Hey Reddit! We're Hannah and Christian of the band Grouplove. We're celebrating the release of our new album Spreading Rumours and we're ready for your questions! Ask us anything.

Proof: http://imgur.com/nZzyWYi

YO this has been so freakin awesome!!! we will be back to do this again. Hope y'all enjoy Spreading Rumours out today!!!! SO MUCH GROUPLOVE xoxoxoxoox H and C bones

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grouploveband27 karma

YO this has been so freakin awesome!!! we will be back to do this again. Hope y'all enjoy Spreading Rumours out today!!!! SO MUCH GROUPLOVE xoxoxoxoox H and C bones

Nawks19 karma

First off, thanks for being so fun and energetic at live shows. It really brings your music to life. Also, I think your outfits are really cool.

I want to know if you want to smoke with me!

grouploveband18 karma

hell yeah!!

schiefer74019 karma

Hi guys! It's great to see you guys on Reddit. I'm actually the moderator of /r/Grouplove, but unfortunately it doesn't have too much activity (only 15 users). Think you could help me find some fellow Grouplove fans?

Thanks for coming on here, your show in DC last December was by far one of the best times I've had at a concert. And I'm loving Spreading Rumours. You guys rock!

grouploveband15 karma

hell yeah!! glad to see youre spreading the love on here

Beekies11 karma

How did "I wanna dance with somebody" get added to the setlist? Congrats on the new album! I've got it on repeat.

grouploveband12 karma

We first started doing this as a tribute to Whitney Houston when she passed away, and it flowed really well out of "tongue tied"

dtangerine10 karma

Is David Beadle (from The Naked and Famous) Andrew's lost brother?

Also, are you coming to México soon? :)

Have a great AmA guys!

grouploveband11 karma

they are twins... pretty sure theyre not related but who can be sure

kafuffle9 karma

How do you get approached about companies using your music in commercials ("Tongue Tied" for Apple, "Lovely Cup" for Leinenkugel, etc)? Does your manager/record company handle that and do you get to approve it?

grouploveband9 karma

we have approval over everything we do-- that all comes from different places but goes through us first

Supermedinita8 karma

Hey guys! Have you ever thought of doing something with the artist Lights? She listens to you guys - and you're both awesome!

grouploveband8 karma

Always interested in stuff

maxt6237 karma

Who thought of you band name or was it a collective effort? It's so simple yet so great.

grouploveband15 karma

we originally were called GROUP-- but it sounded like a weird disease! and this group's got nothin but love, so it came naturally. We used to end emails to each other by signing off GROUP love all around!

scottramonapilgrim6 karma

Hello Hanna and Christian, I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan and I absolutely love your music and I think you guys are very talented. Your first album is amazing and i cannot wait to get your second one! My question is, if you guys are okay with answering it, did you guys intend your music to be even better to those of us who smoke weed? Like you guys couldn't have planned it better! Thanks for reading, i love you guys!!!!

grouploveband22 karma

We smoke weed so glad to know you do too. its not a crutch we use to write with, its just a way of livin ;)

_alysialove6 karma

whats the back story to raspberry?

grouploveband9 karma

super drunk, late one night in australia on a balcony of a hotel. The verse was written in LA at Nickys house

themacdaddy2 karma

i love nicky!

grouploveband6 karma

us too tmac ;)

matranko5 karma

Hi guys! I saw you at HOB Dallas last October, and it was one of the best nights I've ever had, so thanks for that! Both your albums are killer!

My question is, have you guys ever played a show high/stoned/drunk etc?

grouploveband12 karma

no we have too much craze on stage for that-- we get high from the adrenaline of being on stage

superindiekid275 karma

Hey Hannah and Christian! It's Sam! you haven't met me yet, but I sent you a package recently! I was wondering if I could interview you before after the the show at Emo's on Oct. 4th for my radio station?, if not, it would be cool just to meet y'all! Love ya! Thanks for the likes Hannah on my photos!:D a.k.a. @superindiekid

grouploveband17 karma

Of course.. well get our manager in touch with you

mbotto4 karma

Hi, really enjoying the new album. Why is it that only one member of the band is allowed to have a glorious beard?

grouploveband17 karma

Sean takes everyones facial hair and glues it on his face. He won't allow anyone else to have a beard.

SparkleRainbow4 karma

I read somewhere that the song Colours was an older song that Christian had written alone and was reworked to sound completely different. Is there any way that we could hear what the original song sounded like?

grouploveband9 karma

one day... check out his old band Aloke

sincerelyhalfhearted4 karma

Do you guys remember the first song you wrote together?

grouploveband14 karma

"dont say oh well"

heymelloncollie4 karma

Hey! It's Juliet! The new album is killer inspiring- should we be keeping our ears open for more tour dates? Like, maybe a couple FL dates? ;) also, if you had to pick a song to describe eah person in the band, what would they be?

grouploveband6 karma

We are def going to be hitting up Florida soon. No worries. Sean is flowers Andrew didn't have to go Christian borderlines and I'm with you Ryan Shark Attack and Hannah all of em

Joanabanana953 karma

Hey! Joana from KC here. Do you guys prefer large venues (like festivals) or smaller, more intimate venues?

grouploveband4 karma

unpredictable-- theres so many factors that go into a great show. More than anything its the fans there that night!

zurichinspace3 karma

Who are your favorite bands? Also any artists or bands that you would like to work with?

grouploveband14 karma

Neil young, bjork, patti smith, cage the elephant-- all bands we love and would love to work with... and manchester orchestra again

Erudito723 karma

How was working with Manchester Orchestra? The two of you go really well together in my opinion.

grouploveband6 karma

It was amazing-- andy's become a really good friend of ours and even had thanksgiving dinner at his house in atlanta last year! Working with your friends is really special

Derkfare3 karma

Hey guys, saw you at Susquehanna University and you absolutely killed it!

My questions is pretty simple... How much acid?

grouploveband7 karma

lil bit

amberlynn823 karma

If you had to pick the coolest gifts that fans have given you, what would they be?

grouploveband8 karma

Bexx from portland just gave us an incredible book she made by hand. Hannah Beat (from cali) sent us a crazy care package. We love everything hand made

papamatt3 karma

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I love the new album! My fiance and I saw you in Las Vegas when you came through. We were pretty excited last night to finally hear "Borderlines and Aliens" again! Also, we've decided to play "I'm With You" at our wedding! Thanks for being a band that we can consider "Our Band". Keep making great music guys!!

grouploveband3 karma


ailised3 karma

Hey y'all! What are your favorite colors? Also, this is a long shot, but any chance of playing a show in central Pennsylvania?

grouploveband22 karma

black black green and brown brown brown brown and blue yellow violets red. Love Central Penn!!! See you soon

LightTrails3 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a huge fan. I was wondering, were you guys surprised how popular 'Tongue Tied' got? I feel like I've heard it absolutely everywhere and if I mention Grouplove, people only know that song. All that aside it is still a fantastic song.

grouploveband10 karma

of course we were surprised-- we just write music, we dont predict popularity. We are very humbled by all the love

d-OcO-b3 karma

South African fan here :) I discovered your music last year and I just want to thank you for keeping me awake and upbeat during many late-night study sessions.

grouploveband6 karma

love it! Our drummer ryan is south african and is begging us to get over there... we will soon

Joanabanana952 karma

What are some of the pros and cons to touring and being in a band but also being a couple? Also can't wait for you guys to come back to KC (hopefully soon?) missed the last show because it was 21+

grouploveband5 karma

pros -- we get to see the world together, get to make art together, get to be besties and lovers. cons-- we have to sleep across the hall from each other in bunks on the bus!

Melloncollieocr2 karma

Can you guys play Make it To Me with Andrew as the other Andy live? Such an incredible song. Also, any plans to play top to bottom the entire set list of Grouplove songs live? (too many amazing ones to leave out)

grouploveband5 karma

we have some special planned for nyc...

blueit222 karma

Have you listened to Los Campesinos! and what are your thoughts on them?

Do you still play 'Spun' live? It's too good not to play right!?!?!

I know you guys don't decide these things but can you please come to Minneapolis? Love the new album!

grouploveband4 karma

we played with los campesinos in london a few years ago! nice guys. We always play spun, one of our favorites... and of course were coming back to minny

thelaughgiver2 karma

Hey Hannah, Ben, Nathan and the team from Kiwi FM NZ say hi! Loving the new album! Hope the cereal shopping went well.

grouploveband4 karma

ah yeahh!

Natatos2 karma

Hi, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome! Do you ever think you'll play in Iowa again?

Also what was the weirdest thing to happen to you while performing?

grouploveband13 karma

Def will be playing in Iowa again. Weirdest thing to happen...hmmm oh once we were playing and some of the dudes from Cage the Elephant crowd surfed up to the front of our set and we were like "what up"

katemcelhare912 karma

Hey Christian and Hannah,

My boyfriend Danny and I have seen you guys live five times since 2012 and we have tickets to both nights of your Philly shows at the end of this month. We also got to meet you guys at the Eastern State Penitentiary last fall where Andrew screamed like a girl throughout the whole haunted prison. We are hoping you guys will be doing a meet and greet in Philly again, if not, while you're in town we would love to take you guys to the Barcade! What's better than playing arcade games and getting drunk!?!? @_katelynmac on twitter! Let me know! xoxo

grouploveband3 karma

not sure what our schedule is going to be like but always room for fun

iaro2 karma

I see you have NIN's Piggy as one of the choices for a cover. Are you guys big fans?

grouploveband5 karma

Ryans always been a huge NIN fan-- he went to a small show of theirs in LA last week and lost his mind... havent seen him since ;(

goldandblue92 karma

Hey guys, I just want to say I'm a massive fan like a lot of people here. I really respect how much you try interact with your fans, but really I love your music so much because of the positivity and love in every song and that feels pretty rare especially in the alternative genre.

I'm actually on my way to pick up a ticket a for your Columbus show in a couple of hours. Lastly I had such I expectations for "Spreading Rumors" and you guys absolutely crushed it.

My only question. What is your favorite song to perform?

grouploveband6 karma

of the old songs, "colours" and "itchin on a photograph" and of the new album, "borderlines and aliens" and "bitin the bullet"

GameLoser932 karma

Hey GROUPLOVE! Congrats on the release of your new album. :) Your last album was a masterpiece in my opinion. It got me through some pretty rough times in my life and I couldn't thank you enough for helping me along. I've seen you guys 3 times so far and each time left me longing for more. My face hasn't been melted off enough. :) Please don't ever stop making music and art! You guys are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA... And since I have to ask a question: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

-Much love

grouploveband5 karma

thanks for the nice words! collaborating with paul mccartney would be pretttty epic

ThrewItInASupernova2 karma


I wanted you guys to know you are my favorite band. I've seen you guys live twice, and me and my brother came and hung out with you on Record Store Day in Des Moines. Anways, to the questions:

  • Who were some of your inspirations when you were starting out, and who are some of your inspirations now?

  • Are there any specific things that influenced your shift in sound from Never Trust A Happy Song to Spreading Rumours?

  • Do you think the huge success of Tongue Tied had any effect on your music or your overall attitudes?

Thank you guys so much for this AMA and everything you guys do!

grouploveband4 karma

as weird as it sounds, were directly inspired by each other because were all so different. Our shift is that we developed as a band and became a stronger unit so the songs feel more cohesive and are more collaborative in nature. Just like every song, tongue tied came from a genuine place-- we had no way to predict the kind of success it had. We feel lucky, but hasnt changed us

DeathRho2 karma

I (group)love all your acoustic performances, any chance of getting a stripped down version of Slow?

Diggin' the new album so far, keep it up and come back to Detroit!

grouploveband2 karma

weve never done this... definitely considering it

ZG992 karma

What were your thoughts on playing in Montreal at Osheaga this past summer?

grouploveband2 karma

It was amazing that so many people came so early to see us... beautiful festival, and the best food we ever have had in the artist area!

pxblx2 karma

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you while performing on stage?

grouploveband8 karma

hannnah's jeans split open a couple years ago when we were playing with foster the people in SF! it sucked

vanwyngarden2 karma

who handles (most) of your social media stuff. (Twitter/FB/etc.)

grouploveband3 karma

its a combination of all of us... whoever has the trigger finger

TheGiantMeatball1 karma

I've been listening to Spreading Rumours non-stop since i bought it last night; i love the entire album, but mainly I'm with you, Schoolboy, Shark Attack, Sit Still, Didn't have to go, and those are just my favorites.

The song beans on pizza, though is incredibly bizarre. i love the music, i love the lyrics, but what does it mean? is it about anything?

Also, can't wait to see you in Philly on the 30th (and hopefully the 28th too, if i can get tickets!)

grouploveband18 karma

its about putting beans on your pizza baby

superindiekid271 karma

What's a song you guys would like to cover some day? I want to cover White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane!

grouploveband4 karma

well we just put up 5 songs for you guys to vote for that we chose... and whichever you choose we'll cover http://grouplovemusic.com/coverlove/

Growlithe_guy1 karma

I love your first album but haven't had a chance to listen to Spreading Rumours yet. Is it going to be on Spotify soon?

Also you should come to Australia soon! I would love to see you live!

grouploveband3 karma

were coming down to aussie for Big Day Out in jan!!

sharksonsharks1 karma


grouploveband3 karma

we dont have any pets right now... sean bought christian a gold fish for his birthday last year, but we didnt think it would be safe to live on the bus!

bholmes91 karma

You produce incredible music, Hannah, Christian, your voices together are simply magic and I can't get enough of the new album! Can't wait to see you all in D.C. two weeks from today!! I loved the music video from "ways to go" will you be producing any other "official" music videos for any of the other songs in the future? I also really enjoyed the animated videos, very awesome hannah! -Ben

grouploveband3 karma

we just shot a new music video for shark attack, and another is in the works... so short answer-- yes


where are your favorite places to eat/drink/hang when in NYC?

grouploveband2 karma

we like manhattan inn in greenpoint a lot. Also our friend owns the Smile which has delicious food

yelrak1 karma

Would you guys ever release an acoustic album?

grouploveband3 karma

im sure were going to release something from the acoustic night of this seesaw tour were on

_alysialove1 karma

who wrote hippy hill? its beautiful. and i cant quite make the lyric out, "I'd rather be the ???? than the rising son" ?

grouploveband2 karma

id rather be the dying than the rising sun

PocoDoco1 karma

Hey guys! I saw you at Susquehanna University back in May. Front row! You guys were amazing, the best concert I've been to thus far!

My questions are:

What song are you most proud of on your forthcoming album/ why?

and what song are you secretly hoping will win that "Spotify Cover" contest?

See you guys in Philly!

grouploveband6 karma

Dude Taylor Swift has to win!! We have a serious surprise on that cover. Most proud of....I mean Spreading rumours is our lil baby so we can't just point to an arm or leg and say we are most proud of that piece you know? We are proud of the whole album!

superindiekid271 karma

Also wondering if you two could jam with any musician alive or dead who would it be and why, I asked Ryan and Andrew on Loveline, now I'm wondering the same for you:3 btw, love the new album! About to review it for the radio station! lotsa love guys!:D

grouploveband3 karma

Hannah- I wanna work with Bjork. she is amazing. I would also love to be a fly on the wall in Jenny Sevilles painting studio.

Christian- I wanna jam with Mozart and Neil Young

ryanprkr1 karma

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard music before?

grouploveband4 karma

honest. passionate. wild. free. really good. hahah

cats_barcode1 karma

Hello! Thank you for doing this. :)

  1. Did you have a lot of 90s pop influence on this album? I hear it so much, haha.

  2. Do you have plans to tour this winter or next spring?

grouploveband3 karma

We are always on tour. Seriously always so we will be coming to a venue near you soon. 90's pop influences....I mean...

Schwim1 karma

How much effort and sleepless nights goes into producing an album? Love you work!

grouploveband4 karma

we lived and breathed it for about 3 months... it never felt like an effort, but at the end of it, you realize how much of your soul and spirit goes into it because we were exhausted after!

runman331 karma

Thank you so much for doing this! I saw you back when you played in Tampa last year! Now for my question. Who is your biggest inspiration? It doesn't have to be music related.

grouploveband7 karma

christian - my parents for sacrificing their own artistic dreams so i could fulfill mine

kafuffle1 karma

The Seesaw Tour is such a great idea. How did the idea come about?

grouploveband3 karma

We really wanted to showcase both sides of the band. Like the tour we are both light and heavy.

myzticaznfool1 karma

Hi Hannah and Christian!

I love Hannah 's art, got one of poster framed on wall myself! So what's the inspiration behind the artwork for this album?

Thanks, and hopefully I can stop by the pop up gallery this week!


grouploveband3 karma

Stop by!! The inspiration is a single line that connects the art outside to the craze inside

buttermellow1 karma

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I were kicked out of the Varsity Theater before the opening act even started because I took a sip of her whiskey sour. Whoops. I emailed you guys right after not looking for anything but because we were both frustrated that we didn't get to see one of our favorite bands. You surprisingly emailed me back 9 months later which totally made my day. Just want to say thanks for that and hope to see you back in Minneapolis soon!

grouploveband10 karma

9 month rebirth!