Alex Morgan

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is an American soccer player, Olympic Gold medalist and model. She is a forward for National Women's Soccer League club Portland Thorns FC and the U.S. Women's National Team.

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I've never had a dead-leg quite like's not my fault her face ran into my leg !

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That's the only way. And I'd strike the pose!

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No, don't ever say those two words together again ;)

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First of all, you can't prepare for turf. Your body aches after you play on it. The bounce is different, it's not good on my knees, and if I could I'd rather never play on turf. (But I know that won't be the case!)

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I was really excited to meet Pau Gasol because I'm a big Lakers fan. I saw him in the cafeteria at the Olympics.

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1-on-1 in what? In soccer, I'm pretty sure I can take him pretty easily!

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I majored in political economy, which most colleges now don't even have as a major, but I chose that because if I didn't have soccer as a long-term career I'd want to be able to help promote the women's game throughout the world, especially in underdeveloped countries.

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Come. Up. With. A. Better. One. I'm all ears!

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Mental visualization in a corner by myself with headphones on.