Thank you everybody for participating! I had a blast! Tune in tonight to Tom Green Live on AXSTV! We are live with Tony Hawk. And follow me on Twitter @tomgreenlive and on

Thanks for all the continued support folks. I have the greatest fans in the world and because of all your positive energy I will keep making comedy for another 20 years. Stay tuned.

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itsokaytryagain212576 karma


I just wanted to say your freestyle with Xzibit is always a pleasure to watch. I grew up watching you as I was introduced to your show by my step brothers. Thank you for the laughs.

Xzibit freestyle:

tomgreenliveAXS346 karma

I love this video!

tomgreenliveAXS163 karma

Rock on! Hip Hop!

ihaveabonersoup472 karma

Do you actually enjoy sausages?

tomgreenliveAXS933 karma

Daddy would you like some sausages!! Yes I love them. With Maple Syrup cause I'm Canadian!! FYI you are my first reddit AMA response. First!

ihaveabonersoup177 karma

Let the adventure begin. In all honesty, I really enjoy your work, it's funny as shit. Your ability to freestyle is off the charts as well.

tomgreenliveAXS270 karma

Thanks! I love hip hop. Word up home boy!

MrXoc1364 karma

Tom MF Green, your theme song "the bum song" was significant part of my childhood. That is all.

tomgreenliveAXS469 karma

My Bum is on the cheese!!

kingmi123285 karma

Austin..... Austin, Massachusetts?

tomgreenliveAXS336 karma

I thought you said Boston.

chuemdee226 karma

So how many royalties did you receive for creating planking?

tomgreenliveAXS338 karma

Zip, zero, nada. :)

tcsuperstar193 karma

Do you remember Clone High? I remember it, and I remember you on it. Thoughts?

tomgreenliveAXS204 karma

I love that show! I'm an albatross! Basically improvised all of those lines and had a blast!

UltimotheEditor187 karma

what happened to ol' Glenn Humplik?

willietherapist78 karma

What happened to Phil?

tomgreenliveAXS226 karma

Phil is doing great! He is living in Ottawa and has a great new computer business. We went skateboarding recently.

snafu26185 karma

I currently drive a convertible Chrysler Lebaron, does this make you feel jealous?

tomgreenliveAXS251 karma

Yes! Where's my Lebaron!! :)

Parvulesco162 karma

Where are you going today, sir? Are you going to the Parliament Buildings?

tomgreenliveAXS343 karma

I don't think it's any of your damned business where I am going. Do I ask you where you are going?!!

jtaylora158 karma

Tom! Thank you for doing this AMA. Just wanted to say the clip from the Tom Green Show where you go to a subway and continuously order toppings for the sandwich is pure gold. How did you come up with these ideas? Thank you for your randomness.

tomgreenliveAXS216 karma

The funny thing about the sandwich bit, is it is only getting recognized now on Youtube. It was basically a throwaway bit that many people never saw until now. We actually used to do that when we were kids. Skating and hungry we would get three meals for the price of one by simply piling on tomatoes and pickles forever. Watch all the old bits on

JtotheR28157 karma

My fat friend scott wants to know what its like to have one testicle?

tomgreenliveAXS469 karma

Only if he tells me what it is like to be fat.

itismonday283 karma

It fucking sucks.

tomgreenliveAXS500 karma

I don't worry about having one testicle. It works. I had cancer, and I am happy to be alive!

LilEffects133 karma

Hey, Tom...

Did you really surprise your dad with a "Where is my dinner, bitch?" statue or was he in on it from the beginning?

tomgreenliveAXS323 karma

My parents were never in on any of the pranks. He was pissed off.

cakepants131 karma

This is great, thank you for coming on here and doing this. I just wanted to ask, was that incident with Jesse Dupree and the chainsaw set up? Or was all that ripping on him afterwards real?

tomgreenliveAXS355 karma

The tricky part about answering this, is that it is a bit of both. It was totally not set up. And was I mad, yes and no. I was mad that he wrecked my desk, but I was happy that he gave me an excuse to get mad at my guest on TV. I am always nice to my guests. But I love it when things go wrong on television. So I was kind of playing the character of the angry TV host. Because it is funny watching somebody get mad. People don't understand what happened there and give me some grief about it, saying that I should have just let him cut the desk and smiled. But the thing is, that would not have been nearly as funny.

ThatsAlotaNuts111 karma

Tom, I've waited my whole life to ask you this one questi- pastic bag plastic bag plastic bag...

tomgreenliveAXS123 karma

plastic bag! Plastic bag!!

RndmHero109 karma

How do you feel about the current state of MTV?

tomgreenliveAXS406 karma

MTV did me the biggest solid ever by picking up my show from public access TV and putting us on the air. So I love MTV. As far as currently, I don't really watch much TV. I think it is more for younger people. I'm 42 years old now and am more into old school talk shows and the news.

ghostinahumanshape107 karma

Tom, You came before the world was ready. and paved the way for shows like jackass and such.

How do you feel about jackass stealing or borrowing a lot of your material?

For the record I can quote EVERY line from freddy got fingered.

Mike Fitzgibbons son is a nuclear physicist and my son can eat a chicken sandwich!

tomgreenliveAXS167 karma

There is room for everyone to do what they want or be inspired. I was inspired by David Letterman, Candid Camera, and Saturday Night Live. I try to move forward and not worry too much when I see somebody doing one of my bits. I take it as a compliment.

BarryMcKockinner102 karma

What was it like working with Adam, Blake, and Anders for your episode in Workaholics? Any behind the scene stories?

Thanks for the AMA.

tomgreenliveAXS156 karma

Those guys are completely hilarious. We had a great night out after our panel we did together at Comicon. Many beers were had.

JDSDaGR8197 karma

Do you regret any of the things you did on your MTV show?

tomgreenliveAXS205 karma

I have no regrets about any of the comedy on MTV. You have to keep in mind that we were always challenging ourselves to come up with something completely ridiculous. Love it all.

88scythe29 karma

What show are you most proud of?

tomgreenliveAXS109 karma

I suppose I am most proud of the fact that I am still here working in comedy and doing what I love. In life there are a lot of forces that can try to bring you down, but if you stick to your vision and keep at it, you will find success.

acephalic_saint93 karma

Freddy Got Fingered is a comedic masterpiece. Please tell me some of the subtextual societal criticism so that I can convince people it is an intelligent film.

tomgreenliveAXS241 karma

The people that do not get the movie will never be your friend.

stay_at_work_dad84 karma

Out of all the spots of yours I watched in University back in the late 90's, the one where you painted your parents house plaid has to be the masterpiece.

How much in the 'know' were you parents on some of those pranks, and did they ever find them amusing in retrospect?

tomgreenliveAXS172 karma

My parents were never informed of anything. They were never paid to do the show. They never shot promos for the network. They were just living their lives and we would show up and prank them. This was before anyone had seen anything like this on TV so it was a much different reaction from people watching back then. People freaked out!

dumbcuffs72 karma

What is the most unusual thing you saw while performing at the gathering of the Juggaloes?

tomgreenliveAXS195 karma

Tila Tequila getting pelted with rocks. It was scary.

Frajer70 karma

I loved you in Charlie Angels and I gotta know how is the Chad ?

tomgreenliveAXS140 karma

I am The Chad. :)

Kolido68 karma

Hey Tom, huge fan. I don't have a question but in my opinion, you started the horse head mask fad.

tomgreenliveAXS96 karma

Thanks. I noticed those popping up a lot lately.

jfr3sh67 karma

i would just like to let you know that "The Bum Bum Song" was the first song i EVER downloaded. on napster too. also, thanks for helping young me shape my sense of humor.

tomgreenliveAXS206 karma

It was the first song in history to be downloaded over a million times. The Bum Bum Song!

juddsbarandgrill59 karma

Hello Mr. Green, What are you feelings on the work of Jon Lajoie?

tomgreenliveAXS82 karma

I think he is friggin hilarious!!

katsukare58 karma

hey Tom, just wanted to say i used to love watching Tom Green's House Tonight back in like 06/07. i used to stay up late watching you fucking around with callers and sometimes you would just be randomly on air in the middle of the night crawling around on your floor saying random shit in the mic. also, did you ever actually do a barrel roll?

tomgreenliveAXS71 karma

We are going to begin streaming webovision to again from the new Tom Green Studios. Make sure you watch the live show tonight on AXS TV. It will bring you back to the old webovision days.

Lord_Crocodilicus57 karma

Will your talk show eventually evolve into a series of short guttural spurts followed by even briefer guttural spats?

tomgreenliveAXS84 karma

Urg, ugh, argh, ooohhh... Yes.

deytookerjaabs56 karma

Your character in "Stealing Harvard" had a BADASS framed poster/painting of an 18-Wheeler with LEDs where it's real lights would be. I've searched the bigger truck stops across America and have yet to find it, where can I get one?

tomgreenliveAXS114 karma

I still have it. It's here in my studio. I want to keep it though.

MrWittyResponse54 karma

Do you like Breaking Bad?

tomgreenliveAXS124 karma

That's my favorite show in years.

Marx0r51 karma

How in the hell did you ever manage to fuck with people the way you did without laughing? I would've gone into uncontrolled laughter within 15 seconds if I tried most of the things you pulled.

tomgreenliveAXS104 karma

We shot video for many many years. When I would edit the videos and see myself cracking up it ruined the bit. So I got good at keeping a straight face. Practice.

UltimotheEditor47 karma

is there a plan for any Tom Green Show DVD release? ebay only has vhs stuff!

tomgreenliveAXS226 karma

They still make DVD's?? Watch on - It's all there.

Valenmere44 karma

My parents had me watching your show when I was a kid. I think it had some lasting effects on my brain. Thanks for that Tom.

tomgreenliveAXS52 karma

You are welcome.

filletsheO43 karma

The first time I watched freddy got fingered I almost died of laughter, so thanks for that one there Tom. are you ticklish? Where?

tomgreenliveAXS103 karma

I love how much people love Freddy Got Fingered. I think that movie made me realize how much the media gets the story wrong. Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love that movie. Lobby your congressman!! Freddy Got Fingered rules.

Sav2342 karma

How many dead moose's have you humped

tomgreenliveAXS68 karma


nonemorewrong42 karma

Where can I get Tom Green Milk Stout in the U.S.?

tomgreenliveAXS66 karma

It will be getting released in the new year in the US. But check out the brewery online at

sma92176us37 karma


What have you been up to lately? Are you still skating at all?

Cheers, S

tomgreenliveAXS71 karma

I am skating today on air with Tony Hawk on AXS TV. Well, at least we will be talking about skating. And you can call him on Skype!

Bcider36 karma

Hey Tom. I was wondering if you could tell me what my bum is on right now?

tomgreenliveAXS63 karma

My bum is on the chair.

Toyou4yu34 karma

Will you be my friend?

tomgreenliveAXS87 karma

Hello friend. :)

motown_missile31 karma

Being Canadian and all that entails, do you remember a show the CBC used to show in the early mornings called "The Friendly Giant"?

tomgreenliveAXS47 karma

Yes I love that show. i watch it on Youtube sometimes.

Runix30 karma

Tom what is your favourite thing about being you?

tomgreenliveAXS61 karma

I do love making these crazy TV shows and being creative. It's fun!

gin-n-tonic30 karma

Tom! I caught your podcast appearance with Norm MacDonald. Amazing episode, and I thought you two had a great back and forth together. I assume the Canadian bond was strong between you two. Thanks for the laughs.

tomgreenliveAXS46 karma

Norm is awesome. I was a huge fan of his when I was growing up, and still am. He always supported my web show and is one of the great stand up comics ever. Go see him live if you ever get a chance.

mothers_russia28 karma

I am a huge fan. To this day I point at light bulbs for extended periods of time yelling "I OUGHTA RING YOUR NECK!". When I was in middle school I owned all of your early videos and would constantly reenact the weird stuff you did. I actually had a fan site for you! It got about 3 hits. Just wanted to say I appreciate you for shaping me and my sense of humor for what it is today.

tomgreenliveAXS24 karma

I love that bit. Very obscure old piece of comedy. You must be Canadian.

H3rQ133z27 karma

Are you the backwards man?

tomgreenliveAXS42 karma

I can walk backwards fast as you can.

BallsAhBlazin24 karma

Buckets or boxes ?

tomgreenliveAXS31 karma


conrad61222 karma

Hi Tom, just wanted to say you're a comedic genius and your Undercutter's Pizza bit absolutely killed me. Keep on keeping on!

tomgreenliveAXS14 karma

Rock on!

indifferentmeh22 karma


tomgreenliveAXS44 karma

Probably about 1000 what the fuck was I thinking moments... But that was the whole point!!

Kaylossus21 karma

No real question. I just wanted to tell you that the segment on your show where you tell Glenn how to deal with your dead body has always been one of my favorite moments on television. If you would just say hi to me I would be so, so happy.

tomgreenliveAXS26 karma

Hi! I'm glad we never had to finish that idea. I am not dead!

flightofthefalcon19 karma

How many times did you get punched in the face while making the Tom green show?

tomgreenliveAXS52 karma

Never. I am a really fast runner!

KingNoah040519 karma

If you were made king of America, what would you do?

tomgreenliveAXS69 karma

I would make Ice Cream free on Wednesdays.

KnuckleMeat16 karma

I just watched your stand up on Netflix. It was hilarious. What made you want to do stand up after years of television?

p.s. Hooves! Clippty Clop! Clippty Clop. I still do this when I see a hooved animal.

tomgreenliveAXS20 karma

I have been loving doing stand up! I shot my first stand up special after touring and writing for only one year. I'm glad you got to watch it. I have been touring now non stop for about 5 years and am loving it. If you want to see some more current sets, there are some nice videos on my youtube channel... Go watch! And come see me live on the road!

14thCenturyHood15 karma

Tom! Longtime fan. My favourite bit of yours is when you dressed as a mall security guard and escorted that Asian guy in the tub on wheels to his car. Since high school my friends have referred to me as Pinchi - because that's what we think the guy's name was. The nickname stuck, and unfortunately I have been searching for that skit to show to my husband, to no avail. Will we ever see that one again, and was that guy's name really Pinchi?! HELP ME SOLVE THIS VEXING MYSTERY!!!

tomgreenliveAXS29 karma

It;s in a box somewhere. I will look for it!

cappnplanet14 karma

I saw an interview where you rapped with Xzibit. How did you get into the music business earlier in your career. What happened?

Edit: Here's a link to the video. Thanks Tom for responding. Good luck with the new show.

tomgreenliveAXS21 karma

I just started making music. I worked summer jobs to buy drum machines and keyboards and I recorded music. We played live around Ottawa Canada and then started touring.

DopeMan_RopeMan14 karma

Loved your live talk show at your house, how did you get involved with Neil Hamburger? Poolside Chats was classic. Do you still ever fuck with that guy?

tomgreenliveAXS16 karma

I am good pals with Neil Hamburger! He's hilarious, one of my favorites. Watch for him on the webovision soon, I hoe to have him back ASAP.

fatbatman13 karma

My bum is on the Swedish, will the show be available for streaming internationally?

Also get Andy Milonakis on your show, the weird humour between you guys is great.

tomgreenliveAXS27 karma

Love Andy Milonakis. He is the best. We will definitely be having him on the show and the podcast.

NobodysDerp13 karma

How was it to be in Charlie's Angels? I just love when you sing Brandy. Cracks me up every time

tomgreenliveAXS15 karma

It was fun. Had a great time being in it.

youshallhaveeverbeen13 karma


You were able to take something as scary as testicular cancer and channel it into a positive through your comedy. I was wondering if you've had a chance to hear Tig Notaro's similar approach on it. I found an article about it where they were interviewing Louis C.K. who was in the audience that day and found her set that night to be one of the most powerful things he's seen in standup.

If you've had the chance to hear/see it, would you mind commenting on this approach of tackling such a difficult subject and turning it into a creative outlet?


tomgreenliveAXS31 karma

I did not see that. But I can say that when I talk about my cancer on stage, doing standup, it is a cathartic experience. And it is important to be honest and talk about things that matter, even dark and scary things. The special that we shot about my cancer helped a lot of people. Early detection is the key to survival. So if you ever feel sick, or that something may be wrong with your body. Go to the doctor, don't be afraid. It could save your life.

Simonzi11 karma

Tom Green. Don't know if you're still here answering questions, sadly I was in a job interview right at 1est. Being unemployed sucks.

Anyway, all of my friends think I'm crazy because I say you're the funniest man alive. My wife actually brought me to your stand up tour 2 years ago, the show in Providence the day before you recorded the Showtime special in Boston. I was in the front row, and you screamed in my face. It was amazing.

I guess the only question I have, is what happened to the 10 year anniversary directors cut of Freddy Got Fingered? Keep being fucking hilarious.

tomgreenliveAXS16 karma

The studio didn't give me the footage to make the directors cut. I want to do it. If you contact New Regency or 20th Century Fox and tell them you want a directors cut maybe it will happen!

Dopeasaurus11 karma

about that dead moose....

tomgreenliveAXS12 karma

What about it!?

PECOTA11 karma

I started watching you back in the Rogers Cable days - had never seen anything like it on TV. Are there any plans to release the old cable-access shows on DVD?

tomgreenliveAXS29 karma

DVD is dead. Watch on - Everything will show up there eventually.

Rob_Saget11 karma

Hey Tom!

  • What first got you into comedy?
  • Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this"
  • Would love to have you be a guest on an episode of my podcast to nerd out about tv, film, etc. Can we make this happen?

Thank you again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

tomgreenliveAXS23 karma

I started doing stand up when I was 15 years old in Canada, The first moment that was surreal for me was when I was a guest on Letterman, also when I hosted Letterman, and Saturday Night Live. But I have had a bunch of pinch myself moments. I had one last month when I signed the lease on my very own TV studio. I like to keep pushing ad making things happen. Hopefully we will have a lot more fun in the future together. Watch my new show on AXSTV tonight! Let's keep it going!

Chakks10 karma

I'm currently pooping as I type this. My question is: What kind of beer should I buy for the weekend? (I'm Canadian as well)

tomgreenliveAXS17 karma

Buy The Tom Green Beer!

ibarabi10 karma

How has the experience been for you to still produce programming through your own direction using your own webpage, YouTube etc...?

tomgreenliveAXS23 karma

I love this time we are in. I love independent media. Really excited about what the future holds for my new show and all the fun stuff we are putting out!

stevenmw10 karma

Road Trip was awesome. You're newer YouTube stuff is great, and your latest standup you published was hilarious.

Just here to say thanks.

tomgreenliveAXS11 karma

Thank you! Make sure you watch the new show tonight on AXS TV! We have Tony Hawk as our guest. All broadcasting from my new studio in LA. We are going to have some fun here this year!!

Shezzam9 karma

And, any plans to come to Perth Australia? If you do, I promise to cook you a proper barbie on our sunset coast :0)

tomgreenliveAXS17 karma

Were you there the last 2 times I came to Perth Australia? Had some great shows there!

xnerdyxrealistx7 karma

Hey Tom!

Silly question: How's life with one testicle?

Serious question: When creating Freddy Got Fingered were you trying to make a surreal movie or were you just doing whatever the hell you wanted to do?

tomgreenliveAXS12 karma


Defendor6 karma

Hey Mr. Green!

When are we going to be able to see Prankstar?

Did you dismantle the National Webovision studio?

Thank you for explaining "chewing" with Phil Giroux, it has greatly enhanced my life.

Much love.

tomgreenliveAXS8 karma

We are rebuilding the national webovision studio now at Tom Green Studios in Los Angeles. No longer in my living room we will be web streaming and podcasting starting next week promoting the new TV show on AXS TV and generally just goofing off. Tune in, and watch on twitter for updates @tomgreenlive

mrpirate236 karma

YES! I will be recording the episode tonight! Followed by the steve-o comedy show. What can we expect from your new show?

tomgreenliveAXS12 karma

Expect great interviews with hilarious people. I want to get my guests talking about things they have never discussed on TV before. I like asking questions, and I love listening to people. I'm a huge fan of comedy so expect some great comedy legends on the show.

rumster6 karma

Are you still enemy with mancow?

tomgreenliveAXS7 karma

I was never an enemy with Mancow. Bad info you go there. I was on his show this week! We are pals!

hellendrung5 karma

Can you tell us a little about how MTV came to pick up The Tom Green Show? Were you nervous to go from The Comedy Network to a much larger audience who would inevitably be more judgmental of the things you did?

tomgreenliveAXS9 karma

It wasn't really like that. In fact, when the show hit MTV it was immediately embraced by the public. It was very exciting moving to New York and a dream come true to me on TV. The comedy network in Canada was the first network to show finical support for The Tom Green Show, Rogers Cable gave us the studio and the place to grow, but MTV took everything to the next level.

raayzo5 karma

Was there any tension after you schooled xzibit in that freestyle battle from your late night show?

tomgreenliveAXS13 karma

It wasn't a battle. We were just rapping. We had a great time. It was the internet that decided to call it a battle. It wasn't a battle.

roofiecoolada5 karma

Hi Tom! Thanks for doing this. I really enjoy your work and I'm curious to know what comedians inspire you the most? Also, what's the best movie you've seen recently?

tomgreenliveAXS19 karma

I am most inspired by George Carlin. I haven't seen any movies recently. I don't really go to the movies that much. I watched Escape From LA on Netflix recently. That was rad.

Juno_Malone5 karma

Did you write the Salmon song? Or was that the writers of the movie. I loved your performance of it either way.

tomgreenliveAXS10 karma

I wrote The Salmon Song on a napkin in my trailer, 20 minutes before we shot the scene.

the_Makeshift5 karma

How many parents freaked out about Bob the Butler

tomgreenliveAXS5 karma

I love that movie. Fun for kids!

ranticore5 karma

Do you still mess with your dad?

tomgreenliveAXS9 karma

No, but we went fishing a bunch of times this summer.

big_time_sneakin5 karma

You hear that? That's the sound of model making.

tomgreenliveAXS6 karma

Ha. Cow Brain Boat!

handbanana424 karma

What do you think about Battletoads?

tomgreenliveAXS3 karma

What is it?

platypus1244 karma

Since your Canadian, whats you favorite hockey team?

tomgreenliveAXS7 karma

Phoenix Coyotes!! And Ottawa Senators!!

blue_dreams4 karma

How do you feel about The Office no longer being available on Hulu Plus?

tomgreenliveAXS8 karma

I have never watched either.

genesis-12a4 karma

Tom, without sounding like an ass-kisser, you are one of the only people whose videos I can watch over and over again and still laugh as hard as I did the first time. I have a few questions:

  • Do you still skate a lot?
  • Do you still rap? Who are your favourite hip hop artists these days if you have any?
  • Do you film pranks anymore? The last video I saw of you was the one from a few months ago in Hollywood and it was so refreshing to see you with a camera and microphone again. It felt like the pranks from the old Tom Green Show again!
  • Do you have any plans for a UK tour of your comedy show? We need it.

Sorry for all the questions but I've been really looking forward to this AMA.

tomgreenliveAXS12 karma

I still skate but I don't do tricks. Too old to get hurt. I like cruising around on the board with style. I still listen to old school hip hop. Best album Tribe Called Quest, Low End Theory. I will film pranks, but I kind of feel the format is played out a bit. You can watch Betty White do pranks if you love pranks. I enjoy exploring new things that I have not done before. I am a huge fan of talk TV, and I am doing what I have always wanted to do the most, right now. Hosting a comedy talk show. So watch!

peepjynx4 karma

How do you feel about the countless comedians and writers now using, what was, your shtick back in the 90s because mainstream entertainment basically undervalued you?

I don't mean just using either... some of these have taken off big time... and it takes fans from the internet pointing out to the rest of the world that you were there first.

I would go as far as considering you, not the father of modern comedy, but the deranged uncle... a major contributor.

tomgreenliveAXS6 karma

People ask me that a lot. There is room for everyone. The thing I tend to not talk about much, is that I too have been very successful. I am building my new TV studio and starting a new kind of independent distribution on comedy to internet and TV. This is my new thing. Maybe in a few years we can get upset about people copying that.

kabronero4 karma

One of my favorites parts of your career (!) is when you go on the boat trip and in one moment you have a fish in your hands that you trow through the boat to the ocean... and in that moment you say "Fishyy!".

I don't know why. I just love how you say "Fishy". Can you say "Fishy" to me, please?

tomgreenliveAXS4 karma

Fishy! FishyyyyY!

MegaManster2 karma

What cheese do you recommend on a chicken sandwich while drinking your awesome Tom Green Beer??

tomgreenliveAXS3 karma

Cheddar cheese!