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What would you say is the technological advance that you see having the biggest impact overt the next twenty years? As far as space science is concerned, do you think it's better to spend money on unmanned science missions, or focus on human colonization/spaceflight?

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Mr. Savage, what is your best/worst fan experience in real life? Huge fan of the show. You guys blow my mind!

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You were in the SAS, any crazy stories to tell?

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No, it can't. Because the customer in this case is different from the people that are being served. The government, if it just pays private prisons, would like cost to be driven down. The people being serviced, the prisoners, cannot demand better service in a privatized prison.

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A lot of people who become war reporters have stories where they start out by just going to war zones, and then writing stories and selling them. Is this only possible for the unattached? Are there many war reporters with actual, serious relationships before they become war reporters?