Hello, it's me Aziz. I just released my third standup special Buried Alive today. You can watch it here on Netflix. Ask me some questions!

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polar_bear_cub_scout3477 karma

I saw you walking down the street one time while I had my headphones on, you were walking with someone else and looked busy so I didn't want to disturb you so I just held out my fist as I walked past offering a fist bump, not even removing my headphones.

You just casually gave me that fist bump as we passed and I kept going on my way, and everyone around on the street looked really confused and looking at me thinking I was friends with you. And even had someone ask me if I knew you personally at the next crosswalk. It was hilarious and awesome.

Thanks for that moment Aziz.

Also you're funny as fuck.

azizansariAMA3078 karma

Haha, I love weird interactions like that. Another cool one in NYC - dude in a UPS truck: "HEY!" quick double honk thumbs up peels off

jedisjumphigh2750 karma

My name is Randy.

Why have you done this to me.

azizansariAMA2358 karma

Haha, sorry buddy!

superphuntyme1770 karma

Why is Jerry universally hated?

azizansariAMA3359 karma

Get off of reddit Larry

crazyarab1011699 karma

Aziz, If you can guest star in any TV show, which would it be and what kind of character would you want to play?

azizansariAMA3468 karma

I'm gonna start lobbying to play a corrupt Indian senator on House of Cards. Really want to film a scene at Freddy's Ribs.

scabetti1651 karma

Aziz, I am standing in the frozen food section. Should I get the Hungry Man Backyard BBQ or the Mexican Style Fiesta?

azizansariAMA3300 karma

Those are gross flavors of Toaster Strudels, go with strawberry.

boxofwyn1605 karma

Fellow small man here. Just wanted to say thanks for making it less weird to shop in the boys section for myself. Now the women working in the boys' department don't ask me if I'm shopping for my son.

azizansariAMA4013 karma

Yo bro, that was a joke on a TV show, have some respect for yourself.

HenryFulton1344 karma

What is one of the most memorably hilarious (to shoot) scenes of Parks and Rec you can think of?

azizansariAMA2657 karma

Very easy. Ben and Tom are having lunch with a drunk Joan Calamezzo who is creepily hitting on Tom and we have this exchange:

Joan: I'm going to go to the bathroom and powder my nose... amongst other things.

Ben: Dude, is she gonna go powder her vagina?

Probably the hardest scene I've ever had to get through without breaking. Adam and I just had to skip doing it for the first few takes. It's on the blooper real I believe. Also, props to Mo Collins, who always brings it as Joan.

TomRalphio1256 karma

What's Harris been up to? We've been waiting for his AMAATSSOUSA (Ask Me Anything About The Show Suits on USA) for ages.

azizansariAMA1639 karma

He's been been prepping answers for AMAATSWCOUSA (Ask Me Anything About the Show White Collar on USA).

tanr3761967 karma

Hey Aziz. Who's the funniest non-comedian person you know?

azizansariAMA1854 karma

My brother Aniz makes me laugh harder than almost anyone.

azizansariAMA816 karma

Thanks for all the questions everyone. I have to go now. Bye bye!

Flarinite798 karma

Hi Aziz! Big fan of your standup, your sketch comedy work and especially your role on Parks and Rec. This is the first time I've asked anything on a celebrity AMA, and I'm really hoping you have the time to read it.

Most of the Indian characters I've seen on American television shows are very stereotypical, either doctors/engineers (or at least very nerdy), socially awkward, and the majority of jokes involving them are about their ethnicity, sometimes going as far as simply being thinly-veiled racist comments played up for cheap laughs. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a character on a mainstream TV show who isn’t an Indian stereotype, but is just a character who happens to be Indian (and, in fact, goes against many of the stereotypes, whether it’s purposely or not). So as an Indian actor in America, have you had to make a conscious effort to stay away from such stereotypical roles? Also, do you see the future of Asian and South Asian actors trending away from such stereotypical roles? As an Indian man in the US myself this is something I would definitely like to see happen, but you’re obviously more in-touch with that world than I am.

azizansariAMA1597 karma

I made the decision early on not to take roles who's sole source of humor is ethnic stereotype humor. And I think over the years, that trend of staying away from that is obviously taken off between myself, Mindy Kaling, Danny Pudi, and many others. As an Indian American, I'm proud because I don't ever remember seeing Indians represented on television or film growing up and now we are. Just think 25 years ago, Fischer Stevens PLAYED an Indian guy in Short Circuit 2!

Immynimmy691 karma

What was voicing DRL on Bob's Burger's like?

azizansariAMA1205 karma

Getting to do Bob's Burger's is so fun. The next DRL episode is NUTS. I can't give away what they did, but its a great idea and anyone that is a fan of Terminator 2 is going to be VERY pleased.

ZenMonken620 karma

Which city that you've toured in has the best food?

Specifically: best BBQ.

azizansariAMA1726 karma

I love Franklin BBQ in Austin.

lockthegates528 karma

Just watching Buried Alive now. Was Philadelphia the only night of the tour you filmed, or did you do multiple recordings?

The crowd work you did re: marriage proposals is really excellent. As their story unfolded, it seemed incredible that they ended up being the couple you chose, so I was just wondering if you had filmed other sets, but this one ended up being the best? It was neat watching you react, like you knew you had struck gold.

azizansariAMA1524 karma

That proposal interview is maybe my favorite moment from the special. I did that bit every night of the tour and they were always interesting, but some were definitely more memorable than others. I was definitely worried about getting a good one for the special. I had planned on coming out after the encore and maybe doing more proposal interviews, but wow, that couple was so amazing, I knew we had it. That was the first show I believe, and we filmed two shows that night. Maybe when I do the $5 release in 6 months, I'll add the other proposal story as an extra. I also have all of them recorded from the tour on audio and could release that as a free thing if I ever get some time.

One favorite proposal story from was this guy said he got a bunch of puppies to wear shirts that had different letters on it to spell "Will you marry me Katie?" on it and I said "Wow, how did you get them to line up?" and he said, "Oh I didn't, it went horribly."

Damn I wrote a lot for this question.

jsethlucas506 karma

Sgt. Brody's twitter has been silent so far this season, when can we expect to start hearing some tweets/updates on his dumb–ass son Chris?

azizansariAMA898 karma

Lost the password for that account!

blinkyblonky462 karma

Hey dude! Your flies down!

azizansariAMA1225 karma

It legit is. Thanks.

VodkaBarf452 karma

Who are some up-and-coming stand-ups that you like? (Most hyphens I've used in one sentence.)

azizansariAMA1174 karma

Chelsea Peretti, Hannibal Buress, Michael Che, Moshe Kasher, John Mulaney.

pooch831444 karma

Aziz you're hilarious. But your standup is associated with bad memories. This story is sad and true. When you came to red bank NJ last March my girlfriend bought tickets for our anniversary,she broke up with me before he show but insisted we go together( this was my first chance to see you so i went for it) it was awful. We fought before the show and between acts...and it totally wasn't worth the aggravation I went through. Can I get some love here to make up for that awful night or can you diss her on twitter for me. She left me for a mutual friend. Her name is sonrisa.

azizansariAMA1494 karma

Classic "let me break up with you on our anniversary, but still take you to see Aziz do standup live the same night" situation.

I'm really sorry to hear that though. Keep your head up, we're all in the struggle together. You'll meet someone great soon.*

*No clue if that will actually happen, but honestly in my heart, I hope it does for you and all of us.

dlatz89397 karma

What were you for Halloween?

azizansariAMA936 karma

I was Idris Elba dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine. I dropped in as Thomas at the Comedy Cellar and did standup too. It was super fun.


justcallmemrhandy374 karma

What's your favorite experience with Nick Offerman on set of Parks and Rec?

azizansariAMA1102 karma

When that little puppy licked his mustache.

Meowsandpurrs339 karma

If you hadn't become the comedian/actor you are today, what job do you think you would have pursued? Or did you always see yourself as a comedian?

azizansariAMA1265 karma

People always ask whether I dreamed of being a comedian, but I grew up in a really small town in South Carolina and you just don't dream that big there. When you're growing up in Bennettsville, your dream is to just get out of Bennettsville.

Neckwrecker283 karma

Who's your favorite character on Game of Thrones?

azizansariAMA896 karma

Tywin Lannister is pretty amazing. Also Hodor.

TheGreatPastaWars209 karma

Aziz - what is the best way that you used humor to *diffuse a potentially dangerous situation?

Edit: defuse. Thanks, obvnotlupus

azizansariAMA1291 karma

Haha, not sure what you mean here bud? Do you imagine a scenario where I'm in a dangerous situation with friends getting mugged and I'm like "Guys, I got this" and start doing bits and the robbers start laughing and let us go? That would be kinda cool, but hasn't happened so far.

meteordes172 karma

I'm an Indonesian guy and I'm interested in acting, how did you overcome the race barrier since they usually cast white people ? Also have you ever met Danny Pudi or Kunnal Nayyar?

azizansariAMA440 karma

Just only go after white dude roles. I have met those guys and some people have met me and thought they met them!

BrosephKennedy167 karma

Aziz, who is your least favorite President and why?

azizansariAMA838 karma

Charles Logan. Betrayed his country.

YourOldPalHoward135 karma

Go back on Opie & Anthony. You were an awesome guest.

azizansariAMA224 karma

Those guys are great and I love Norton. He's a great, hardworking comic that writes a ton and I don't see him shouted out enough. I love doing radio where you have a long, fun conversation.

russketeer34128 karma

This will probably get buried... but I have to tell a story.

My brother, til this day refuses to watch anything with you in it because he thinks you are a total dick. He claims to have tried to say hi to you outside a club once, but you blew him off. I tried defending you, saying you were probably busy or something. Or maybe it was even one of your look-alikes that you hired, I don't know.

Is there anything I can do to make him not hate you?

azizansariAMA337 karma

Seems a bit intense. I'm guessing it wasn't me or I didn't hear him. I'm not against saying hello to people. People I have said hi to, back me up on this.

Vincent_Van_Trollgh126 karma

You are my favorite comedian of the last ten years easily, thx for the laughs. Would you ever do white face? I think it would be hilarious depending on the situation.

azizansariAMA796 karma

I'm gonna play a white guy in the reboot of Short Circuit. Bring things full circle.

ssv231292 karma

Aziz, I'm from Bennettsville South Carolina too! I'm pretty sure your dad was my grandma's doctor, and I also think I went to school with one of your relatives. I have a picture with him, but I don't remember who it is because I was so young. What do you love most about SC?

KingAndross57 karma

I work in Bennettsville, didn't know he was from here, that's awesome!

azizansariAMA217 karma

Fellas, head to Dairy Dream and grab some food. I miss that place!

vischalla91 karma

What's it like being one of the most recognizable Indians in America?

azizansariAMA272 karma

Good. You occasionally get confused for other recognizable Indians though.

gh_speedyg58 karma

Hi Aziz. I saw you twice this year at JFL42 in Toronto and met you briefly at The Comedy Bar (where you met the most annoying man in Toronto!). You were cool. No questions. Keep being awesome.

azizansariAMA200 karma

Thanks, please share this with the other dude who said I didn't say hi to his brother.

bieksalence31 karma

Hi Aziz, we went to your show in Vancouver, Canada in June 2012.. you were awesome, do you have any good memories or stories from your time in VanCity??

azizansariAMA74 karma

I ate fish and chips at Go Fish that were AMAZING.

Robo_Criminal8 karma

What's you're favorite video game?

azizansariAMA23 karma

I don't play video games these days but used to love Goldeneye on N64.