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Aziz, I am standing in the frozen food section. Should I get the Hungry Man Backyard BBQ or the Mexican Style Fiesta?

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I think it was fantastic. You should be proud.

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Which is terrible.

I have a part time worker who has a full-time position at one of the newly built and insanely massive distro centers. He found out when he arrived to work the day the news spread through the media. He, along with many others, were sent home after receiving the news. I called him to see how he was coping and to get info so that I could start planning so that I could get in more shits for him as he has a family, home, and other bills to manage. He left his full-time position with us to work there, and of course we had to hire to fill the gap. He sounded terrible. I have staff who are willing to cut their shifts in order to help him out, myself included.

There are over 300 people in my city of 40k who are losing their jobs.