Gary Sinise

is an American actor, film director, and musician. During his career, Sinise has won various awards including an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award, while also being nominated for an Academy Award.

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Well you better add Alabama and Georgia and keep building from there. Pretty soon, the whole USA

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Hey thanks, Semper Fi. I like Lt Dan Ice Cream!!!!

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Ha! That's Hilarious!~

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Absolutely. Went to Houston to Mission Control, the Cape in Florida, and flew on the Vomit Comet, which is appropriately named : )

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No Jim, I don't have the measles

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Hey thank you. THe Stand was fun to do.

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Of Mice and Men was a favorite story/book of mine from the time I first saw it as a play when I was 16 years old. I would later act in it at Steppenwolf theatre and 12 years after that I really wanted to find something I could act in and also direct on film and luckily I was able to secure the rights, bring in a buddy, Russ Smith, to produce it with me and bring in another buddy, John Malkovich ( who did the play also) to act in it with me. So wearing all those hats and getting to know Elaine Steinbeck, John Steinbeck's widow, was a real treat. We also got to work with the great Horton Foote as screenwriter and a terrific cast and crew.

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I don't think it would do anything. His head is too thick. Ha! Love that guy

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Thank you. Loved working on WW2 in HD, When We Left Earth, Missions That Changed the War

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My hats off to you and all your fellow first responders. Hope you check out some of the programs and work we are doing in support at