David Otunga

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is an American professional wrestler, lawyer, and actor.

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I'm WWE's most important retained lawyer. They only call me in for legal advice on the BIG cases. I'm much too expensive to be bothered with the small time cases.

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Winning our match at Wrestlemania 28!

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Look at this scar I have above my eye. The Great Khali tried to ruin my beautiful face... I'm lucky I have beauty to spare.

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Thank you. I'm sitting here answering questions right now while watching Spongebob with my son. Let me ask him... He said, "He likes when we play Lego Batman on Xbox, when we wrestle together, and when we workout." There you have it. The likes of a 4 year-old.

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Success and hard work

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10 Andre the giant sized Hornswoggles.

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Law was always my fallback career. I knew from the time I was a child that I wanted to be an actor and a professional wrestler. Now, I have achieved both! Hmmm What will I think of next?

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Are they? Tell them to tweet me @DavidOtunga. Maybe I'll stop by tonight.

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Me, of course.

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Just approach me respectfully and ask. I love meeting my fans, taking pics, and signing autographs. BTW, what does it mean to give a gold? You want one? Here. I don't know what it means though.