Two years ago I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed. I got into a car with my drunk friend. I was not wearing a seatbelt and we hit a parked flat bed truck. I injured my spine at C4 which initially left me paralyzed from the neck down. I'm now 23 and rebuilding my life. Ama

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Teabagger_Vance200 karma

How are you typing this?

Quadrupleawesomeness29 karma

I weave a stylus through my fingers and I just type things out on my tablet.

mikelouth88 karma

Are you still in contact with the driver? Does he regret it?

Quadrupleawesomeness172 karma

I am still in contact with the driver. I consider him a good friend. He regrets it immensely idk how he lives with the guilt.

ItsBruceHere20 karma

That's fantastic that he/she is a good friend - I hope that person will always remain so in your life.

Quadrupleawesomeness58 karma

I think we'll always be linked. We changed each other's lives so it's not something you can easily walk away from...or should I say roll away from.

mscandle65 karma

How is your dating life?

Quadrupleawesomeness122 karma

I'm actually on a dating site right now. The way I see it, it's my best shot at finding someone who is willing to take me disabled and all. However, I'm too much of a weenie and haven't met anyone in person.

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There are guys out there that will date someone in your condition :) I dated a quadriplegic girl, did everything from carry her up and down stairs to get to my room to feeding her. Unfortunately, her condition gave her severe confidence issues and she smothered me to death by flipping out any time she couldn't get a hold of me for 5 minutes :( Just be yourself and know that you are worth someones time. They will come!

Quadrupleawesomeness9 karma

Well that's very strong of you to date someone with an injury. I'm glad there are still decent human beings in the world.

mscandle78 karma

Aw. Don't worry- there's always that one special person...It just takes time. Best of luck I'm rooting for ya! :)

Quadrupleawesomeness54 karma

Thank you!

Boner_Alerts26 karma

We used to talk on POF. For about a week or two. Then you went MIA.

Quadrupleawesomeness8 karma

I'm sorry. I get so busy sometimes that I do go off the grid for a bit. Glad to hear you're a redditor though.

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Quadrupleawesomeness12 karma

Thanks for the compliment. I hope I do

Dat_ass_doe2 karma

You will find someone. You're interesting and gorgeous. I'd date you, but I feel I'm a bit young lol.

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

Age does play a huge factor. That's sweet of you though.

txs230016 karma

What qualities/habits/traits are you looking for in a guy/girl? Have these changed after your accident?

Quadrupleawesomeness46 karma

I'm just looking for someone patient who can carry on a conversation. Someone who understands (or at least attempts to understand) my situation and won't push me to do something I'm uncomfortable with. They have changed. Before I was just looking for someone to have a good time with, now I want stability.

californication_59 karma

What do you miss doing most?

Quadrupleawesomeness136 karma

Probably getting up on my own. I miss being able to do all my hygienic maintenance and grooming on my own. I pretty much miss my own space.

Quadrupleawesomeness57 karma

I'll take that up vote! Thank you

BloodQueef_McOral57 karma

What's the story about your first name?

Quadrupleawesomeness95 karma

I know, it's a sexual name and it's was a source of torment through out my childhood. My aunt named me, and now that she's passed I'm happy I've gotten dubbed by her. I'm Hispanic so in Spanish it's pronounced Ana-lee.

BloodQueef_McOral28 karma

So.... Ana for short?

Quadrupleawesomeness72 karma

Lily is my nickname.

BloodQueef_McOral22 karma

I can just imagine going to a business conference and seeing someone with a name badge that says "Analy". I would definitely talk to you. And no, not about sex.

Quadrupleawesomeness60 karma

Well it's a good ice breaker.

Jimm60719 karma

"So, was that how you were conceived?" [to self: "fuck"]

Quadrupleawesomeness4 karma

I'm afraid to ask.

renopants4 karma

I imagine reading that name badge and wildly blushing. Not knowing how to proceed with my life... Hahaha

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

I know. My name's golden.

SacUp49 karma

Are you unable feel sensation or simply incapable of movement?

Are there any hidden benefits to your situation?

How has this affected your sex life? Do you have the urge? Have you had sex since the accident?

How has your personal interaction been with strangers and people you would have dated before the accident?

Do you rely on your mind more, i.e. do you educate yourself as a means of stimulation?

Quadrupleawesomeness114 karma

Edit: THANKS FOR THE GOLD! I am an incomplete spinal cord injury so I feel below my injury but it's distorted. Front of the line passes are always a plus. I also receive disability which is a huge help. My sex life is nonexistent. The urge is affected by the injury so I'm not missing much. I have not had sex since the accident because it takes someone I have complete trust in for me to feel comfortable. Unfortunately I broke up with my boyfriend since the accident and most of my "friends". I've started school since my accident and I've depended a lot on the kindness of others. I am not shy though, I'll ask for help most of the time. It's always awkward to see guys I've had chemistry before the accident because you know the dynamic has changed and for me to expect things to be the same is foolish. I am more artsy than anything else. I love learning about new things but I'm no Stephen Hawking. I spent a lot of time adapting to my disability so that I could draw, paint, and model again. I'd rather do that than anything else.

MrTRexBox21 karma

Really interesting to hear how real you are about it. What caught my eye most was that you are interested in modeling. Is that something you have done since the accident or something you're wanting to do? If you have, what was that like?

Quadrupleawesomeness61 karma

I should have phrased it differently. I meant model making. I was in school for architecture when I was in the accident.

DrawingZombie141 karma

Lol - you should be an art model! We always have trouble finding models that can hold still :)

Quadrupleawesomeness105 karma

HA! Shoot ill try anything once.

SeaLeggs63 karma

Don't do heroin.

Quadrupleawesomeness8 karma


wtfover40 karma

I had a motorcycle accident almost 7 years ago. I injured my spine at C1, C4, C5 and T1-T4. Go big or go home, right? My paralysis starts at T2 or right at the armpits so I lucked out big time. I hit a guardrail and got tossed over to a 20' drop onto rocks and nastiness. I like to joke if there had been grass and flowers and fluffy bunnies on the other side, this whole thing would have turned out a lot better :)

I just started going to a chiropractor in my area who advertised he was able to treat people with SCI. He's convinced he'll have me walking again, I'm not convinced. I'm just there for pain relief and maybe a little extra feeling. Dare I hope for trunk control? I dare, I dare :) But that's about it. I always thought a chiropractor wouldn't go near the mine field that is my spine but I was wrong.

It sucks at any age to be injured this way but especially at a young age, like yourself. I hope you're able to find happiness in your life and make the most of what you have. I've had a hard time doing that myself so it's not as easy as it sounds. Am I rambling yet? I think I am :)

Quadrupleawesomeness17 karma

What advice do you have for me as a relatively new SCI.

frischgezapftes19 karma

Sry for hijacking this.. As an incomplete C4-C6 from Germany my greatest advise would be to pick up a sport. I don't know if someone has talked to you about this and if you were a sporty person before your accident, but even in a wheelchair there is still a whole lot you can do. I started playing wheelchair rugby three years ago and its totally awesome. The documentary Murderball about the sport is really recommendable. Anyways, all the best for your recovery!

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Murderball is a really good documentary. Right now I just do gym workouts but if I could I would do shadow boxing.

Quadrupleawesomeness35 karma

Just kidding about the fetus by the way.

reddaddiction31 karma

How long did it take you to adapt to your new way of life? Have you adapted yet? Two years isn't so long. Did you go through depression afterwards? If so, how bad was it? Are you still going through that if you did? Anyways, I wish you the best. This must be one of the toughest things in the world.

Quadrupleawesomeness88 karma

We'll I consider myself lucky. Originally I couldn't move my arms but that came back which has helped immensely In adapting. I'm still finding new ways to make my life easier but for now I use a lot of adapted equipment to compensate for the lack of my finger movement. I had a month post rehab where I would cry inconsolably because I couldn't do my hair and makeup but I snapped out of it. I'm much stronger in character than I thought I would ever be. I'm getting along slowly but I'm pretty proud of where I'm at today. Thank you for the good wishes.

FireEnt21 karma

Originally I couldn't move my arms but that came back

This made me really happy to read. What kind of mobility/dexterity do you have with your hands/arms? Do you/the doctors think that more body prowess will come with time?

Quadrupleawesomeness51 karma

I lack finger movement and triceps. I can't raise my arms above my head. I'm realistic, I know that I might not get movement back but I hope I do. My doctors have always said that every SCI is different. I have met people with worse injuries than mine and they have been able to walk years after their injury. I am now relying in med science to get me back up!

FireEnt14 karma

Are there any promising studies/procedures in the works that you know of?

Quadrupleawesomeness46 karma

Stem cells are always being studied. I'm currently part of a clinical trial that taps into the spinal cord's memory. Doctors are testing the theory that the spinal cord can function with little help of the brain. They do this by opening the passages by shocking the spine.

shneebs21 karma

Hi there, my friend was in a mountain bike accident and broke his C4 as well, he's into his 3rd month of rehab and is getting movement back in his arms but still can't use his fingers or triceps like you.

As we're in the UK I'm not sure what trials are going on. How do you go about being part of clinical trials for spinal injuries and such? Could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the AMA, your a stronger person than I would be!

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

Try Anything that has to do with spinal cord injury will pop up.

reddaddiction4 karma

You are strong, and I'm sure you'll just get stronger. Off topic: So I read the article and you were in Burbank. You live around there? They have the best Bob's Big Boy in the world. I know it's weird, but I'm a huge fan. I'm originally from San Diego and Bob's were everywhere. I live in San Francisco, and there aren't ANY. Not even a few hours away. I go there every time I'm in the area. Take care!

Quadrupleawesomeness9 karma

I actually just moved near Six Flags. Bob's Big Boy is pretty tasty.

wheeliegimp28 karma

hi. I am a c6 myself I have often thought of doing an AMA... maybe someday

Quadrupleawesomeness28 karma

You should! It's just another way of bringing awareness to SCI.

junkyardmessiah28 karma

I am an inventor and engineer and would like to ask you a few questions privately on a project I am trying to get together to help people like you. if you have the time.

Quadrupleawesomeness8 karma

I'd be honored!

junkyardmessiah3 karma

I have been working pieces of this solution for a long time . there is a lot of technical speak here. the condensed explanation is an IR laser pointer that tracks the motion of your eye, and a robotic arm can follow it and you can give it commands through a hud . there is no reason why other systems you are using now cannot be part if it. But here is the explanation. I am trying to get people to help me get a kickstarter going so we can at least show proof of concept. Your input would be to know if such a system would be helpful.

My name is Lionel I have a low budget animatronics and costume shop, I am mechanical/electronics engineer . I have decades of experience in building .. well some really crazy stuff. I can send you links to my work. I fought in battlebots and have made electronically enhanced costume stuff for Adam Savage.and have done some low budget movie work and have several patents in my name for other laser hardware.

The premise is simple, using the Iris tracking system that has been around since the 80's to help people who are "locked in" be able to communicate with only eye motion to type on a keyboard. The technology has come a long way since then and it can be found now in cameras that track your iris and autofocus based on what you are looking at. The Idea was to marry that technology readily available to the X/Y microservo/stepper or a magnetic mirror device that I came up with and an IR laser (class 1 eye safe certified by FDA/CDRH) I also developed for a military trainer (and have patent on)

Okay so I will try an explain what happens here. Imagine a pair of glasses with a hud display over your right eye that has the super micro camera (from an Iphone or other) that is tracking your iris, there is a camera (micro ccd unit ) that is mounted in direct line to your right eye , the hud display is a full color image of what your right eye would normally see. but with some augmented extras. In the midst of this system is the laser. Now the laser is on an X/Y stepper, when on it tracks exactly where your eye is looking as it translates in real time . there would be a little dot in the center of your vision , the laser dot tracks where you look, Look at a doorknob, the laser dot is there shining off of it. It follows your vision. Now then we have a laser pointer basically attached to your eyeball. what do we do with it?. Well with simple photo sensors on a robotic arm you can now shine the laser dot on soda can on a table. the robotic arm tracks to it. the arm follows wherever you are looking. Very simple but there is a lot more here. The hud is designed to offer a number of options here, with your left eye you would be able LOCK the laser into place with blink commands and the eye tracker would still be active and give the user a cursor to choose options out side of the "work area" I imagine the cameras view as a circle, And around that circle would be a ring of choices and controls for the robotic arm , and you could choose them just by blinking. But it gets better still in that you can now use this same laser (capable of gigabit communications) to do things, Beyond being able to control your tv/electronics like your remote does, You can also setup receiver plates (photodiodes/tsops) to do things like turn on and off lights, turn on a tap. Anything you could control with a remote, you could control with this. you could send point to point data if you wanted, But lets take a moment and talk about the hud and the cameras. The hud is meant to extend a persons mobility by allowing them to see what they need to see without moving. The eye tracking hud would allow them to change which camera they use so they can see behind them. looks left and right , other cameras to help them navigate with them mounted to their mobility device would allow them to see how far the curb drops off The robotic arm/hand could have the camera/laser combo that they could micro control. that could reach out (tracking the laser dot) to book on a table , then once in place switch to the laser/camera in the hand and read the book, And perhaps with practice , turn the page. The system would be an easy build with a good coder it probly could be done in Raspberry PI or any quad core ARM processor (snapdragon?) There is so much more the system can do. but there you are

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

This would be amazing! I know I could use something like this. Even something as easy as pointing is lost with my disability. Now what would you do with someone who wears glasses a Ready?

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

If you need a test dummy I'm up for it.

Native-New-Yawkah27 karma


Quadrupleawesomeness75 karma

Your unborn child. Give me your fetus' stem cells! It would definitely be a light weight manual wheelchair with special E-motion wheels so that a quad like me could actually maneuver a "normal" wheelchair.

Official_Genius23 karma

What does one of these fancy wheelchairs cost? I'm willing to pitch in.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

That's very generous of you! But they're really expensive. A chair like that would cost about 10 grand.

Quadrupleawesomeness8 karma

That's very generous I don't know what to say

fanofyou8 karma

Power assist wheels huh? That's such a good idea.

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

Yeah that's the only way I'll ever be in a manual chair.

TheDarthRevan26 karma

Fight on homie.

Quadrupleawesomeness23 karma

Will do.

chazzybeats24 karma

I personally wouldn't mind being in a relationship with someone who is in a wheelchair. I see how some people just couldn't be interested because they can't handle the responsibility of taking care of you. But for me I feel like if I love the person enough I will always be there to take care of them and do whatever I can to make them happy and comfortable. It would make me happy to have someone who trusted me enough to take care of them and help them just live their life. I hope you find someone who deserves your kindness and love and that they can see past your disability and see the person not just the chair. Good luck to you and stay strong.

Quadrupleawesomeness22 karma

Those are the characteristics that I'm looking for in a partner.

oranjeboven12 karma

I met a woman two weeks ago who met and married her husband after he was in a motorcycle accident and became a quadriplegic. They have 5 kids. You'll find your guy.

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

That does bring a little bit of hope. Maybe I won't be forever alone.

dtigerx2 karma

So in a partner are you afraid that they would baby you have you ran into that behavior before

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

I am afraid that they would baby me. I did run into that behavior with my ex but I know that it's coming from a good place.


How do you take baths? Do you ever drink alchohol?

Quadrupleawesomeness47 karma

I use a special waterproof chair. My family bathes me. It can take up to two hours. I do drink but I never get plastered.

LoveOfProfit151 karma

"Oh my God guys I'm so wasted I can't feel anything! Oh wait. That's normal."


Quadrupleawesomeness26 karma

Story of my life.

dream660114 karma

I'm so going to Hell for laughing at that.

Quadrupleawesomeness11 karma

I'm laughing with u

spaceshipinmypants15 karma

From the point of view of a care aide who had worked with quadriplegics before; I think it's awesome you are reaching out to share your experience and thoughts.

Thank you for doing this. I know you probably get a lot of intrusive questions regarding your disability. I just want to say thanks for being so open and answering questions.

Quadrupleawesomeness14 karma

It's my pleasure. I know that disabilities always invoke curiosity for those who are on the outside looking in. I just hope that I could help people become aware of the constant struggle we go through. Thank you for helping people like me. I know it takes a lot of patience. Idk how you do it!

spaceshipinmypants8 karma

Keep being awesome :-)

When I go to work (regardless of who my client is) I try to imagine the every day challenges and frustrations they face and try to ease that. You have to put yourself in the other persons place and remember that when they are frustrated or short tempered it's most likely not about you. Also, in my experience, disabled people are very resilient and are often quite introspective and capable of immense compassion.

I truly hope you have many healthy happy years ahead of you and that you find ways to challenge yourself.

Quadrupleawesomeness10 karma

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Patience is truly a virtue, one that I lack and have been lucky enough to have a caregiver that makes up for it.


If you could walk with your hands would you cut off your legs? Or would you not want to in case you can be cured.

Quadrupleawesomeness56 karma

I've thought about that often but if you can use your arms, there's nothing you can't do in a wheelchair. I'm actually UCLA's test dummy for a cure. My hopes are all set in medical science.

Dongo66612 karma

Do you ever fear your buddy will fart in your face?

Cause if I was immobile like that, my buddy would definitely fart in my face. :D

Nah, probably a guy thing.

Quadrupleawesomeness11 karma

You haven't met my sister.

robertglasper11 karma

What method do you use to answer the questions on this AMA?

Quadrupleawesomeness22 karma

I'm able to use my arms and wrists so I weave a stylus in between my fingers and I just type things out on my tablet.

Broken198511 karma

Bladder/bowel/sexual function?

Quadrupleawesomeness22 karma

Bladder: I Cath. I retain urine until a temp Cath helps me expletive my urine. Bowel: suppository Sexual function: it's there I'm just not using it.

iloveazizansari9 karma

My dad recently injured his spine from C3-C5 after a bad fall, which also initially left him paralyzed from the neck down. He has since gained back pretty good movement in his right arm and some core strength. He also just started moving his toes! Just wanted to ask, do you still see improvement after a few years from the injury? For us it's only been a few months, but we were told to expect recovery up until 2 years. Despite the extreme difficulties you and my father face, I believe that one day soon there will be a cure. Keep your head up.

Quadrupleawesomeness12 karma

Eventually we all get to a point where our body has healed. He will get more improvement for sure. Usually everyone regains an extra level. Look into I'm staring at UCLA

NVAdvocate8 karma

What disability culture are you connected with? I spent years with MOUTH magazine, Ragged Edge, Callaghan and New Mobility. They are dropping like flies. What's new, do you read if anything?

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

Honestly, I'm not very good with keeping up with reading material that has to do with my disability. I spend more time in support groups or looking up advances in theSCI field. I should get into reading more often.

NVAdvocate7 karma

LOL, MOUTH, and Ragged Edge and Callaghan were never about advances in SCI. they were about humor in the face of oppression and the gauntlet that can be living everyday with nondisabled folks who can be pretty wacky about disability. http:/ and
try them out for fun. Studies reveal an average increase in lifespan of 15 years for disability activists/advocates. Enjoy!

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

Well thank you, I'm always up for a good laugh!

Filipinolurve7 karma

How has it been financially with all the new things you need to accommodate your situation and was/is it hard paying off your medical bills?

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Financially it's been a little rough when it comes to changing my house to accommodate my needs but my medical bills were payed by my friend's insurance.

Shhimhidingfuker2 karma

I know I'm late...I've read through and didn't see these asked (or I skimmed too fast).

Will his insurer cover future medical expenses that may be incurred due to the accident?

Was there any resistance from them accepting liability as you had been drinking that night?

Any kind of financial settlement?

I used to be a paralegal for ambulance chasers so whenever I see anything about auto accidents, it's the first place my mind goes. Which is exactly why I got away from those types of people (I know drug dealers who are more respectable human beings than PI lawyers).

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Oh wow I bet. I did get screwed a little. My settlement was not enough but his insurance paid all my bills, and continues to do so.

roastedbagel7 karma

Proof you are the woman in the article please?

To the people downvoting me - Downvote me all you want. People fake this type of ama all the time to troll your emotions, god forbid I try to mitigate that.

Quadrupleawesomeness11 karma

Look me up on FB otherwise idk how else to prove it's me.

roastedbagel-1 karma

Well, your name is in the article, can you take a picture of your ID and blank out everything else but your name? If you want to keep that private send it to the mods.

The thing is, is we've had a wave of fake AMAs, and anybody can link to a website/Facebook page. It'd be best if you can tie yourself to the person in the article.

Quadrupleawesomeness10 karma

Hmm I can try and take a picture of my ID. My disability makes it difficult. I can assure you it's me though, for what it's worth.

roastedbagel-3 karma

Unfortunately we cannot take someones word for it. I'm not saying you're a fake, just trying to uphold our strict proof requirements as we've had some nasty trolls fake this type of good-natured, heart-warming topic before, and as long as I'm a mod here, I won't let that happen to this community again.

If you need help or any tips feel free to ask, I deal with this all the time and I'm sure we can figure something out.

Quadrupleawesomeness7 karma

I'm on it Will post proof right now

roastedbagel-7 karma

Are you in a wheelchair/other medical assisting device? If so, perhaps a picture of you (blank out your face if you like) along with a sign that has your username? Feel free to send it directly to us at [email protected] to remain confidential.

Quadrupleawesomeness4 karma

I've edited my post and added an extra link. I'm sorry I'm not too computer savvy.

roastedbagel-1 karma

That's perfect, thanks!

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

No problem. Keep up the good work!

frankgrimes17 karma

were you drunk that night also?

Quadrupleawesomeness20 karma

I was drunk but unfortunately I can't remember how much. I hit my head hard enough to forget the majority of the night. It's probably for the best.

_freethinker_2 karma

First time I see you mention the brain: I assume you did not suffer any brain damage with lasting consequences?

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

No lasting injuries no. I forgot a lot of things initially but it came back.

_freethinker_2 karma

No lasting effects on the brain... I'm glad for you. Knowing you've been in a car wreck, that must be the biggest silver lining. Thank you for doing this fantastic AMA.

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

I'm more than happy to. I know I'm really lucky so I just appreciate life that much more.

stabb6 karma

whats it like having the word "Anal" in your name? Serious.

Quadrupleawesomeness23 karma

Well childhood was rough but I was not easily bullied. Now I just use in as an ice breaker.

danstormer6 karma

My cousin was in an accident whilst in the army anout 20 yrs ago. I remember how hard it seemed and imagined that it was something she would never get over. Boy how wrong I was. It took a while for her to readjust to both civilian life and her situstion, but she learnt how to write again and went back to university. She got two degrees and worked her ass off. She has a very influential job now and earns more money than anyone I know. Her partner is an awesome guy and he works overseas a lot, but she is totally independent now. They are also planning to start a family. She is one of the strongest, most succesful and humble people I have ever met. A true inspiration.

You sound positive about life and that is awesome. Stay strong.

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

Hearing success stories like this always gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.

shazay5 karma

How is your sense of humor about all of this? Is anything "too soon" for you? I dated a nurse who was a caretaker for a quad. She explained digital stimulation when I was eating meat loaf. We're not together anymore. Ha!

Quadrupleawesomeness12 karma

I like to joke around about my disability but I never know the thin line where it stops being funny and starts being awkward.

SoDarkTheConOfMan5 karma

Do you watch Push Girls? If so what do you think of it?

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

I do not but I've been meaning to look into it.

SoDarkTheConOfMan3 karma

You totally should. I'm also recently paralysed and watching this show has helped me adjust to my new life. The first season's on Youtube if you want.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Oh great! Well welcome to SCI Not the best community' to b part of


Are you sexually active? If so is the experience very different than it was before the accident?

Quadrupleawesomeness10 karma

No I am not I'll keep you posted

PandaWarcraft5 karma

Have you ever thought of doing any public speaking? Especially to high-schoolers?

Quadrupleawesomeness10 karma

Yes, I have actually! I always think that when they see a physical consequence of drinking and driving, it makes more of an impact.

ImpressivePenis5 karma

Why weren't you wearing a seatbelt? Do you wear seatbelts now? When you're riding with someone in a car, is it scary?

Thank you!

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

Most likely it was because I was intoxicated. Yeah I actually have to wear four now to tie down my chair. At first, it was. I felt like every car was going to hit us but I'm used to it now.

zakmaniscool5 karma

Dood you get any sort of physical therapy? If so, how did it feel before/during/after?

Quadrupleawesomeness30 karma

Before: "Let's do this!" During: "holy crap what did I get my self into?" After: dead

OhBlackWater9 karma

Perfect PT description.

Quadrupleawesomeness7 karma

Thanks. I tried to be as detailed as possible.

xsquee4 karma

How incomplete is your level now? What treatments were used on you? How much time did you spend rehabilitating?

I was in a swimming accident when I was 12. My spinal cord was bruised around C4 and C5. I was a complete quad but recovered most of my upper body with various treatments. It's taken me many years to adapt and really wish I'd had a guide of some sort. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

I'm only bruised at C4-C5. They used electrical stimulation and just working out the body. I spent two months in rehab but I continue to go to the gym.

ChaseLang19234 karma

I don't know exactly how to ask this without sounding like a creeper (so bear with me) but will you be able to feel anything during sex? The physical act of it may become more difficult (yet still possible), but I am curious about the sensations you may or may not have any more.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

I still have sensation but it's distorted.

shazay2 karma

Describe "distorted" please.

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

Not normal from what you feel. Half numb half sensitive and then there are parts where i don't feel temperature.

timg5554 karma

No questions but I wanted to say you are good looking.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Well thank you!

kayla563 karma

How long did it take you to get back in a car again?

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

My rehab made it a point to get me back into my "normal" life so about two months post injury.

AnderZorn3 karma

How likely do you think the injury would be if you wore your seatbelt? Did you normally wear your seatbelt, or was this a one-time event?

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

I'm pretty sure I would have been fine. My friend just dislocated his shoulder so I'm sure it wouldn't have been so serious. I was always really good about wearing my seatbelt. I wish I could remember more about what happened that night, but unfortunately I don't.

sum_fuq3 karma

OMG, you're so beautiful. :) Marry me? haha

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Do I get a ring? Lol

sum_fuq3 karma

Lol. Duh! You might even get the whole shop. ;)

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Alright! I hit the jack pot!

NoFap_Express3 karma


Quadrupleawesomeness7 karma

My typical day starts with me getting out of bed after my hygiene routine is done. I'll wash my hair and will eat one meal. I then either go to school or therapy and come home to do homework. Two of my family members put me to bed and complete the rest of my hygiene routine. And yes pain is normal unfortunately but my medication helps ease the pain.

teeeteee2 karma

Probably too late but I read in a comment you were in architecture prior to the accident. Are you currently going back to school for architecture or something else? If your in architecture how has your approach to design changed, how has your design process changed? Just an idea on the drawing you should get a bamboo tablet to draw directly into Photoshop or other programs. I to am studying architecture in grad school I'd be curious to see some of your work so I can critique it. Jk!

Quadrupleawesomeness6 karma

Ahh! I'm so over critiques! I'm going back to school for interior design although my ultimate goal so to go back to architecture. I view everything now through ADA regulations. I don't know how some buildings think that they're actually wheelchair accessible. My head always goes to "How can I make this easier?" I'm way ahead of you! Bamboo has really helped get back into designing.

Dick_Swellington_2 karma

Are there any types of experimental procedures available that doctors could try to help your condition? Are there any options available such as stem cell experimentation, bionics, an exoskeleton suit, or anything they may want to try with an available guinea pig?

Quadrupleawesomeness4 karma

I'm up for testing at UCLA. Hopefully I will get a lot of function back. There is a lot of trials that I'm willing to try, however, many of them are in different countries and idk how much faith I have in them.

Dick_Swellington_2 karma

I know Siri is a far cry from Jarvis, and the Ironman suit would be overkill, but I would think we could develop a basic exoskeleton by now that could help with basic motor function. You would make a bad ass R.E.S.C.U.E. You are very pretty.

I would also think (though I have no idea) that since our nervous system uses electrical impulses, that we could 'bridge the gap' of damaged areas with the use of technology. I mean, think about what a computer/tablet/smartphone is physically, and then think about all the things it can do. It has to be possible.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

For sure. I wish that I could use exoskeleton but you must be a para. Thank you for the compliment. There has been advances, like the one you described, for amputees. I'm sure we are not far off from a cross over to SCI

Dick_Swellington_2 karma

Just 20 years ago you had to use pay phones, ask for directions, go to libraries for basic information, send handwritten letters via mail, and countless other analogies I could think of. Look at how far technology has come. I think the medical files is about to explode with new innovation. I wish you the best of luck. You are the cutest girl I have seen all day.

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Thank you very much. I know I can't wait to see the future and what it holds.

spectraglyph002 karma

Can you describe the "feeling" of paralysis? For example, when you try to move your big toe, does it simply not execute the motive command? Does it feel as if there is an impossibly heavy weight on it? Or, is there such a disconnect between your motor cortex and your lower appendages at this point, that even conceptualizing movement below the injury is difficult?

I also just wanted to say that I am terribly sorry for your injury. I have read the works of Christina Symanski and Clayton Atreyu, and they outlined the true reality of paralysis in agonizing detail. I hope that a cure for SCI is found soon. But, until that day comes, I hope that you use your new perspective to create in a way that was impossible before; in a way that inspires people, whether it be in a good way or a bad way.

Quadrupleawesomeness2 karma

Paralysis does feel like there's weight on you lower body. No matter how much you try to move, you just can't. It feels like your body fell asleep..that pins and needles kind of feeling. Thank you for your positivity

Vogey2 karma

I don't think i would be able to handle the feeling of being locked in. How extreme is the feeling of being unable to move your body? I get really panicky just thinking about it.

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

You learn to deal with it but at first it was really difficult. Although sometimes while I'm laying in bed, I do go through panic attacks

bagsmacker2 karma

May I inquire for some photo's of how it is all looking now? I know you already provided proof for who you are. Just a curious cat here!

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

I'll post one up ASAP.

Nman772 karma

What was your view on people in wheelchairs prior to your accident? Has this view changed?

What is the most drastic change you've noticed in friends as a result?

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

Before the accident, I would assume that people in wheelchairs were born that way. I wouldn't really think twice about it. It's definitely changed. It's a true sense is empathy. I kind of want to come up to them and say "I feel you". Unfortunately, I lost 95% of my friends. They were there for me while I was at the hospital but that's about it.

motox882 karma

Do you have pictures of the crash scene? What the car looked like afterwards?

Quadrupleawesomeness3 karma

I don't but I'll ask my friend and see if he has any. If he does I'll post them.

Gone_Wildebeast1 karma

I lived in the SCV for a year and I'm flying in tomorrow for a visit. has anything changed in the last 14 months?

Quadrupleawesomeness5 karma

The metro is almost finished but there's a bit of construction on Soledad buy otherwise everything is still the same.