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"What's the deal with zippity zop? Is it zip, or is it zop?"

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What's scarier:

The Dean riding into your home on a Chariot pulled by 101 Muscular Dalmatian-Men.


Conan O'Brien riding into your home on a Chariot pulled by 99 Andy Richters and one Louis C.K. eating a Cinnabon?

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Let's put it like this, two guys are having an argument in a workshop. Both are very good at what they do, and are having an argument. They turn to you and ask who's right. On the one hand, you have a dorky looking guy that likes to dress up in costumes and joke around. On the other you have a granite-jawed, dead-eyed man with the physique of a lumberjack, and the only thing separating the two of you is a workshop full of dangerous tools. Who the hell do you side with?

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Thanks for the answer Dino, and I understand... Andy is watching, isn't he?

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The thing about that rumour is that every generation since something like the '60s has had a generational musician that allegedly had ribs removed so they could perform autofellation. In the '80s it was Prince. In the early '90s it was Michael Jackson. In the late '90s/'00s it was MM.

Edit: Just like everybody knows a friend of a friend of a friend or whatever that took acid, and is now in a psychiatric ward because they think they're a glass of orange juice and are terrified that somebody will spill them.

Or just like how every regional area of more-or-less every country has their own iteration of the taxi cab driver that picks up a strange woman in the middle of the night, who doesn't talk much, seems a little off, and leaves a red sweater in the back seat when he drops her off at her house - and turns out to be the ghost of a girl that died around the area he picked her up at.

It seems once particular myths manage to get some wide-level exposure, they go international, and continue to live on in various reiterations/retellings. The Cabbie one has been going around since like the '50s.