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Qwertstormer15 karma

You might want to finish your website before releasing it to the public.

videogoogoo6 karma

It is finished. Just experiencing lag. I have not set it up with cloudflare yet.

Update: It will propagate on the cloudflare CDN soon, so any lag should theoretically go away.

Craften8 karma

So why do I see Dropdown 1/2/3/4/5 when I'm hovering over ''Popular''.

Looks like the site itself would prove useful, I hope you guys get it off the ground!

videogoogoo8 karma

aw thanks so much man, I really appreciate it. :]

money_boi3 karma

Also, the 'About' --> 'Our Team' is dummy text. How come no one uses Lorem ipsum?

videogoogoo3 karma

Don't really have any team..yet. :/

raven124563 karma

http://i.imgur.com/behrMGR.png (Dropdown under popular has field "Dropdown, Dropdown 2, etc)

http://i.imgur.com/Y5ia1vp.png (When uploading movie, under category, "Music" section has "Dropdown, etc." as sub-categories)

http://i.imgur.com/Ddh3AKy.png (Placeholder still present under About>Locations)

The first three are free

videogoogoo3 karma

yeah, those are dropdowns alright..

anders9877 karma

Why are you using Flash instead of HTML5 video?

Will you support hotlinking and embedding like imgur does?

FFmpeg supports more than just mp4 and flv, so I guess you're not using that. Why not, and what are you using instead?

With HTML5 video and hotlinking this could replace a lot of gif animations.

videogoogoo2 karma

It accepts html5. It uses JW Player which is open source. We will.

LiquidSnak37 karma

Is it vid-gur ir vidgurrr?

videogoogoo6 karma

its two syllables, vid-gur. Similar to ya-hoo, goo-gle. :)

idigyourpast6 karma

What kind of size limits will you place on videos? Do you foresee licensed content becoming a problem down the road?

videogoogoo5 karma

Copyrighted material will pose a problem, but we will deal with it accordingly, and follow all procedures dictated by law. :) Size limits, we haven't put a limit on it (yet).

KonaCoiler6 karma

No questions, but I just want to say good luck! I think the name is really catchy and I hope it takes off.

Edit: I do have a question! Will you be able to download/resize other people's vids like you can with YouTube extensions etc.?

videogoogoo5 karma

thanks man, thats really appreciated. :)

timenspace774 karma

How are you going to prevent it from becoming a safe haven for abusive/exploitative content?

All too often these sort of websites claim no responsibility over the hosted content, are lax on enforcement, and then they end up going to the dogs.

videogoogoo3 karma

I would need to consult with lawyers to help me out in that area I imagine. For now, I will try to control it as best I can. I would love some help though.

rwl00064 karma

Is it vid gur or vid jurr?

videogoogoo2 karma

vid gur. its two syllables. its catchy, I liked the name. its easy to say and rolls off the tongue. :)

HotrodCorvair6 karma

Truthfully, I've never pronounced imgur as imager. It's always looked like im-gur to me. So vid-gur sounds right to me.

videogoogoo2 karma

THANK YOU! :) Finally..

anotherguy25 karma

doesn't have the same appeal as 'imgur', sorry.

videogoogoo0 karma

Some will disagree. :) thank you for your opinion.

brain4breakfast4 karma

This is what the internet needs! Can't believe I've not seen it done before!

To what extent do you foresee reddit.com being a big part of vidgur? How and why did you start vidgur?

videogoogoo4 karma

I just wanted to simplify the process. Most sites require you to register, and go through a verification process, checking your email, clicking a link, etc etc. I wanted to avoid all that and give people the option. Much like reddit, you CAN pick a username and register if you want. But for now, its strictly just uploading a video and sharing it with the people you want. Really simple. :]

I tried to contact reddit offices but no one answered. I started the idea when I realized there wasn't a service that was open source and free and that didn't require users to have to go through a tedious and boring procedure in order to share a video.

h3yf3ll44 karma

vidgur is the worst fucking name.

videogoogoo2 karma

That's what they said about imgur, but to each his own. I personally think it sounds good.

ouroborosity5 karma

But if it's Imgur, then shouldn't you be Vidur?

videogoogoo-1 karma

Not necessarily, we wanted to make it different. We saw a need for this, thats why it was made.

mniss2 karma

Please name it videogoogoo. Pretty please.

videogoogoo0 karma

lol.. I got it from the band Queen. They are my idols. Video goo goo, video gaga

adenzerda3 karma

So … what does the ‘gur’ in imgur and vidgur mean, anyway?

videogoogoo0 karma

The website doesn't really have any meaning, much like instagram, airbnb, hipmunk. I just thought it sounded nice and was two syllables and had vid in it, which was the most important part.

h3yf3ll44 karma

instagram: instant record/image

airbnb: Air, Bed & Breakfast

hipmunk: terrible nonsense name, no one uses hipmunk.


videogoogoo2 karma

that is a good analogy.

h3yf3ll42 karma

is it a good analogy or a good analogur?

videogoogoo0 karma


divs_pl3 karma

So what kind of material will not be allowed there? For example nudity or gore?

videogoogoo5 karma

Well, actually when I explained the idea to Alan, creator of imgur, he said it would be a hit with the gone wild community. My issue though has been to separate both segments, so I have found that its best to have the NSFW content to not appear on the homepage. So you would only be able to search for that content, similar to imgur.

stevenmw3 karma

What is it written in? If Python are you using Django? What database are you using?

money_boi4 karma

Looks like they are using Wordpress

videogoogoo-1 karma

wordpress for backbone, its open source and free, mysql for db, cloudflare for cdn, JW player for video. All of this is open source and free. Plus its highly customizable.

stevenmw6 karma

But isn't that kind of a weak concept for a site like this? It's all free and that's great. But so are a lot of other useful things.

Linux, Apache, MySQL (and other forks), PHP, Perl, Python, etc. Everything you need to setup your own server and build your site. Then there are all kinds of other things to beef it up and make it secure.

Don't you feel that you are going to need more than Wordpress to run a site like this? I mean you are going to have a ton of unknown users just uploading videos to your server. Don't think you should at least have some kind of back end written where you can see what exactly is going on and what content might be questionable? After so many videos you won't be able to just browse through and see what is all there. it'd take forever. Then as far as the site's speed wouldn't you get more out of it if you built your own customize things in either Python or at least php?

videogoogoo-1 karma

Not really. Some of the top sites on the internet use it, and I don't think the majority of people would mind what its using so long as it works. If I had a team of people who could help make customized like I can do with wp than I wouldn't mind. But its working for now, and is highly customizable. You can pretty much do anything on it, and I'm sure it will be capable. The creator of WP made an AMA not too long ago. I believe in the same things that many other people believe in, that things should be open source and free. But mainly that things should be simple. And easy.

I appreciate your advice though. :) I would love to turn this into an app someday, make it really easy. You upload a video, get a link back and thats it. No reg process. No email verification process.

aabbccatx3 karma

What will be your size limit?

videogoogoo0 karma

We haven't put any limit on it yet. But im sure we will in the future down the road.

MaxBroek3 karma

I personally think this sounds like a really good idea!

My question: are there any other sites with the same concept as yours? If there are, why aren't they as popular as imgur?

videogoogoo2 karma

not that I know of? But it would be great if there was. I would love the idea of having help on the site.

money_boi2 karma

Do you keep any logs of IP address? Google Analytics?

videogoogoo-2 karma

Like any other website Im sure we will have to employ ads sometime in the future if it becomes popular so it might require tracking through google analytics.

Aszolus2 karma

please don't go the youtube route...video ads are horrible.

videogoogoo0 karma

I don't want to, and won't have to right now. Its just starting.

gkidd1 karma

No question, just a suggestion. Please make it as minimalistic/simple as possible and keep it that way. Every big website is going the same route.

When youtube started it was good, now it's cluttered with "features" and "functions" that nobody actually needs.

I want to watch a video and that's pretty much it. Imgur is great in this.

videogoogoo1 karma

thats what I want for the site.

pinkwaff1e1 karma

Best of luck!!! I'm sure you guys will do great :)

videogoogoo-1 karma

Thank you, that means a lot! Preach the word! :)

ubomw1 karma

Well, there is a need, but I'm getting slow videos. I'm not in the USA though.

videogoogoo1 karma

I'm sorry. I hosted this with the little income I had to start with. Per suggestions by Mr Grim, I got it hosted on media temple and have a CDN on cloudflare. Hopefully we can get better hosting in the future.

ubomw1 karma

Don't be sorry, Youtube is bad here too.

videogoogoo2 karma

haha, thanks :)

tremorz18850 karma

By copying imgurs name it shows just how uncreative you are. Your website isn't special and it's could easily be emulated.

Try something original.

videogoogoo3 karma

Uncreative? The first person I told about my idea WAS the creator of imgur. He told me the ideas were good and solid, he said there was a need for it, he believed in my idea, and he has been the only one who helped me and gave me amazing advice. Were it not for him, I wouldn't have even considered making the site.

tremorz18850 karma

Uncreative for using the same gur name. If he really believed in those videos he would be doing it himself.

videogoogoo1 karma

I'm not going to argue with you, but I will only say that after we discussed it, he said he would have loved to but imgur occupies all his time. And I could understand where he is coming from. Trust me, I wanted to work on it with him, and I would still love for them to become sister sites and for me to refer people to go to imgur for image hosting, which I will definitely do. :)