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Movember is a global charity with official campaigns in 21 countries. Our vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. Through the power of the moustache, vital funds and awareness are raised to combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges that men face.

What started as a challenge and social experiment to bring back the moustache in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, has gone onto become a global movement and the largest (non-government) funder of men’s health programs in the world.

During the 2012 campaign alone, the Movember community soared to 1.1 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, 3.8 Million donors that together raised $147 Million (USD). To date Movember has raised $450 Million and that doesn’t include Movember 2013.

Just as we have taken an innovative and disruptive approach to fundraising we are taking the same approach to our research investment. Research has beaten many diseases in recent history, and in time, we believe that research will beat prostate and testicular cancer. But we need to accelerate this reality and that’s why at Movember, we are changing the culture of science by breaking down barriers, by funding innovative research that builds powerful, collaborative, global teams. It is through this pioneering new model that we will achieve our goal of improved clinical tests and treatments for men with prostate and testicular cancer.


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Proportional_Switch16 karma

I realize there are costs (wages, advertising, etc), and with the light recently shed on how little the "Pink" cancer awareness funds actually get into the hands of those in need, my question is this:

How much of the money raised actually finds its way to the health programs?

MoBroGarone29 karma

Of the global funds raised 84.6% has been committed to programs supporting prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health initiatives. We are proud of this amount of funds committed to programs which is above international best practice of 80% of funds raised. We have a continual focus on cost reduction but at the same time we need to operate a professional and sustainable organization

Chimericans9 karma

That's a question commonly asked about charities, but often not the best use of money. One dollar spent on marketing, for example, could multiply into much more donations. This question can actually be very destructive.

MoBroGarone8 karma

That is a very good point and one we discuss a lot. The question we debate is what is the appropriate level of investment to raise more funds. Our fundraising and admin costs run at 11% which is also well below international best practice of 15-20%.

A more important question is around the programs strategy a charity has and the social impact achieved. We recently published a report card on every program we have invested in since 2004 (our first fundraising year) >>

refenton10 karma

There are many of us who sadly cannot grow a moustache, no matter how hard we may try. And similarly, many of us are college students who may not have the financial ability to donate. What can we do to participate in Movember?

(ps Check out Sun King Brewing's Movember Beer. They're the official beer of Movember Indy!)

MoBroGarone10 karma

Unfortunately we're not all as follically gifted as burt reynolds, but it's the lamest Mo's that start the most and best men's health conversations. Wear that patch, no matter the thickness, with pride. But I guess you could try a late night massage? oils? go fishing? read a lengthy novel? Hammer nails? Or just watch this...

zbbrox10 karma

If you're a man who already has facial hair, what's the suggested display of solidarity?

MoBroGarone10 karma

Our tag line is: changing the face of men's health. The commitment is to change your appearance which in-turn will generate a conversation about Movember & men's health. The rules state, start the month clean shaven which in your case is already a significant commitment. Then grow a moustache for the 30 days of Movember.

Highspeed_Lowdrag9 karma

Does it anger you that feminists groups do not like your organization for concentrating on prostate and testicular cancer instead of female cancers?

MoBroGarone8 karma

It doesn't anger, it fascinates me! The first time I received an email about this I was blown away.

A big part of the reason for Movember's success has been the amazing support of the girls aka Mo Sistas who realize this world would be far better off with men living as long as they do and living a healthier, happier life.

Highspeed_Lowdrag4 karma

Oh, How do I donate to your organization?

EDIT: A lot of co-workers seem to do the Mustache thing but none donate any time or money to prostate/testical cancer research. ( I hate the term raising awareness...)

RandyMellow2 karma

I know it's Adam's job to answer these but I can't resist putting in my 2 cents... I apologize. As a person currently being treated for prostate cancer, I can't stress enough how important awareness is. Too many men are unaware of the importance of early detection (PSA testing, etc...) In my case, I was symptom free. If not for family history and awareness, I may have slipped through the cracks and my cancer may not have been detected until it spread to bone, bladder or lung.

Due to awareness, I was diagnosed before any symptoms and while the cancer could be surgically removed. Probably adding decades to my life.

My 2 cents!

MoBroGarone5 karma

great reply!! We value the conversation about men's health as equally important as the funds raised. Our key call to action this year to unlock your health badge is to know your family medical history. These are the most important conversations men and women can have about their health.

having said all that is guys are just growing and not registered at they are missing the entire point

Highspeed_Lowdrag1 karma

Thank you.

I've always thought of 'raising awareness' as:


MoBroGarone4 karma

Here's our definition.... We believe that it starts with ENGAGEMENT in the Movember campaign because it's fun and for a good cause, this then leads to KNOWLEDGE of the health risks men face and the importance of prevention and a reduction in stigmas, which then translates into a DESIRE to seek help if needed and/or make change to lead a healthier / happier life

Salacious-5 karma

Why does the mustache have a more negative stigma attached to it than a beard does?

MoBroGarone12 karma

The moustache had an interesting era in the 70s and 80s adult film industry. A lot of dodge criminals and dictators have chosen to hide behind the moustache. We are about breaking down the stigmas associated with men's health and the moustache!

beamseyeview5 karma

What options do you have for getting involved in the Movember campaign in addition to Mo Bro/Mo Sista fundraising? For myself I'm asking as a Canadian doctor treating prostate and testicular cancers.

MoBroGarone5 karma

We launched a new initiative this year called MOVE to highlight the importance of moving for your health. You can register and host a MOVE event >>

RandyMellow5 karma

Adam I would like to thank you for what you and your team does. I am a 48 year old Prostate Cancer patient and just had my prostate removed by robotic surgery on Oct 17th. I am a great example of the value of education, awareness and research. These things have led to an early diagnosis and treatment that likely added years to my life. Thank you!

MoBroGarone9 karma

You are a young prostate cancer patient, this often means its aggressive. Glad to hear you're OK!!

In order to achieve our vision we believe it requires a multi faceted strategy that targets each of the following elements: *Prevention to avoid disease in the first place *Awareness of the health risks men face, combined with improved help seeking behavior that results in early detection should their be an issue *If there is an issue providing better support programs for the man, their primary care giver and family *Better and more targeted treatment options with less side effects

We are making progress but have much work to do!


RandyMellow2 karma

Prevention, awareness and early detection ARE so important. Here in Canada (not sure if its the same elsewhere) PSA testing is generally not covered by health insurance. While it is not a large amount of $, some men still forego the testing due to cost. This would be a worthy issue to address in Canada. Had I not had an early PSA test, my prognosis may have been much worse. Perhaps "Movember Gift Certificates" for a PSA Test!?!

MoBroGarone2 karma

One of the biggest and most frustrating issues right now is around the PSA test and its (lack of) effectiveness. Governments are not willing to endorse it because we are over treating men. A major focus of our research is to create a more effective test that can tell a guy what type of prostate cancer he has and what targeted / individual treatment he needs.

And it's coming, in part because of the funding and public awareness Movember is creating. Once we have that public screening should commence

CLC35 karma


MoBroGarone1 karma

great question. how we keep the brand and campaign fresh and relevant is something I spend a lot of time on. Each year we give the campaign a new theme and look. Last year it was Movember & Sons and this year its GEN MO. We are also exploring offering other ways for the community to engage with Movember.

This year we added the MOVE initiative where we are encouraging people to host or attend an active event or making a month-long pledge to move more. Run, swim, surf, spin.

We also added our own merchandise range this year called the Movember Collection which we expect will add a new revenue stream to the foundation.

Another new concept called Movember Rated Barbers which is a global network of top end Barbers committed to Movember and men's health.

And I'm always open to suggestions

treeseatcows5 karma


MoBroGarone3 karma

For sure - sounds like a great way to spread the good word. Count me in!

treeseatcows2 karma


MoBroGarone3 karma

Pls tweet @MovemberUK

kiwitiger3 karma

I'm trying to start up Movember at a rural hospital in Queensland, Australia. What's a good way to get lots of rural blokes involved? (A lot of them already have epic mo's and beards to begin with!)

MoBroGarone4 karma

Aussie blokes out in the bush are tough to get signed up. I would suggest you host a shave down event on Movember 1 at a local bar or barber - invite the guys down, set up shave station, get some Mo Sistas along, provide a few rewards for them getting involved, free beer goes a long way.

The Australian team can always help you as well, please email them: [email protected]

And thank you for all you are doing for Movember and men's health - its sincerely appreciated

urbanmark3 karma

Hi! Congratulations on the success of your event. Is it true you are responsible for a new event called vajanuary?

MoBroGarone9 karma

We kept getting asked how can girls get more involved in Movember, what's their commitment, so...... Nah, kidding, that's not my doing.

[deleted]3 karma


MoBroGarone6 karma

Pursue what you love. Don't worry about people who laugh or ridicule what you do. When you truly love what you do you will have a passion that is infectious and persistence that will overcome all obstacles.

And: If you're not having FUN, you're not doing it right.

DatWhiteDevil3 karma

I'm an enlisted Airman in the USAF. As service members, why do you think we are allowed to grow mustaches (within regulations) but not beards?

MoBroGarone4 karma

I served for 9 years in the Australian Army, it's interesting how the Army and Airforce can only grow moustaches while the Navy can only grow beards. This seems to a universal rule around the world.

I understand the history as why only moustaches for the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps and the prohibition of beards to be for hygiene reasons, the necessity of a good seal for gas masks, and that moustaches or clean shaven enhance your appearance and sense of discipline.

Lolzzergrush3 karma

What is your advise on those of us that are facial hairly challenged? (It grows out unevenly so if I trim it to even it out it looks like a 5 o'clock shadow after a month of growing)

MoBroGarone5 karma

Unfortunately we're not all as follically gifted as burt reynolds, but it's the lamest Mo's that start the most and best men's health conversations. Wear that patch, no matter the thickness, with pride. But I guess you could try a late night massage? oils? go fishing? read a lengthy novel? Hammer nails? Or just watch this...

dstenersen3 karma

My hair color is Blonde but my Beard and Mustache color is Red.

Would this be considered Manly or weird?

doctor66 karma

My Daughter is a red head. Her mum has dark brown head as to do. we were baffled as to where the red came from (I was atiny bit suspicious). However it was movember that brought to light that my beard is actually red and now all is good

MoBroGarone4 karma

One of the many fringe benefits of Movember. Glad its all sorted! We have a Ginger Mo Support Group (GMSG) if you want to join

doctor62 karma

My Mo is available for all to see in our good cookbook!

MoBroGarone3 karma

Cook like a man?

MoBroGarone3 karma

I have dark hair but my mo is pretty ginger. Lets call it manly weird! Just for men is allowed!!

doctor62 karma

Collars and cuffs!

MoBroGarone4 karma

curtains v carpet

free_psych_eval3 karma

Hi Adam,

I've been rocking a mustache every November the past three years. Your work on cancer is amazing, but your perhaps lesser known work on mental health is the most important to me personally. As a man suffering from long-term clinical depression, I'd just like to say thank you for doing what you're doing.

On that note: I've seen so many people literally ruin their lives just because they're so damn manly that they can't get help. How can we get men to stop being morons and start talking about their mental health issues?

MoBroGarone1 karma

thank you for the support! Mental health challenges and the often tragic outcome for men is something close to the four of us that co-founded Movember. Mental health is a cause we have supported and funded in Australia since 2006 and now its a global priority.

For us a big part of tackling this disease is to bring it out of the shadows, get men talking about it which takes away the ridiculous stigmas that still exist. By talking about mental health, it gets men aware of the signs and symptoms and ultimately seeking help if needed or suggesting someone else seek help.

Here's what we need everyone to know: Depression is a real illness with real symptoms, and it's not a sign of weakness or something you can "snap out of" by "pulling yourself together". We all need to work on our mental wellbeing by staying physically healthy, enjoying a good diet, cutting down on alcohol, regular exercise, and taking time out for fun and relaxation. With the right treatment and support, most people can make a full recovery from depression.


Toyou4yu3 karma

What kind of moustaches should one grow? Does one go with the handlebar, the porno. Or are we really trying to break a stigma and go with the Hitlerstache?

MoBroGarone3 karma

Chose your weapon wisely, its with you for 30 days! And that style is known as the Charlie Chaplin

Here's our style guide:

Good_Looking_Karl2 karma

As a year round, bearded man, what can I do? I'm not going to go and shave off a years worth of growth to only grow a moustache for a month. Don't get me wrong, I've done just the moustache in the past and it is pretty awesome, it's just that I feel the beard suits me better and the cultivation of the beard isn't something I can just shave off.

MoBroGarone3 karma

I respect that! We always say Movember is not for everyone. We don't compromise our rules just as you don't compromise your beard.

Our rules >>

feceman2 karma

I heard that Movember started as a discussion between having Movember or Decembeard. Is this true, and why the stash over the beard?

MoBroGarone2 karma

not true - in 2003 my brother Trav and mate Luke were having discussing fashion and recurring trends over a few beers, they questioned where the Moustache had gone and joke about bringing it back. Together, they decide to talk 30 if us into growing a Mo with them. They choose the month of November renaming it Movember.

doctor62 karma

What other methods of awareness are movember channelling?

MoBroGarone2 karma

Our Awareness & Education program is all about educating men about the health risks they face, the vital importance of prevention and seeking help early should they think there is an issue. We use the fun of growing a moustache as the way to get men engaged in their health. Having fun and doing good is at the heart of our campaign and why we believe men participate and women support on such scale. It's the Mo Bros who become our men's health ambassadors and we arm with with all sorts of information.

Here's a video we did to highlight the importance of moving and our new initiative MOVE >

NetworkGuyMN2 karma

What came first, Movember or No Shave November?

MoBroGarone7 karma

Movember which we started in 2003. We launched the campaign in the US in 2007 and heard about No Shave November in 2009. As far as i know there is no cause, and an excuse for US College crew to not shave... The art of laziness

NetworkGuyMN2 karma

What are the qualifications for a proper mustache?

Steaktanic2 karma

Electric Beard Trimmer or Scissors? If trimmer, what brand/model do you use?

MoBroGarone3 karma

I prefer the trimmer, straighter edges and tighter grooming. I use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler


ZeOppositeOfProgress2 karma


MoBroGarone7 karma

Mo is Aussie slang for moustache where Movember started.


Because its not spelled mastache

MoBroGarone3 karma

well played!!

doctor62 karma

How does movember permeate in regions, like the indian subcontinent, where the mustache, is actually popular?

MoBroGarone3 karma

We have only ever taken Movember to countries we have been asked. For us this qualifies the grassroots support of the campaign. Once we have solid organic interest we get local volunteers to manage a Facebook fan page eg:

Then we do an extensive due-diligence process around where the funds raised in that country would go and the potential impact we could have. Once all boxes are ticked we launch with local partners and passionate Mo Bros and Mo Sistas leading the charge.

We have solid emerging interest in India, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Japan

SwarleyStinson-1 karma


BrianScalabrine1 karma


MoBroGarone2 karma

There are and we always challenge ourselves to be better. We actually benchmark ourselves against for profit brands as that sector is miles ahead of the charity sector in operational efficiency, leadership, branding, leveraging technology etc.

The charities we admire are: Wikimedia Foundation, Oxfam, WWF, The Big Issue

iristhevirus1 karma

How do you feel about the ladies who wear (fake) moustaches to show their support.

(I lucked out and found one the precisely matches my haircolor this year. :/ )

MoBroGarone2 karma

At its core Movember is about real men, growing real moustaches, having real conversations. But this only works because the men growing (Mo Bros) and supported and loved by the Mo Sistas in their life.

So we encourage the Mo Sistas and kids to rock a fake mo in support of their Mo Bro.

Thanks for your support Mo Sista!!

newtovic1 karma


MoBroGarone1 karma

We have great and growing support from business and corporates - most of our fundraising comes from this sector. But we also realized we need to get younger men involved and to do that we targeted colleges. Its important young men understand the health risks they face, eg: mental health challenges and testicular cancer.

Its really important everyone signs up so they understand why they are growing and the importance of a conversation about men's health. Our aim is to get all Mo Bros and Mo Sista sign up, armed with the right information.

I'm mean if you're growing a moustache in Movember and not signed up you're just being creepy

gmantoheman1 karma

Hey Adam, love Movember, really looking forward to my moustache. What would you be doing if Movember had never happened?

MoBroGarone1 karma

damn good question!! Before working in Movember I was at a corporate in the telecommunications industry and before that an officer in the Australian army. I think there is part of me that needs to serve, initially that was my country and now this cause. I think I would have gravitated to some sort of service.

I am doing a barista course over my break, perhaps a cafe owner??

one_fake_nut1 karma


MoBroGarone3 karma

You're right Testicular Cancer is a highly treatable cancer. However in some men, even after front-line therapy, they will experience a recurrence of their disease. Although this affects a small number of men compared to other cancers (~5%), these are men who are typically in their 20's or 30's and so we need to support research into discovering the biological drivers of this disease. We need a better way to assure YOUNG men that their disease is being appropriately treated. We just invested $2.5Million in a global collaborative research project to address this. Our aim is to get to a place where no man dies from testicular cancer.

Rawrzmoo1 karma

As a 23 year old man who has a hard time growing anything more then a perv stache, what are some tips you can give me for possibly growing a more full stache?

MoBroGarone1 karma

Unfortunately we're not all as follically gifted as burt reynolds, but it's the lamest Mo's that start the most and best men's health conversations. Wear that patch, no matter the thickness, with pride. But I guess you could try a late night massage? oils? go fishing? read a lengthy novel? Hammer nails?

Or just watch this...

ctuck2391 karma

Why did you want to bring back the moustache in 2003? The world owes you a great debt, good sir, for your moustachioed moil

MoBroGarone1 karma

The moustache fell off the face of fashion, it needed to make a return! My brother Trav and mate Luke had the initial discussion inspired by the great moustaches of our Dad's and sporting icons in the 80s.

Growing mos back in 2003 was pretty rough, no one under the age of 50 had one!

ctuck2391 karma

In my circle we have been having similar discussions about beards for the last 8 years or so since we could grow them, because all of our Dads had them.

Just a suggestion... get George Parros to be more involved. A Mo' like that needs more recognition.

MoBroGarone1 karma

George Parros is fully on board, he is leading the NHL participation - watch out for an epic shave down in Montreal!!

Guacotacos1 karma

I've been setting up/been a part of Movember Fundraisers since 2011. As a member of a community heavily involved in such activities, I just wanted to say that Movember is a great philanthropic program that is a fresh breath of air compared to the boring norm of cancer walks, etc. Everyone loves the enthusiasm involved and just wanted to say thank you for setting up such a great program.

MoBroGarone1 karma

Thank you for all you do for Movember and men's health!

Boz5001 karma

So Adam what Mo are you rockin' out this November?

MoBroGarone1 karma

have been rocking the undercover brother all year. Thinking the trucker possibly with some lightening bolt flare. what are you rocking?

JoeLutfi0 karma

What do you think about SE Asia countries which are not expose to this kind of awareness?

MoBroGarone2 karma

We have campaigns in Honk Kong and Singapore which is made up of locals and ex-pats. We haven't had great interest from other countries in SE Asia, I don't think the moustache holds the same iconic fashion relevance there.... Interestingly Asian men have the lowest incidence and mortality rates of prostate cancer in the world, also these rates have risen rapidly in the past two decades in most Asian countries. Much of the increased incidence is suspected to be associated with westernization of the lifestyle (McDonalds, etc), with increasing obesity and increased consumption of fat.

Having said all that I do think much work is needed in SE Asia, given the aging populations, tobacco use and increasing rates of obesity.

pureguavaa0 karma

tfw you're 24 and can't even grow a half-decent mustache.

MoBroGarone1 karma

Unfortunately we're not all as follically gifted as burt reynolds, but it's the lamest Mo's that start the most and best men's health conversations. Wear that patch, no matter the thickness, with pride. But I guess you could try a late night massage? oils? go fishing? read a lengthy novel? Hammer nails? Or just watch this...