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vitacirclejerk215 karma

PS4 or XboxOne?

therealmonsteris516 karma

I'd vote for the PS4

therealmonsteris271 karma

ps4 all the way! Franklin Trevor and Micheal would say the same thing. hint hint!

16tmorgan201 karma

Do the chickens have large talons?

therealmonsteris241 karma


jsto34180 karma

Hey, Efren! Most people I know either love or hate Napoleon Dynamite. There seems to be no middleground. I love it. Did you have any idea that it was going to become as popular as it did? Also, what was it like working with Danny McBride on Eastbound and Down? Thanks!

therealmonsteris241 karma

No, I had no idea. I am grateful for what has happened. It was luck, when skill meets the right moment. EB&D was awesome. Danny and "the pirates" were so inspiring! They taught me "anything is possible!" Kenny F Powers such a great character! I'm proud of all the actors i've worked with so far in this journey.

jsto3497 karma

Thanks for the response! You seem like a humble dude. I wish you continued success!

therealmonsteris159 karma


Bryz_40 karma

He's so humble, that if he ran for office, I would totally vote for him!

therealmonsteris81 karma

sweet and double sweet!

therealmonsteris168 karma

i'll be leaving shortly. you can all find me on twitter https://twitter.com/EfrenRamirez be good do good everyone and thank you. you have all been wonderful. I will come back again soon . Pz!

Dat_Mane144 karma

Can your cousins offer me protection?

therealmonsteris185 karma

of course brutha!

bli1182130 karma

Are you totally different from Pedro to real life, or are you somewhat similar? If you ever run for any position, i'll vote for you!

therealmonsteris284 karma

Actors have to work from truth no matter what. There was something endearing about Pedro That I will always carry with me. He believed in friendship and becoming and doing something better. I too believe that! Any film I have have done, the most important thing is to be true to the characters wants and needs, and show that. Don't think I will be running anytime soon, but thanks for your vote and my advice, go out there in life be good and do good no matter what!

doeur94 karma

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

therealmonsteris400 karma


JaredLetoApproves75 karma

What's your favorite mythical creature?

therealmonsteris180 karma

it's called a Meouchface! combination of a mermaid and a cat.

therealmonsteris132 karma

P.s. I know jared, He's a kool cat!

madwit75 karma

Will they ever make more Napoleon cartoons?

therealmonsteris126 karma

IDK. They were really funny! Sometimes we just gotta say, "It's in the hands of the Gods".

Mrunclesam73 karma

How often do people recognize you as Pedro? Does it get annoying?

therealmonsteris137 karma

a lot. But's all good. It's a character that people enjoy. I' played many characters so far and thus has been a wonderful road. I just hope that every character I play is welcomed with open arms.

Copywrites65 karma

Efren, I love the Crank movies. Were you Surprised when they asked you to come back for the second movie and did you have more fun playing Venus or Kaylo?

therealmonsteris78 karma

I love the crank films too. Playing both Venus and Kaylo was an interesting experience. They were so different from me and from each other. There was more fun with Venus Because he was such an extrovert even with his condition.

Wrestlingisgood55 karma

Also any plans for a sequel to Napoleon?

therealmonsteris123 karma

There have always been thoughts looming about this. I think because the characters are rich and wonderful. What do you do when you strip activity and technology. these characters are stuck with each other. I would like to see what would happen to these characters. They were such interesting people. Imagine them all living in New York? Funny huh!

round_headed_idiot33 karma

Have you proposed that idea to the producers because I would watch the fudge out of that film. Even better if they all came to Britain. Something like Green Streets but funny.

therealmonsteris75 karma

I could see Napoleon and Pedro walking through Camden Town! On their way to Ministry of Sound, prior to their pint at a pub as they look for wolverines!

misterhastedt50 karma

What are some of your favorite TV shows? Is there a show right now that you would kill to have a cameo in?

therealmonsteris181 karma

walking dead and breaking bad. walking dead and breaking bad.

iamonredditbitch49 karma

Why should we vote for you ?

therealmonsteris178 karma

because "If you vote for me,... All of your wildest dreams will come true!" :-)

toggioli48 karma

Do you have a sweet bike? Are you really good at hooking up with chicks?


therealmonsteris104 karma

Funny! yeah I do! It's a Trek! My friends and I go mountain biking! It's flippin awesome! hmmmmm?

Wrestlingisgood41 karma

Would you vote for yourself?

therealmonsteris94 karma

Promising your wildest dreams to come true is a big task! Well I figured if you wanna get the job done, you do it yourself. If your honest and have good character and tell the truth, well, you should get a vote. yeah I would. I would vote for me, and I wold vote for Pedro! Mean people suck!

atyndall41 karma

Do you think Casa de mi Padre will ever pull a Napoleon Dynamite and become a cult classic? That movie is fucking great.

therealmonsteris54 karma

Thank you! Will Ferrel was awesome! I loooove all those guys from "Gary Sanchez Productions.". They were all great peeps!

GetThoseNailBreakers37 karma

No questions. I just wanted to tell you that you're adorable.

therealmonsteris55 karma


depolarizednexcited28 karma

Hey Efren.

A) I really love your first name. Do you know the meaning, or if there was a cool story behind it?

B) I saw Nepolean Dynamite with my Dad, and I remember that he thought that the portrayal Mexicans was racist. Thoughts? Have you ever turned down a role because you didn't like how it presented Latinos?

therealmonsteris77 karma

A) It was derived from Efrain, which was derived from the bible old testament Ephriam meaning fruitful land. b)no! Idon't think it was racist at all. I have cousins exactly like that. Every character exists! It is my job to find his core and bring out the truth from that. We all want to succeed in life, we all want to see how the characters grow and turn out. I was pleased to see what happens to Pedro. He Gets a best friend and becomes President. He learns that in this country, anything is possible. And that, to me, was truly amazing. As an actor being latino Pues its my job as an artist to find the goodness in all characters and work with writers to show that. I'm proud of who I am, I'm proud of what I do. Your Dad should watch Employee of the Month film. He'll like that character too.

shotnuke00515 karma

Is it weird that I can picture every response you do in pedros voice?

therealmonsteris65 karma

i love it. thats exactly how i am responding ... or something.

Johns425015 karma

Did MTV really screw the cast out of profits from the Napoleon Dynamite movie, or is that just a nasty rumor?

therealmonsteris38 karma

No, they did not. I honestly believe No one knew where this film was going. What we all did know was that it had its irony of what was to be unexpected and a lot of heart. It truly was a creative collaboration. I believe if they did it once, they can do it again and work rightfully so with studios.

TripsB1314 karma

Favorite scene from Napoleon?

therealmonsteris72 karma

When he gets hit with a steak as Napoleon and Pedro ride back to home! OMG so fuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny!

hashtagmadi14 karma

Hi Mr. Ramirez. What do you consider to be your greatest personal achievement?

Also, what is your favorite type of soup?

therealmonsteris39 karma

knowing that it's ok with what I do. Artist can only hope the characters they portray are best told and shared with an audience. I do my best to be honest with the work I do. And enjoy the creative collaboration with directors and writers and studios. I just keep doing it. I love looooove what I do. My reward; audience being able to enjoy the stories and characters. Arroz con pollo! Homemade chicken soup with rice and potatos! yummmm!

iwasfresh13 karma

do girls have you go into character when you're going into them ?

therealmonsteris59 karma

that's so funny! Honestly no! Actors are real people. We are all the same. Sometimes I put on a cape and fly around the world for fun on a hot summer evening.

mink_man12 karma

Hello! Ever been to Ireland? What did you think of it?

therealmonsteris43 karma

What up lad! I was headed to Dublin to do a whole tour all over Ireland after doing one in Australia but then got booked for some film projects back home in the U.S. So it never happened. Bummer! Same thing happened for Ibiza. But hey brutha, it's all good!

GeneralBlumpkin11 karma

Where was Napolean Dynamite filmed, and was it boring on set?

therealmonsteris43 karma

preston Idaho! It was never boring on the set. Heck we were making a movie. That in itself is exciting. Such a wonderful creative position to have been in.

Bryz_10 karma

No question, just wanted to say that you look like a cross between Vince Gilligan and Johnny Depp in your Twitter background picture.

therealmonsteris20 karma

I admire both their work. Yes I'm a big fan of breaking bad! And J Depp has always played interesting characters. I hope to continue on the same journey. thank you!

VernacularRobot10 karma

Do you like BMX?

therealmonsteris17 karma

yes I do brutha!

Gutierrezjm69 karma

If you do an AMA, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

therealmonsteris20 karma

not a bad idea! :-)

fullautophx9 karma

Can you give us any scoop on Crank 3?

therealmonsteris30 karma

I wish I could brutha! But Chelios would come to my house and put me in a blender. No Bueno!

BurkyBig8 karma

What was your introduction to acting? How has your career changed in the last 10 years?

therealmonsteris31 karma

As kids, my mother had put my brothers and me into theater so as to stay out of trouble. I just knew I loved being on stage. After Napoleon Everything changed. These next 10 years there has been a seriousness into evolving into something better. Something I had to sit with alone and discover which in itself takes time to understand. I am critical with the creative process and stand dutifully with the studios I work with and the team I collaborate with in establishing new idea telling great stories.

whitneythegreat7 karma

Was much of the dialogue improvised or was it all scripted?

What's been your favorite project you've worked on since Napoleon Dynamite?

therealmonsteris19 karma

It was all scripted. Every project has been very interesting so far. I've played a number of characters and it just keeps getting better.

Pepsiman346 karma

Going to be honest your career will always be Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and how will you try and differentiate you from that character?

therealmonsteris22 karma

Hey pepsiman! Pedro launch me into the world and I will always love that character. Films have different mediums and I truly enjoy playing different characters from Jorge in EOTM to Venus and Kaylo in Crank. I don't think pedro will be my career but I will be recognized by that. He was such a wonderful character to play. Acting should never be about the self, but about the characters and the world that they are involved in. I am grateful every day.

badamo6 karma

Hi! What were your thoughts on the movie before release? Did you think it would be as successful as it became?

therealmonsteris27 karma

I remember thinking, " Well, I hope people will like the work I do." I can only hope that my experience through the characters I play are heartfelt and good and honest and memorable. They all have a voice to be heard. I never thought of its results. One can only hope for the best. And wish it to be enjoyable and entertaining for the audience.

IhaveSomeQuestions566 karma

1) How long have you been on reddit?

2) What are a few of your favorite /r/'s?

3) What is the worst thing about finding fame?

4) What is the wildest thing you have ever seen a fan do?

5) Who is the funnest person that you have ever worked with?

Thank you and good luck.

therealmonsteris26 karma

about almost a year. I love how quick technology is able to connect us in such a way. I just hope it doesn't replace the human connection we are capable of having with each other. there are so much topics on reddit. the worst thing about finding fame is finding fame... the most important thing is to stay grounded. be true with yourself and everyone around you. don't be mean. be good do good. I've seen some crazzzzzzzzyyyyyy stuff. and you just gotta be kool. you know. I would have to say Danny Mcbride. he is awesome!

kid_blue6 karma

Hey! You were my favorite part of Crank. If you weren't acting what would you want to do?

therealmonsteris16 karma

circus clown. I would be a clowns clown. as they say an actors actor.

YouDumbRedditCunts6 karma

Whats your favourite icecream flavour?

therealmonsteris20 karma

chocolate chip ice cream!

A_Very_Lonely_Dalek5 karma

What have you been doing lately?

therealmonsteris14 karma

preparing for a new role.

thebrittzilla4 karma

What has been your favorite moment on any set? Or any secrets you are willing to share with us. Oh and hello! :D

therealmonsteris15 karma

ello brittzilla! i gotta say the worlds end was very funny. It reminded me when i was in london. There have been many sets I've worked on. One of the directors saved my life while filming Eastbound and Down. We were on the beach and headed into the ocean and I got knocked down by a wave and into this big hole in the ground. the couldn't find me til someone pulled my hand and into safety.

qfox443 karma

Is there anything that you would change about your character in Napoleon Dynamite or anything that you wanted to change about him then, now that it has become so popular?

therealmonsteris15 karma

i would not change anything about pedro! That was his journey. His new adventure was becoming President and being a good best friend! And then a hot girl for prom when becoming a senior in high school. I think it became popular cuz it had a lot of truth from the heart.

bullyx223 karma

OMG, I was watching napoleon dynamite on comedy central the other day, great soundtrack.

therealmonsteris7 karma

pretty sweet!

mrfluffy1223 karma

What's the most annoying quote from Napoleon Dynamite that fans say when seeing you?

therealmonsteris20 karma

funny. it's all good! Gosh!

UrethraExtreme_3 karma

How many times a day do you hear vote for Pedro?

therealmonsteris19 karma

everytime i walk onto my balcony, and stand before hundreds of people like oedipus rex. funny! I'm always working or with my brothers the steelman boyz

madwit3 karma


therealmonsteris16 karma

yup! but it's all bueno. do good be good!

Jgillette7073 karma

Would you ever do a Napoleon dynamite 2?

therealmonsteris16 karma

if the public demands it

pwniess3 karma

I don't really have a question but ND was my favorite movie growing up and I love you!

therealmonsteris16 karma

love you back, thank you

supersoccerboy293 karma

Did you ever have trouble with laughing during filming because everything was so funny?

therealmonsteris23 karma

sometimes I do.

FuckingAliens3 karma

How has your day been?

therealmonsteris13 karma

It's been wonderful. knowing the fact that we can be online on the internet and talking and connecting with people from around the world is truly an incredible thing.

csolisr2 karma

Were you ever approached to dub yourself in the Spanish version of Napoleon Dynamite (either the movie or the animation)?

therealmonsteris9 karma

that would have been kool

pjz43022 karma

How did being on American dad come about? What did you think of doing voice work?

therealmonsteris13 karma

I love voice work. And I enjoy all the new thing that have come up. After Napoleon there were many opportunities that have risen. One of them being working with Seth McF.. That guy is so creative. I'm known to play different characters. voice acting is no different. it's all in the details

PounderMcNasty2 karma

What's up with your brother these days?

therealmonsteris9 karma

Life is about doing good and wishing others the same. people will do what they want. Our job is to set an example to others by what we say and what we do.

UrethraExtreme_2 karma

Who would you say acts closest to their character in the movie?

therealmonsteris8 karma

who would you say?

MrThrasher2 karma

Do you work out? If so what's your exercise routine?

therealmonsteris8 karma

depends on the character i am about to play.

Marmaduk2 karma

My friend needs a senior quote for the school yearbook, what do you think it should be?

therealmonsteris22 karma

Learn life's lessons and enjoy em. because it goes by so quickly. be good do good! Efren Ramirez If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true. Pedro Sanchez

margirl322 karma

what you favorite sport?

therealmonsteris10 karma

GTA5 ! honestly hmmmm Football and Martial arts.

FantasyBloomed2 karma

What kind of tips would you give someone running for student body president?

Also, you were on the one episode of George Lopez. What was doing that like? :)

therealmonsteris10 karma

be true have character be honest connect with people and listen to them and guide them to build greatness and goodness to your environment. yes. I love george lopez. what a great guy.

Neutrahl2 karma

What did you have for breakfast?

therealmonsteris18 karma

lucky charms

thombudsman2 karma

In what ways has the "Vote for Pedro" concept affected your life?

therealmonsteris4 karma

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Rob99422 karma

Hey Efren! When it came to playing Pedro, did you put any of your own material into the part, or was it entirely scripted?

therealmonsteris10 karma

It's truly a collaboration between writer and actor to find the characters core and honesty. I miss that character, but I also miss all the characters i've played o far.

heyfella2 karma

are you sick of people voting for you?

therealmonsteris7 karma

know people love that character. I love that character. Pedro was such a wonderful character to play cuz he wanted to do something with his life and he wanted friends. I hope that all the characters I play are embraced with such delight by you and all the people.

YoBFF2 karma

IMDB says your first gig was in 1994, had you been interested in acting up until then or did this line of work just fall in your lap?

therealmonsteris3 karma

i've always enjoyed acting but to play on a serious matter took time patience and schooling. No, it didn't fall in my lap. Ha I wish! but that in itself is dangerous because then one wouldn't truly understand the value of such thing. work hard, work smart do good be good. Don't be mean. I think with just that, that alone defines the kind of person one can be.

tiramichooo2 karma

Hey how was working on the Crank set?

therealmonsteris5 karma

crazy! and always awesome. Jason = bad azz!!!!

noobsaibro2 karma

What was it like on the set of Employee of the Month? Any fun stories? Thanks!

therealmonsteris10 karma

i love dane, dax, and jessica! Yes! everytime i got hit on the head or hurt i would come too and ask " Did you get the shot, And is it funny?" loved that film loved that character.

SinbaddGreat2 karma

No question here, just wanted to say you are the reason I say jes(yes) to everyone since I first watched napoleon dynamite.

therealmonsteris6 karma

love ya thats awesome jes!

monieshot2 karma

How was pedro explained to you by the director?

therealmonsteris9 karma

having to put the 2 characters in the short film and make them into one. and then go with that.

YrWgaBwgaDrwg2 karma

You wanted people to vote for you in ND, did you take part in any presidential election back in your high school?

therealmonsteris4 karma

fuuny. no i was doing lots of plays then my favorite was your a goodman charlie brown.

shitcun1 karma

Was she hot?

therealmonsteris1 karma

yes she was!!!

expiredcheese1 karma

What's in the future for you? Any indie projects? Anything we can see you in?

therealmonsteris10 karma

yes. but am not allowed to say by studios. nonetheless i won't disappoint.

bucksfizzle1 karma

Hey Efren, love your work on all your movies. How would you rate working with Jason Statham in Crank as opposed to Jon Heder in Napolean Dynamite, in terms of joking around on set and having fun off camera?

therealmonsteris1 karma

they both have such dynamic personalities that you cant just help but get drawn into what they were into. their desire and willingness to play allowed themselves to open up and share their generosity

Metalgrowler1 karma

How do we know this isn't your brother

therealmonsteris1 karma

in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. follow me on twitter.

raiconen1 karma

Hello! Was wondering about Your character in Napoleon Dynamite that what traits of Pedro would You consider rather positive from your own perspective?

therealmonsteris8 karma

creativity and optimism was without limit. he believed things were possible even if it seemed like they were not.

calebrad12351 karma

Just one question, should I vote for Pedro?

therealmonsteris1 karma


therealmonsteris1 karma

its all up to you brutha!

YouRememberMe1 karma

When filming for Napoleon Dynamite did you expect for it to gain such a following?

therealmonsteris8 karma

no. i am so grateful. i truly is a wonderful film.

margirl321 karma

what your hobbies?

therealmonsteris4 karma

movies books museums and people. i dj all over the world.

THORN011 karma

In what ways are you similar to Pedro?

therealmonsteris10 karma

being honest with yourself.

NooNygooTh1 karma

I really enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite and Blow. are you going to be in any movies coming up? also, my head is so hot. I took a cold shower. But it didn't do nothing..

therealmonsteris2 karma

hahahahahahaha ily! yes. I will do about 2 or 3 projects a year. I'm known to hide behind my characters. I think story and character are most important in storytelling and the art of film making. " Do you think it's kind of warm in here?" haha!

courtachino1 karma

I'd ask about Napoleon Dynamite, but I see other redditors are. So.... what's your favorite movie? And what is a movie that you quote all the time?

therealmonsteris3 karma

Donnie Darko! " when he tells Sharika, "Everything is going to be alright!" Life and art to me, is about doing good and being good. We all have that option.

originul1 karma

How much ganja was burned on the set of ND?

therealmonsteris3 karma


[deleted]0 karma


therealmonsteris2 karma

who is'nt?

PauloGGarcia0 karma

What's your favorite cereal?

therealmonsteris2 karma

Lucky charms! I keep looking for the pot of gold!

MiddleNameS-2 karma

would you rather get high at the Holocaust or drunk at a medical waste facility?

therealmonsteris4 karma

hmmmm? Is being chased by zombies on christmas day an option?