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In addition, as an art student who has drawn a nude model, I don't even see you as.. well, a person I guess, after a while. That sounds incredibly rude, but I don't see genitals as sexual, judge body shapes.. any of that. The typical stuff that comes with analyzing a person. I see it as a challenge to draw the human body, and see the model almost as a "living" statue. It's interesting how people can disconnect, because they are so caught up in their artwork, they don't focus on the intimate details of sexuality or anything, they focus on the task at hand, on their paper. Of course, that's just during the process. Everyone I've taken a class with has been very respectful of the models before and after, and always makes sure to thank them for their time. Kudos to you both for taking the time to pose, and help art students master their art and respect the human body even more :)

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My great Grandpa hated Japanese people because of serving over there in the war, and so did his wife, my great grandma.

Do you find this really common still in the military? Do you have any hatreds or dislikes for cultures today based on what you saw when you were serving?

No judgement given either way :) And thank you for your service!!!

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If what you did was typical, then boys must go into basic training as, well, boys, and come out as Iron Man.

What you've accomplished is beyond belief, I have a lot of respect for you.

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The professor usually gives the students (first timers to nude art) a lecture of sorts, explaining what's appropriate behavior from them. There's actually a form you can sign at my university saying you feel uncomfortable with the subject matter, and wish to be removed from the class. Course, you'd probably fail it, so I've never heard of anyone ever doing it.

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Yup. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be for a model, if some idiot started giggling and acting rude for a model. I mean.. you're literally naked in front of a bunch of strangers, and (in my classes, I'd guess in most), you are literally surrounded by a circle of students drawing you. Holy shit, just typing that out, I don't think I could ever do it. I'm worried I'd find out the hard way I have hair in weird places, or an extra leg in a drawing =P