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If G-d forbid, Israel's security is compromised, so would be compromised the entire western civilization.

Don't you feel that's a bit of an overstatement? It isn't as if you're the only one holding the hordes of angry barbarians at bay. I think the case could be made that Israel's presence is a contributing factor to Islamist extremism.

I don't deny that the Jewish people have a right to exist and live in a place of their own, but I do disagree with the rapid expansionism along your borders.

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What kind of size limits will you place on videos? Do you foresee licensed content becoming a problem down the road?

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Considering that our involvement with Israel is the source of much of the tension America has with traditionally Muslim nations, and that Israel itself is increasingly antagonistic towards Palestine, why should the United States continue to support Israel?

It feels like we're defending a kid that repeatedly pokes a dog with a stick, and then complains that the dog bit him.

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Another question: do you find that most Westerners (or more specifically, Americans) tend to lump Iran in with the Arab states? Do you think that there would be a different feeling toward Iran if more people realized that Persian culture is distinct from Arab culture, and that Iran isn't the stereotypical Middle-Eastern country (in terms of culture, climate/geography, etc.)?

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Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but it seems like I'm always hearing how the youth in Iran want dramatic social and political change. Well, if that's the case, and the youth grow to be the new leaders of the country, why hasn't that change come about yet? Are they becoming jaded as the grow older, or is the power held by such a small minority that the will of their people doesn't account for much?