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scumbag-reddit2267 karma

If and when you become a captain, will you refer to yourself as Captain Morgan?

AlexMorgan_132639 karma

That's the only way. And I'd strike the pose!

epicaddict1650 karma

How did you feel after this incident in the 2012 London games?

AlexMorgan_132913 karma

I've never had a dead-leg quite like that...it's not my fault her face ran into my leg !

wall08261240 karma

Hey Alex,

Thanks for doing the AMA! This is my first time posting in one, but I don’t have a question.

I was waiting tables when you scored that last minute goal against Canada, and I had almost $60 of beer on my tray. As I’m sure you can guess my ensuing celebration resulted in beer and broken glass all over the floor. The people who weren’t watching the game (my manager included) just saw me standing there, arms raised, whooping like a mad man. My manager made me pay for the beer and that particular table’s meal, and the whole restaurant got to watch him suspend me for the rest of the week.

But it was totally worth it.

People saw that I didn’t care and they started asking me questions about the team and the sport. The three regulars that were there (fat, old white guys), and who didn’t do anything but talk NFL, started following both the men’s and women’s national teams, and would come in and talk soccer with me. Also, the suspension gave me time to study for exams.

The point of this story is that as an American I’m proud to have you representing my sport and country, and the success of the USWNT has helped spread interest in the game. Tell the team congrats on beating Australia yesterday. Thank you!

TL;DR – Proud to have you representing both soccer, and the USA. Keep doing what you’re doing.

EDIT: Response to the legality of my manager making me pay for the meal - I wasn't aware that it was illegal at the time, but my manager did end up getting in trouble when a cashier sent an email to the owner. He tried to make her pay for a to-go order that wasn't picked up, and when she got home she lodged a complaint. So she was smarter than me about it haha

AlexMorgan_13857 karma

That's hilarious...Thanks for sharing!

Britttt13910 karma

Do you still like to be called baby horse?

AlexMorgan_131626 karma

No, don't ever say those two words together again ;)

sternie14508 karma

Baby. Horse.

AlexMorgan_131043 karma

Come. Up. With. A. Better. One. I'm all ears!

FTG716660 karma

Brek Shea's faux hawk or Tim Howard's Rick Ross beard?

AlexMorgan_131207 karma


sexfighter652 karma

I have a 9-year old daughter who is obsessed with soccer, plays 12 months a year, and very much looks up to you and the other USWNT members. My question is, what factor was the most instrumental in encouraging your love for the game at an early age?

AlexMorgan_131003 karma

Actually my parents were most instrumental because they took me to ever practice and game, helped me put in extra work, and pushed me the right amount...but never too much.

thought_adjuster624 karma

How bad is artificial turf to play on, does it affect your game drastically and how do you prepare for it?

AlexMorgan_131182 karma

First of all, you can't prepare for turf. Your body aches after you play on it. The bounce is different, it's not good on my knees, and if I could I'd rather never play on turf. (But I know that won't be the case!)

InTheMorning_Nightss500 karma

Hey Alex! I was wondering what you majored in at Cal, and if you had to choose a career outside of the soccer field, what would you have pursued?

AlexMorgan_131044 karma

I majored in political economy, which most colleges now don't even have as a major, but I chose that because if I didn't have soccer as a long-term career I'd want to be able to help promote the women's game throughout the world, especially in underdeveloped countries.

Sleaf14493 karma

What celeb were you most surprised to meet or that recognized you?

AlexMorgan_131146 karma

I was really excited to meet Pau Gasol because I'm a big Lakers fan. I saw him in the cafeteria at the Olympics.

caseyjean13480 karma

What is something you do before every game?

AlexMorgan_131026 karma

Mental visualization in a corner by myself with headphones on.

LostInAnInfinityPool446 karma

Honestly, how many times did Abby start counting to the ref in that Canada game?

AlexMorgan_13725 karma

Abby counted AT LEAST 8 different times until the ref finally made the call.

bendylove368 karma

Can you beat LeBron 1-on-1?

AlexMorgan_131057 karma

1-on-1 in what? In soccer, I'm pretty sure I can take him pretty easily!

blimeyfool357 karma

Which country did you most enjoy visiting as a result of being a part of the USWNT?

AlexMorgan_13791 karma

I'd have to say Austria. We did a pre-WC camp in Austria and it was amazing. The scenery was gorgeous, the people were so nice, and the coffee was great!

AlexMorgan_13468 karma

I'd have to say Austria. We had a pre-WC camp in Austria and it was amazing. The scenery is gorgeous, the people are so nice, and the coffee is great!

1stancil2243 karma

Where's your favorite place to eat in Portland?

AlexMorgan_13446 karma

Top Three, in order: 1. Porque No 2. Andina 3. Smokehouse 21

Yonkey224 karma

What do you think of Clint Dempsey's decision to come back and play in the states?

AlexMorgan_13367 karma

I think its good for the US to see him play more, and I think he got a good deal with the contract he signed with Seattle. It always takes players some time to adjust play to different leagues though, and it looks like Clint and his teammates in Seattle are still working that out.

raw5052222 karma

Thanks for Posting.

1) What impact does playing behind a good crowd do for the team?

2) Whats your favorite EPL team (if you have one)?

I am a member of the American Outlaws and I know we love to watch you guys play where ever you go.


AlexMorgan_13328 karma

1) Playing behind a good crowd means having home-field advantage, feeling the support, and playing off the energy. Sometimes it can affect the referee's decision making too.

2)No favorite - I just enjoy good football!

mr_moptastic215 karma

Hi Alex, thanks for doing this AMA. If you could be on one television show, what would it be and why?

AlexMorgan_13534 karma

The Price is Right, hands down. It's so interesting, so fun and engaging.

FadiEssak170 karma

What was the hardest part of coming back from your ACL injury? The one from college.

AlexMorgan_13300 karma

Well my injury occurred my senior year of high school, but the hardest part about coming back was staying positive. Recovery from an ACL injury is a constant process, even after you leave physical therapy. It made me more conscious of how important it is to take care of my body. That’s I'm working with Mitek Sports Medicine as a National Ambassador supporting sports injury prevention.

BrandonIam159 karma

As a teenager currently playing on a highly competitive club team, I'm wondering, what did you do in your U14-U17 years that developed your skills enough to make the national team? You started playing club much later than most players, yet you progressed much farther than any of your teammates. Why is that?

AlexMorgan_13271 karma

I did extra training on my own. My dad and I would go out and practice shooting, ball skills...whatever I could to stay on top of my game. I still do that three times a week. Also, my dad was convinced I needed to "bulk up" so I had a personal trainer at the gym three times a week.

LTshrink154 karma

Hey Alex, I'm a big fan of yours, thanks for doing this! I truly believe that your recent popularity has done a lot to make soccer more popular in the us, thanks for that! On a related note, you are obviously one of, if not the most recognizable and popular female athletes in the country. Does your popularity ever affect the chemistry on the teams you play for or your relationships with teammates? Thanks again!

AlexMorgan_13230 karma

With the National Team player status really doesn't affect the team chemistry BUT this year with the Portland Thorns was the first time I was introduced to not only playing a different role on the team, but confronting the image that certain player's have from an outsider's point of view and getting past that to become teammates who respect each other.

krizriktr142 karma

What cleats / boots do you use? Any favorites?

AlexMorgan_13332 karma

Currently using Nike CTR's, but my all-time favorites are the Nike T90's.

Throwaway21895126 karma

Who did you become closest with during the Olympics outside of your teammates?

AlexMorgan_13266 karma

Kelley because we were roommates during the Games and just loved each other so much that we decided to live together for a few months last winter.

sdpads120 karma

Who is the funniest person on the USWNT?

AlexMorgan_13225 karma

Syd & Pinoe

meshautesidees117 karma

Do you worry about the US losing steam in the international game to the up and coming technical teams, like Japan? Who do you think has the best technique on the USWNT?

AlexMorgan_13191 karma

I think we're continuing to improve our technical skills. Girls and boys are being taught at a much younger age how important technical skills are now so I think we'll be fine. And Tobin Heath and Stephanie Cox have the best technique on the team.

jadedpeanut112 karma

Who has the best nickname on the USWNT?

AlexMorgan_13236 karma

Carli Lloyd - Princess

baaconnn109 karma

I had season tickets to the Thorns game this last season! What was your favorite thing about Portland? Will you be back on the Thorns next season?

AlexMorgan_13238 karma

I definitely plan to be back in Portland next season...best fans ever!!! And food carts are my fave because I love food.

dandylandy108 karma

Hey Alex! Which current player, men's or women's, would you most like to play on a team with?

I'd also like to personally thank you for that goal in the USA-Canada game. That whole game was a 90 minute heart attack.

AlexMorgan_13441 karma

Iniesta because of the quality of his through balls.

awesomebolt88 karma

What's your favorite pre-game snack/meal?

AlexMorgan_13227 karma

Blueberry pancakes :)

WH189276 karma

Whats the best match atmosphere you've played at?

AlexMorgan_13217 karma

The Olympic Final versus Japan because I can't usually hear the crowd during games, but the crowd was endlessly chanting "JA-PAN" throughout the entire match.

SwaggyMcSwagsabunch69 karma

how many beach cruisers do you own?

AlexMorgan_13121 karma

I have three, but our place in South Bay has 11 of them.

rasenman1168 karma

Hi Alex!

Conan was the graduation speaker at my college when I graduated in 2011. 25 minutes later with front row seat access, I became hooked to his material. How was recording the Just Dance 4 video game review with him? Any funny moments off-screen?

Also, what men’s soccer teams (domestic or abroad) do you support, if any?

AlexMorgan_13105 karma

Yes, he was wearing a full tracksuit that was unfashionable to say the least. And he's awkwardly tall. In all seriousness, he's really funny, so much for us to need to do multiple retakes because I couldn't stop laughing!

mrhuckaba50 karma

Why do you think the USMNT is generally less dominant than the USWNT in international play?

AlexMorgan_13187 karma

First, women's soccer and basketball are the top two team sports in the US while guys have so many more sports that are more popular for them to choose from. That has a lot to do with it. Secondly, I think the men's game has more history on the international stage so the USMNT is still catching up.

AO_Craig149 karma

What else will you be doing with the Sports Injury Prevention Program for youths?

AlexMorgan_1313 karma

We are actually launching a pledge campaign where anyone and everyone is invited to pledge to do their part to help prevent sports injuries. Head over to the Sports Injury Prevention Program page to find out more and Take the Pledge: https://www.facebook.com/SportsInjuryPreventionProgram?ref=br_tf