EDIT 2: Watch all of our video responses here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDpwhs1B9xu7BZhrVS2pEfg/videos

EDIT: Thanks for all the ridiculous questions. We made a special thank you Vine: https://vine.co/v/hipbwg1T6dt. Stay tuned for video responses later today!

We are Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. You may know us from our TV show, "Reno 911!", or our films Night at The Museum, Balls of Fury and Reno 911!: Miami

We co-wrote and are starring in the new film Hell Baby, along with Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and more – out now on VOD and in theaters September 6th.

We're doing our AMA a little differently. We want your questions about us, our movies…really, about anything. Seriously. Give us your funniest, bizarre and most out-there questions. In addition to replying to questions, we're going to make video responses to our favorites, so give us your best shot! We'll film as many as we can and post the answers back here today.

MORE PROOF: https://twitter.com/thomaslennon/status/372730091572584450

PROOF: https://twitter.com/HellBabyMovie/status/372723616233701377

Here are all of our VIDEO RESPONSES: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDpwhs1B9xu7BZhrVS2pEfg

Thanks for having us!

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KushTheKitten357 karma

You open up your front door and are met by Nicolas Cage in a Time Machine. He says to get in. Where do you go, what adventures do you have, and if you find yourself in a dire situation, do you get out in the...

Nic of Time?

benandtom203 karma


eudicella252 karma

Admit it, you loved wearing the short shorts on Reno 911.

benandtom636 karma

It opened up a fan base of gropey older ladies that is still vibrant.

SmellsLikeOnions229 karma

Was Riki Lindhome's vagina easy to work with?

benandtom305 karma


Nadtastic220 karma

What do you do with $240 worth of pudding?

benandtom240 karma

Cool/Chill. In that order.

AnotherDawkins189 karma

Just wanted to thank you guys for many, many hours of entertainment and many, many more to come.

You are truly comic geniuses.

benandtom649 karma

Go fuck yourself.

jk. xoxoxoxox :)

CalleDubV175 karma

Reno 911 was one of my favorite shows ever. Were there any special guests that were your particular favorites to work with?

benandtom273 karma

Paul Rubens. George Lopez. Paul Rudd. Natasha Leggero. The Rock.

ChompyDuchamp160 karma

Porcupine Racetrack: The Movie. Think about it?

benandtom212 karma

Baz Luhrman is in the middle of RUINING IT!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!

MissSpicyMcHaggis137 karma

Were there any sexual mishaps on the set of Reno 911?

benandtom380 karma

I might have got a semi one time during a pretend makeout with Wiegel. Please don't mention this to Kerri.

sapperdeboere130 karma

Did you use only your imagination while writing Reno 911, or have you also used (and altered) real situations that happend to the real Reno 911 Police Departement?

benandtom410 karma

Real stories that police officers tell you to "use in your sketch show" are often VERY FUCKED UP. Like how it takes 12 shots from a shotgun to take down a dude on PCP, or how a dude got SPLIT IN HALF by a telephone pole. :)

maip23126 karma

Is there any chance we'll ever see a "The State" reunion again, either on stage or TV?

benandtom221 karma

VERY likely.

_Hank_Scorpio124 karma

If you were forced at gunpoint to watch Honey Boo Boo's mom to make love to Danny Devito, what Smiths song would you want in the background?

benandtom56 karma


ericinnyc103 karma

What's the backstory to the major cast change in Reno between seasons 5 and 6? Season 6 of Reno felt very, ummm, different.

benandtom86 karma

video reply to come.

slickanus95 karma

Thomas, is your doctor character in Memento and The Dark Knight Rises the same guy? What the hell is going on with that

benandtom104 karma


remote_production74 karma

Who would win in a no holds barred, hell in the cell three way tag team match: Jim Rash/ The Rock vs Ken Marino/Cedric Yarborough vs Kerri Kenney/Christian Bale

benandtom58 karma


808breakdown69 karma

Just wanted to tell you guys that my 89 year old great aunt and I would always talk about Reno's new episodes after they aired, it was one of her favorite shows. Now when I watch it I'm always reminded of her. Just wanted to thank you guys for that.

benandtom91 karma

Bless you.

sirjohnnybones61 karma

How many pairs of dangles shorts do you personally own?

benandtom116 karma

Down to one.

kronicfeld57 karma

  1. Can you offer some sort of retroactive financial reward for having the top positive Hell Baby review on Amazon?
  2. Can Tom still fit into his "Froggy Jaboree" costume?
  3. Prove it.
  4. For how long after filming Hell Baby were you sweating po'boy?
  5. Shinier skull: Corddry or Scheer?

benandtom71 karma

  1. Possible a long/lingering hug that violates certain Human Resources policies, and general decorum.

  2. Gonna find out. Didn't really fit at the time.

  3. See above.

  4. 6 mos.

  5. Scheer. Hands down.

SmellBeforeRain55 karma

Does anyone ever tell you guys to put on another pair of pants?

Also, Tom. You mouth raped Paul Rudd in "I Love You Man". Was it just me, or were there really sparks flying in that scene?

benandtom90 karma

Yes. and Yes.

Anton_Lemieux49 karma

I once heard Michael Ian Black mention a show that never came to fruition called "Hey Neighbor"(I think), where in you guys would play all the members of a town.

Could you talk more about what the idea was or what happened to it?

How do you guys feel about mustaches and/or portable bagged liquor?

benandtom38 karma

video response to come.

ggolemg46 karma

Day 2?

benandtom16 karma


DressedLikeACow40 karma

When can we expect a Li'l Gary feature film?

benandtom62 karma

Yes. Ben Foster is nibbling at the Scott Aukerman role.

ZeroDagger37 karma


benandtom26 karma


MissSpicyMcHaggis36 karma

Can you describe Nick Swardson's penis in full detail?

benandtom85 karma

See our New Yorker article on the subject.

aur0ra14534 karma

I loved watching Reno 911! growing up. Which was your most memorable episode?

benandtom101 karma

Piping Hot Arby's.

Ginger-Nerd34 karma

Is it true that the reason you left the writing of Herbie: Fully Loaded, was a conflict between you and the movie company, about the car smiling?

it just seems like a bizzare thing to fight over, which is why I ask is there any truth behind that?

benandtom109 karma

Yes. 100% true. Not sure why we were such dicks about it. But we were 100% convinced the car shouldn't smile. Seemed insane.

beamingontheinside32 karma

What did you eat for breakfast?

benandtom107 karma

Egg white omlette and the dreams of a mid sized unicorn.

inflatablestoat31 karma

What are your preferred styles of panties?

benandtom74 karma


Salacious-31 karma

Which 2 standup comedians would be an even match for you two in a gladiatorial fight to the death, and why those two?

benandtom53 karma


whoisegon29 karma

Where is the Viva Variety DVD? Like literally, where is it? Can I burn a copy of it?

MissSpicyMcHaggis13 karma

I would love to know as well. This is where my love for you guys began..as well as Reel Big Fish.

benandtom42 karma

In my tv room. Maybe some scallywag will just upload the whole damn thing to Funny or Die one day...

shagrathspawn28 karma

I once had an awesomely long chat with Carlos Alazraqui outside a comedy club in Dallas, TX and when I asked him what the rest of the Reno 911 cast was like, he said "Thomas and Ben are two of the weirdest people ever, no joke. But they're funny as hell."

Is Ben Garant's wonky eye from Reno 911 real?

benandtom18 karma

Video response to come.

mighty_squid26 karma

Do you remember The State? I do. Does that make me old or you awesome?

benandtom87 karma

Was that the "I'm crushing your head" guys?

basherrr23 karma

I miss Johnny Blue Jeans

benandtom20 karma

That name was inspired by a Gautier cologne called "Blue Jeans Man."

the_krag23 karma

Did you pack it, or was that your natural Reno style bulge?

benandtom73 karma

That's all me. Depending on the weather.

chickenmcthuggets21 karma

There is so much collaberation between members of "The State". Heck, even Robb Corddry, Rob Hubel, and Paul Scheer work together in "Children's Hospital" (along with another State alumn - Ken "I'm gonna dip my balls in it" Marino). What is it about your brand of comedy that encourages frequent collaberation between the same groups of people? And how do I go about becoming part of the team?

benandtom13 karma

video response to come.

RhynoSorceress20 karma

God damn I miss Reno 911! What was the best prank when on set?

benandtom12 karma

Video response to come.

kat_without_a_hat17 karma

Thomas Lennon: You're everywhere, always a memorable role in a film like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or Hot Tub Time Machine, on TV, on stage, behind the scenes in voice work and screenwriting, and an author, so my question is: which do you enjoy most and why?

Ben Garant: Is there any truth to the rumors that the character of Vinny Santorini from Disney's Atlantis is based off of you?

To both: Which hat--screenwriter, director, or actor--did each of you enjoy wearing the most with Hell Baby? How did it feel presenting it at Sundance? What are you working on together now? Is there talk of a third Night at the Museum movie? How did that movie come to be?

You're both incredible, and thanks for doing this AMA!

benandtom15 karma


dr_zevon16 karma

Wanna make a movie with me?

benandtom108 karma

Are you Guillermo Del Toro? Yes. DM us.

Spants2314 karma

Who is your master? Who is your apprentice?

benandtom34 karma

The answer to both is Jim Carrey's Riddler.

rudhdog13 karma

Mr Lennon I loved little Gary on comedy bang bang. My question is when you go do comedy bang, what's it like to go see the onslaught of hilarious characters and not just laugh your ass off?

benandtom22 karma

As you can see, most of it is already laughed off.

TheCincinnatiKid12 karma

Hey guys! Really enjoyed your book on screenwriting.

How do you work past writing blocks?

My writing partner and I have finished the outline and that went well and we were on the same page, but getting to write the script together so far has been a bit difficult in terms of figuring out the dialogue.

Gwelly11 karma

Hi guys! Would you rather carry around Danny devito greased up and naked on your back for a night or have Miley twerk nonstop on your junk for a week straight?

benandtom10 karma

Video response to come.

Arab_Ninja_Pirate10 karma

Tom, have you forgiven Paul Rudd for the taste of betrayal?

benandtom26 karma

If we had won that Best Kiss Award, yes. But we didn't.

WiseBeyondMyTears9 karma

I LOVED Reno 911. Even the last season. What was your favorite subtle joke that you think most people didnt pick up on?

benandtom18 karma

The full length tribute to Waiting for Godot.

Bebop2109 karma

Thomas I love you!!!! Any hot m on m action with Michael Ian black in your future?

benandtom16 karma

DM me.

RedFrogMario9 karma

What was your favorite line that you improvised for Reno 911?

benandtom2 karma

Video response.

atworkandwanttoreply9 karma

I dont have a specific question I just wanted to say thank you for 20 years of laughs! I loved the State and everything you, and the various members, have been doing since.

Now that I think about it, can we expect any sort of television series or specials in the works from you guys in the near future? And I will be checking out Hell Baby once I get out of work! Thanks for the all the laughs!

PS. Thomas, I just saw a funny or die video you did with a friend of mine Matt, The Philathropist. Penisland.com, hahaha!

Video for those interested

benandtom15 karma

Yes. We have an idea for a new tv show.

kidalive255 karma

Is there any way we can get the name of the girl in the red lingerie that Travis Jr. dreamed about? Because...damn.

benandtom7 karma

Rachel Sterling.

SandPocket4 karma

Did you keep any of Jim Dangle's shorts? =O

benandtom10 karma

video response to come.

lukeje4 karma

whats your fave flavor of ice cream

benandtom8 karma


nicvanroon2 karma

Should I be a CNC machinist or a pro wrestler?

benandtom11 karma

Amateur Wrestler.

Henrydoce1 karma

I have no questions, just want to say you guys are great.

P.S. you're a whore, Thomas.

benandtom1 karma


canihavebacon1 karma

Did you really enjoy wearing the little shorts? They did seem pretty comfortable.

benandtom2 karma

They feel surprisingly good, yes. But not comfortable.

Spants231 karma

Are you guys fans of johnny cash? Btw reno does not have palm trees...

benandtom1 karma

video response to come.