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I am Holly Michaels, star of 1000s of adult movies, lover of dogs, sexy man feet and macaroni and cheese. Ask me anything Reddit!!!! ;)

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GentlemenBehold552 karma

Have you ever enjoyed the sex so much with a costar that you guys keep going at it even after the cameras have turned off?

IamHollyMichaels695 karma


Tolham463 karma

I don't have any questions. you're hot!

IamHollyMichaels603 karma

i love you

IamHollyMichaels411 karma

play time is over my friends ;p you guys are so awesome !! i had a blast !! i'm sure ill see you real soon... in the mean time follow me on twitter @HMHollyMichaels

Here is my thank you guys

524427733348354 karma

Have you ever masturbated to one of your own scenes? Have you ever visited sites like Chatroulette/Omegle and had camsex with strangers?

IamHollyMichaels581 karma

i have masterbated to my passion-hd scenes;p and yes i have visited chatroulette.. i actually met my boyfriend on that site:) we've been dating for 2 1/2 years... no have never had cam sex with anyone on those sites

IamHollyMichaels327 karma

just took another picture for you guys while I type :)

losferwords315 karma

What gets you hotter than anything else, and can I take you to my office Christmas Party?


IamHollyMichaels484 karma

playing with a man's asshole:)... gets me dripping wet.. i love making him cum that way.. it like he turns into a woman the second he starts cumming ' he has a orgasm like a woman and loses his shit" thats what i mean;p

843337724425249 karma

How was it being double-penetrated the first time?

IamHollyMichaels452 karma

the best feeling in the whole world!!! every woman should try it!!!

BreezyF_Jamie241 karma

How is it having sex for business opposed to having sex for fun? In porn are you truly just getting fucked with no emotion behind it, just for a paycheck? or do you thouroughly enjoy it all?

IamHollyMichaels361 karma

i have every emotion behind it when i am in a scene i put all my energy into the scene.. i feel like im giving that person a part of me anytime i am doing it.. its not just a paycheck for me .. i sound like a hippy lol but its the connecting and the energy lol i enjoy every moment of it

iddothat119 karma

To add onto BreezyF's question, how has being a porn start affected your personal sex life?

IamHollyMichaels187 karma

its only affected if if i get sick making it so that i am not able to be intimate

IamHollyMichaels197 karma

which happens rarely

Under-your-bed237 karma

I am Holly Michaels, star of 1000s of adult movies, lover of dogs

Hey, can you clear this up for me? You're not really a lover of dogs, are you? D:

IamHollyMichaels404 karma

ppppssstttt come on now!! i am a dog lover!!! animal lover!!! not into beastiality my friend

IamHollyMichaels202 karma


The winner gets to pick a shirt from on me, and my love forever ;P

Question: What position makes me squirt the hardest?

(Im going to pick the right answer with the best description)

trulyoriginal540 karma

Cowgirl while you slowly rub your clit riding up and down getting faster and squeezing your tits

IamHollyMichaels306 karma

You won!!!! ;P

ReyRey5280200 karma

Who had and and how big was the largest penis ever inside you? And is there a link?

IamHollyMichaels275 karma

mandingo!!! it was huge!! like a foot long

Fairchild660190 karma

Hot Steaming Questions?

Well, okay, here's a shit one: What's your favourite dinosaur?

IamHollyMichaels312 karma

t-rex!!! duh;p !! i have a shirt that says ask me about my t-rex and on the inside of it is a t-rex face;p

herowcatsmanzzz181 karma

Please show us the results of you wearing this shirt. Preferably without a bra.

IamHollyMichaels160 karma

hey guys !! sorry im running a little late lets get this part started;p

gulpeg107 karma

What goes on at the parties you attend?

IamHollyMichaels227 karma

i am a homebody lol i barely party!! i suck lol

throwgw128 karma


IamHollyMichaels152 karma

it would be an amazing thing!!!

icandanceyo123 karma


IamHollyMichaels179 karma


JustAnOod111 karma

Hey Holly! I'm a woman, and a big fan of yours. What's the sexiest quality in a man, for you? Thanks for doing this!

IamHollyMichaels147 karma

compassion;p is the most sexiest quality !!

blaarfengaar106 karma

  • What made you get into porn?

  • Who's your favorite coworker?

  • What was your favorite subject in school?

  • Favorite movie?

  • Last thing you ate?

  • Could you send me a Christmas card?

IamHollyMichaels175 karma

i honestly dont know, i had never thought about doing porn before .. my agent actually found me on the site MyFreeCams and asked if id ever be interested..... i sat on the thought of it for a couple days and decided why not?! i had nothing to hold me back and just got out of a 3 year relationship with a girl and did want to have anymore boring one night stands..... really i got into for self exploration:P there you go...

i have quite a few favorites;p some for example are katie st ives... lia lor... dani daniels...

my favorite subjuect in school would be history;p

my favorite movie is Almost Famous!:P it has every feeling/emotion in it;p

im eating a burger right now;p


the_dave_knight104 karma

What are your hobbies outside of porn that you do in your spare time?

And thanks for the AMA.

IamHollyMichaels194 karma

i spend a lot of time with both my dogs:P hiking , lake, walks... i also have a part time job that keeps me busy... i also spend alot of time masterbating to be honest my boyfriend hides my hitachi from me

Murica-WeThePeople99 karma


IamHollyMichaels131 karma

of course!

Bloodi_plug_sucker91 karma

What can make you orgasm the quickest? Do you get sick of sex?

IamHollyMichaels125 karma

my hitachi can do wonders;p .. never, well maybe if its all about the guy cumming all the time and not for me at all.. that could get old

Asian_throw82 karma

How did deepthroating become your niche?

IamHollyMichaels193 karma

i really dont know lol... i use to play with my double sided dildo on cam everyday for a year straight and kept getting it farther and farther down my throat ...then one day i just blew up on the internet with gifs of me and the dildo

damswedon74 karma

What type of pillow do you use?

Asking this because I need a new pillow.

IamHollyMichaels83 karma

wallmart brand:P and my boyfriends lap lol

memejunk72 karma

What do you usually do on Friday nights?

IamHollyMichaels139 karma

i am normally at the dog park with until 8.. then i am heading home and chilling out for the night cause saturday morning i have classes for a dui i am taking care of

Johnyblaze71 karma

Hey Holly! Been a fan since MFC days, you're definitely one of the hottest girls on the planet...A couple questions:

How long do you see yourself being in the industry?
Anyone in the industry you would refuse to work with?
What was your biggest surprise or letdown when you first got into porn?

IamHollyMichaels80 karma

well hello there !! you are pretty much my MFC daddy;p

i dont really know how much longer i plan on being in the biz

there is no one that is on my no list;p.. but i wont work with anyone that is rude or stuck up

the biggest surprise would be all the dicks!!! i didnt know so many big dicks even existed

freakypoppy69 karma

How and when did you lose your virginity?

IamHollyMichaels128 karma

15;p to the 18 year old down the street .. ps, he had a girlfriend that was 18 as well

smartlydressedtiger62 karma

What has been the most rewarding thing about working in porn?

IamHollyMichaels98 karma

self exploration

BeastCoaster59 karma

shit . What do your parents think.

IamHollyMichaels142 karma

that this is just a faze in my life

sleithreethra53 karma

Do you ever have to force yourself to do a scene, if you're just not in the mood, or do you reschedule the shoot?

IamHollyMichaels74 karma

i never have to force myself to do a scene , i only reschedule if somthing in my personal life is going on

immorta151 karma

Do you ever get emotionally attached to someone you are doing a scene with or is it strictly business?

IamHollyMichaels90 karma

ive had crushes but it never leaves the set

PUAmusic51 karma


IamHollyMichaels63 karma

no, lol my first scene was with naughty america with michael vegas.. i was so nervous.. they just did a short interview asking me questions .. i was totally awkward lol

MahaliAudran47 karma

Pancakes or Waffles?

How does sex differ with the BF vs while performing?

Anything you do for him you don't do on camera?

Ever have non-porn celebs recognize you?

IamHollyMichaels69 karma

neither!:P i am an omelette girl

love and compassion is the differ my friends;p

a couple of people only in chatsworth Ca

padzyfoley39 karma


IamHollyMichaels83 karma

hmmmm good question!! i like it cause its forbidden and it is a completely different orgasm:P

ace62134 karma


IamHollyMichaels36 karma

i wanted to be home more and focus on my personal life , pon pros gave me a great opportunity to do so:P.. it is a surprise ;p

spacetimeFTW34 karma

Holly! Hi and thanks for the AMA :) I loved you with Jessi Rogers. Do you have a favorite female star you enjoy working with? Also, maybe some special pics for us redditors?

IamHollyMichaels49 karma

katie st ives !!! i loved working with jesse rodgers;p

dakisking31 karma

has there ever been a case where a role was given to you and you flat out refused?

IamHollyMichaels34 karma


trulyoriginal28 karma

Probably one of my last questions its been amazing to talk to you, im sure jealousy is a huge turn off for you, so even when you keep home and work separate how do you find guys who dont get too jealous? They must be afraid of losing someone as charming as you, is that part of the reason youre leaving the industry?

IamHollyMichaels42 karma

ive been with my boyfriend for over 2 years... he is very trusting i never have experience jealousy from him... he knows where my heart is:)

herowcatsmanzzz16 karma

What is your favorite porn video you've ever done?

Who are your favorite other porn stars?

IamHollyMichaels25 karma

bonnie rotten bonnie rotten bonnie rotten katie st ives katie st ives selena rose selena rose riley steele riley steele

i loved working with nacho

trulyoriginal13 karma

Hey Im a twitter follower and long time fan I had a few things to ask, I was curious what your new job is, how you liked working for ftv and kink! What are some sex fantasies youve yet to try but want to?

IamHollyMichaels15 karma

hello helle;p!! i loved working for FTV, i was really skinny then so i wish they would just re shoot me but they wont... i absolutely love working with kink.... their site training of o? i believe? i want to do badly!!! i have a fantasy of being someones sex slave!!!

Heroic_Lifesaver10 karma

At what point did you see adult entertainment as your career path? Were you interested in becoming anything else before becoming a pornstar?

IamHollyMichaels17 karma

when i was 7months in and was already nominated for many things... i saw it as a possible career:)... i honestly wanted to do it all before being in porn... singer/actress/dancer.... teacher... i really want to be a nurse;p

Juanlarra10 karma

Who is your favorite female and male performer?

IamHollyMichaels15 karma

i love bonnie rotten!! with all my heart!! i dont have a favorite male performer;p

NotSmegma3 karma

How much do you love getting your toes sucked? Also what color are they right now?

IamHollyMichaels8 karma

on a scale of 1-10 ill say 1000000000!!!!! i love it so much!!!! even more while im in mish and your sucking on my toes;p !! they are red!!

CamDrak962 karma

Favorite other female actress to work with?

IamHollyMichaels7 karma

katie st ives

RunketiRunk2 karma

What scene did you enjoy shooting the most? Tell us about it!

Love jerking it to your stuff! ;)

IamHollyMichaels4 karma

any orgy scenes;p cause i get alll the guys and all the girls;p

CumeaterBob1 karma


IamHollyMichaels11 karma

my heart and prayers goes out to the ones that tested positive

no one has ever been rude or mean;p i kill them with kindness

789507081 karma

Ever been recognized before doing your daily thing?

Also, ever had a dude brush your cervix simply by being that big?

(Yes, i'm a little perverted bastard and i know it)

IamHollyMichaels2 karma

lol i havent , and um no i don't think so lol

ihazaquestion1 karma

How often do you spend in a week not thinking or being involved with your job? Do you find that your occupation is very time consuming?

IamHollyMichaels2 karma

i honestly keep both lives separate as much as possible, at the moment its really laid back for me cause i was only working 5 days a month.. and commuting from az to ca for work

Bigdog0391 karma

Are you going to do DP's and IR now that you're free from your contract? Loved your massive facials scene, an absolute classic.

IamHollyMichaels2 karma

im sure of it;p

dumb_boy1 karma

hi holly.

  1. favorite movie?
  2. favorite food?
  3. what/when was the best sex you ever had?

IamHollyMichaels6 karma

movie is Almost Famous;p food is boiled broccoli the best sex ive had was with my boyfriend;) when i was leaving for a month and a half to another state.. it was the best goodbye sex ever!!! he had me squirting so hard and pulling my kitty up to his face while i was squirting with his mouth open

jondaniels161 karma

Hi Holly,

I see you are pretty flexible and did Yoga in a video. Do you practice yoga on your own time?

Next Q: How do you feel knowing random dudes spank it to you having sex? Does it ever feel unsettling?

I got in a large argument during a university class because I stated that pornography wasn't inherently wrong or immoral but was subject to abuse and exploitation. Am I right? It seems a lot of girls OD or quit before they are 'out of their prime'. Why is that?

Thanks if you answer! Good luck to you wherever life takes you.

IamHollyMichaels7 karma

i use to dance in highschool and take little yoga classes here and

i love the feeling and knowing others could be spanking it to me;p ...

some get lost in the scene and lose control my heart goes out to them... others quit before they are out of their prime simply because they are not the same person they were when they came into it...

nh_55211 karma

What is your favorite porn title?

IamHollyMichaels5 karma

swallow my cockachino;p cause i love coffee;p

zeebs7581 karma

How long do you plan on doing porn? Is there something else you'd like to do or any other aspirations you wish to achieve?

IamHollyMichaels8 karma

i plan on starting school in january;p to be an RN;p im not sure how much longer i plan on being in the biz