I'm a WWE Superstar, I'm an Actor (starred in "The Call" alongside Halle Berry), a TV star ("I Love New York 2"), a Lawyer and HARVARD LAW SCHOOL graduate, as well as a father to a 4 year-old little boy... Oh, and sometimes I lift weights.

I'm currently on the cover of Muscle & Fitness - see my behind the scenes video

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John_Laurinaitis169 karma

As Former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for WWE and Former Permanent General Manager of both RAW and Smackdown I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring that People Power lives on from now until perpetuity I would also like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interact directly with the people who make this movement possible You are truly an instrument and a tool for positive change in the WWE Universe I wish you the best in all future endeavors Oh wait I need to ask a question in order to comply with the rules of this webpage so my question to you is What is your favorite People Power moment?

-Mr Excitement Big Johnny

DavidOtunga95 karma

Winning our match at Wrestlemania 28!

rockytheboxer72 karma

I like to consider myself Protunga and would like to know how to get you to be my Brotunga.

DavidOtunga50 karma

Ha Ha! Done.

AceDynamicHero60 karma

Hey Otunga!

What is the best way for a fan to approach for an autograph?

Also, thanks for giving us this gold.

DavidOtunga68 karma

Just approach me respectfully and ask. I love meeting my fans, taking pics, and signing autographs. BTW, what does it mean to give a gold? You want one? Here. I don't know what it means though.

darksyns53 karma

Any chance you could stop by /r/squaredcircle and just say hello? They are all big fans of you over there.

DavidOtunga71 karma

Are they? Tell them to tweet me @DavidOtunga. Maybe I'll stop by tonight.

DavidOtunga49 karma

I think he has great potential and wouldn't be surprised to see him as a champion one day.

MrSocko2334 karma

Greetings, David! I hope you enjoyed our time together in the past ;-)

Your breath was lovely

DavidOtunga30 karma

Well hello there. Your taste wasn't quite so savory to me. But its nice hearing from you again. Give Mick, my best.

MrSocko2319 karma

Will do, sir. And I apologize; I live in quite the malodorous neighborhood.

DavidOtunga34 karma

That you do. I feel quite sorry for you. I'll see if I can get you a vacation to this awesome theme park, called "Washing Machine Land." It will have you smelling like new!

Cornzone433 karma

How much baby oil do you use on a regular basis to get that Otunga shine?

Favorite match?

Who was your favorite person to work with and why is it Mr. Excitement John Laurinaitis?

DavidOtunga48 karma

About 3/4 of a large bottle. Seriously. Johnson's is great, but I also like the baby oil gel.

radioshaq11532 karma

Does WWE seek out your legal advice/are you one of their million lawyers on retainer?

DavidOtunga136 karma

I'm WWE's most important retained lawyer. They only call me in for legal advice on the BIG cases. I'm much too expensive to be bothered with the small time cases.

KynElwynn32 karma

Mr. Otunga, I miss the coffee slurping spots. When do you think you will be asked to perform them once again? In a more serious question what was it like working on "The Call" and how was Halle Berry like in person?

DavidOtunga50 karma

Ha ha! You should always expect my coffee mug and bow tie to show up. Slurp!

It was great working with Halle. She's unbelievably talented and also very sweet.

dantechevelle30 karma

Why did you stop pursuing your career in law? Was it just the love for professional wrestling or was there another deciding factor?

DavidOtunga76 karma

Law was always my fallback career. I knew from the time I was a child that I wanted to be an actor and a professional wrestler. Now, I have achieved both! Hmmm What will I think of next?

DavidOtunga27 karma

If you haven't seen it yet, go check out the December issue of Muscle & Fitness with me on the cover! It has great photos and my detailed workouts.


What does the Rock smell like?

DavidOtunga79 karma

Success and hard work

Havins25 karma

Thanks for doing this Mr. Otunga. I have three questions:

1) What advice would you give to a person who is about to graduate law school about breaking into the industry?

2) How do you take your coffee?

3) On an awesomeness scale of 1-10, why is John Laurinaitis a 10?

DavidOtunga53 karma

  1. Make sure you have a fallback career firmly in place.
  2. Like I take my women, hot and sweet but healthy (Splenda)
  3. Because of People Power.

Slyguy4625 karma

Your entrance theme is one of my favorites in WWE right now. What's your favorite entrance?

Also, completely unrelated, would you rather wrestle 10 Hornswoggle sized Andre the Giant, or one Andre the Giant sized Hornswoggle?

DavidOtunga78 karma

10 Andre the giant sized Hornswoggles.

hawtpokkitz23 karma

What father-son activities do you and your son enjoy doing together? On Twitter you sound like a really cool dad that loves his son.

Here's hoping WWE in 2014 features more Otunga!

DavidOtunga84 karma

Thank you. I'm sitting here answering questions right now while watching Spongebob with my son. Let me ask him... He said, "He likes when we play Lego Batman on Xbox, when we wrestle together, and when we workout." There you have it. The likes of a 4 year-old.

UGAdawg3090723 karma

Would you ever call Saul?

DavidOtunga47 karma

In a heartbeat! He's my favorite character.

domnugganong21 karma

Who's the nicest guy in the lockerroom?

DavidOtunga71 karma

Me, of course.

Gunnulf19 karma

If you had to wrestle a bear or wrestle Zack Ryder (without wearing baby oil), which would you choose?

DavidOtunga61 karma

The bear, of course. I can't go out there without my baby oil!

ZigglersHEEL19 karma

Thanks for doing this Otunga! I'm looking to get into wrestling after I graduate for Iowa State.. Already been bodybuilding for about a year, and I'd like to think I'm strong. What's something that I could be missing if I transition from bodybuilding to professional wrestling? Any tips on weight training as a WWE Superstar?


DavidOtunga42 karma

I can't believe I'm saying this, but its not all about the physique. You have to be a great athlete all around, but most important is your promo skills and character development. Good Luck!

RadMarchand6318 karma

Hi David, and thanks for doing this.

Back when the Nexus was pretty new, you did a show in Boston. After the show we went to Kowloons and you all walked in......still wearing your nexus t-shirts and tights. Was this like a rookie hazing type of thing?? Always remember that..."hey there's Wade Barrett, and Otunga....and all of Nexus!....still in ring attire!"

DavidOtunga54 karma

Lol Yes. We wore our armbands everywhere. I think I drove my Fiance crazy wearing that thing. My son loved it though. He wanted one so bad, I had a baby one made for him.

nochilinopity16 karma

How long until we see you back in the ring? As much as I love Punk we need some more Chicago representation in there!

DavidOtunga31 karma

Ha Ha! Thank you! I don't think many people even know I'm from Chicago.

mjfreunder16 karma

Are you and John Laurinaitis actually friends?

DavidOtunga38 karma

Yes. John is a great guy and has been a good friend and mentor to me.

AubreyPlazasButtHair15 karma

What wrestling move hurts the most? And the least?

Also what's your favorite Christmas song?

DavidOtunga41 karma

Getting Chopped by The Big Show, or better yet, when Randy Orton punted me. I think I left some brain cells right there on the mat in Dallas.

empathyx14 karma

What do you say to those who say 'Wrestling is fake'?

DavidOtunga90 karma

Look at this scar I have above my eye. The Great Khali tried to ruin my beautiful face... I'm lucky I have beauty to spare.

khalid071613 karma

Hey there Mr. Otunga, just wanted to let you know despite everyone else, your lawyer gimmick in WWE is one of my favorites. It comes off as legit because you play the sleazy lawyer type really well. Which comes to my question, why did you choose to become a WWE superstar when you could have become a lawyer or actor or anything else?

DavidOtunga22 karma

Thank you... I think. It was a dream of mine and it just so happened that I didn't do too bad in school either.

blairpacheco12 karma

What have you been listening to at the gym lately?

DavidOtunga66 karma

I really like the new Marshall Mathers LP 2

lordmalifico12 karma

Mr. Otunga, what is your favorite match in the history of professional wrestling, both out of your own and ones you never participated in?

DavidOtunga40 karma

Definitely Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania 3. That's what got me into wrestling as a child.

SlayerFan199311 karma

Do you ever work heavy compound lifts or are you more into the bodybuilding aspect, not really focusing on strength?

DavidOtunga18 karma

I do both. I generally do one or two heavy compound lifts at the beginning of my workouts and then transition to a more voluminous bodybuilding type workout for the remainder.

Mr_Titicaca11 karma

Met you during Axxess at WM 28. One of the nicest dudes I've ever met. As a law student and someone who would love to work in the WWE, you're basically what I hope to be one day. Few questions:

-Who's your favorite wrestler of all time? And why?

-Who's your dream opponent? And why?

-As a law student, I need connections. Can I add you on Linkedin?

DavidOtunga28 karma

Thank you so much for that nice compliment. My favorite when I was a kid was the Hulkster. Then Bret Hart. My dream opponent would be Andre The Giant. Sure, you can add me on Linkedin.

Murica-WeThePeople10 karma

How did you find time to manage both law and pro wrestling?

DavidOtunga19 karma

I had to choose one and wrestling won!

Gay4Moleman9 karma

Growing up which wrestlers inspired you to want to enter your current profession?

DavidOtunga18 karma

Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, and the Rock.

heyfalcon9 karma

What's one place in the world that you wish to visit?

DavidOtunga31 karma

My father's birthplace in Nairobi, Kenya.

bonilla978 karma

what car do you drive

DavidOtunga53 karma

Please... I don't drive myself. My chauffeur does the driving.

NoahVanderhoff8 karma

Can you tell us about any of your past legal cases? Still undefeated?

DavidOtunga32 karma

Attorney/client privilege. Still undefeated.

TheInfinityGauntlet8 karma

You think you'll ever win the Intercontinental title?

DavidOtunga43 karma

If I ever have a match for it, I believe I can win it. It would look nice hanging on my wall next to my Harvard Law Degree.

killaseal8 karma

Mr. Otunga, mad props to you for all you've accomplished in life so far. I hope you get a push all the way to the WWE Championship!

As a Harvard Law School graduate, how supportive was your family once you did "I Love New York 2", and then moved on into wrestling? I know my family would think I was crazy, so I'm curious to know what your family's reaction was. Thanks!

DavidOtunga15 karma

At first, they were surprised, but then they loved it. My family are my biggest fans by far. They still come to everything I do and we all sit back and marvel at how far I have come and I'm still going!

domnugganong7 karma

Do you take any supplements?

DavidOtunga25 karma

Whey protein, BCAA's, sometimes a pre-workout, multi-vitamins, and magic fish oil.

DanceGriffinDance7 karma

Mr. Otunga, I don't have a question, I just wanted to say that I was listening to a radio interview you and Jennifer had a few months ago and the interviewer asked you about wrestling. You said something to the effect of not wanting to get old and regret not doing it.

As an aspiring wrestler myself, I just wanted to say thank you for that bit of inspiration.

DavidOtunga12 karma

I'm always glad to inspire people. You are more than welcome. Reach for your dreams!

AllGoldEverythingX7 karma

Mr. Otunga, having been around the locker room with many of the great superstars of the roster. Who is actually the largest man in the locker room?(height wise)

I have met the Big Show and Great Khali in person and they were HUGE compared to a 6-2" teenager.

DavidOtunga13 karma

Both of those guys are HUGE!

AlanClique7 karma

So far, what has been your favorite experience in the WWE? Either behind the scenes or in the ring.

DavidOtunga25 karma

I would say when I hosted RAW during my rookie season on NXT.

nicvanroon7 karma

I am starting pro wrestling training this Sunday. What is your most important advice for someone just getting started in the business?

DavidOtunga12 karma

Work hard and be persistent. It takes time but it will come.

unclenoah7 karma

1) Is Halle Berry as amazingly gorgeous in real life as she appears to be on-screen?

2) Is there a summary of pro wrestling referee signals like there is for football (ref: http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/rules/football/2009/fbsignals.pdf )? Or are they just making it up as they go along?

DavidOtunga15 karma

  1. Yes.
  2. I believe there is. I know a few of them myself, so I don't think they're making it up. If they are, they're fooling me!

connlocks7 karma

Were you actually drinking coffee or just pretending?

What is your favourite coffee based drink?

DavidOtunga14 karma

I don't know why its hard for people to believe, but yes I only drink coffee out of my coffee tumblers. I do drink a lot of coffee though. I only drink black coffee. I like flavored beans though.

123intothe46 karma

Not sure if you're ok talking about it, but how would you describe your experience on I Love New York? And if you had to do it all over again, would you? You're awesome and thanks for taking the time here with us.

DavidOtunga9 karma

My experience was great! I took the show for what it was and that was fun and entertainment. I had a great time doing the show and it led to a lot of great opportunities for me. I would definitely do it all over again.

JRadical216 karma

What was it like working on the original season of NXT? It seems like a lot of the guys involved on that show have gone on to successful WWE careers. Do you think that was more a product of the group of guys, or did using the show as a development platform play a roll?

DavidOtunga9 karma

I loved the original season of NXT. Everybody on that season is supremely talented and I believe all of us will be successful in whatever we choose to do.

Bulkhead6 karma

what type of law do you or would you pratice and any advice to thoes in law school

DavidOtunga19 karma

I generally do legal commentating now on various news shows on TV. My advice for those in law school is to write your outlines and study them hard.

wwedivafan6 karma

Which Diva is the mother hen backstage? I imagine Vickie, but anyone else fill that role? & what is your ultimate goal in your wwe career?

DavidOtunga15 karma

I would say both Tamina and Natalya. They are both very sweet.

floperdopper6 karma

Hi Otunga thanks for doing this, loved your work so far I have a couple of questions if you could answer either or both that would be great thanks :)

~who has been your favourite wrestler to work with/who would you love to work with in the future

~as a former nxt rookie what do you think of the new nxt system and who do you believe has the most potential currently in development.

Thanks again!!

DavidOtunga13 karma

My favorite to work with so far has been John Cena. I would love to wok with The Rock in the future. (I can just imagine the paycheck Ha!)

ruff_gem5 karma

Was turning your education into a gimmick your idea?

Obviously, turning a lawyer into a heel isn't a stretch. But do you fear anti-intellectualism is being pushed too hard on the audience?

Also, one of your most infamous moments to date was the People Power stable selfie. It was both a relevant and honest move that came across as obnoxious and pretentious. Was adding that finishing touch to the in-ring angle something you had planned or a spur of the moment development?

DavidOtunga9 karma

Yes, my current gimmick was entirely my idea. Also, that infamous People Power moment with the picture was my own improvisation. They wanted me to take the pic, but I refused to be left out, so I decided right then and there to put myself in the pic.

Runningboard75 karma

Where do you buy your travel coffee mugs?

DavidOtunga15 karma

Starbucks and I get lots of them from fans.

kheloderia5 karma

How did you balance intensive academic work and working out/gym time? Any advice?

DavidOtunga10 karma

It was incredibly hard and took a lot of determination and planning. I was always reading Muscle & Fitness Magazine in class. That's why its so cool for me to be on my first ever cover of Muscle & Fitness! Its on newsstands now so go pick it up!

Kyyy_Funk_895 karma

What's your usual routine on the road like? Anything specific you like to do on the road, or anyone in the WWE you usually hang out with?

DavidOtunga18 karma

Land in the city, eat, workout, eat, go wrestle, drive to next city, sleep. Wake up, eat, workout, eat, go to wrestle,eat, drive to next city, eat, sleep. repeat...

zeppelin10235 karma

Do you still have your coffee thermos?

DavidOtunga15 karma

Yep, I'm slurping out of it right now. I'd post a pic of it, but I'm not sure how.

mwlgo65 karma

Were you at all instrumental on Jennifer's amazing weight loss?

DavidOtunga25 karma

I can play the violin... Oh, you didn't mean that instrumental. We both support each other in eating healthy and working out together. She's my fave workout partner... Well, her and Little David of course.

bonilla974 karma

is Otunga your real name?

DavidOtunga21 karma

Yes, it is. My father was born and raised in Kenya.

jxryan4 karma

Hey! What's your favorite memory thus far with WWE? (match or storyline or something else not seen by us fans)

DavidOtunga11 karma

I loved walking out for my match at Wrestlemania.

bonilla972 karma

how much money do you make

DavidOtunga25 karma

About 5 duffel bags stuffed with cash.

sXeKnowHope2 karma

Hey David, two questions- 1. Do you still have that huge amount of twinkies you bought before they " went out of business " 2. When are you coming back to wwe tv? I miss seeing the famous coffee mug and bowtie!

DavidOtunga4 karma

Actually, I only have a few left. I ended up giving most of them away. People were always asking me for them.

[deleted]1 karma


DavidOtunga6 karma

It wasn't scripted for me to get my eye busted open!

THEWrestlingGod1 karma

Even though you have amazing screen presence, do you still get nervous before going on screen/out to the ring? And if so, was the nervousness worse on your Wrestlemania match?

DavidOtunga3 karma

It depends on what I'm doing. If I'm doing something I'm very comfortable with, then I'm not nervous and in fact can't wait to get out there and show everybody what I can do. If its something I'm not comfortable with, then I may be somewhat nervous.