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Do you worry about the US losing steam in the international game to the up and coming technical teams, like Japan? Who do you think has the best technique on the USWNT?

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I may get downvoted to hell for asking this, but what kind of change is necessary, at a cultural level, for African American students to succeed in the public school system? Doing well in school sadly isn't a priority for many black families. What about on an educational level (ie, changing the schools themselves)?

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Did your doctor give you a certain amount of time "left" when he diagnosed you? And what did your treatment consist of? Stage 4 cancer with multiple liver metastases... how do you even treat that?

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Is it really unprecedented? Germany does the same thing. I have a family member applying for German citizenship. His grandparents were put in concentration camps.

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There are plenty of benefits to having a European passport. I doubt he wants to live there right now, but he works remotely and having that passport can open lots of doors for him.