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skrim2020818 karma

Can you draw a picture of Paul Giamatti fighting his own worst enemy: Paul Giamatti?

ImFuckingBradNeely754 karma

This is fucking funny.

brassblanket530 karma

Hey, how'd you get such a sexy wife?? (Just kidding, hi. It's me.)

ImFuckingBradNeely464 karma

Hey, what's up, baby girl?

HeathenForAllSeasons395 karma

Mr Neely: Have you ever been so lonely that you wanted to carve a little boy out of wood?

ImFuckingBradNeely563 karma

This is a scary-ass question.

Blaueziege363 karma


Question: is there any any any chance you might continue the good work you started with Wizard People, Dear Reader?

Love your stuff. It’s sweet stuff, man.

A fan.

ImFuckingBradNeely377 karma

No more Wizards. Post magic world.

meatballsack274 karma

Hey bub. when i first saw professor brothers on SuperDeluxe it felt like finding 5 dollars in a brand new pair of pants for the first time all over again. thanks for making the world feel strange again

Would you draw me a dinosaur devoutly reading our holy bible?

ImFuckingBradNeely270 karma

Is this Wolverine?

meatballsack133 karma

nope. its Bible Dinosaur

ImFuckingBradNeely139 karma

You win then!

teaflea232 karma

I don't have anything useful to say other than I love you.

ImFuckingBradNeely279 karma

That's all I need to hear.

SRQandNotYou204 karma

What do you think of my friends Queeblo costume? http://www.imgur.com/EoEIFUq.jpeg http://www.imgur.com/iRYjhrD.jpeg

ImFuckingBradNeely263 karma

There it is.

LKnodecaf197 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA! I'm a huge fan, and I make a point to play "Fliff Night" for anyone who hasn't seen it.

  • Was Babycakes based off of anyone in your life?
  • Any possibility of another Wizard People-esque audio track?

Also, I saw on your twitter that you were taking sketch suggestions. "A fox drinking coffee" is mine :)

ImFuckingBradNeely394 karma

Baby Cakes' voice was based on a girl I worked with in a toy store.

Chickens_dont_clap194 karma

George Washington still makes me lose my shit to this day.

Is it true that you went to High School with my sister in Trenton? She claims as much.

ImFuckingBradNeely251 karma

I've never been to Trenton. You're sister is a terrible liar.

ImFuckingBradNeely183 karma


SyntheticSocks173 karma

Hey Bard.

What's your favorite sandwich?

ImFuckingBradNeely320 karma

Bard. Nice. I like those tube sandwiches. Arby's tube sandwiches.

ImFuckingBradNeely167 karma

Send me drawings! I have my hands tied with questions.

holasoyfito143 karma

Was Pony the cutest Necromancer you ever did see?

ImFuckingBradNeely130 karma

Yeah, I think so.

holasoyfito96 karma

Is Queeblo part of the Baby Cakes/Prof. Bros universe?

ImFuckingBradNeely103 karma


tinysalmon493 karma

I know that you gave up on the Civil War novel you had been working on. Is publishing something you want to revisit at all in the future? I feel as though there is a definite literary quality to your work, and I would be very interested in seeing your work in the medium.

ImFuckingBradNeely148 karma

I work on this book every day. It's become a problem.

seantiffin49 karma

The same Civil War book, or a different one?

ImFuckingBradNeely264 karma

New book everyday.

fishbiscuit4788 karma

Mr. Neely, Your FaceBook page mentioned recently that you had something WPDR-related in the works. Care to elaborate on that? I am a huge fan of your work.

ImFuckingBradNeely365 karma

I've discussed doing Potter Takes Manhattan. This would be Wizard People taking over the first Sam Raimi Spiderman. Two guys, one girl. It all works out. Harry has decided to only use the spider spell. But time is my enemy

Delquat80 karma

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but who in your opinion is the most disturbing animated television character of the past 3 - 5 years? (of all the regular characters I guess)

ImFuckingBradNeely213 karma

Dr. OZ.

ImFuckingBradNeely310 karma

He gets women on there, breaks them down, gets them talkin about their doo-doo and their pussies. It's DISTURBING.

whenihittheground78 karma

Who's your favorite character you've created and why?

ImFuckingBradNeely143 karma

I Love Pony. Pony is not so much me. It's a lot of Greta Gerwig who does the voice. Therefore there are a lot of surprises.

ImFuckingBradNeely75 karma

Here's that Paul Giamatti drawing.


quantumthrashley65 karma

Draw my butt.

ImFuckingBradNeely121 karma

Draw my blood.

SnakesOnAPlan61 karma

Hey brad what's your favorite alcoholic beverage

ImFuckingBradNeely114 karma

Vodka Soda with Lemon.

smartalec9861 karma

Draw a fat guy with a lazy eye and a stubble with one giant muscular arm and a small arm like he's been masturbating for awhile.

ImFuckingBradNeely385 karma

Google Forest Whitaker

HarveyPekar59 karma

Why you salty, Brad Neely?

ImFuckingBradNeely61 karma


ajacomp958 karma

I heard a rumor you were going to do a wpdr style narration of Jurassic Park. Was this merely a rumor?

ImFuckingBradNeely139 karma

I do this every time I see it.

Jargo57 karma

What inspired "The Brain Fuckler"?

ImFuckingBradNeely74 karma

That jumpin' jack creep from Lazy Down.

Yabba_Dabba_Doofus56 karma

How much research was required before you felt comfortable publishing your video on the history of George Washington?

I was excited to learn he was actually twelve stories high and made of radiation. This is the kind of information they never teach you in school!

ImFuckingBradNeely103 karma

I read Howard Zinn and I watched a lot of Howard's End.

SoupOfTheDave52 karma

are you to be flexed with?

ImFuckingBradNeely84 karma

Apparently so. Folks be sayin' hard shit.

DroopyMcCool48 karma

Hey brad, I'm a huge fan of your work. Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA for us.

  1. Any chance we'll see a bible history China, IL episode?

  2. What was it like working on South Park? Which episode from your time there are you most proud of?

  3. If you could write/direct an episode of any tv show past or present, what would you pick and why?

  4. Could you please put your essays from the creased comics site up somewhere? I really miss those.

ImFuckingBradNeely84 karma

  1. We try to fit them in, but it is always awkward.
  2. They were genius men and women at South Park. Very patient and kind to me.
  3. Seinfeld. It is the best ever. Best actors. Best everything.
  4. Yes.

stevemig43 karma

meta-draw: that scene in titanic where leo draws kate winslet....but with you as leo and poney as kate.

ImFuckingBradNeely63 karma

Now we're talking.

kromeplatedmegafone39 karma

Queeblo was amazing, are we gonna see more of him?

ImFuckingBradNeely74 karma

Hopefully. I have an album's worth of his songs in my head. Just not enough time.

Lambchops_Legion38 karma

What's a Stallone Cut?

ImFuckingBradNeely72 karma

If you don't know by now...

ImFuckingBradNeely35 karma

Done. Much love. Thanks guys.

amonkeysbanana35 karma

A friend and I were supposed to chat with your cousin Eli on Google Hangout yesterday, but he never showed up. My question to you: has Eli always been a flake?

Also, love your work.

ImFuckingBradNeely54 karma

Eli is a busy man. You're lucky to know him. He's a saint.

RustinJamirez33 karma

Which character on China, IL is most autobiographical?

ImFuckingBradNeely89 karma

Baby Cakes when I'm at my best. Steve when I'm smug. Frank when I'm sweatin' my nervous ass.

pherall2k31 karma

Big fan from the super deluxe days!

Nafario and Chimmy Chummy going to make it into China IL?

ImFuckingBradNeely44 karma

I think they were imaginary friends.

holasoyfito30 karma

Is little god ever going to be happy?

ImFuckingBradNeely46 karma

Only when we are alllllllll gone.

tripled15329 karma

I cant believe I fucking missed this.

ImFuckingBradNeely70 karma

You haven't man. I want to tell you that you have missed nothing. I want to tell you that you and I are right here together, tripled.

Aggrandio29 karma

Sir, you have absolutely changed my damned life. I randomly happened upon Pro Bros on youtube and became instantly addicted, as well as my friends who I latterly converted.

My question is, is there a specific method you use to come up with the dialogue style? Or do you just write that way naturally? Because I swear there is more than one "Neelyism" phrase that I now use in my everyday vernacular, including: "Cherriest", "Fliff", "Natch", "Nocs" (short for binoculars), "body of a heavy reader" etc etc

ImFuckingBradNeely40 karma

To paraphrase a Bullock, "No. You've changed mine."

Baldeagleshaped20 karma

How long did it take you to put together wizard people? It's such a masterpiece.

ImFuckingBradNeely34 karma

Two weeks. Off and on. I worked in retail.

hidalgow19 karma

Good work biggun.

ImFuckingBradNeely40 karma

Thanks, lil' dog.

soupmastergeneral19 karma

I love your show China, IL especially the new longer season (I went to the preview screening here in LA)...but I feel like there's a certain looseness and poetry to your online stuff that's not there on the TV show. Would you ever want to do a show in which it was just a lot of little shorts (some reoccurring) in the same vain as your online content? I think that would be cool. Anyway, rock on!

ImFuckingBradNeely51 karma

I agree, Soup. I want to do this for sure. Different horses for different courses. I think the content is dictated by the form. Looseness and crazy doesn't fit the TV narrative form that well. A skit show would be different.

HoraceLongwood18 karma

Hey Brad, long time fan. What happened to the Civil War novel? Thanks!

ImFuckingBradNeely66 karma

Working on it. You'll have it when I'm dead.

MyDadIsWastingAway18 karma

What do you care about the most?

ImFuckingBradNeely57 karma

Freedom for my daughter.

Rowsdower6618 karma

Brad you are a boss and inspired me to make my own film using the frame-by-frame with voice acting method that you used in your shorts; I even turned it in as my senior project. (Don't worry, I graduated.)

My question is: Do you have any intention of reprising Baby-cakes' warped narrations for your upcoming work? I've always found his inner monologue to be some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard.

ImFuckingBradNeely24 karma

We have an episode that kinda does this: episode 9 of this season: Prank Week.

merckiller17 karma


ImFuckingBradNeely50 karma

Just wait.

ThePerdmeister16 karma

Are you going to make any more shorts in your traditional style?

ImFuckingBradNeely41 karma

Google Queeblo.

bennysuperfly16 karma

I'm a huge fan and long time follower. What was the reason behind giving your China Il characters pupils?

ImFuckingBradNeely37 karma

When they moved and didn't have pupils they looked dead. I chose to put in the pupils so they could act with their eyes.

ZackOFFICIAL15 karma

Have you ever owned a bong? If so, what was it named?

ImFuckingBradNeely58 karma

Never smoked.

Wisefoolomen15 karma

You a r e hilarious. Bible history is so accurate but amazing how you could pull humor from that, impressive. I have followed your work for years. All I can come to ask for questions are these:

1 Have you ever had walking potion?? Seriously.

2 Do you own a de-sexing stick? If so please send me one, signed.

ImFuckingBradNeely29 karma

Do NOT try walking potion. Or Canada Cakes. But DO try ghetto blasters.

HeavyMetalQueen15 karma

What do you use to write all the Song for China IL? Ex. key board, guitar, just singing?

ImFuckingBradNeely33 karma

Pro tools. Guitar. Midi Keyboard. I write by taking a walk and devising a beat and a melody.

smartalec9814 karma

Are there any real world versions of your characters? Like people you've met that made you want to draw comics about them?

ImFuckingBradNeely61 karma

Google Forest Whitaker.

i_do_not_like_reddit14 karma

Your cartoons are just getting longer and longer from 5 min. to 15 min. all the way up to 30 men. Would you ever work on a full-length feature, or is that not your style?

ImFuckingBradNeely53 karma

Writing a feature now. Unrelated material.

ShadyLondon10 karma

Do you have a favorite super hero? If so who?

ImFuckingBradNeely23 karma

I like a lot of them just for their costumes.

bangbangclangclang9 karma

you said you would "wizard people" the last harry potter. when!?!?

ImFuckingBradNeely38 karma

NEVER. Probably Never. It wasn't what I expected. Never read the books.

anadroid7 karma

If you had to choose one favourite sequence from The Holy Mountain what would it be?

ImFuckingBradNeely16 karma

I love when the feral Christ wakes up among all the molds of himself and smashes them. Also the initial tests with the guru; ie poop to gold.

FTPLTL7 karma

Been a fan since I discovered your stuff on Super Deluxe.

What were you up to during the time between when Super Deluxe went down and China, IL, apart from South Park?

ImFuckingBradNeely15 karma

Getting fat. Working on a black hole of a book. Moving to LA.

stevemig7 karma

top 3 favorite movies of all time?! go....

ImFuckingBradNeely22 karma

  1. Blue Velvet
  2. Holy Mountain
  3. Satyricon

Prototypexx7 karma

I like your terse answers to an AMA you hosted while only giving away 50% of requested knowledge. So ask me a question.

ImFuckingBradNeely19 karma

Have you ever felt that type of loneliness that is so deep you can't even tell your loved ones that you have never really known them at all?

JonAlgerian6 karma

Heh Brad, Huge fan, My friend and I are having a Harry Potter screening with Wizard People, Dear Reader linked up to it. We are inviting all sorts of people and have a violinist playing while we serve wine before the film/narration. Was curious if you would recommend me bringing my "nocs" or if girls would find this too creepy, also anything we should mention to the viewers prior to starting it? Party is going to be next week, so this AMA can't come at a more perfect time! Thanks!

ImFuckingBradNeely24 karma

Keep the China and Wizard People separated. If there are girls, then you gotta play it chill. Gotta do that slow nod, and gotta roll with a stone cold face. Gotta VIN that Diesel.

Wrestlingisgood5 karma

What is it like working with Hulk Hogan on the set?

(I believe he voices the Dean)

ImFuckingBradNeely19 karma

He does. He is scary. He is nice. He is an actual giant.

Supercode5 karma

Why did you choose your username as it is? It sounds like you are having sex with yourself.

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

Lots of people are confused by this user name.

Ah-Cool5 karma

What animal would the elixir turn you in to?

ImFuckingBradNeely12 karma

A dead Wolf.

Ketrok5 karma

Hi Brad, big fan. Who are Death's "buddies" ?

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

Four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Satelllliiiiiteee4 karma

What did you eat for breakfast?

ImFuckingBradNeely17 karma

I seriously got a BLT, held the avacado, took off the bread and dipped the B in some mayo.

hcnh4 karma

what day did LADYBUGS get released in theaters? what else came out that day?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

You know I got my boy, Chris here? He says March 27th 1992. He also says you gotta come harder than that.

GearBrain4 karma

Mr. Neely,

I appropriated the Babycakes voice for a LARP character I played. It turned out to be one of the most memorable characters of the stable I maintained, and is still talked about today in joyful tones.

Part and parcel to his voice are his unique methods of labeling objects, concepts, and people. Do you do much writing before stepping into the booth? Or are your works mostly improv. If they are improv, are you an actual wizard because that shit is magic.

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

No improv. Improv is satanic.

trashtalk364 karma

BRAD. Me and my friends are huge fans of your work and can recite pretty much every song you've made. How do you come up with all of Babycake's raps?

ImFuckingBradNeely15 karma

They come up with me.

tylorwalls4 karma

first, thanks. for spreading your perfect mental seed to the fertile minds of the masses.

second, whats it like to brad neely these days?

third, if you're drawing shit for us, how about a picture of you, me, and queeblo having a whopper and a 40 at 5:45? it would pretty much make my life right now. rough year. ill attach a photo of fat me, just in case you decide im worthy.


fourth, thanks again.

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

What's it like? I'm feelin' good. Readin'. Watching Ghost Adventures.

hahajoke3 karma

What part of the Civil War is the most chuckle inducing?

ImFuckingBradNeely13 karma


Childlike3 karma

  1. What is one website and/or app that everyone should know about, but probably doesn't?

B. Who is your favorite band/artist?

III. If you could live forever, would you want to?

Thanks! wuv u <3 XOXOXO

ImFuckingBradNeely13 karma

  1. I don't use the internet.

B. Cy Twombly.

III. Yes. I am.

bhoang2 karma

Who is Mindy Jones?

ImFuckingBradNeely9 karma

Indy Jones. Indiana.

Vicious7262 karma

Hey brad, Thanks for doing this huge fan! Have you ever actually had a Canadian Cake? If So how was it?

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

It's terribly powder-y.

Motha_Effin_Kitty_Yo2 karma

Is there anywhere to get hold of a copy of Dear Reader? I would pay anything for that!

ImFuckingBradNeely6 karma

It's free everywhere. at creasedcomics.

dehehn2 karma

Why would you ever not have a beard?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

when you get claustrophobic.

Torgard2 karma

Love your stuff, man. You're an inspiration.

Two questions:

  1. Was it really you who was taking requests on /tg/ some time ago?

  2. Any chance we'll see more America, Now?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

ImFuckingBradNeely5 karma

I don't know what /tg/ is. So, no.

fishbowtie1 karma

Hey Brad! Huge fan, thank you for making me laugh all the time.

I really enjoy all the musical numbers in your work. They're catchy, original, and the lyrics are always fantastic. What's your musical background, and what's some music that you've been listening to lately?

ImFuckingBradNeely2 karma

Right. Right. There were two versions. Not sure which is which now. There are two versions.