Jeremiah Bitsui

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is a Native American actor, best known for his portrayal of Victor in the AMC series Breaking Bad.

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I was blown away... at the premiere in LA, it was a tense room. Then when I got my throat slit Brian's daughter fainted and I think some one else threw up, i think! Felt weird though because that was my first death scene

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Haha... well I appreciate that, Victor would blush if he had in blood left in him ;-)

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Most memorable definately after Bryan won his Emmy, next day on set. I asked him how weird it was to win awards and what not. I told him it seems like it would be very uncomfortable, he said that he didnt start acting to win awards but was just trying to provide a living for his family.

BIG PAPA- "I'm just trying to make some $ to feed my daughter, it was all a dream..."

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Season 4 was suppose to take a much different direction from what I heard before. But Vince is one to hold his cards very conservatively, I would never play poker with the man unless I was in character! haha

I heard about Victor's death actually during the Christmas Holiday... two of the producers called me and said "we are happy to have you back and we are going to start the season with a BIG bang, unfortunately you are the big bang. They did predict that the scene was going to be EPIC and push the envelope" It ended up being the most bloody death scene on TV, from what i hear.

IN SHORT- about a month before...

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haha he's actually a very cool guy and peaceful like a yogi dude so he was pretty shaken up. He told me he had a very hard time sleeping the night before and the night after. We still keep in touch, I'm so happy for all his success- he truly deserves it! Even though he killed Vic...

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The boxcutter scene was a big production, as you know we film in ABQ however for the special effects rigging we had to do all that in LA. Its basically a plastic tube taped to my neck then a silicon prosthetic glued over- it looked like skin! The slit was precut, then the "blood" was shot out of a syringe, we used a mechanical pump but it was way too much... it shot all the way across the room.

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Thanks... actually I have a horrible confession but a redeeming one- I just started watching Breaking Bad this summer. REDEMPTION- now I am hooked, I started out of guilt... a Pastor at a church I go to would always ask me questions (AMA) haha! I would BS with what in general I knew, but now I am a full blown fan and truly addicted!!

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Yeah it was hilarious, I tried not to laugh but he did some crazy s*it y'all didn't see! As a person Aaron and I are buds but when in character I really hated Jesse, I considered him a joke to our business.

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For details on the box cutter scene and my experience... read a few comments above I went into a bit of detail, and if there's anything more specific fire away ;-)

Victor was really all my creation... Vince let me create that character which was wonderful. In season 2, I thought I would probably never be on again because it seemed like just a small role... but I still took it very serious and knew the character. I was never suppose to have seen another episode but Vince wrote to me which was a huge compliment, and I was truly grateful. All expected was one day, one episode but I got 3 seasons on the greatest show on TV, truly an honor! thank you

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Hey Luis, thx bro!! I don't know how this question did not show up- sorry! Yeah I didn't know at all when I was going to die, and didn't sign for a number of episodes. I was basically a glorified day player! haha Probably different that the deal y'all got. We only on your last day but I could tell you guys were gonna be icons!!