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Hi Gary. Are the flowers still not blooming in Houston?

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I'm now Jim Lovell. Year made.

EDITED 'cause I'm not an astronaut.

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Hi Peter. Thanks for doing this. I miss you guys. Every week I'd download the podcast and listen to it (and Car Talk) while walking my dog. It was our thing. I had to put my dear Coney down a year ago tomorrow, and I guess part of the mourning process was not downloading and listening regularly. It just hurt too much. I know a lot has changed since last April -- Carl retiring, Bill being a regular. I think it's time I came back. What can I expect?

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Every couple of days I have to remove the head on my Kirby upright and clean out all the crud clogging up around the roller brush. Do Kirbys need to be cleaned out that frequently, or is something wrong?

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Thank you. To mark Coney's anniversary tomorrow, I will listen to the show.