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shittyhorrormovies4 karma

What would you rate yourself 1-10?

CaptainNerdy40 karma

I'd say a strong Afghanistan seven. Joking aside, I'm happy with myself now, although there is always room for improvement!

EyePatchBear6 karma

Wait, so you're a woman by American standards?

CaptainNerdy22 karma

doctor_seuss-12 karma

Always enjoy some racist humour.

CaptainNerdy4 karma

The Afghanistan scale basically says that standards are lower to someone who is deployed because of how sexually starved he/she usually is. It has nothing to do with the Afghan people. Let's let the joke die here.

reagan20162 karma

Are you a grower or a shower?

CaptainNerdy2 karma

I'm a grower, thankfully.

Annalivia1 karma

That is a cool job! I would love to do something like that. How did you get the job?

CaptainNerdy1 karma

I was looking for student work during the summer, saw the job posting on my school's website and filed an application. After a brief interview to make sure I wasn't a total shithead, I was hired! If there are no job postings, contact your school's art department directly and ask if they need models. As long as they can afford it and the gender balance is good (if they even have a balance), you should have no problem getting the job.

hungry_golem1 karma

Does your place only have vertical space?

CaptainNerdy7 karma

Dorm life. It's hell.

Eldeee1 karma

Lol is that in grant?

CaptainNerdy1 karma

Dirty Douglas haha

samovolochka1 karma

I thought this post was really interesting. Thanks for submitting an AMA :) If this has already been asked, I apologize, I know you've gotten some repeats. Anywho, have you ever considered being on the other side of the art to see what it's like (Or have you already)? Being the artist drawing someone else who is modelling nude? If not, why not? If yes, why? Again, thanks for the AMA :)

CaptainNerdy3 karma

I took a drawing class in high school, and while I enjoyed it, it just wasn't my thing. I rarely drew for fun and the class didn't spark some hidden interest in me. I'd rather write stories or make movies than draw. I guess I'm fortunate that I am still able to contribute to the arts even if I'm not an artist.

samovolochka1 karma

Thanks for your answer(s) :) Much appreciated!

CaptainNerdy1 karma

Glad I could help!

dadudemon1 karma

You look tired.

CaptainNerdy4 karma

I usually do, but I feel fine.

Randdist1 karma

How does it make you feel, if you cross eyes with someone who's drawing your face right now? Most of the time I draw faces and sometimes I feel a little awkward when the model is looking right back at me.

Except once when there was a nude model who sat in the middle drawing the students. I drew her, she drew me, it was an amusing situation.

CaptainNerdy4 karma

I purposely avoid this by picking a spot on the wall and staring at it. I figured it would be awkward for anyone so instead I look at nobody.

KattNapp1 karma

A very good looking chap indeed.

CaptainNerdy1 karma

Thank you!

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Please level with me... How many abadigitals do you see male modeling?

CaptainNerdy2 karma

Something something... Zoolander? I dunno.

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CaptainNerdy4 karma

Fortunately, that's never happened to me. If it were to happen, I'd probably take a five minute break or so. If it happens often enough, it's probably not a job I should be doing.

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I SCREAM LIKE A SHRILL FANGIRL COVER MY TREASURES AND RUN AWAY. Actually hasn't happened, but if it did I'd probably take a quick 5 minute break to let things cool down.

Zeimus-5 karma

I don't know what I expected when I clicked your proof. :/

CaptainNerdy4 karma

I tagged it NSFW and clearly described what my proof was. Sorry, I guess...?

JustABlackGuy93-5 karma

Jesus Christ I thought it was a women.

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I am a nude model. It's proof, isn't it?