Hi Reddit, Jeremiah Bitsui here. You probably know me as Victor from Breaking Bad.

THANKS Y'ALL WE'LL DO ANOTHER ONE SOON!! It was fun and I appreciate all of you, and your questions. Until then ADD me on social media-- @jeremiahbitsui

PS the film I just filnished- Drunktown's Finest- we're doing a kickstarter campaign to fund post-production, and starting right now, one of the new rewards is a tattoo session with Breaking Bad portrait artist Carlos Rojas. You can get a tattoo of Victor, if you want, but either way will come hang out and document the whole thing on instagram for you. Details here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1536383690/drunktowns-finest

Proof it was me on this post!! http://youtu.be/iv5Lwj9wYvY

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Sil36964 karma

will you make an appearance in Better Call Saul? ;)

jeremiahbitsui118 karma

yes I will, I'm interested to see the direction they are going with the show

kurtkaboom57 karma

Just a few questions:

  • Is your neck still sore?
  • Have you been on /r/breakingbad yet?
  • What was your favorite scene of the series?

jeremiahbitsui70 karma

  1. My it was a prosthetic so no real pain.
  2. Yeah this is my second time.
  3. My favorite scenes are Walt & Jesse teaming up and killing the dudes with that 30 cal (season 5), Giancarlo's final scene (season 4).

jeremiahbitsui50 karma

Hey guys, I'm on!

jeremiahbitsui39 karma

I have a question for you all... what do you think of Samuel L Jackson doing Breaking Bad monologues?

noodlenugget51 karma

As long as, at some point, he says something along the lines of being tired of all this motherfucking meth in this motherfucking RV.... I'm cool with it.

jeremiahbitsui24 karma

hahaha! luv that

SuperScate9 karma

He's brilliant. If you ever need to know if a line or speech works in a film, SLJ is the man to test and deliver it. He does "I am the one who knocks" pretty convincingly.

jeremiahbitsui28 karma

"It's the one that says bad motherfucka on it"

JesseBitchPinkman36 karma


jeremiahbitsui55 karma


ilikebaconsooomuch30 karma

I heard that you had to shoot the famous "box-cutter" scene numerous times, what was that day like for you? Long and covered in blood, I guess?

N.B. You rock!

jeremiahbitsui53 karma

It was a very long day, very exhausting. We must have shot that scene at least 30 times, Giancarlo was having a tough time with it. Then by the end of the day being drug across the floor and shoved in a barrel, but well worth it in the end.

no1partyanthem29 karma

Hi, Jeremiah. What did you make of the BrBa finale?

jeremiahbitsui61 karma

Loved it... to be honest I was worried that it would suck

no1partyanthem46 karma

Looking back, your prediction last year was pretty accurate (spoilers, obviously).

jeremiahbitsui56 karma

WOW... bam! Thanks for remembering

jeremiahbitsui22 karma

Also what are your thoughts on Anthony Hopkins fan letter to Bryan? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/14/anthony-hopkins-breaking-bad-letter_n_4098441.html

joshpaulg22 karma

Do you still talk with any of the crew from Breaking Bad?

jeremiahbitsui36 karma

Yes, I keep in touch with many of the NM crew and worked with a few of them over the summer. The producers are always super cool as well, one of the producers has another show called After Hours.. had a mtg on that, looks cool

strengthofstrings5 karma

Can you share any details about After Hours...what type of show is it?

jeremiahbitsui11 karma

It's an NBC show about a renegade DR. That's all I know but it seems cool! My friend Alma Sineros in on it, she and I worked on www.redclayfilm.com/‎ together

Apatheticunt21 karma

Favorite character death of the show?

jeremiahbitsui55 karma

Combo's death... it was gangsta.

Mattmo83119 karma

What was your favorite scene of BrBa? And what was it like to have Gus stare into your soul

jeremiahbitsui22 karma

My favorite scenes are Walt & Jesse teaming up and killing the dudes with that 30 cal (season 5), Giancarlo's final scene (season 4).

I would stare right back into his soul, so it all worked out ;)

CMelody19 karma

Jeremiah - can you recommend any other good films besides your new project that offer interesting insights into Navajo (or other tribes) culture? And what drew you to Drunktown's Finest?

jeremiahbitsui24 karma

I would say to check out A Thousand Roads.. its a Smithsonian Signature Film we did a few years back, took it to Sundance 05. Its a great film, the DP just won an Oscar for the Life of Pi.

Drunktown's Finest- always the script, for me the story has to be there. It was a great character who has a ton of conflict and it at a crazy crossroads in his life. I'm drawn towards conflicted characters, plus having Robert Redford on board is always a bonus!

dong_copter17 karma

were you a bullfrog?

jeremiahbitsui32 karma

Still am

noodlenugget16 karma

What is your opinion on Vince Gilligan being offered $75 million to make 3 more episodes and turning it down?

jeremiahbitsui33 karma

I think it's smart to stick by your story and not water it down for the sake of $. I admire Vince because I don't think I could do the same thing.

germyknockeye16 karma

I did not know you where Navajo at first. Then, I looked you up on imdb and saw that you were that litte boy sitting in the hogan with Russell Means on Natural Born Killers. Do you remember anything about working with him or Oliver Stone? Any thoughts about how film roles for Natives have changed since? Best of luck with Drunktown's Finest. It looks really interesting, and I'll definitely try to donate.

dream2me11 karma

Where would you personally rank Breaking Bad among all-time great shows?

jeremiahbitsui33 karma

A few weeks ago, I had a guy tell me... "do you realize that Breaking Bad is now as big as Seinfeld?"

I told him to take it easy with that comment, Seinfeld is legendary. lol I was kidding with him of course but I appreciated his comment. Some people hate Breaking Bad and don't get the show, so its a personal thing. For me I'm a bit biased so I would say YES-- THE BEST DAMN SHOW IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!

skorm1611 karma

Has the fame gotten to either Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul? DO they act like bigshots on set

jeremiahbitsui23 karma

No both are still very cool.

Mattmo83110 karma


jeremiahbitsui12 karma


Mr_A10 karma

Do you like silent cinema? If so, which is your favourite film and why?

(all of my prepared questions have been answered already)

jeremiahbitsui15 karma

My favorite SILENT film was Nosferatu.

poochie18610 karma

What was your favorite episode of Breaking Bad that you were not in? Also I loved your character and how dark he was.

jeremiahbitsui36 karma

Thanks! I constantly am working on my tan so characters can be darker ;) haha Truly thank you, I had some dark characters in my past.

My favorite episode was probably the Finale! Maybe just because its still so fresh...

anon_92929 karma

How did you feel about working with so many native american's? You don't really seem to talk about the film that much, are you a major character? Do you want to do more indie film or more blockbuster type roles?

TTHtv9 karma

How many takes did it take to do the box cutter scene?

jeremiahbitsui12 karma

Roughly 30 I would say

Rob_Saget9 karma

  • What got you into acting?
  • Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"
  • Would love to have you be a guest on an episode of my podcast to nerd out about tv, film, etc. Can we make this happen?

Thank you again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

jeremiahbitsui20 karma

Allergies were what put me into acting... lol being inspired by Martial Arts films, that's where the interest started.

Then later in my teens my mum was trying to keep me out of trouble. In the neighborhood there was a lot of gang & drug activity.

jeremiahbitsui17 karma

Yup talk to Jarrod /edify about it... lets see what we can do ;)

AmidstTheCrowd9 karma

Do you have any tats? If so what are they of?

jeremiahbitsui27 karma

I have a Memento (movie) inspired tattoo on my chest... Faith, Hope, Love (in reverse of course).

And Jeremiah 29:11 on my forearm, thats where I got my name from.

SaberVideo8 karma


jeremiahbitsui11 karma

Sure ;) Walter White was killed by the Illuminati! haha

dong_copter8 karma

Hey Jeremiah. Thanks for doing this. When you go to shave, do you have make sure Gus isn't behind you with a box cutter?

jeremiahbitsui11 karma

haha nah but I'm really sketchy when I go for a hot shave!

Sacmat328 karma

Favorite memory while on the set of Breaking Bad?

jeremiahbitsui14 karma

Aaron Paul making a video of my last day on set, that was awesome. But worse day on set was loosing that video :(

Raccermouse8 karma

Hi Jeremiah! Bryan has a reputation of doing funny things when not on the camera, have you got any good "Bryan stories"?

jeremiahbitsui14 karma

Yeah he was always doing crazy shit, he's just a very funny guy in real life. So one day, we were in the makeup chair and he was having his mustache put on. He has this whole hilarious bit about his mustache looking like a mouse I believe, then a million jokes came from that.

castle5198 karma

r u badass in the new movie?

jeremiahbitsui12 karma

Yeah... joke on set is that its the "Prequel to Victor" haha So I think that sums it up

Creatura7 karma

You were pretty scary man

Good job

jeremiahbitsui8 karma

THX!! With it being Halloween season and all... maybe I should be Victor ;)

mr_octubre7 karma

Victor was the only character I disliked from Breaking Bad and I was so happy when Gus cut his throat. Take that as a compliment because that means you played your role well.

jeremiahbitsui14 karma

haha THX... yeah in real life people are shocked when they find out that I played Victor. Why didn't you like him?

40_JAGERBOMBS7 karma

Hi from Canada. Were you upset in how you went out in BrBa?

jeremiahbitsui8 karma

AY Me too! I was just in Toronto-- today!!

SpiffierGoose66 karma

fuuuck, i want to ask you so many questions, but i haven't gotten up to the point where you get introduced as a character in breaking bad

jeremiahbitsui8 karma

Okay lets start with one... haha

Oh okay so I start at the end of Season 2, I don't want to spoil anything for you.

Delittle996 karma

What do you have planned next?

jeremiahbitsui11 karma

I just wrapped a film called Drunktown's Finest, and I play a character named Sickboy. It's going to be a pretty crazy film, hopefully we make it into Sundance. For now I have been promoting that. I did a few pilots this year so we'll see what pans out for those as well.

bionicnipple6 karma

What's your most memorable behind the scenes moment from bb?

jeremiahbitsui17 karma

Probably one day when I (Victor) was driving Jesse (Aaron Paul), and we almost went head on with another vehicle... by accident of course haha

castle5196 karma

is drunktown alberquerque?

jeremiahbitsui10 karma

Drunktown in Gallup New Mexico. There was an 20/20 special where they called Gallup- "Drunktown USA"

SaiXx6 karma

did they ever explain to you why Gus killed your character? my friends and I are still trying to figure out why ._.

jeremiahbitsui22 karma

Because I was scene at the murder scene, they made it pretty cut and dry. It makes sense, I think Gus already had his mind made up at that point

maxkirkpatrick6 karma

Who'd win in a fight - Victor or Tyrus?

jeremiahbitsui19 karma

Victor because he was trained by Mike every since he was a little kiddo.

MrCromin5 karma

Would you rather have left the show at the end of Season 3 or the end of Season 4?

edit: trying to remain as spoiler free as I can.

jeremiahbitsui14 karma

Season 4 of course, but it would've been a much different Season. There were other ideas from what I heard. But Boxcutter is the second most watched episode aside from the Finale, so I'm satisfied.

zombiebarbie5 karma

Why do you think Gus murdered Victor? Because he took liberties that were not his to take or to make a point to Walt and Jesse? Because his face was seen at Gale's crime scene? What was the discussion you had when you found out your character would be killed?

jeremiahbitsui15 karma

Ultimately, it was all about control with Gus, he's a sociopath so its hard to make sense of his actions- which is why Vince is so brilliant.

I found out that I would be dying right before Christmas by two producers, but then once I heard how Victor would die I was speechless. It's an honor to have been on the highest rated TV show AND to have my character expire in the 2nd most watched episode.

KimBobbi5 karma

Hi. Alb. native here. Growing up in New Mexico the meth problem and violence has always been there, like the way of life there its all around you.Even though I thought it was an excellent show I also feel that the setting in Alb was "too easy" as it set itself up. I also feel that it has cheapened Albuquerque even more than it was. With the crystal meth cupcakes and crystal meth candy made by our beloved candy lady. Your thoughts? Thank you sir.

jeremiahbitsui10 karma

I think the News in ABQ definitely amplifies and highlights violence a lot more than other cities. However you don't really have new parks opening up every day, or a new industry that's thriving. So as a filmmaker its exciting to see NM Film being put on the map. My thoughts on ABQ being a character in BrBa is that it could have easily been Riverside CA, which is where it was intended to be. So from an economic standpoint I think its great.

Ploppyploop5 karma

Did you get to keep any momentos or props from Breaking Bad?

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

At the time I didn't think we were going to be such a big deal. Haha but I might have a Boxcutter or two laying around.

lactoseintolerants5 karma

I bought a lizard and named it after your character. Is that weird?

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

That is so dope! Are you on social media? Tag me if so... I'm on FB, IG, and twitter @jeremiahbitsui

SuperScate5 karma

H Jeremiah,

Good to have you on an AMA.

How did you come into acting? If you weren't an actor, what is your fallback talent?


jeremiahbitsui9 karma


Thank you, great to to be on! I actually have a business background which I'm still very active in. So that's my other career, I love to start businesses from nothing. Its an equal passion so I hope to be doing both trades for the rest of my life.

Thank you

-SmileyDude-5 karma

How did it feel getting your neck box-cut by Gustavo Fring?

jeremiahbitsui12 karma

How did Victor feel? Betrayed, messy, followed by a quick loss of thought.

As an actor how did I feel? I felt like Giancarlo did an amazing job and that he's a gentle soul, being that he was truly vexed by the killing.

Hardstyler15 karma

Soo, what's your favorite food?

jeremiahbitsui11 karma

Favorite food group? Fruit

Favorite cultural food? Tuscan Italian

wellshire5 karma

Jeremiah, thank you for doing another AMA!

After having a role on breaking bad and now even having a star role in a movie of your own, what plans do you have to further your acting career? Are you interested in the Saul Goodman spinoff?

jeremiahbitsui8 karma

Thank you! Yes thx to BrBa things are moving along, and it definitely improved my options. However its something I really love to do, so I try not to have too much of a Western view on it (goals, success, etc), acting is something I love to do as a passion. But I'm in this business for the love of story making so producing might be the next logical step, with my business background and all.

dream2me4 karma

Have you ever wondered or dicussed with Vince about Victor's backstory, where he came from, who he was before he'd started working for Gus and such?

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Vince left it all up to me but we established Vince and Mike were close. Mike was like his mentor since a young age.

rgdenis4 karma

I feel like EVERYONE on the BrBa crew split up into different movie actings after the end of BrBa. Who went where and who's doing what as of what you know?

P.S. I was also delighted when Gustavo cut your throat, I was behind anything Gus did 100%. :) No hard feelings!

jeremiahbitsui7 karma

No hard feelings at all, strictly business.

Giancarlo is busy on Revolutions. Aaron was in film that went to Sundance this year, and has Need for Speed coming out. Bryan is working a ton! great to see all around

castle5194 karma

who else on brba was native american?

jeremiahbitsui13 karma

Answered via video...


dspman114 karma

How was it having your neck sliced by Giancarlo?

jeremiahbitsui11 karma

It sucked but I'm glad it was him, and not anyone else,

CoastalCulture4 karma

What are your top three pieces of advice for someone looking to potentially get into acting?

jeremiahbitsui13 karma

  1. Ask yourself- "why do I want to do it?"
  2. Ask yourself- "what are my expectations?"
  3. Then decide how long you intend on committing to it.

dream2me3 karma

What is your dream project/acting role?

jeremiahbitsui7 karma

I would love to play an iconic historical character, like Jim Thorpe.

jerrybaboona3 karma


jeremiahbitsui6 karma

sup holmes

Taco_Hell-x3 karma

What is your favourite cereal?

jeremiahbitsui3 karma

Honey Toasted Oats. But as a kid Fruitloops.

drumdude1383 karma

If you were to make a smoothie right now, what would be your ingredients?

Also, thanks for doing a great job on Breaking Bad. Seriously it's one of the best shows ever, it's up there with the Sopranos and Seinfeld.

jeremiahbitsui8 karma

Thanks I really appreciate that! Right now a Pina Colada fruit smoothie would hit the spot!

maxkirkpatrick3 karma

If Mike had killed Walt before he got to call Jesse (and Gale and Victor had survived) would Gus have ever been found out?

jeremiahbitsui9 karma

Nope probably not, but then it would only be a 3 season show. Then the question is, would BrBA still be as big?

pjz243 karma

How is being in a movie different from a TV show, and which one do you like better?

jeremiahbitsui6 karma

Now a days many filmmakers are working on TV, but theres not too much of a difference. TV in general is a much faster pace, due to the scheduling and familiarity of crew working together. I use to prefer film however the stories that are coming from the TV world are quite extraordinary.

jeremiahbitsui3 karma

cheese72 karma

As a Canadian, how come you guys always wear jackets/thick sweaters when it looks blistering hot out.

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

We shop from the same Goon catalogue. haha! But seriously it was pretty cold when we were filming, NM has a decent winter... but compared to parts of Canada it's quite wimpy ay?

Mnashley852 karma

Are you Diné?

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Yes primarily.

issamaysinalah2 karma

You know how to cook meth ?

you can tell me , I won't cut your throat

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Hahaha no, but Victor does ;)

donthategoskate2 karma

Was Victor a fun role to play? You always had such "dead eyes" and they mentioned it a few times on the show, I bet you felt badass 24/7.

Also, my favourite scene of yours is the meth deal with Jesse under the bridge when its all silhouetted..."Yo! Where's the other half, bitch?!" One of my all-time favourite lines.

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Thank you! Victor was a blast to develop and I love to play bad ass characters, so I'm glad you appreciated it.

And yes that was the start of his iconic "BITCH"... he goes down in history with Too Short for that 5 letter word

SwissBliss2 karma

Hey man, did Aaron ever call you a "BITCH"?

jeremiahbitsui3 karma

Season 3 episode 2... check it

mj951 karma

wish you the best in your acting career and I only finished season 2 so I have a lot to watch and dont know you yet :/

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Thank you so much I hope we didn't spoil anything for you!

Roderick1111 karma

Your character seemed to have a lot of underlying complexity, are you looking forward to fleshing him out more in Better Call Saul? What would you like to see him do?

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

That would be awesome. Feel blessed to just have made it thus far, was never expecting to do anything past Mandala.

I see Victor as a guy who came from a tough upbringing and loss his parents at a young age. Then I see Mike took him under his wing and has trying to mentor him and refine his raw "talents". Thats a glimpse of what I see.

BrisbaneRoarFC1 karma

Thank you so much for doing an AMA, who do you believe was the closest character in breaking bad to there actual selves.

jeremiahbitsui2 karma

Thank you... I would say maybe Combo! Haha I can say that because he's my homie