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Winners of today's wars will portray them as noble, that's what the kids of the future will be taught.

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I have the same problem, and yesterday I read an LPT that might help (link).

Maybe I'm just hoping too much that it helps, but I've only put anti dandruff shampoo once since then and I don't sweat as much.

Usually when I come out of the shower, until I put some clothes on I already have sweaty armpits... Not after I used the shampoo, weird, but it works for me :D

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Oh, I'm not quite familiar with the roles of barristers. But since you're so long in the field, do you happen to know if that's the case with lawyers? That's for my previous question. Thanks for your response and this AMA!

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If a client confesses to you of a crime, but only to you. What do you do? Do you defend him or go to the police, or just don't defend him? If there's difference depending of the crime, please explain. Thanks

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No question, just a suggestion. Please make it as minimalistic/simple as possible and keep it that way. Every big website is going the same route.

When youtube started it was good, now it's cluttered with "features" and "functions" that nobody actually needs.

I want to watch a video and that's pretty much it. Imgur is great in this.