'Escape from Hell" kicks off with a special premiere at 10PM ET/PT TONIGHT before moving to its regular time slot of Wednesdays at 10PM/ET starting November 13

PROOF photo: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BYz5utTCYAEG3DO.jpg

Sneak peek clip: http://www.extratv.com/2013/11/11/sneak-peek-a-look-at-bear-grylls-escape-from-hell/

Website: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/bear-grylls-escape-from-hell

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TheCojonesBrothers2632 karma

Hey Bear, just a quick one! How many bears could a Bear Grylls grill if Bear Grylls could grill bears?

THEREAL_BearGrylls3327 karma

i bear grylls can only grill one bear because i've only got a one bear grill

longwalleye1699 karma

where are You at right now Bear in this big ol world?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1458 karma

on our houseboat in UK

larastro2081 karma

Hey Bear, We've seen you eat some pretty vile things. Has your wife ever went "Nope not kissing you for a month after that?"

THEREAL_BearGrylls2390 karma


CopperCam1994 karma

Named my son after you. Figured i needed to start him off as manly as possible. 2 months old now and i see a faint beard.

THEREAL_BearGrylls2503 karma

nice! keep feeding him the nails!

chocopoco1748 karma

hey bear, was the scene where u were running from the train in the tunnel real?

THEREAL_BearGrylls2447 karma

we knew a train was coming but not quite as soon as it did!

j_rech1418 karma

Hey Bear, how pissed were you when Will Ferrell ate that twinkie?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1812 karma


heerkens1251 karma

Hey Bear, Have you seen this: Man vs. Metro, what do you think about it?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1414 karma

the spoofs always make my team laugh!

SnowyG1236 karma

What is the grossest thing you have consumed in the wild? What had the worst taste?

THEREAL_BearGrylls2103 karma

raw goats testicles by a mile!

slam7071176 karma

No question, just wanted to thank you for giving me some of my knowledge of the wilderness. You have also inspired me to lose weight and get into decent shape. Lost 90 lbs over the last year and I'm going for my daily bike ride in a few minutes. Adventuring is pretty fun, even in your neighborhood. Thank you.

THEREAL_BearGrylls1301 karma

good on you buddy! keep it going

shittyEarthworm1149 karma

Hi Bear, since when you started to drink your own piss?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1866 karma

haha! well we might as well start with this! First time i think was as a dare by my sister when I was about 6- but for the record I do NOT do it for fun! I only ever do this in a survival context … and you never know- one day it might save your life!

LJD21090 karma

Man vs Wild with Jake Gyllenhaal seemed like a enlightening experience for you both. Who would you also like to take into the wild if you could take any three people?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1962 karma

i have just filmed an episode with stephen fry who was great- we have russell brand up next which will be fun no doubt!

CodeTech95924 karma

Hey Bear! What kind of computer are you using to do this AMA?

THEREAL_BearGrylls2837 karma

smoke signals

UKJAMES27887 karma

Hey Bear, how did it feel to get to the top of Everest? It must have been amazing.

THEREAL_BearGrylls1695 karma

was a special moment- was a long 3 month climb and we lost 4 climbers whilst we were on the mountain tragically but the summit was incredible- you see the curvature of the earth and dawn rising over tibet. altho it was cold and blowy as hell and you are very aware you are at your most vulnerable point still as most of the fatalities happen on the descent

i-mcharming836 karma

I am in love with your terms "blowy" and "slippy."

THEREAL_BearGrylls1122 karma

my english grammar does sometimes slip when i am under pressure half way up a rock face! apologies!

blizzardalert880 karma

Two questions:

1) As someone who has a crazy impressive list of accomplishments, is it annoying to be best known for drinking your own piss?

2) How awesome does it feel to stand on top of Mt. Everest?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1218 karma

funny and a privilege (in that order!)

IWasOnceATeddy784 karma

What are the top 3 things you recommend to take anywhere?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1424 karma

into the wild always take a good knife, masses of ingenuity and a sense of humour!

Nighthood3739 karma

Can you say ''Hi'' to me?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1187 karma


somethingpretentious703 karma

Not a question but you looked great in the seal skin tank top.

THEREAL_BearGrylls666 karma

haha! thank u. not my greatest look though!

LittleFoot377662 karma

Used to watch episodes of man vs wild while I was deployed in Afghanistan. Thanks for the good entertainment !

Edit: fixed a minor spelling mistake...

Edit 2: more grammar. Is there anything else ?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1093 karma

glad you are back safely- much respect soldier

Gryllsfan1634 karma

Do you carry the same crew in Escape From Hell as you had in Man vs Wild?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1036 karma

mostly yes- i really fight hard to keep us all together and working - it is the what makes the whole journey so fun

Stickelflick562 karma

Hey Bear, what's your favorite food ?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1414 karma


heroyi562 karma

I remember watching one episode of you where you were in a everglade-like environment. You made a raft of some sort out of timber and attempted to go fish in the river. You caught not only a fish but also a HUGE gator.

What exactly is the protocol if say you fell into the water or attacked by a gator (or crocodile when you were in Australia?)? Is there some sort of marksmen nearby to ensure your safety against dangerous animals in the wild or is your SAS piss coated knife enough?

THEREAL_BearGrylls753 karma

get out and fast! salties are the most dangerous predators out there

Charlbarl540 karma

Bear, what inspired you in your younger years to become who you are now?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1047 karma

my late dad who was a royal marine and a climber- he was a special man for sure

hypnoconsole531 karma

Hi Bear, from a safety standpoint, what's the advantage of backflipping into water instead of just straight jumping?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1171 karma

its maybe more dangerous but it's also more fun!

SnowyG513 karma

Which celebrity would you hate to be stuck in the wild with?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1007 karma

haha! there is a list but I better not say!

Ranyilliams485 karma

Hello Mr. Grylls What is your opinion on Les Stroud? Like him? Hate him? just give us your honest opinion on the man. AND would you ever consider doing his kind of survival show where you don't have a camera crew or a predetermined destination? Would you go out on your own?

THEREAL_BearGrylls765 karma

yes a great guy who does an amazing job and his shows rock

mmrsc33476 karma

What's your ideal epic way to exit this world?

THEREAL_BearGrylls1792 karma

covered in scars, surrounded by loved ones and certain in my hope for the future

therageriscrisp412 karma

hey bear, was there ever a situation that actually made you nervous on man vs. wild?

THEREAL_BearGrylls738 karma

jungles are the tough ones- as the danger can so often be unseen- you have to really think smart and be ultra alert but I like that challenge- it brings out the best in us as a team always

papawasatrollinstone387 karma

Hi Bear,

Just watched you swim in freezing water. You really seemed to hate that. Is cold your least favourite environment?

THEREAL_BearGrylls642 karma

it is unforgiving if you mess it up!

categoryone382 karma

Hi Bear, thanks for the AMA! What is your role as Chief Scout and how did you land that position? Also, what is one thing I should carry every day that will help me survive in a worst-case scenario?

THEREAL_BearGrylls562 karma

chief scout is a huge honour and I was elected by vote from amongst scouts- it is all about encouraging kids from every country on earth whatever their background to be able to access and enjoy adventure- I love being part of the mission to bring that to kids

pap-x346 karma

Hey Bear, such a honor to talk with you. I would like to ask you if your sense of fear has decayed over the years, like if you're about to jump into a racing river you feel the same amount of fear you felt when you had your first jump? What can I do to overcome my fears in the wild?

THEREAL_BearGrylls568 karma

i have learnt to manage the fear better and to try and use the feelings to sharpen me not to paralyse me

MysticalTurban339 karma

What food have you tryed that looks disgusting but is actually delicious?

THEREAL_BearGrylls727 karma

scorpions when roasted over fire- well not delicious but way better than raw at least


When you're not drinking your own pee, what is your favorite breakfast cereal?

Also, could you post in /r/kelloggsgonewild please?

THEREAL_BearGrylls524 karma

oatmeal and banana

benyYe229 karma

Who do you think could survive longer on a deserted island, yourself or Ray Mears?

THEREAL_BearGrylls468 karma

survive longer or get away faster!!!!??

TheMadsAlexander225 karma

How did you motivate yourself to try to join the British SAS again, after you failed your first attempt? I red your book, you'r incredible Bear! So much strength!

THEREAL_BearGrylls364 karma

knowing that good things don't come easy- and being determined to stick with the goal despite the setbacks- that changes everything

SuspectTheGamer211 karma

Man i miss Man vs. Wild me and my dad used to watch almost every night it was a awesome show now discovery channel has the lamest shit.

THEREAL_BearGrylls413 karma

then you will love Escape From Hell! airing this week on Discovery in USA

TexasBushcraft206 karma

Edward (Bear), I'm curious if you think that today's "survival reality" TV shows are actually teaching our youth how to survive or are they just another conduit for entertainment?

THEREAL_BearGrylls649 karma

both is a good combo- when we are entertained we learn by default- i like that

jvm4th195 karma


THEREAL_BearGrylls381 karma

train hard fight easy is a good mantra to live and train by

scott4ta195 karma

How tough do your cameramen need to be? It seems they traverse the same challenges you do at times, but they are holding giant cameras as well! Some times I feel they are even more badass haha.

THEREAL_BearGrylls335 karma

there are the real heroes for sure- best buddies and tough as hell

theneilster167 karma

Hey there Bear, How do you stay so seemingly calm in potentially life-threatening situations?

THEREAL_BearGrylls344 karma

there is often a little more flapping under the surface I assure you

TheNiceMonster162 karma

Hey Bear! Huge fan here. Remember that episode of man vs wild you did with Will Ferrell? What was that experience like? Also what was the funniest thing that happened with Will?

THEREAL_BearGrylls374 karma

Will was amazing and worked so hard out there- we had a lot of laughs along the way but the real test of a man is cheerfulness in adversity and for that he gets full marks

ge0rgedcool151 karma

hey bear do you sometimes go into your back garden and just eat some bugs?

THEREAL_BearGrylls331 karma

only if I get locked out!

Jiraiya_Lives151 karma

Hey Bear im a big fan. When you're not working what kind of hobbies do you enjoy doing?

THEREAL_BearGrylls320 karma

yoga and paragliding and making stuff with our three boys

sjquinta139 karma

you're awesome and I am so glad you have another show in the U.S. And it premieres on my birthday! :) Thanks for teaching and entertaining!

THEREAL_BearGrylls211 karma

hope u enjoy escape from hell- it was a very personal show to do and I am proud of it

fanofbeargrylls138 karma

Do you like the name 'Gryllers' for your fans?

THEREAL_BearGrylls205 karma

a great honour!

KeithNguyen97134 karma

Hey Bear, What is the number one thing you kept on your mind when you filmed Man vs. Wild?

THEREAL_BearGrylls378 karma

come home alive, come home as friends, come home successful- and in that order

Zman93130 karma

Bear, Have you ever been bitten by a poisonous snake?

*Edit: Venomous

THEREAL_BearGrylls245 karma

bitten by a snake- yes- but i was lucky and it wasn't deadly

kentonlin125 karma

Hey Bear loved watching man vs wild you really gave some helpful tips to surviving in the wild and your demonstrations were gutsy to say the least.

My question for you is how did you get started with television and what was your first pilot/show?

THEREAL_BearGrylls220 karma

my first series was called escape to the legion - where I signed up to go through simulated basic training with the foreign legion in n africa- was a brutal time actually but an amazing journey in so many ways

FapCitus59 karma

Hey there Bear, I have watched most of the episodes of Man vs Wild. Though I have two questions, how do you divide your time between work and family? Do you have lots of months to spend with them after recording different shows? -Also- have you ever been in a situation where you need to eat your own poop? Thanks and looking forward to your future endevours!

THEREAL_BearGrylls115 karma

i try and film in the school term times- whilst the boys are working then I work and then I try and take as much time out as possible when they are on holiday - but sometimes it is hard for sure being away

benson8941 karma

Have you had any physical injuries that still give you pain today or are hindering you? Ones that you have got from adventuring, I mean.

THEREAL_BearGrylls149 karma

i broke my back whilst I was in the military and it still aches today but thats part of life- i consider the scars a reminder that I am not as tough as I sometimes hope- but also a reminder that life is for living and is worth going for - all in

Jasd123432 karma

Hi Bear, I've been a massive fan of your work ever since I saw Escape to the Legion years ago, I'm always checking to see what you're working on next. Do you have anything in the pipeline or something you'd really like to do in the near future? Thanks for this!

THEREAL_BearGrylls51 karma

lots more shows in progress and in the can ready to air- i feel super lucky to be able to make them and be out there still

durandaI27 karma

You were in the SAS, any crazy stories to tell?

THEREAL_BearGrylls50 karma

lots but thats for another time and place- the greatest thing it gave me though was a confidence to be able to look after myself when the chips are down

cwelde19 karma

Bear, I've recently read 'Mud, Sweat and Tears' and 'A Survival Guide for Life' and absolutely loved them. Any new books coming out soon?

THEREAL_BearGrylls37 karma

true grit was published this week- true stories of heroism and survival that have inspired and shaped my life - you'll diff it!

stoopidjlc16 karma

Why Marmaduke and Huckleberry?

THEREAL_BearGrylls62 karma

because at least they will get the job interview!

andyottito14 karma

Bear! I'm a huge fan and have actually read your book 'Mud, Sweat, and Tears' 5 times. I love that you're a man of faith and are open about it in a gradually changing world where it is more frowned upon. How do you keep a strong, Christian faith with all the fame and (probable) pressure not to talk about your faith?

THEREAL_BearGrylls15 karma

its our greatest asset in life

speci11 karma

No question - just wanted to thank you for teaching me that simple things in life are what truly matters. Like the moment when you start a fire going, so you can get warm, or hunt down something tasty for dinner. Also, thank you for teaching me to never give up.

THEREAL_BearGrylls20 karma

its the best lesson to ever learn- never give up

daftpunkies8 karma

Where is your favourite place in the world? (to be stranded and survive on your own, or just in general haha)

THEREAL_BearGrylls16 karma

our welsh island hideaway home

ishi58 karma

Hi bear, Do you ever get chided by shara for doing anything dangerous om the shows?

THEREAL_BearGrylls16 karma

sometimes but the show is filmed by that stage!

tritoncmo8 karma

Bear, I am big fan. How much do you train and what types of training do you do to keep such a level of fitness where it seems you can tackle anything?

THEREAL_BearGrylls10 karma

i train 6 days a week- for about 40mins a go- short sharp intensive body weight style training

Deathkru7 karma

Can I get a virtual fist bump from you Bear? Fist ready

THEREAL_BearGrylls12 karma


Skulldude34936 karma

hey bear, huge fan! Thanks for the AMA.

I've always wondered, where did you learn and develop most of your survival techniques?

THEREAL_BearGrylls11 karma

from my dad, the scouts and the military- and then from endlessly trying stuff some of which works and a lot of which fails

MyDogIsAHobo15 karma

What is it like when you are face to face to something that could easily rip you to shreds?

THEREAL_BearGrylls13 karma

mind focussing

kathquirrel5 karma

Hi Bear! Do you have a favorite Disney movie??

THEREAL_BearGrylls11 karma

lion king (thats Huckleberry answering that one!!)

theoutooradventurer4 karma

As a man of faith, forces and adventure. How have the three interlinked? Do you ever (or have you ever) found yourself hanging off a rock or trapped in dangerous place somewhere praying for Gods strength and help?

THEREAL_BearGrylls6 karma


Danhym4 karma

Sir, so nice to have the chance to ask you a question! I would like to know how did you manage to keep yourself motivated during your life!

THEREAL_BearGrylls17 karma

cos life is a gift and our job is to live it boldly despite the doubts and fears that always snap at our heels

ainttalkingboutlove3 karma

I bet you won't answer my comment, people never answered to my AMA comments :(

THEREAL_BearGrylls7 karma

cheer up! I am hearing you

fanofbeargrylls2 karma

Do you love your fans? :)

THEREAL_BearGrylls2 karma

of course! always grateful

100fold2 karma

Hi Bear! You are the man! Do you have a favorite bible verse for getting you through those tough times?

THEREAL_BearGrylls2 karma

matthew 28;20

hobbes3052 karma

If you are so tough and seasoned, why are you only responding to the trivial softball questions?

THEREAL_BearGrylls2 karma

try me!