie came out it was like being a legit celebrity for a few months.

But yeah, how much stuff do you guys do together? You guys live together? How does that work out with your social lives?

CGUnsder6 karma

Yea man we live together and go to KSU. We're both servers at a restaurant here and its pretty damn fun serving at the same time and just in general screwing with the customers.

We do literally everything together I'd say! Workout, film, school, classes, work (same job even). Just about everything haha. It's a wonder we somehow don't get tired of each other.

CptJustice2 karma

Kansas State? I'm a KU grad myself who enjoys doing random film stuff from time to time with my friends. Lawrence had quite a decent film amateur environment (I'm assuming it still does, but I haven't lived there in a couple years now) - what's Manhattan's like?

CGUnsder2 karma

I love it here in manhattan. It's a great college atmosphere, and I just love the town in general. Everyone is so nice!

Weird_nub34 karma

So.. you do EVERYTHING together?



CGUnsder38 karma

....Everything :D

nostalgicacorns18 karma

Do SO's ever think it's weird that you guys are so close or get jealous of your bond? And how do you foresee your relationship changing when you have wives and children down the line?

CGUnsder22 karma

Great question! SO's at first do find it strange how close we are.. but after a while obviously they're used to it, but oh man the jealous part is very true! They despise the fact that she will buy clothes for "me" and my brother will wear them. Absolutely hates it! And she also has a hard time understanding our closeness, and even feels we aren't as close sometimes. It's hard to understand the bond twins have unless you are one :)

We do eventually plan on moving apart, but will always be living close together since we plan on someday running a business side by side!

BigBiggerBiggestDick15 karma

I'm also a Mirror Twin, I've noticed that we agree on everything, music, gaming, food, and every category you can think of. It's cool.

CGUnsder9 karma

It's pretty awesome, huh? It never gets old to me when people ask "are you guys twins?!" which is something we literally hear on the daily :)

BigBiggerBiggestDick9 karma

I don't mind that Question but it's hilarious my brother gets so pissed when ever someone asks that. I always have people ask if our Dicks are the same, weirdest shit ever.

CGUnsder10 karma

Oh god can't tell you how many times we've gotten that question. Any time someone asks me what the difference is between us I always reply "I am the more attractive twin" - gets em every time :D

[deleted]-5 karma


CGUnsder4 karma

Haha I don't think we could ever do it! We don't want to be like those weird twins from Spring Breaker lol

QwertyXYZ117 karma

Have you done any shenanigans like video

gif for the mobile user is HERE?

Share a most recent story!

CGUnsder56 karma

One of the best switches we've ever pulled:

My Twin and I were both volunteers for a huge gathering of teens (like over 1,000 kids). On the Friday of the first event when everyone is arriving, there is a room full of those huge inflatable games/obstacle courses to keep them entertained.

My bro and I watched over This exact inflatable and did what any set of identical twins would do.

We're dressed completely alike(had to wear special clothes since we were volunteers!). Before any kids came in, we had the forethought to have one of us hide in the obstacle course, hidden from view inside the course right before the slide part to the finish.

We proceeded to race every single kid that night, and had all of them thinking there was 1 of us and that we were damn fast. I'd go in, and as soon as I started the obstacle, my twin would almost immediately (had to make it a little convincing!) come over the slide. We seriously had kids lined up the door trying to beat the "1 unreal fast kid" and of course they never could, because as soon as I stepped in, twin 2 came out, and I just stayed in the obstacle and waited for him to go. We did this literally all night and not a soul caught on.

jaxsuline14 karma

I know a set of mirrored twins (Jess and Jenn). Its really nice to hear you both get along soon well. The ones I know are like complete Yin and Yang. Jess is amazing, giving, understanding (been friends over 10+ years) and Jenn is pure whore evil incarnate O.O Bane of my existence. Evilllll.

CGUnsder5 karma

I can't even understand how that happens! But off all things, I've noticed twin girls always seem to be more distance or less reliant on each other than twin guys. I have no idea why :P

LadyRedditrix2 karma

I'm a girl twin and I LOVE mine. We get along great just like you guys seem to. shrug

CGUnsder2 karma

Nothing beats having a twin :)! It's pretty dang awesome.

ronaldgoddamnreagan13 karma

You're both very cute!

CGUnsder7 karma

Well thank you :)

erizzle2257 karma

Do you ever prank friends or SOs?

CGUnsder23 karma

SO's are pretty much impossible, they can tell us apart too well. But friends, all the time :D

erikthepace9 karma

Truf. Twins look alike to people that don't know you. But once you get to know twins real well, you could tell them apart in the dark.

CGUnsder15 karma

When anyone asks me "how do I tell you guys apart?!" I simply say get to know me. haha they don't understand but it's the best way

4dreh7 karma

Do you do everything together?

Also what's the longest time you've ever spent apart, and what was that like?

And thirdly what's it like having an identical replica of yourself? Do you both feel pressured to stay in shape because if one of you slipped up it'd be really obvious as soon as you were next to each other? (Sorry if this comes across as rude!)

Oh and another one, did you get very similar grades in school? I've never heard of mirror image twins before and it's really fascinating!

CGUnsder15 karma

We do everything together! I mean everything. There isn't a single thing I can think of that we don't do together.

The most time we've spent apart was 3 days, and it was extremely weird feeling. It was like I was missing apart of myself, even though I was still the same, just without my twin.

It's funny, there actually isn't any pressure at all. Since we do everything together, when I started lifting weights, so did he. It was just the natural thing to do. We so identical because do everything together, so there never really is pressure :)

Being mirror image, he is far far more creative than I am. It's like he is a left sided thinker, whilst I am a right. His ability in creativity far exceeds mine, but on the same note my technical ability is better :D these differences have always complemented each other to the best.

4dreh3 karma

Thanks for replying :)

Are your personalities really similar too? And do you like the same foods?

Do you think you'll work together after college? Or would you ever consider separating and living on different sides of the country?

Also what is your youtube channel's name? I'm intrigued!

CGUnsder6 karma

We're pretty much exactly alike :D if you met us, there's a good chance you'd have no idea which is which.

We're both servers at the same restaurants, and quite literally every day we will switch on our tables and they won't have a clue. They when they notice us both walk by, their minds are blown :D it makes serving tables too much fun!

We actually plan on starting a business together. It's our dream to be independent film makers (including visual effects!) So we will most likely always be close, and won't move apart.

Here's our channel! I wasn't wanting to promote too much but since you asked, there it is! :) right now we're in a pretty big contest to win pretty much the camera of our dreams, so if you want to support us I'll put the vote link in the title!

EDIT: and no problem with replying I'm here to answer pretty much anything :)

4dreh2 karma

Those effects are really cool, you two are really talented! So yeah you have my vote if you post the link :)

Are there any downsides to being a twin? Or have either of you ever wished you weren't a twin? (Sorry if that's an awkward question!)

CGUnsder3 karma

I've been asked if it sucks being a twin sometimes since you don't really have your own identity, but honestly, nope it rocks! I always find it amazing some times grow apart or aren't close because it's a born best friend! you can't go wrong there :D

blaisewilson1 karma

If you two had headsets while waiting tables, you could get things to the table crazy fast, you could probably pull some awesome tips if you got good at it. It would even work without being twins, I wonder if anyone has tired this.

CGUnsder2 karma

Well that's kind of what we do! If one of us is ever busy, the other can help and it seems to the customers that even when its unreal busy, somehow their server is "on top" of everything. Kind of nice

robotortoise5 karma

Almost everyone always says they'd fuck their clone in hypothetical situations. Does this response change when one of you is around?

CGUnsder10 karma

ಠ_ಠ I don't even think I have to answer that one!

Dabee6255 karma

Have you ever thought about the following scenario? One of you goes out and attacks someone. (Hypothetically) Your victim goes to the police station, and they are put into the one-way mirror room where they point out their attacker in a line up. Both you AND your brother are present in the lineup, and proceed to blow the mind of your victim.

CGUnsder6 karma

Dude we have! An even better.. we have the SAME freaking DNA, so unless the nabbed a finger print, they'd have no way of telling who actually committed the crime. WE COULD DO SO MANY THINGS.

idiosyncrassy5 karma

Actually, even identical twins have differences in DNA. Just so you know, in case you feel like framing your twin.

CGUnsder9 karma

Your technically right..! There are small mutations that occur, but to find them in DNA you'd have to dig pretty deep. I do suppose it depends on how "identical" you are, but you are right! :)

Dabee6253 karma

Okay, wait. If you have the same DNA, what if you both were with the same girl, then she got pregnant? Would they even be able to tell who the father was?

CGUnsder9 karma

Nope! If that scenario ever happened, there would be no way of telling who the father is.

Gbakhbgla4 karma

In what way are you most different?

robotortoise2 karma

Their fingerprints.

CGUnsder10 karma

The Only way we're different :D

LexLuvsit3 karma

Thus you share your entire identity!

CGUnsder4 karma

Pretty close to that! Minus the fact that our Social Securities are 1 number apart :D

Gibsonites3 karma

Is there ever any jealousy when it comes to girls? Like has their ever been an instance where one of you had a hotter girlfriend than the other or something similar? The only pair of identical twins I know are currently dating a female pair of identical twins, so they haven't had this issue.

CGUnsder4 karma

I always thought it would be cool to date twins. And na, we don't ever get jealous of each other because honestly, we don't care too much about stuff like that :D we're pretty focused on film and school so that never comes to mind too much!

theonewiththetits2 karma

OMG you are both so hot. :3

CGUnsder2 karma

Well thank ya :)

deruch2 karma

How do we know this is you posting, and not your brother?

CGUnsder8 karma

You don't... :)

Slacklez1 karma

How did this effect your life when you were younger?

CGUnsder2 karma

It affected us when we were younger, and still does to this day. It's hard to explain what its like growing up with a built in best friend! We pushed each other to the limit in everything we did.

syrhtalbot1 karma

Do you notice any of the typical left brain vs right brain dominance? Is one of you better or more inclined towards art and the other more towards logic? I've been close with 3 sets of twins over the years and loved them all for being so different from eachother. But I've never heard of Mirror Image so I'd love to hear from both of you: when you impersonate eachother, what do you do differently to really sell it? Oh! And, which one of you was the "evil one" when you were kids?

CGUnsder3 karma

Absolutely. My brother is far more left brain-thinking, and I am right-brain. It is like it coincides with how we use different hands. He is extremely artistic, more creative, along with having a more reserved personality (most definitely more shy than I am). I on the other hand, am more technical, outgoing, and I guess you could say the leader type. Our personality differences do balance each other out perfectly, though!

I was most definitely the evil one and the ring leader of the two of us :D (and I was born first!)

tyry951 karma

Is it weird that I can tell the difference between your faces?..idk how to explain it but there is definitely a huge difference. Do some people say the same thing?

CGUnsder2 karma

Some people do notice that! and others can't tell at all. I guess it's a perspective type thing.