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Every optician is required to do this. We take an oath.

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No, it doesn't weaken your eyesight. It makes your eyes somewhat dependent on the correction, in that they don't have to strain so hard to see clearly. So they tend to relax more, and when a person who has been wearing glasses their whole life takes them off, they're totally blind as far as they're concerned. A person with the same prescription who had never worn glasses will be more accustomed to getting around in the haze, and will thus seem to see more clearly.

...I hope that made sense.

As far as activities, not really. There is vision therapy you can do, but that is administered individually by a medical doctor and specialist.

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Three, four weeks, tops.

Seriously, doctors have been working on ocular implants for years, and strides are made very often, but as the eyes are an incredibly sophisticated and fragile instrument, simply replacing them is quite difficult. It will happen, I'm convinced, and probably within our lifetime.

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In short: a lot of damage.

Slightly longer answer: Corneal problems, ulcers, infections, infiltrates, general inflammation, pain, discomfort, etc. I've had patients who can't wear contacts anymore due to the pain and irritation they get immediately because they abused their eyes when they were younger.

Also: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=danger+of+sleeping+in+contacts

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I think you should wait a few years. Your prescription will change year to year until you're about 22, in most cases, getting surgery at 18 will mean that 4 years later, you may need glasses or contacts or an enhancement. Patience would serve you better.