Brad Neely

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is an American comic book artist and television writer/producer known for his work on TV series such as South Park, China, IL, Wizard People, Dear Reader, and the web series I Am Baby Cakes & The Professor Brothers.

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ImFuckingBradNeely754 karma

This is fucking funny.

ImFuckingBradNeely563 karma

This is a scary-ass question.

ImFuckingBradNeely464 karma

Hey, what's up, baby girl?

ImFuckingBradNeely394 karma

Baby Cakes' voice was based on a girl I worked with in a toy store.

ImFuckingBradNeely385 karma

Google Forest Whitaker

ImFuckingBradNeely377 karma

No more Wizards. Post magic world.

ImFuckingBradNeely365 karma

I've discussed doing Potter Takes Manhattan. This would be Wizard People taking over the first Sam Raimi Spiderman. Two guys, one girl. It all works out. Harry has decided to only use the spider spell. But time is my enemy

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Bard. Nice. I like those tube sandwiches. Arby's tube sandwiches.

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He gets women on there, breaks them down, gets them talkin about their doo-doo and their pussies. It's DISTURBING.