Thanks guys!! Had such a blast answering all of your questions. Gotta run, but I'll be back to do another Q and A soon!!! Follow me on twitter for more of your questions getting answered. And silly fun. @joeldavidmoore

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Shermzilla912 karma

My scene design teacher keeps name dropping you as his roommate in college, Dan Carlgren. Is there any truth to this or can I call him out on his BS?

JoelDavidMoore979 karma

YES!! Tell Dan I say hi!

yellowbumpercars208 karma

Hello! I'm a fan!

1.What's it like being on the Bones set?

2.You got to work with Rupert Grint on the CBGB set; is he as cool as I hope he is?

JoelDavidMoore439 karma

Bones is the best TV show I've worked on. The actors and crew are amazing. We've all really formed a bond, and I think that's why the show does well, and stays hot. It all starts and ends with chemistry.

Rupert is great. What a life that guy has led. Ps, the carpet matches the drapes.

stickdude918202 karma

Hey guys look its Steve the pirate

JoelDavidMoore228 karma

Just Steve.

Valiant91174 karma

Hi Joel! In Dodgeball, when you are being "trained" by Patches O'Houlihan, what was actually being thrown at you?

JoelDavidMoore347 karma

Good question: a soft foam version of dodge balls, and foam wrenches. Sorry for the spoilers everyone. We didn't all go to the hospital after that scene.

Mikesquito173 karma

Hi Joel, in Grandma's Boy, how did Alex (Allen Covert) see you when you were using your stealth skills on the wall?

Are you going to act with that group of actors in another movie again in the future?

JoelDavidMoore195 karma

Still have yet to figure that out. I was using all my mental power to 'disguise' myself into incognito inception (it's a dream like state that I don't even recognize myself.

I love those guys, and we always talk creative and are looking to work together again.

IsaacIrakianGreen92 karma

How long did it take to get prepped up for Avatar??

JoelDavidMoore206 karma

Well, Cameron took us all to Hawaii to rehearse the scenes out in the tropical forest, so we could get a chance to feel what it was like to perform in a forest before we took it back into a mo-cap studio. He thinks of everything. That's why he is who he is.

BabyVolcano86 karma

If you could choose ANY actress to star as your love interest in a movie, who would it be?

JoelDavidMoore435 karma

me in a wig

JoelDavidMoore113 karma

ok, seriously... There are a ton of actresses I respect. Some I have already worked along side, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Amber Tamblyn, Malin Akerman, and many others. There are my kid dream come true moments like working with Heather Locklear. But looking forward, to me it's more about the pairing of people than certain stars. I could have a thought about working with someone, and it could turn out badly because the pairing isn't right.

Audio-didact82 karma

This is Jason. Was great to see you last week. I made sure to take home a picture of your dad (no homo).

My only question is whether you've seen this meme : You don't like dubstep?

JoelDavidMoore67 karma

It's not meme'ing on my computer I'll have to check it later. Either way, you still have a picture of my dad. So......

podoka82 karma

What do you like most about underwear modeling?

JoelDavidMoore230 karma

the way my body feels in spanx. Nothing compares to it. Except Depends. That compares. That actually may be better. I'm changing my answer to Depends

VodkaBarf72 karma

How much do clothes cost in the Matrix?

JoelDavidMoore220 karma

5 bitcoins

Fistandantalus64 karma

Hi Joel. I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved 'Spiral'. One of my favourite movies ever. The writing, the acting, the parallels of plot with jazz, and paintings. You were fabulous.

Thank you for doing just a great job.

Please keep writing.

JoelDavidMoore112 karma

Hi. Thanks! I wrote, directed, produced and played the lead of Spiral. It's my baby, and a passion project for all involved. Tell your friends! (and enemies, they need art too)

TheLiteraryNoob30 karma

YESSS, I also enjoyed Spiral! The thing with the teeth was great.

JoelDavidMoore42 karma

The teeth thing was based off of a habit I had when I was a kid. I'm a man of many ticks, so I may as well play into them!

Jayneworkman17 karma

Yeah, I thought Spiral was fantastic too - I watched it initially to see Zac, otherwise I mightn't have heard about it, but I was totally blown away by both your performance & the film itself. Keep writing :)

JoelDavidMoore29 karma

Sorry! missed this. Thank you, we put it all out there for this film. Zac is an incredible talent. All his work proves that.

Giant657 karma

Did you enjoy making out with the Russian from Dodgeball?

Side question, What is Vince Vaughn like, I keep picturing him exactly like in the movie swingers, like all the time.

JoelDavidMoore93 karma

That Russan is the beautiful Missi Pyle, who is amazing.

He's exactly who you see. He's also brilliant, if that doesn't come through all the time.

My_little_hammy56 karma

Do you randomly ever start talking in the J.P (Grandma's Boy) robot voice?

JoelDavidMoore115 karma

I keep that inside. If he comes out, he is dangerous.

TheLiteraryNoob48 karma

Wasn't there some sex scene with you and Michelle Rodriguez that we missed out on?

JoelDavidMoore99 karma

In the extended version of Avatar (avail on dvd and blue ray) you see our love story. It was cut out of the theatrical release.

TeslaBoyGangsta43 karma

How good is your Alan Rickman impersonation?

JoelDavidMoore97 karma

Talk slow and carry a large stick.

zoompowko41 karma

Hi joel! Loved you in Grandma's Boy and Avatar! I found it interesting that your avatar died with you still connected, and your character essentially experienced death. Will we be seeing you in future Avatar movies? Also, just to keep things casual, what is your favorite color? :)

JoelDavidMoore72 karma

That's very smart. Yes, we talked about that, and how that would effect someone. That was part of my 'hero' turn, and how tough the effects were coming out of the pod after my Avatar was shot.

They have announced 3 more avatar films. We are all very excited. And hush hushed. ;)

Canadian___bacon39 karma

I won't deny it. Your role in Grandmas Boy was one of the funniest I've seen in my entire life.

JoelDavidMoore36 karma


kewlata38 karma

How close did you become with everyone on the Bones cast?

JoelDavidMoore55 karma

After 5 seasons you become close. They are the best, they have so much fun, are so kind, and take their jobs seriously (when we all have to).

1950sAmericanFather33 karma

Hey Joel!

Was it difficult staying in character as JP in Grandma's Boy with such a quirky character and such a funny co-cast?

JoelDavidMoore62 karma

Very difficult. I broke a lot. Swardson would feed me the most ridiculous lines, and I would try to get them out without laughing. Needless to say, I failed a lot.

paleposeidon27 karma

Have you ever had Mac n cheese in your underwear?

JoelDavidMoore82 karma

The real question is... have I ever NOT

scifiman_4225 karma

Did you ever go to CBGB's when it was open?

JoelDavidMoore30 karma

I never had the chance to, but because of all the studying I did for it, I felt like I have! There's such a rich history in that place. The movie is a love letter to the Punk rock movement. It's a fascinating time and story.

straightedgejoe25 karma

I just have a couple questions.

  1. What would you say was the best part of working on Dodgeball?

2.Why was there never a sequel to dodgeball?!!

  1. What sort of research did you do to play Joey Ramone?

JoelDavidMoore45 karma

Having the amazing opportunity to work with Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller on my FIRST FILM was crazy. I was able to just be a sponge and create funny with two of the funniest guys in film.

There was a sequel announced to Dodgeball this year. We're very excited, and hope to tell you more about it soon.

Since Joey has passed away, I researched through reading books, articles, and watching docs. I also had the great opportunity to talk with people who knew him, worked with him, and played with him. So there were a lot of great resources to work with.

koyima23 karma

"Iee haete your face!"

Edit: just kidding JP! you are awesome.

JoelDavidMoore25 karma


fufterbach20 karma

The Hottie and the Nottie. Why?

JoelDavidMoore26 karma

Why not?

JoelDavidMoore50 karma

seriously though... You do some for pleasure, and some for work. You don't know how any film will end up. Some don't turn out as well as others. But thats the journey. From big budget to small, not all things are amazing.

chooter19 karma

You are a very versatile actor. What's your favorite type of project to be involved with, and why?

JoelDavidMoore29 karma

As a character actor, there is a lot of freedom to bounce back and forth in genres of film. That's what I love about it. I love making people laugh, but I'm not a 'comedian'. I play roles that may be funny, but I grew up doing dramatic as much as comedic. That probably helped round out my interest and ability in both genres.

Isbjornen198717 karma

Do you agree that avatar was the best movie of all time? I really loved your acting in the movie. You did a great job.

JoelDavidMoore68 karma

I can't say whether it was the best. It was the biggest, and we know that because of statistics. But the 'best' is subjective. Everyone has different likes, and enjoy different things. Every person has a different favorite movie. That's what makes my industry so interesting. It's all personal.

jay24k16 karma

Wish I was known for underwear modeling.

JoelDavidMoore49 karma

me too :(

Furnace_Admirer13 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA, What was your favorite part about working on set and with the cast of Avatar?

If you could choose to be in any one popular TV show today, what would it be?

JoelDavidMoore24 karma

Working on Avatar was fascinating from beginning to end. There really isn't one moment, the entire thing was like going to graduate school. Every day you're learning something new from Cameron. He is arguably the smartest man I've ever met, so it's all an educational experience.

The cast was phenomenal on this, and I can't wait for our future work together.

This will be my 5th season of Bones, and I've enjoyed every moment with that cast and crew. I have an exciting project on the TV side that will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

haze712 karma

Huge fan here. I loved Hatchet and have a few questions. What is your favorite horror movie? And how easily could you kick Kane Hodders ass if you really felt like it?

JoelDavidMoore37 karma

Kane Hodder would make a mud pie out of my innards in T-minus 3-0 seconds. That's why we're friends. You want someone like that on your side.

I'm a big horror fan, so narrowing down my favorite would be hard. But check out these horror films if you haven't seen them: High Tension, The Decent (original), Let the Right One In, and Princess Bride

JoelDavidMoore42 karma

(that last one was a joke)

Zaccagnino12 karma

FISHER!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. i have a terrible memory when it comes to remembering what happened on TV shows. where have you been on bones. did something happen to you that you wont be returning to bones. or will you be back?

JoelDavidMoore16 karma

As our Governator says... I'll be back

mister_smee12 karma


JoelDavidMoore31 karma

I was a skater kid when I was young, so Punk was HUGE to me. One of my first cool t-shirts I ever owned was Ramones. I grew up in Portland, so we were close to the revamped Punk movement in Seattle, with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc... When I was young I didnt know they were different movements. It was all just music I liked.

I kind of listen to it all. Grew up loving rap and hip hop. Still am a fan. But I mostly enjoy singer songwriter; Damien Rice, Paolo Nutini, David Gray, Deathcab, Iron and Wine. Those are non stop for me.

PaulVentura10 karma



JoelDavidMoore40 karma

Are you having an aneurism?

Kiroto10 karma

Is this whole 'acting' thing just a way to afford robot legs? How close are you if so?

JoelDavidMoore15 karma

It really does. I'm close... very close...

Frajer10 karma

How did you get into character as Joey Ramone?

JoelDavidMoore12 karma

books, articles, docs. And talking with people who knew him. I studied his performances, the way he shrugged his shoulder, the way he held his head, his hands, the mic... everything.

Rockon4ever9 karma

Hey, I'm a huge fan of yours and I just wanted to know - what do you want to have achieved in the next 5 years (like finally going skydiving or winning an academy award)?

JoelDavidMoore16 karma

I've gone skydiving. I don't worry too much about an academy award. That's something I don't think actors dwell on. It's not a tangible goal, until something is made that could reach that level. When we made Avatar, we didn't even know it would take home Oscars. It's all about the process.

_Buddha9 karma

Favourite pair of underwear?

JoelDavidMoore40 karma


Accent129 karma

I used to live around the corner from CB's. I remember being there and all the candles out in front of the place when Joey died. I got to see the Ramones on their final tour when I was 16 and would see Joey walking around the East Village all the time and was completely in awe. Are you a fan of them? How is Rickman as Hilly? I've been excited about this film since I've heard of it. I just hope its true to form as to how the place was, I've been there a lot and its a huge thing to me. Do they touch on the Cro-Mags at all? Also, is there going to be an Avatar 2 & 3? If so, what's the schedule for that? Thanks!

JoelDavidMoore11 karma

Wow. Thats amazing. I never got a chance to see The Ramones in concert, and regret that. Was such a fan of their music when I was young. There was over 50k bands that went through CB's, so they had to choose a handful to cover. But I think Randy (director) chose the right ones to represent everything that Cb's was.

Yes, the sequels to Avatar are announced, and coming up. And we're all excited about them.

RakoGumi7 karma

Just happy to catch a AMA quite early :)

So here is a question, what is your all time favourite food?

JoelDavidMoore14 karma

my mothers Spaghetti

hannah_storm6 karma


JoelDavidMoore10 karma

Tickling me makes me laugh. So yes, I'm ticklish. My feet are as well. Unless you have a foot fetish and you're trying to get something out of me... cuz in that case... HELL YES.

Matt_Goats6 karma

Holy shit, I found an AMA in time to ask a question. How do you act amazed by the environment in a movie like Avatar, when so much of the movie is CG?

JoelDavidMoore11 karma

Because we had all the tools necessary to understand what was surrounding us at all times. Mo Cap world takes a lot of imagination, but its fun, it takes you back to doing theater, and imagining everything around you.

pickaninnybillboard6 karma

How did you decide how to portray a character like Joey Ramone? Did you speak with the living Ramones, Tommy, Marky, CJ, or Richie?

JoelDavidMoore10 karma

No but I spoke to a lot of friends of Joeys. A lot was done through Lisa Krystol, Hillly's daughter, who was there the entire time helping the cast. She's a gem.

cursemyvestigialarms6 karma

Should I go see Killing Winston Jones when it comes out?

JoelDavidMoore10 karma

Next year. Excited for everyone to see it.

Elleinstereo6 karma

Weren't you in a weird movie involving some backwoods murders in New Orleans?

JoelDavidMoore18 karma


Enbilt6 karma

What was it like shooting Katy Perry's 'Waking Up in Vegas'?

JoelDavidMoore10 karma

Katy is an epic talent. Much more than a pop star. There's a reason she is where she is. working with her and director Joseph Kahn was a delight.

Wisens6 karma


How much of your character in Bones was you and how much was scripted? It just seems like the character fit so well. I really enjoyed it when they gave you screen time.

JoelDavidMoore8 karma

The character, as you know if you're a follower of the series, has changed in time. It's been a blast to create and change him along the way. He's a very complex, fun character, and he will continue to change. That's what I like about him.

shotgundivorce6 karma

Any news on a sequel to Avatar?

JoelDavidMoore16 karma

3 sequels announced.

SpaZMonKeY7775 karma

I'll avoid all these silly movie related questions and get a serious topic. How can I begin the process of getting robot ears?

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

google them. They're everywhere

swifferMorty4 karma

Who's Steve the piriate?

JoelDavidMoore16 karma

logistically, Alan Tudyk.

laythistorest4 karma

What's Sigourney Weaver like?

She seems like she could be a total badass off set.

JoelDavidMoore8 karma

one of my favorite people I've met in this industry. Just classy all around. She's pretty amazing.

robotqt14 karma

What was it like doing Shark Night in 3D? Your character was my favorite in that (you seemed like the only one who wasn't like a flat stock character), shame you got killed off.

Also, do you think any of those sharks would survive in the Wilamette River?

JoelDavidMoore7 karma

Since those were salt water sharks, no. They wouldn't do well in fresh water. They also wouldn't do well with all the Granolas in P-town either. Sharks get sad quickly.

TacoPrince4 karma

Any plans on working with the Happy Madison gang again? Of all the good lines in Grandna's Boy, my friends and I quote you the most. Any improv lines from you for that character? It was geeen... -ius.

JoelDavidMoore8 karma

a lot of it was improv. Swardson would holler out different lines to say, and we'd try to keep a straight face saying them.

EagleOx3 karma

How does it feel to be part of a movie that was voted as the best of its year (Avatar)?

JoelDavidMoore9 karma

An amazing feeling, and all in all the movie was an amazing feat. It was incredibly difficult to make, and at times I'm sure we all felt 'is all this going to work?' But Cameron had no doubts, and thats why it is what it is. And why he is who he is.

DisplacedLeprechaun3 karma

Do/did you smoke weed? I figure anyone involved with Grandma's Boy might but there's always a chance you don't partake.

Of course then I read comments about how you grew up around Portland with the new punk scene and I triple guess myself.

Edit: Also I wish you were featured more in Avatar, any chance you'll be returning for the sequel?

JoelDavidMoore7 karma

not a huge fan of it. But don't have an issue with it, politically.

yes, the Avatar stuff is all being figured out now... stay tuned...

happy_reddit3 karma

Can you please list a few things you love, and dislike, about being an actor/working in film?

JoelDavidMoore6 karma

Love the creativity, hate the business. That says it all. I'm sure every actor would agree.

When the business side gets in the way of the creative, it becomes very messy. I've dealt with that first person, and it never ends well.

papillonpark3 karma

What's a genre of film that you haven't been in, but really want to try out?

JoelDavidMoore5 karma

I've finda been around all genres. I guess I'll search out a Film Noire movie to be in.

Aurora_I_Am3 karma

Joel, JP is probably my favorite movie character ever. How did you film some of those choice scenes and keep a straight face? Did you have to cut repeatedly due to cracking up? Also, what percentage of his one-liners would you say were improvised??

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

we didn't. we cracked up all the time. A lot were fed to me by the brilliant Nick Swardson.

KillerBeeTX3 karma

The Ramones is my favorite band and when I heard you were playing Joey Ramone, my first reaction was mixed, but I then saw the trailer and I was immediately impressed. I think you did him justice. The movie looks amazing and I can't wait to see it.

What was the hardest part of becoming Joey Ramone? Did you learn anything about him that surprised you when prepping for your role?

JoelDavidMoore7 karma

I've talked a lot about this above, so check those answers out. It was an honor to portray him, and I'm happy you think I did him justice. It was what I was most worried about, because he's such an iconic character.

dukenewcomb923 karma

Seeing as you've got insider information, is Pandora all it's cracked up to be?

JoelDavidMoore6 karma


Paulus813 karma

Grandma's Boy was awesome!! Your character on Bones is pretty well played by you, seems type-cast. Good luck with your future movies.

JoelDavidMoore3 karma


funknut2 karma

Hey, you went to SOU with my wife. We consider you to be the pride of Portland. Happy to see you getting attention! Love your work. Keep it up!

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

Thanks! Who's your wife?

headpool1822 karma

Joel! Loved you in art school confidential, grandma's boy, and dodgeball! My question: If you could make another movie like grandma's boy, about JP, would you do it?

JoelDavidMoore3 karma


elfwicket2 karma

I love you in Grandma's Boy! I love you in a lot of things I've seen you in. What was your favorite character to play? What is your dream character that you would love to play and with who?

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

G boy was one of my faves. Owen in Dodgeball another. I played Hitler in the film Chillerama, and that was a delightful ridiculous piece, that's quite brilliant if you haven't seen it.

ZyzzbMirin2 karma

so did you and samantha end up getting together at the end? because fuck alex, you're a RO-BOT-bzzt. loved the window licker too.

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

Who's to say we didn't yeah?!

hazzleby2 karma

Hey Joel! I met you while visiting LA a couple years ago at a museum, and you were a super cool dude. To this day, I still kick myself for not asking you to do a JP impression, but I didn't want to annoy you.

Anyway, do you have a favorite line from Grandma's Boy? What was the best part of being a part of that movie?

JoelDavidMoore1 karma

A: You should have.

B: I was in a museum??

JoelDavidMoore1 karma

Best part was meeting the guys who are now my good friends in life.

DavidARoop2 karma

I cannot begin to describe how much I loved your character in Grandma's Boy. You nailed it.

Is there a more serious part you would really have loved to play in another film that you felt you would have been perfect for?

JoelDavidMoore7 karma

There's a lot of films I wish I booked, every actor does.

But everything happens for a reason, and I'm very proud of the hard work and ups and downs, and what I've learned along the way.

Mikeaz1232 karma

My friend dirk works on bones in the sound dept. tell him Mike from Phoenix says hi!

JoelDavidMoore3 karma


throwaway6899081 karma

How is Paris Hilton in real life?

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

she is wonderful. Seriously

soundslikeseagull1 karma

Is Alan Rickman as terrifyingly brilliant/just plain terrifying as I imagine him to be in person?

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

and more

loveisahigherlaw1 karma

I realize that I'm incredibly late to the party, but I'll take a shot.

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE you in Bones. I adore that show!

What are Emily and David like in real life? Thanks!

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

Both great, both hard workers, both successful for a reason. It's not a mistake when people lead shows that last for 9 years. They are the tops.

Whodabagel1 karma

Hi there, Joel.
You had all the best advice in Art School Confidential. Did you talk to Dan Clowes much during the making of the film? How heavily did his input impact your performance?

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

of course, Dan is great. Such a true talent that one. Jealous.....

nairebis1 karma

There are a lot of mixed opinions on James Cameron. Is he as hard to get along with as everyone says? It's clear that he's a brilliant guy and he wants as perfect a job as possible. You've already said it was a learning experience all the time, but did it ever cross the line into abuse? Did you ever think, "this crap is so not worth it." :)

Bottom line, what is Cameron like to work with day to day?

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

He is one of the greatest, and THE hardest working person I've ever met. Don't believe the gossip.

The_Eloquent_Pumpkin1 karma

Wow, I just saw Avatar like 1 hour ago! :O Just wanted to say that your acting is outstanding!

JoelDavidMoore2 karma


canada_dryer1 karma

ever miss The Joy of Christmas?

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

YES! And all my DC folk!

Elba_Kroop_Was_Here1 karma

Hey Joel. How hard was it playing Hitler... I mean really... was it tough? Or just silly fun? My friend was in a section of that movie and he said he had a ton of fun.

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

Didn't know how to feel about it at first. But since there were a lot of Jews on board (even the writer/director Adam Green, who is a very good friend of mine) I decided it was ok. It turned out great!

josephine_amos1 karma

Hello, Joel, I'm so happy I opened this by chance, I've been a fan ever since LAX! You're so talented and funny, and I think I might be a little in love with you! :-) I have a silly question:

  1. Are you ticklish? If so, where are your tickly spots?

All my best, can't wait for more Avatar and Bones! X

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

This is my second ticklish question in 5 minutes. Have I accidentally hopped on to a tickle fetish forum? If so, HERE I AM WORLD!!

My sides, and my feet

JohnQZoidberg1 karma

Love you in Bones... your macabre negativity is kind of brilliant.

Also, have you figured out that operation for giving yourself robot legs yet? I really hope that pans out...

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

I love that. Macabre Negativity....

Not yet. Soon....

BradManThompson1 karma

Hi Joel, big fan of your work!

Was the production of Shark Night was fun as it looked on screen? I'd imagine filming a campy summer movie would be more fun than a serious role.

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

The cast and director was the reason I did that film. It was a blast to make. Shot in real 3D, none of that post 3D conversion. We all had the wonderful opportunity to know and work with David Ellis before he passed away. Memories I will never forget.

jbrun851 karma

  1. Are you ever confused with Dirk Nowitzki?
  2. Have you ever met Dirk Nowitzki?
  3. Can you dunk?

JoelDavidMoore5 karma

1: I've had that 2: no 3: years ago. I'm tall so i've played bball my life. But my body decided in my 30's that dunking was not an option anymore.

GeezerMuldoon1 karma

Do you live techno? do you have robot ears?

JoelDavidMoore3 karma

do I live it? Sure. I also love it

brownstreak1 karma

Solid job in Avatar! What was it like working with James Cameron? Also how did you get into this career and what made you choose it? Thanks for doing the AMA!

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

Thanks! Working with Cameron is the single most educational and special experience of my career.

I started acting when I was 15, went to college for it, graduated from SOU, then worked 2 seasons at Oregon Shakespeare Fest before I came to LA. So, a lot of hard work before making the decision to get into this industry.

page_mathews1 karma

Hi Mr. Joel David Moore, here's a bunch of fun questions:

  1. When was the last time you almost died laughing?
  2. When will we see a love interest for you on Bones?
  3. What's your biggest weakness?
  4. What's one thing fans would never guess about you?

Cheer-o! xx

JoelDavidMoore1 karma

1: I laugh all the time. never hospitalized though so I think I'm doing well. 2: all being discussed. 3: Bunnies 4: I own a home full of bunnies

KlaatuBrute1 karma

Serious question. Would it bother you if I told you that the first thing I think of when hearing your name is "Adios, turd nuggets!" Loved that movie and your role.

JoelDavidMoore1 karma

thanks again!!

adamolsen0 karma

Dear Joel, Not a big fan here, I'd say I'm just a moderate fan of an appropriate degree per the quality of work you produce... anyway... now that you're directing more what would you say the biggest challenge is for the US concerning North Korea?

JoelDavidMoore4 karma

Adam, you need to worry more about the 'friends' you keep than foreign country debate. Also, can you reheat my coffee I'm busy making people happy.

adamolsen1 karma

So what you're saying is, a steadfast military front and good relations with their neighboring nations? Solid.

JoelDavidMoore2 karma

..... yes. Run with that. (And make sure people know I said it)