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I have trained my entire life for this moment. You will not be disappoint.

I think this is the best summary of the horse-sized-duck vs. duck-sized-horses scenario I have ever read.

tl;dr: the giant Dorse wins it by a mile.

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I'm gonna need $15 and some papier mache.

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Nothing comes to mind. I've only been recognized once in public, and that was by a very polite high school student who dressed like he was fully capturing the spirit of YOLO with his mad swagger. It was... unexpected.

Enjoy this boring truth, but please don't take it as an invitation to try and shock me.

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It's not really my place to speculate on changes that happened after I left.

I know that season 2 was a rocky ride. DW's crew "flipped" or unionized, which, while good for them was rough for the production company. The original show runner, a man I greatly respect, was replaced under nebulous circumstances (I never got a straight answer as to why).

I imagine season 3 was even more tumultuous as Spike changed production companies entirely, and I suppose that brought on a whole slew of other issues.

edit: Killed a run-on sentence. Just one though.

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New rule: if you ask me about x vs y in this thread, you've just gotta take my word for it, no questions. ;)

Re: weapon: To own or to have to actually use in some scenario?

A black powder gun, hands down, would be the most useful weapon for killing a thing. If I had to fight a dude with a bladed weapon right now, I'd take a spear or a halberd, as I'm basically the ancient warrior equivalent of an out of shape peasant. So yeah, simple gun all the way.