I act in theatre, movies, and TV, and play electric bass in the Lt. Dan Band. I am co-founder of Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago and founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation.

At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our Nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.

We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/CBtwde8.jpg?1

UPDATE: OK folks, thanks for all the great questions. And thanks for all the great comments also. PLease take a look at www.ltdanband.com to see whether my band will be coming to your area soon. Next two shows are 9/13 and 9/14 in North and South Carolina. Take care.

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gee_emhf811 karma

Gary, what is your favorite type of ice cream? Congrats on becoming an honorary Marine!!

Gary_Sinise1257 karma

Hey thanks, Semper Fi. I like Lt Dan Ice Cream!!!!

Gary_Sinise1026 karma

Ha! That's Hilarious!~

TheBigHairy742 karma

You were the best Stu Redman there ever was. Thanks for that.

Gary_Sinise676 karma

Hey thank you. THe Stand was fun to do.

SmellBeforeRain651 karma

Gary, I've got this stain on my carpet roughly in the same shape as florida. Not a question, just thought you should know.

Gary_Sinise1607 karma

Well you better add Alabama and Georgia and keep building from there. Pretty soon, the whole USA

dayofthedead204588 karma

Hi Gary,

I’m a big fan – thanks for doing this ama!

My questions is – what is your favorite memory while working on the film Apollo 13? Did you get to do any NASA training as part of your role?

Gary_Sinise1015 karma

Absolutely. Went to Houston to Mission Control, the Cape in Florida, and flew on the Vomit Comet, which is appropriately named : )

GGArmyRecruiter498 karma

No real question Gary, I just wanted to tell you as a US Army Staff Sergeant, I appreciate all the times you came out to see us down range. LT Dan Band rules, brother!

Gary_Sinise536 karma

Thanks so much for serving the USA!

BigHugeHead1977478 karma

Hi Gary, As a police officer, firefighter and paramedic for 15 years. Thank you for your efforts and good luck in your endeavors.

Gary_Sinise563 karma

My hats off to you and all your fellow first responders. Hope you check out some of the programs and work we are doing in support at www.garysinisefoundation.org


I love what you do, just wanted you to know that.

Gary_Sinise288 karma

Thank you very much.

CrashBandiboot443 karma

Hey Gary Sinise! You're one of my favourite actors, Of Mice and Men being a favourite film of mine. What film did you most enjoy being a part of and why?

Gary_Sinise646 karma

Of Mice and Men was a favorite story/book of mine from the time I first saw it as a play when I was 16 years old. I would later act in it at Steppenwolf theatre and 12 years after that I really wanted to find something I could act in and also direct on film and luckily I was able to secure the rights, bring in a buddy, Russ Smith, to produce it with me and bring in another buddy, John Malkovich ( who did the play also) to act in it with me. So wearing all those hats and getting to know Elaine Steinbeck, John Steinbeck's widow, was a real treat. We also got to work with the great Horton Foote as screenwriter and a terrific cast and crew.

ccguy418 karma

Hi Gary. Are the flowers still not blooming in Houston?

Gary_Sinise781 karma

No Jim, I don't have the measles

spanktanker393 karma

Gary! You have a voice for narrating that rivals, dare I say it, Morgan Freeman. Which documentary/voice over was your favorite?

Gary_Sinise597 karma

Thank you. Loved working on WW2 in HD, When We Left Earth, Missions That Changed the War

KisameKick300 karma

Would you shoot John Malkovich again if you had the chance? Lol

In all seriousness, I'm so glad you're doing this AMA, I'm such a big fan of yours!

Gary_Sinise641 karma

I don't think it would do anything. His head is too thick. Ha! Love that guy

suddenly_ponies269 karma

I saw you in Japan two months ago and you looked like you were having a great time. My question is: are you being smart with your money so you can live the rest of your life without worries?

Gary_Sinise500 karma

When people ask me for advice I always tell them to, if possible, save your money. You never know

gfunktastic266 karma


Gary_Sinise444 karma

It was my hone and privilege to be able to help raise money to build Kyle a special home. Losing both legs and an arm he is going to have some special challenges and these smart homes can really help make life for someone missing limbs more manageable and independent. It's important that the surrounding communities lookout for these heroes. Take good care of him there.

JoeInwap231 karma

Whose idea was it to end CSI New York when it did?

Gary_Sinise431 karma

It certainly wasn't my idea. I loved doing the show. It was CBS who decided. But I'm grateful to have had nine great years on the show.

bcbcbc123219 karma

I just wanted to say that you are an amazing actor and I really appreciate the work you do with the Gary Sinise foundation.

Also I'm sick in bed having a CSI: NY marathon and found this extremely awesome timing.

Gary_Sinise317 karma

Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy CSI NY

mattbryce2000197 karma

Hey Mr. Sinise, thanks for being here. Tom Hanks has said that Kevin Bacon was the best smelling actor he had ever worked with. Can you confirm this for us?

Gary_Sinise328 karma

I don't recall what Kevin smelled like.

Frajer182 karma

What's your favorite song to do with the Lt. Dan Band? Are there any song you've wanted to do but haven't for whatever reason?

Gary_Sinise270 karma

Hey there, we play about 75 songs and all of them are good tunes. I like to do tunes that everyone is going to enjoy and mix it up so there is a little something for everyone. We are putting some great new videos up on www.ltdanband.com with some of my favorite songs

TexasTango156 karma

Hi Gary just thought I'd say I watched the shit out of "Reindeer Games" when I was younger, Do you you regret that movie ? ಠ◡ಠ

Gary_Sinise497 karma

No, I worked with a dear friend, director John Frankenheimer, on that film . I loved John. Not his best film. But I have no regrets. I got paid to be in a movie. Could be doing a lot of other things a lot tougher than that

wanderintom140 karma

No questions, just wanted to thank you for all th things you do to support the troops. Your name is spoken with reverence in many a barracks and field camp. I hope you know that we appreciate you and all you've done sir.

Gary_Sinise192 karma

And I appreciate you and am just trying to do a little bit to make sure you know it. God Bless and thanks for serving

DrStrangeloves138 karma

Hi Gary, thanks so much for doing this! Would you ever be interested in doing another Stephen King adaptation in the future or working with Frank Darabont again?

Gary_Sinise256 karma

I enjoyed working with Frank on The Green Mile. It was only two days but a really nice scene with Tom on a fine film

BirdistheWyrd118 karma

When you go back to Chicago where is one place you HAVE to visit when you're there?

Gary_Sinise243 karma

Wrigley Field and Gibson's Steakhouse. and of course, Steppenwolf Theatre

HunterSandoval109 karma

Congrats on being an Honorary Marine Now what is your favorite Food

Gary_Sinise310 karma

Oh man, pizza, french fries, pasta...all kinds of stuff that tastes good but I gotta watch out for otherwise I turn into a walrus

mynockulars94 karma


Gary_Sinise182 karma

Nic was a blast

PsychoActor73 karma

This isn’t a question; I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One of my acting professors from college is a huge fan of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and the style of acting that he teaches is heavily inspired by what he learned from watching your guys’ productions. In fact, every year, he’ll show his class the American Playhouse production of True West. And forgive me for sounding cliché, but in all honesty, it completely changed my life. My whole perspective on what good acting is and should be was forever altered from the moment I first saw that video. I can honestly say that watching what you and Malkovich did, and applying the same principles to when I’m on stage myself, have without a doubt made me a much better actor than I was before. So, again I say, thank you, very, very much.

P.S. “You want some toast?”

Gary_Sinise109 karma

Well thank you very much. Holy cow, it was 30 years ago that we shot that for PBS American Playhouse. John and I had just completed a six month run off Broadway. The play ran another year after we left and I directed each new cast. I think the video is on the Internet, isn't it? It's hard to find. Glad you were able to see it. TY

Angry_drunken_robot56 karma


Gary_Sinise160 karma

I am not a slapper. I just don't know how to do that. I learned to play when I was a kid in the 70's and slapping was not a big deal then. So I still play like I'm in the 70's, although, having played a lot more now I think I'm a little better than I was then. But I am not a guy who's playing bass all the time and making a living at it. My band is all non profit and part of my foundation. So I just play to entertain our military and raise money for things to help them. I barely have time to practice ever. I'm glad I can make my living as an actor : ) Yes, because I found early on that our troops and our wounded warriors responded to seeing me and recognized me as LT Dan I just decided for them I would name the band after the character. And thank you for thinking I'm awesome Dude. : )

HorkBajirGafrash52 karma

Hey G,

Can you describe a bit more how filming in the vomit comet was during Apollo 13? Any funny stories? I'm a pilot and I always wonder about that when I watch the movie.

Gary_Sinise92 karma

I love doing Apollo 13. We were in Houston and Ron Howard and his co producer Todd Hallowell, plus, me, Tom, Kevin Bacon and bill Paxton all got to got up in the KC 135 to see what weightlessness was like. I got a little sick after a few hours of rolling up and down. But it was so cool to do it. I also went to the Cape and saw a shuttle launch which was awesome. I've done some pretty cool things with the military also. Check out my flight on a U2 Dragon Lady at http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/merchandise/dvd

Gary_Sinise56 karma

Loved working on Apollo. Did some cool things getting ready for it like going up in the KC 135, Ha we were weightless, watching a shuttle launch etc. I have had some cool opportunities within the military community as well. Like a U2 flight to 70,000 feet. Check it out on DVD. http://www.garysinisefoundation.org/merchandise/dvd

grinr52 karma

I saw you and John Malkovich at the Cherry Lane theater in a performance of True West one hell of a long time ago. I was only a youngster then and didn't appreciate just how amazing that opportunity was. John said in his AMA it was one of his two favorite performances - where would you rank it?

Thank you for years of inspiring performances!

Gary_Sinise85 karma

Thank you. True West will always be a special play. IT was the very first time John and I, or anyone from Steppenwolf, performed in NY. We had done the show in Chicago and it was a big hit there. So we wanted to move it to NY to show our work there and it was very successful, due in large part to John's great performance that got a lot of attention. It was first really big project for me as a director and very energizing, and tiring, to act in it also 8 times a week.

BoneLol42 karma

When/how did you first start performing music? Were you involved in school music programs or did it come later?

Gary_Sinise83 karma

Parents bought me a guitar when I was in 4th grade. PLayed in band all the way through high school and into my early 20s and then I got so busy acting and working with Steppenwolf Theatre that I quit playing. Picked it up again in the late 90s and have not stopped

bgzlvsdmb40 karma

No questions, just always wanted to tell you that you've always been one of my favorite actors, even though my favorite roles of yours have always been the ones in support of Tom Hanks. Thank you for everything you do with the Gary Sinise Foundation!

Gary_Sinise63 karma

Thank you. Very much appreciated

TheSt0rmCr0w37 karma

Gary! Huge fan, from CSINY to the work you've done for our soldiers to your audio book readings. My question is: What is your next big project? Be it theatrical, charitable, or personal?

Gary_Sinise84 karma

I said earlier that for the time being I am just going to concentrate on the charity work I am doing with my foundation and the band. It's keeping me very busy all over the country. Take a look at the band website to see if we are going to be near you and come see us if we are.

InfinityGems34 karma

Hi Gary!, you've been very into television shows as of late. Any chance of picking up some good lead/support roles in motion pictures soon?. Also if you could be in an upcoming DC/marvel film, what character(s) would you want to act

Gary_Sinise174 karma

Hey! I'll be in one of those. Sure...uh...how about Spiderman, The Later Years?

Qubeye30 karma

Mr. Sinise,

I always enjoyed your movies and thank you for doing an AMA! I'm in the Navy, and was wondering if you had any intention to do a show in the Norfolk area sometime?

Additionally, do you have an opinion on the Syria situation, or do you tend to avoid making comments regarding politics like that?

Thank you again!

Gary_Sinise84 karma

I played at Ntelos Amphitheatre for the Navy in May. Too bad you missed it. Would rather not comment on Syria other than saying it's a mess and very challenging.

ShyJoey26 karma

Hey Gary, thank you so much for your humanitarian work and being an inspiration to me and many others who do love this country greatly and its troops. It's great to know that there are people out there that care for others. In which those others sacrificed their lives or their mental stability or their limbs and what not. And sadly many of these men and women are forgotten. You are truly an American Patriot and you should feel very proud. God Bless You!

Gary_Sinise74 karma

Thank you. AS the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, said, " The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten". We cannot forget those who are willing to do the dangerous work of defending and protecting liberty when called upon. Free nations need defense and we are fortunate when we have men and women who are willing to do it. Some times they get hurt doing that dangerous work and so we must take care of them and take care of those who care for them as well. And sadly, throughout the ages, human beings fall in battle. "Let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan--" -Abraham Lincoln

Taylor_dead24 karma

Hello Gary ! French fan here :) I have three questions for you: 1- what was your reaction when your learn that CSINY was cancelled ? 2- what is your "thing" to have all the energy you have ? 3- what do you think about the fact that your son work as a musician ? (In one of the best band in the world, we have to admit it ;) )

Thank you Mister Sinise if you read or answer to this. And thank you for everything you do... Helping people and spread hope ! You are the best !!

Gary_Sinise44 karma

Bonjour!!! Thank you. I have to say I was disappointed when CSI NY was cancelled but not really surprised. We knew it was quite likely that we were done. Nine years is a great run. And thanks to all our Fans in France. I hear that the show is popular there. Energy wise I just try to take good care of myself. Exercise, do drink much, eat right, all that. I thanks for the comment about my son. He's a great drummer and musician and about to get going in a new band

percy1724 karma

Hey Gary,

What scene in Forrest Gump was your favourite to shoot? I've always been curious.

P.S. Thanks so much for doing this, I'm a huge fan and fellow bassist!

Gary_Sinise56 karma

Thanks, All of it. That was a hell movie to work on

HarveyMushman7221 karma

I had no idea you had a band, i will have to give it a listen! Thanks for what you do and also for hanging out with us. Do you have any new projects in the works?

Gary_Sinise49 karma

kingcrouton17 karma

Mr. Sinise,

After almost 13 years of entertaining America's Soldiers while they've been at war, do you think they might give you a special like Bob Hope?

Gary_Sinise37 karma

Well I don't know about that, but while we are talking about entertaining, Band is going to be in Fayetteville NC on September 13 and Charleston SC on September 14. For tickets go to www.garysinisefoundation.org

CivilCivilian7 karma

Hello Gary.

I hope you are doing well. I know nothing about you but thanks for doing this ama anyways, I'm always happy to learn about new people and I'll do so through the provided links.
What kind of hobbies are you in to?

Gary_Sinise16 karma

Well not a lot of time for hobbies. When I am not running around the country performing or doing events, I chill out in my back yard on a nice lounge chair.

Ockittykat231 karma

You do exemplary work with the Gary Sinise Foundation. Did you ever serve in the military yourself, or was it your experience in the film Forrest Gump that prompted you to create a foundation that honors our veterans?

Gary_Sinise6 karma

I did not serve in the military. But have great respect and much gratitude for those who have served and have veterans in my family. Been involved with Vets groups going back to the 80s

PawsButton-2 karma

Gary, just wanted to thank you for graciously taking a moment to pose for a photo with me at a Seattle Mariners game back in 2011. You're a tremendously patient guy.

Gary_Sinise3 karma

Hey there. My pleasure.

femjedi-4 karma

Hi, Gary. I sure do miss CSINY already. Are you going to be on any other shows this year?

Gary_Sinise3 karma

Nothing coming this year. But who knows what next year will bring.

Jerseygirls1994-5 karma

Are you married?

Gary_Sinise2 karma

Yes indeed