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I know that you gave up on the Civil War novel you had been working on. Is publishing something you want to revisit at all in the future? I feel as though there is a definite literary quality to your work, and I would be very interested in seeing your work in the medium.

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Hey Lloyd,

What do you look for when deciding to distribute a film versus one that's produced in house? How has this changed over time? I just watched Student Confidential recently and it stood out to me for being very different than what a person might think of as a Troma movie, but also I felt it made sense as a Troma movie.

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You should really really try and get them to come on the show. I'm sure they would enjoy breaking shit with you.

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  1. I often hear E&I referred to as a "Breakup Album", and have even used it as such in my own life. I feel, though, like it's more about the heartbreak of getting older, i.e. being in your 20's and having to get used to how the world really works. Am I onto something there?

  2. Why did you make so few copies of E&I when you did the vinyl?! I don't have 200 bucks for one record! Please repress it!