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ImFuckingBradNeely62 karma

I'm trying that Rachel right now, guys. http://imgur.com/HEVdQx0

ImFuckingBradNeely52 karma

This sandwich is crazy. I'm sorry for all the Arby's stuff. I have a problem.

sunasato46 karma

My favorite bit of yours is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bar3GOzDNzg Sodom & Gomorrah. I loved the actual act of the lecture I ACTUALLY LEARNED. Do you think China IL. will have episodes that teach like this or will it always have to be a background to a wacky story?

ImFuckingBradNeely54 karma

We try to fit them into the show, but they get wittled down or cut. We want to do more shorts of just lectures from our teachers. Like a fake lecture series. That sounds fun to me. One or two minute lectures from Frank, Steve, Sammy and others.

fishbiscuit4725 karma

How's Potter Takes Manhattan coming along?

ImFuckingBradNeely84 karma

For those who don't know, I once proposed doing a sequel to Wizard People by using the Tobey Maguire Spider Man movie. I'd just say that Peter was Harry, Harry was Ronny the Bear and MJ was Hermione. They moved to America and Harry Only uses a spider spell. But... I just started doing TV instead.

lliinnddsseeyy23 karma

Hi! I have some questions relating specifically to the Professor Brothers. First, when recording the audio for "Prisoner Christmas" how many tries did it take you to get the yowls just right? Second, why does Frank Smith have such terrifyingly sharp teeth? These questions have been plaguing me for almost two years now, I probably should have just asked you on twitter but whatever, too late now. Thanks for the hours of entertainment, if I could only watch one youtube channel ever again for the rest of my life I would pick yours without a doubt.

ImFuckingBradNeely39 karma

Cool. I'm taking a few seconds for your long shit. 1. I do a crazy amount of takes. I can't tell you how many. I scream and scream. Then I review all the screams and select the best bits. I assemble this scream and that scream and piece together the whole scream-a-thon. It takes forever. 2. I like to think that Frank has sharp teeth, like Baby CAkes, due to bad habits. I feel like they both have broken their teeth from biting hard shit. Frank is an animal. He is like a cat. Steve has nice teeth because he is calm. Frank bites first, asks questions later. We discussed giving Frank nice teeth for the TV show, but EVERYONE on the crew said no.

Kozbee23 karma

any chance for China, Il on DVD? I want that sweet sweet commentary and deleted scenes.

ImFuckingBradNeely43 karma

I want this too. We did a pilot that no one has seen. It's kinda a bridge between the shorts and the style of the current show. Adult Swim is the group that needs to be encouraged. Because, frankly, no one buys anything anymore.

InfiniteGist21 karma

Can you please do a Wizard People style commentary for Eyes Wide Shut?

ImFuckingBradNeely40 karma

I do that every time I watch it. Every morning.

weirdblackgirl18 karma

Hey Brad,

New fan of the show and I'm absolutely hooked!

What was it like working with Donald Glover? How did y'all meet?

ImFuckingBradNeely49 karma

Hey, Donald. Donald is a fucking cool dude. What can I say. He's nice. We met in a dumpster. We get gross.

biblosaurus16 karma

Hi Brad,

Big fan!

Could you talk a bit about moving from the minimal almost animatic style of your web stuff to the smooth and tightly animated style of the TV show? Both are styles I really love and have a lot of unique character to them.

PS. I made a short last year that was heavily influenced by your web stuff. I don’t expect you to watch it but I’ll regret it if I don’t at least put the link here.

ImFuckingBradNeely13 karma

The web stuff is done all by me. I draw in my chunky, loose way with real pencils and pens on paper. I go fast and I don't worry so much about consistency of character shapes. It's more of a comic book aesthetic. But for the show we have literally hundreds of people drawing. There had to be rules and guidelines and "models" so it would all flow and have a consistent look. I decided to add pupils so the characters could act more with their eyes. Thanks for sharing your short. I'll take a look at it later!

ImFuckingBradNeely16 karma

I'm leaving now. If you ask more questions I'll come back later and do a second round.

Watch the new season of China, IL. Adult Swim Sundays 11:30pm

mutantchaos16 karma

Hey Brad! Eric Andre, Tim & Eric and other Adult Swim shows have done live tours. Your songs are genuinely catchy and well crafted. Have you ever considered doing a live performance even if it's a one time only type of deal ? America Now songs are especially great.

ImFuckingBradNeely30 karma

Yeah I really want to do this. I love interacting with a crowd and I have, like, four hundred songs now. We'll see what happens. I need a band, though. ANd I need to get cool and thin and stop eating arbys. You gotta look good if you're gunna be live.

Jeffool14 karma

Dude, have you had that Double Turkey Rachel? It's not even roast beef and they're nailing it over there. It's just a solid sandwich.

ImFuckingBradNeely26 karma

Oh, my god, are you my dad? This is the coolest comment. But who the fuck names a sandwich "The Rachel?" I thought a Rachel was a haircut.

superyu716 karma

Mr. Neely, I have to say that I love your work. I got the chance to see you do Jaws 3D at the Alamo Drafthouse a while back and it was freaking great! My questions are as follows:

Do you plan on dubbing over another movie anytime in the future, or have you put that all behind you?

Would you rather live with Steve, Frank, or Baby Cakes in real life and why?

ImFuckingBradNeely29 karma

  1. Jaws 3D is such a great movie. Thanks for going to that.
  2. Probably not.
  3. Pony. I pretty much live with Steve, Frank and Baby Cakes because they are all sides of me.

killswithspoon15 karma

My buddies and I have always wanted to know: What's the recipe for the perfect Ghetto Blaster?

ImFuckingBradNeely46 karma

First, you get a 2 liter of any lime flavored, green bottle, shit house soft drink drink. Then you pour out 2/3 of it. just in the sink or on the dirt. THEN you pour in Vodka. Or Whiskey, depending of you want your night to be fast or slow. then you walk around in the neighborhood with friends, sharing, watching fireworks and shitting in bushes.

Sodacan122814 karma

Remember those limited edition shirts you put up on Creased Comics around Christmas a few years ago? Will we ever see more of anything like those? I couldn't get one before you took them down and nearly broke down and wept.

ImFuckingBradNeely29 karma

It's gunna be okay, Sodacan. I just found out that Macys sells pants. I bet they might have some shirts too. Macys is a store.

sleemo12 karma

What's your favorite song off your latest Hog Music LP?

ImFuckingBradNeely23 karma

God I wish I knew what you were talking about. If I made up "Hog Music" and forgot about it, then I am sad to know that I can forget the greatest things in my life.

joandidion_11 karma

1) Was there any particular reason you set China, IL in Illinois? 2) Do you have any cartoon/animation inspirations? Favorite cartoonists/animators? 3) Why did you decide to voice both Professor Bros? Who's voice is closest to your own?

ImFuckingBradNeely24 karma

  1. We wanted to avoid any regional accents. I'm from the south, and it would make sense to base a show there, but then you have made Evening Shade or Designing Women and that wasn't the goal.
  2. South Park. Simpsons. Seinfeld. Sopranos. SNL. I only watch shows that start with S.
  3. I did it because I made them by myself. I didn't have money to cast anyone else.
  4. Steve is pretty close. But when I am laughing I sound like Frank.

brassbird11 karma

What else are you working on? Will there be new TV shows? Books? Music? And where is the merchandise I can buy?? We want Baby Cakes aprons!

ImFuckingBradNeely27 karma

I'm busy, busy. 1. We're finishing China 3. 2. Working on another secret TV thing. 3. Making an album of non-comedy music. 4. Writing a novel for real. 5. Collecting an anthology of Creased Comics. 6. China shirts are coming from Titmousestuff.com

Thanks. You sound beautiful.

Ncross111 karma

Hi do you have a recipe for baby cakes's Canada cakes?

ImFuckingBradNeely24 karma

I don't want to be responsible for your death.

LadyDeathMasque11 karma

How can I protect my cats from witches? They are black cats and I am afraid witches will steal them.

ImFuckingBradNeely42 karma

This is such a real issue. You can't. Those cats are not yours. They are Satan's. They are silent witnesses in your house. They are furry drones. Long story short: you're a dead little fucked up human plaything in a house owned by the devil and his legion of hellcats.

sleemo11 karma

Who would win in a fight between Spider-Man and Colossus the Xman?

ImFuckingBradNeely25 karma

Depends if any Hog Music is playing. Hog music turns Colossus into a madman. I hate Spider Man. I just do. Such a cocksucker. Colossus was a favorite of mine growing up. He's an artist. His last name is Rasputin. Perfect.

merylstreepsvag10 karma

Mr. Neely, if you could wake up tomorrow in a parallel universe version of yourself, what Brad Neely would you be? Arby's manager Brad Neely? G.I. Brad Neely? Toblerone Brad Neely?

ImFuckingBradNeely29 karma

This has me spiraling in a house of mirrors full of regret and desire. I would, right now be the Brad Neely that never owned a computer, who rides a horse and kills his own Arbys.

Frajer10 karma

How did you learn about George Washington ?

ImFuckingBradNeely38 karma

What? Are you a little kid? I want to be mean, but you might be a little ass kid. I learned about George Washington first off, like before I learned about gravity and death. I WAS George Washington in my Sixth Grade Musical. Seriously. I sang as GW. He has always been a part of my life. When I found out he had shitty teeth I cried. Then I found out he had wooden chompers and I leapt for joy, thinking he was an X-Man.

slshr13110 karma

Why did you stop making shirts on ceased comics?

ImFuckingBradNeely13 karma

We just took a break. We'll have new stuff up to buy on creasedcomics.com for the holidays.

slimdoodoo4 karma

What holidays?

ImFuckingBradNeely22 karma

THE holidays. Arby's day. Salad day. Chicken fried day. Fat fucky day. humpers' day. YOU know.

SaintKillingsworth9 karma

In a royal rumble style contest between the U.S. presidents who would win?

ImFuckingBradNeely32 karma

  1. TEDDY.
  2. TEDDY.
  3. TEDDY.
  4. Fat horny Clinton.

Slow_Clapton8 karma

Hey Brad, big fan of your work. Did you actually spend time reading the Bible before doing the prof. Brothers Sodom and Gomorrah video or was that top of your head theology? Thanks for doing this!

ImFuckingBradNeely12 karma

I cross ref'd the Bible, the Torah, The Quran. That story and most of all stories are in all those books. I wanted the short to work for lots of people.

fapnea698 karma

Hello. I've watched the show. My favorite is the Beach Boys episode. My question is female rapper Azelia Banks recently said she likes to wake up around 3am and be inspired by the wandering souls of failed writers and artists, do you also have a belief in supernatural inspiration?

ImFuckingBradNeely17 karma

Please don't bet me into a twitter war with Azelia Banks.

DoppleFlopper8 karma

How do I replicate your life, but in the pants I bought from Macy's?

ImFuckingBradNeely19 karma

Macy's has pants? I thought they were a skirt store. Shit. I think we have discovered why our lives are different. I buy my pants at Arbys.

slowmotionforall8 karma

Hi Brad! Just want to say thanks for all your work! My friends and I are very, very obsessed with everything you've done, and we quote Wizard People and Professor Brothers to each other like it's our Bible.

My questions (sorry, I have a lot!):

  1. Are we ever going to see the Brain Fuckler in China, IL?

  2. If you could have any famous person voice a character on your show, who would it be and what would their character be like?

  3. What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into writing for TV and is totally clueless about how to accomplish that?

ImFuckingBradNeely14 karma

1, He's there. You're just not looking hard enough. OR you're looking too hard. 2. Mel Gibson. Bill Clinton. Bruce Willis. And they'd all be fucking me. 3. DOn't take advice from old fuckers.

zappa1037 karma

First of all, you fucking rock. So where do you come up with ideas for amazing things like Queeblo? Also, why does babycakes make me feel funny?

ImFuckingBradNeely18 karma

Thanks. Queeblo was an amalgam of dudes that I used to know, and be, back when I was young and working at Michaels. When I see young badass kids still out there skating and stuff I feel like an old fuck. So I made up Queeblo in an effort to feel cool again.

sixstringstrummer7 karma

Any chance we'll see Queeblo in China IL?

ImFuckingBradNeely26 karma

NEVER. Queeblo is free. Queeblo is the wind.

ChaseTatsujin7 karma

What was the casting process like for characters not voiced by you, especially since they got more fleshed out for the TV series (The Dean, Pony, Prof. Cakes, etc.)?

Also, looking forward to your panel with [adult swim] presents at C2E2.

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

  1. We knew we wanted someone with authority for The Dean. We didn't know what KIND of authority at first, though. We went out to Bryan Cranston but he was busy with some stupid live action show. Then we thought of Hogan. We tried and he said Cool. We never knew that The Dean would be such a nihilistic, Alpha-male, anti-human weirdo. Once we got Hulk, we knew we had a show. Everything changed. We rewrote everything. Then for Pony I knew early on that it had to be Greta. I had seen Greenberg and her voice was so special... it WAS Pony. Luckily she was game and that was that.

ImFuckingBradNeely6 karma

I'm going to stop soon. If you're holding back, let it rip. This has been fun. Maybe 5, ten minutes left?

Jeffool6 karma

Music has been a big part of a lot of your work. Name a couple of albums you're listening to now, and a couple of personal favorites you could always listen to?

ImFuckingBradNeely14 karma

  1. ELO
  2. I like that Frank Ocean guy.
  3. Lygeti
  4. Neu!
  5. Father John Misty

shehryar466 karma

So are you actually not a fan of Toy Story 3 or are you not a fan of people being douchey about it? Love the show, Surfer God is the greatest episode of television ever.

ImFuckingBradNeely15 karma

Everything that Steve said... I feel. I think Toy Story 3 is pro-slavery.

ImFuckingBradNeely3 karma

Everything that Steve said... I feel. I think Toy Story 3 is pro-slavery.

ohcatherine5 karma

Long time fan, just got a couple of questions! What would you say you added to South Park season 11? Also do you have any book recommendations for an existentially lost 20 something year old?

Thank you for everything you've created! Looking forward to the rest of the season, Nixon was amazing as always. Please let me give you money, I want some books and shirts and material goods.

ImFuckingBradNeely7 karma

I was very lucky to be a small part of South Park. The truth is I was terrible in there. Trey and Matt have it all figured out and really don't need help, but I was VERY afraid of them and I knew nothing about TV. I was able to learn a lot from watching them work. I laughed only when I found something funny. And I pointed out what might have already been done. Beyond that I just tried to keep up.

cozmonaut5 karma

Hey Brad. What are some of your favorite movies?

ImFuckingBradNeely17 karma

My favorite movies are

  1. Satyricon
  2. Holy Mountain
  3. Hudson Hawk
  4. Dreamcatcher (2003)
  5. Solaris (1972)
  6. My Dinner With Andre
  7. Satantango
  8. Eraserhead
  9. The Mirror
  10. Mad Max

PinataZack5 karma

Why is his name baby cakes?

ImFuckingBradNeely24 karma

His Name is Mark Cakes. His Dad's name is Leonard Cakes. Everyone called him Baby because he never quit looking like a baby.

mgeiger5 karma

Mostly just wanted to say thanks for Baby Cakes and his adventures in the Role Play Tournament. I hum that song whenever I get to a scary part of Dark Souls, and it carries me through.

Will we ever see more fantasy or role play adventures from Baby Cakes?

ImFuckingBradNeely19 karma

We have a big role playing episode coming up in a few weeks. Baby Cakes. Dragons. Should be good.

daddynapkins5 karma

You got any habits?

ImFuckingBradNeely12 karma

I am only habits. The real question is whether or not I do anything that is not habitual. I drink shit. I eat shit. BUT I have good habits too. I work like a motherfucker and I have a lovely family at home. This is all I do. No hobbies. No friends. Work. Family. Eating. Drinking.

Bennyhedges875 karma

Brad just wanna say thank you bringing China, IL into my life and when are you gonna drop a baby cakes rap album??!! I smell platinum status!!

ImFuckingBradNeely18 karma

I want to do a full on Baby Cakes rap album. LP. real songs. 3 minutes. Featured artists would include: Tyra Banks. Michael Strahan. Kendall Jenner. Yao Ming. Boy George. George Micheal. Urban Kieth. Baz Luhrmann. Tony Shalhoub. Cuba Gooding Sr. And the others...

CaptainKurahadol4 karma

If you had to choose one character from China, IL, to be a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, who would it be and why?

(Also love the show, keep up the great work man!)

ImFuckingBradNeely12 karma

Dean Cream.

bhoang4 karma

Who are some of your favorite ghosts (boo berries)?

ImFuckingBradNeely14 karma

That one Ghost in your house that comes out when you're sleeping. He's my favorite. He fucks with your feet and you never know. But really I love ghosts that hang out at lighthouses. I hate Hotel Ghosts. I love ghosts that just hang out quietly in a field at a very safe distance from me and my family.

TuxedoIsAJerk4 karma

I'm planning on seeing you at C2E2 on Chicago in two weeks. Can you please tell me what you'll be wearing so I can dress the same and we can be twinsies?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

I will be in Chicago in two weeks. C2E2. I'll be doing a panel and doing drawing and taking questions. Come fuck.

homevideo4 karma

How quick is the turnaround on a creased comix short? Can you talk about the process creating those?

ImFuckingBradNeely21 karma

One to two weeks. I write the script in a weird way, as a numbered list. The dialogue lines are broken up to predict what I'll draw. Then I record it. Lots of takes. If it's music I gotta write all the instrument parts and do that shit. Then I edit together the radioplay. Then I draw about 100 drawings. I scan those in and color em. Then I line those up with the audio. Sucks. It sucks so much.

TuxedoIsAJerk4 karma

Who was the most important/influential teacher/professor you had while going through school?

ImFuckingBradNeely10 karma

I had a bunch. Good teachers are everything. Bad teachers are important too. I had good drama teachers. Good Art teachers. Good history teachers. Good english teachers. Mrs. Werner in high school taught me all about Hamlet. That changed me on a fundamental level. My father in law was my Painting Professor for the short while that I went to college. He was instrumental in giving me a serious basic understanding about visual arts. BE TEACHERS.

VGDCKeroro4 karma

What does an editor do in cartoons?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

An editor does so much. They are the conduit. They are the sphincter that connects tons of flowing creativity. They are made of steel and must endure tons of lashing. Seriously our Editors touch every part of the show from beginning of recordings to final delivery.

JessicaMNixon4 karma

Hey Brad! Jake and I say hi! And Chad Hopper too. We support your maybe to move back to Austin. Saw the word FEC the other day. Do you have any old recordings you can send me? Love from ATX

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

Hey, Guys! Chad Hopper is a great artist.

tartrate104 karma

Babycakes is musician at heart. Did you play the instruments and write his songs?

ImFuckingBradNeely10 karma

I write and perform all the music for China, IL and anything else that has my name on it. I want to make as much Baby Cakes music as I can. Time is my enemy.

Politicalmusser4 karma

As someone who's spent some time studying Religion at University, you seem to have a solid grasp of Christian theology, and it's hilarious. Were you just inundated as a child or did you study that stuff?

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

I grew up in a home that tried out a "variety of religious experiences." We did methodist. Then we did World Wide Church of God, which was kind of a lite cult. I really used to fear God, and I still can't shake it. On the sabbath I used to act like my GIJoes were robots so that when they were fighting I wasn't portraying actual human strife. I used to know a lot about old testament dietary restrictions and all the un-fun feast days.

KnightSabersSanjo4 karma

will we ever get a high-quality compilation of songs from your stuff? ain't gotta be 180g virgin wax, i just mean like, 320kbps mp3. maybe ogg vorbis

at least the balloon song, c'mon

bulltrout3 karma

Long time fan from the Super Deluxe days! What happened to Kenny Winker's teeth? Why did he have round vampire teeth and then nice flat teeth? Did he lose his teeth in an unfortunate high kick accident and then use his rock money on cosmetic surgery? But seriously, Winker does rule. What was your inspiration for him?

ImFuckingBradNeely5 karma

Kenny winker occasionally has a hit single on the country charts, so I figure he went in for some veneers. Kenny Winker is based on all the music guys when I was a kid: John Cougar. Springsteen. But the voice is an impression of my friend's dad.

HighwayToHeck3 karma

Hi Brad, I'm a huge fan of your work. I'm applying for an animation internship with Titmouse soon and possibly working on China, IL would be amazing!!

My favorite song by you is the one from Queeblo, but the one from that episode where Frank and Steve get fused together is a close second. What are some of your favorite musical artists or inspirations? Thanks!

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

Hope to see you chained to one of my desks!


FleetwoodMatt3 karma

Hey Brad,

How (if at all) has being from Arkansas influenced your work?

ImFuckingBradNeely17 karma

I hope it keeps me grounded. Arkansas is a real deal place. People are serious and funny and not easy to fool. I hope I have a little of that in me. I love Arkansas. I kiss Arkansas.

slimdoodoo3 karma

I can tell by the show that you are a big movie buff. What are some of your favorite recent motion pictures? I recently saw and liked Ride Along, though I thought it was a bit too long and I didn't like the film's midpoint.

ImFuckingBradNeely11 karma

Recent movies that I like? I'll try to be serious... 1. Whiplash 2. Inherent Vice 3. Force Majeure 4. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History 5. Olive Kitteridge 6. Foxcatcher 7. Locke 8. Her 9. August: osage County 10. The Unknown Known

lttlbrdonrddt3 karma

High five?

ImFuckingBradNeely27 karma

lower 48

WhoDat5042 karma

Big fan of the show; what are some current Adult Swim shows you are personally into?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

Charlie Rose

theymightbe2 karma

Hey Brad! What's your go-to drink order when you're out at the bars? I'm curious what sort of liquid inspiration caused the seed of WPDR to germinate.

ImFuckingBradNeely15 karma

Heavy is the head that drinks the Crown.

I have Beer nights. I have Crown Nights. I have Vodka Nights. I have Chocolate Vodka Nights. Surprise! I'm Chumbawamba.

Born0fH3llfire2 karma

Can I get you to personalize my voicemail in franks voice?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

Can I get YOU to personalize my suicide note in God's voice?

FeltBottoms2 karma

Any chance Queeblo will make an appearance on China Il this season?

ImFuckingBradNeely9 karma

I said NO, you fuck. I love you.

Jeffool2 karma

You can only pick one musical artist whose entire discography you have when the zombie apocalypse happens. This will be the only recorded music you hear for the rest of your life. Whose works do you pick?

ImFuckingBradNeely9 karma


FeltBottoms2 karma

What other adult swim shows do you watch?

ImFuckingBradNeely7 karma

What's adult swim? Is charlie rose on there?

nikkissippi1212 karma

First, gotta tell you that you are absolutely brilliant. Now, was for my question... which of the characters is most like you?

ImFuckingBradNeely7 karma

Frank. No, Baby Cakes. Frank. They're all kinda part of me. Frank represents all my anxiety, self-doubt, rash shittiness. Frank is fragile, but brash. Baby Cakes has never grown up. And Steve is dangerous when he loses control. They're all the bad parts of me.

Harbinger-of2 karma

Can I get an actual recipe for Canada cakes? My friends and I can't seem to get the viscosity right.

ImFuckingBradNeely9 karma

Seriously, don't make or drink these. It will kill your little asses.

slimdoodoo2 karma

Any special episodes coming up?

ImFuckingBradNeely8 karma

All are special. Big double length musical at the end of the season, though.

fishbiscuit472 karma

Chickies or fishies?

ImFuckingBradNeely7 karma

Both! From Long John's Silvers. I used to go there for every birthday. Please find one or open one in LA.

Slow_Clapton2 karma

Have you ever worked at staples, cracking packs?

ImFuckingBradNeely9 karma

Never at staples. I've worked in these chain stores: Michaels. Books-a-million Waldenbooks Structure Jerry's Artarama Holiday Inn

usaokay2 karma

Were there any inspirations from real life or fictional people you used in your China, IL characters?

Also, how was working with Hulk Hogan?

ImFuckingBradNeely7 karma

Baby Cakes' voice was based on a girl that I worked with in a toy store. She was from Philadelphia and talked like BC, only higher. She was cool. Then she moved away. I made Baby Cakes. I moved to LA. and TEN YEARS later I saw her as I was croassing the street on sunset. She remembered me and we talked in the middle of Vine for a sec. So weird. Frank and Steve's voices were based on two close friends of mine in Austin Texas. Now Frank and Steve and BC all have become their one sounds to me, but I started out with those touch stones: impersonating friends and coworkers.

ThunderPounder1 karma

Been watching your stuff from the beginning and i love you, are there any videos or audio of your standup out there besides the one about your favorite christmas films?

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

I haven't really ever done stand up. I love to talk in front of a crowd, but I don't like doing material. I like to just take questions and go from there. Maybe I should do a tour of just taking questions.

FeltBottoms1 karma

What exactly is a "suck fucking house cat rat dick"?

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

It's SOCK fucking house cat rat dick. SO now it should be obvious, right?

MitchLShaw1 karma

The Rock eats over 700 pounds of cod a year, how many years of pounds do you cod a year?

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

THere's no real way to measure because Cod is in everything that I put into me. Wait. Did you say cock or cod?

Yaboing1 karma

Hey can I be on the show? I am pretty mystical with a radio pen if that tickles your fancy

ImFuckingBradNeely5 karma

I must know what a radio pen is. Is that like Picture Pages?

ZigZagLagger1 karma

Hey brad! Any plans on doing more still comics anytime soon?

ImFuckingBradNeely3 karma

Yes. I have avery long list of ideas that only work for still comics. I am putting together an anthology for a book of creased comics. It should have a bunch of old stuff and a whole shit load of new drawings. Comics. Sketches. Lists and notes. It should be pretty revealing.

NotRelevantQuestion1 karma

If you could have any super power, but no one could know about it or it would go away, what would it be?

ImFuckingBradNeely4 karma

To feel with other people's bodies.