We know there's been a bit of buzz in the cosplay community regarding our show, and my castmates and I feel like it's a good way to open up the conversation. There are a lot of issues in the community that need to be talked about. So let's do it.


Go ahead and ask me (and several of my castmates) anything.

PS: The first episode I'll be featured in will air on Syfy tonight at 7pm EST, 10pm PST! Watch me compete for the first time ever. I'm pretty hard to miss, I think.

Castmates that may pop in:
Monika Lee: /u/London2191
Holly Conrad: /u/CommanderHolly
Riki LeCotey: /u/ridd1e
Becky Young: /u/Aktrez
Jessica Merizan: /u/jessicamerizan
Victoria: /u/scruffyrebel

EDIT: Will be taking a break at 6:30 to eat and livetweet the episode, but please come back after the show if you guys have more questions!

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ChrisHardwick156 karma

Is my phone charger in the power strip next to the couch?

skydart93 karma

No, sweetie. But it's on the coffee table!

THAS_WHY_U_GAY40 karma

Holy hell, your username is an anagram of your last name.

Were you aware if this?

skydart70 karma


ChiliConCosplayer32 karma

What are your feelings about the editing in the show? And do you think the show portrays cosplay in a positive light?

The first show really turned me off-- there was lots of negative emphasis on Becky's body issues, Victoria's issues with her boyfriend, Holly and Jessica's bickering and EVERYBODY being judgmental and catty to one another under the umbrella of that contest. When initially I thought it would be about more of the constructive side of cosplay and about the community itself. I understand it's a "reality" show but it feels way more catty "Bad Girls Club" and less constructive, look-what-i-made "Project Runway" or "Face Off".

I am a cosplayer myself and seeing the negativity and judgement in the show was really disheartening when cosplay has not been like that for me and for a great community I found within it. And I've met and talked to a couple of the cosplayers on your show at cons and you are all very nice people, it's just disheartening to see lots of issues turned up to 1000% and being on display to the public. Do you think the editing will change to reflect and it was a shaky first episode? Honestly, I'll stay tuned for the next episodes because there's different people, it's just sad to see a hobby I love being twisted around for the sake of television drama.

skydart29 karma

I haven't read the other responses from my castmates yet, but here's my response. I shall bullet point it for easy reading and also because I like bullet points.

  • Everyone has issues on the show. While yes, we do have our "story lines", they are 100% based on our real life issues.

  • Yes, certain things are overly dramatized. It is a reality show. But that didn't mean they didn't actually happen.

  • Perhaps some people on the show come across badly at first. BUT LET ME INVITE YOU INTO MY THOUGHTS FOR A MOMENT. First off, the people on the show represent different issues cosplayers actually have to deal with. Body issues, intense perfectionism, procrastination, boyfriend issues. But guess what? They're issues we actually have, and that's what story lines are for. The first episodes are designed to show the flaws that need to be worked on. It might be inspirational to new cosplayers to recognize those flaws as flaws, and give them the strength to avoid them.

If we weren't a little crazy, there would be no message, right? Nothing to learn from. We're not setting out to change the world with this show, but we would like to get a few good feels across. I think if you tune in a little longer, you might be pleasantly surprised. I mean, I hope. I haven't seen the other 4 episodes.

jessicamerizan25 karma

For better or worse, Holly and I actually do fight a lot. But it's like sisters. I don't think the show portrayed us as anything else. And I am forever indebted to the editors for leaving in my crazy pee jars and Mary Poppins ramblings ;) I've also seen a fair amount of real "drama" so I suppose it doesn't feel too out of the realm of actuality for me -- I mean, look at the terrible exclusionary things the "cosplay community" is saying about some of their fellow cosplayers right now. It's really shocking and I hope people realize that we're stronger as a group together. However, I commend you for wanting to see more process!! It was fun and crazy making 8 costumes with cameras creeping on us the whole time!

CommanderHolly15 karma

I second what Jessica said.:)

workroom10 karma

if this were the show that comment would be passive aggressive! fight fight fight!

; P

CommanderHolly7 karma


scruffyrebel16 karma

Clearly there are some parts of the show showing cosplay in a positive light, or I wouldn't be seeing Tweets and Facebook posts about people inspired to cosplay because of the show, and excited to cosplay.

Personally I believe the cosplay community is being its own harshest critic against those of its own and the show, and it's not nearly as dramatic, negative, catty, or judgmental as everyone is making it out to be.

When I see the show, what do I see? That AWESOME GALACTUS, and other cosplayers around the con having a good time with a smile on their face. And that's what most viewers are seeing as well.

password_is_admin29 karma

Hi Skydart! Who is the sexiest person you've ever met, and why is it Misha Collins?

skydart64 karma

Sorry to be that dick, but Misha did come after Chris.


Alex1234567891023 karma

How cool was it bowling with all those awesome stars?

skydart34 karma

Haha, it was awesome but also terrifying. I am the worst bowler and I love Bryan Cranston and Matt Smith, and I had to focus on bowling and not being a drooly dork at the same time, so somehow I just got even worse at both.

kronicfeld18 karma

Chloe: My wife, who is the furthest person from this demographic, has recently fallen madly in love with the Nerdist podcast and its host. Is there anything you can pass along that might completely turn her off so she doesn't leave me in a futile effort to have her love requited?

skydart50 karma

Chris never takes his socks off unless it's to put new ones on. Never.

Unsettlingly similar to this.

StarDustShadow18 karma

After tonight's episode airing, there was a segment of the cast members over dinner discussing whether certain sized people should cosplay certain characters. It was suggested by everyone at the table except for Chloe (who said you should just have fun and do what you want, ROCK ON, GIRL) that if you weren't size appropriate, you shouldn't cosplay certain characters.

Obviously, this has caused a serious stir right now in the cosplay community, with some members even going as far as potentially breaking their contracts to try to set the record straight that this was heavily edited.

Do you still feel after tonight's airing that your views, as well as the community, are still being portrayed fairly?

Chloe, Jessica, Holly - you are all adorable little cupcakes and I look forward to seeing you continue to represent the "fun!" side of costuming

jessicamerizan13 karma

Thanks lady!!! I was in some pretty uncomfortable scenes with people who said things I totally don't agree with. That said, people are more than the sum of their parts and I enjoyed working with everyone. But Chloe and Holly are of course my favorites in pretty much all aspects of my life <3 FUN FOREVER!!

chewie83717 karma

Hey Chloe! Just a quick comment to thank you for being such a friendly and approachable person. I've gotten to talk to you a few times in the past and every single time has been a pleasure. You rule!

skydart13 karma

Awwww, thank you. :D Nice to see ya on here, buddy.

darpachief13 karma

What do you do to pass the time when you're on tour with Chris? Besides Reddit.

skydart50 karma


Have sex.

Play Animal Crossing.

violue12 karma

For Chloe: What was it like being on the winning GISHWHES team last year?

skydart19 karma


When I found out I won, I was in the midst of 3-day, no-sleep baking spree (I'd stupidly decided to bake a different pastry inspired by each of my friends for their Christmas presents). My phone went off, and it just said from one of my teammates, "WE WON". I started SCREAMING and getting flour fucking everywhere. It was the best feeling ever.

Oh, and the castle was pretty cool I guess.

gingerspicebeard12 karma

What is the easiest costume to make for a comic book convention in 4 days? ... not that I'm looking for a costume idea or anything...

skydart20 karma

Go to American Apparel. Be inspired.

scruffyrebel13 karma

Any character that wears regular clothes, because likely you'll have what you need in your closet, or can find something at a department store or thrift store.

reoangelo12 karma

Do you think cosplay has changed in recent years to be a scheme to "get famous" for many people?

Do you worry this show will have a negative effect on the cosplay scene in general? Edit: ChiliConCosplayer asked this better already.

skydart27 karma

To be honest, if people are doing anything to get famous, they're doing it wrong. That said, if people ARE using it to get famous, who cares? Let them try. If they succeed, more power to them. Maybe they'll find a passion for it that outweighs their passion to become famous.

CommanderHolly18 karma

If someone is cosplaying to get famous they're doing it wrong.

jessicamerizan15 karma

I think a vocal minority of cosplayers on the internet will have a negative effect in the cosplay scene in the short term. In the long term, I think cosplay is expanding and the more the merrier. Probably some people try to do it to "get famous" but it seems like a REALLY labor intensive way to go about it ;)

Neutrahl11 karma

What did you have for breakfast?

skydart24 karma

Oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg. And whipped cream. Shhh.

scruffyrebel15 karma

make me breakfast, please.

MaxMonsterGaming9 karma

Have you ladies ran into anyone that stalk you at conventions?

skydart24 karma

Nah man. No one really stalks me. I try to make it obvious it's totally cool to just come up and say hi or ask for a pic. I like making new friends.

jessicamerizan16 karma

Not me. Conventions are mostly a wonderland where I get to play make believe :)

London219114 karma

Not that I know of, but isn't the point of a stalker...THAT YOU DON'T KNOW THEY'RE STALKING YOU? o_o

kronicfeld8 karma

Besides Booker and Elizabeth, who have clearly already been taken, what other pair of father/daughter characters from the world of gaming, sci-fi or fantasy would you recommend a heterosexual couple creepily cosplay as together?

skydart21 karma

Doctor and Jenny. Because we all know what happened BEHIND the scenes.

CommanderHolly11 karma

I recommend anything. Especially crossplay. Heterosexual couples crossplaying together is literally the best. I did make my husband dress up as Garrus though. Sooooo.....

scruffyrebel9 karma

Elrond and Arwen? Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl? Anakin/Darth Vader and Leia?

London21916 karma

Big Daddy/Little Sister. Or Joel/Ellie. Mmm creepy.

gentlemantis8 karma

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were first getting into cosplay?

skydart18 karma

It's okay to fuck up and wear a costume you're not 100% happy with! Chances are, most of the people on the floor aren't 100% happy with their costumes either. Just relax, throw on your costume, and enjoy the convention. Nothing is life or death.

London21916 karma

How much money...I shoulda saved those pennies in ma piggy bank. ;__;

Darkwater1087 karma

My question is really for my daughter Zoe. She is 13 and I was wondering how do you get started on costume and makeup design? She has expressed interest in learning but I have no experience myself so I have no idea where to start.

scruffyrebel14 karma

I'll jump in if you don't mind - there are a lot of online and local options. Places like JoAnns Fabrics usually have sewing classes, you could also check out community college or mom and pop fabric stores to see if they offer sewing classes. There are loads of tutorials on Deviantart, Cosplay.com, and YouTube. The same goes for makeup design. These are great ways to start whether she wants to do it professionally or as a hobby.

You could also reach out directly to costume and makeup designers to see how they got their start, and what they would suggest.

London219114 karma

This is where most people start--buy a premade costume and put pieces together or alter existing pieces to make it look like the character. There's no shame in asking help to make things! There are also tons of tutorials online to help you!

CommanderHolly12 karma

You can start anywhere! I've worked in special effects shops, etc, and I never went to school for it. Haunted houses are another great place to start to learn FX makeup. Really you just have to have a passion for design. Go to a good trade school depending on what she wants to do (creature design, character design, textiles, etc) and then use that school to meet people, and get into the industry. And take lots of internships, connecting with other artists is key!! As long as she loves it, she'll have no problem. ;)

canesknights7 karma

If you had to explain who you were to a stranger, but you couldn't use words, you could only play one song for them, what song would you choose?

skydart18 karma

Oh boy. I think that's pretty difficult... I guess for now, I'd have to say "Goddamn Right" by EELS.

dexterousmoose7 karma

What is your skincare routine like?

skydart14 karma

Wake up. Face wipe. Cetaphil and BB Cream (Misscha Cho Bo Yang). Sleep in make-up. Wake up. Repeat.

scruffyrebel6 karma

someone needs to explain BB Cream to me!

Irrepressible_Monkey7 karma

With unlimited time and resources, what would your ultimate cosplay be? :)

Edit: Thanks for all the replies. :D

scruffyrebel31 karma

With unlimited time and resources I would just become BATMAN

CommanderHolly24 karma

The alien from Independence Day.

London219116 karma

Ashe from Final Fantasy XII or a Big Sister from Bioshock. Armor ahoooooy.

skydart15 karma


jessicamerizan15 karma

You can see one of my dream costumes in Episode 4 - chaos ensues. I'd love to remake that now that I've learned a lot about the process. I think my ultimate ultimate cosplay would be turning my entire house into an insane immerse fantasy experience. And I would wear French Revival Boat wigs and hoop skirts and wield swords all the time. Basically I would like to cosplay as an eccentric person ;)

gingerspicebeard6 karma

Best casserole recipe?

skydart14 karma

Random_Avenger6 karma

Chloe, from what I've seen from the past episode, you Jessica and Holly are my lifelines... the community aspect, the help, the having fun aspect...

How much of what was shot was actually accurate? I mean, it seems like the producers are trying to turn it into a "Real Houswives" show as opposed to a more craft show like Face Off. I personally love the fact that you guys all show a different side, but even now it seems like you all generally have a good relationship and that the drama seems really forced.

Also, you rocked as Elizabeth!

jessicamerizan5 karma

I know this wasn't directed at me but ;) Holly, Chloe, and I are really really good friends. We actually made a pact we wouldn't do this show without each other. And our relationship is totally different. Holly and I get in 5 minute fights ALL the time (but you just don't see the part where we get ice cream and play Animal Crossing afterward). Chloe and I have NEVER had anything even close to an argument so you won't see that on the show. Basically, everything filmed was actually said and happened. Just without the dramatic music ;) And maybe the 3 of us will get a happy happy joy joy spin off if enough people ask for it weeee!

StewWars6 karma

I really liked the take on your D&D characters, Holly and Jessica. I enjoy the Nedist show as well. Thanks

jessicamerizan8 karma

Thank you so much!!! It seriously means the world to me to hear that.

CommanderHolly4 karma

<3 making those characters was super fun, I've always wanted to cosplay a drow since I was kid ;D Thanks so much for saying that!!!

Fubarbythefoot6 karma

Is chris hardwick as huggable as i think he is?

skydart29 karma

He feels like rocks in a pillowcase.

Wasteland_Assassin6 karma

A Question For All: What does cosplay mean too you personally that others may not see at first? :)

CommanderHolly47 karma

This was never addressed on the show, but cosplaying was a way for me to really escape and be something that empowered me and that I loved. My mom is a paraplegic and we played video games together ever since I was a little kid. She couldn't walk, so playing games was how we spent time together. A lot of the games I loved still to this day (Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, NWN), and I wanted to do more than just be a fan, but create something cool and immersive and she and my family were always supportive of that.

We were in the same raiding guild the first two years WoW was out. She was there in 2007 when I went to my first BlizzonCon in Tier5 Warlock armor. She was backstage and waited during the whole show in her wheelchair. We went to comic con that same year, and she finally got to see what I was so happy about, being a fan and being something larger than life for two seconds. She's too sick to play games now and lives in an assisted living facility, and she's been reading the comments on the Heroes of Cosplay facebook page and trying to defend me. It's fucking heartbreaking. Here she sees me and Jessica, kids she's known since middle school (who've been dressing up the whole time, wearing costumes, making costumes, going to the ran faire, etc) getting berated for not being "real" or just straight up being told they don't belong. People don't see us as PEOPLE on a TV show. And having that attitude of saying "these people don't belong" is exactly WHY I got into cosplaying, to GET AWAY from that. I was beat up as a kid, made fun or horribly, what better way to feel like you're OK by being something else for a while? I colsplay because I love to play pretend, hang out with my friends, dress up, and make something that when someone looks at it they go "how did she make that?" Being judgmental is not part of my hobby.

Dadbert973 karma

Great story; my kids have a mom-on-wheels, too! Sorry to hear yours is in poor health...

CommanderHolly9 karma

aww! She wasn't always, she tried to do so much for me as a kid, she really was a hero to me. And I'm just glad she's still around to share some of the good stuff that happens to me even if she can't get around. :) But anyway, it's important to kids to see their parents just like everyone else even if they're in a wheel chair, and I always felt that at a convention we were always accepted and never seen as outsiders. It was really special. :)

Dadbert975 karma

My wife has has wheels for most of her life; after our daughter was born, she started and ran a website to connect other parents on wheels with each other. She doesn't get the whole con/cosplay thing, but she humors our son and I! (One of the moms we met thru her website used to deck out her chair with EL wire for local Trek cons!)

CommanderHolly5 karma

That's amazing. I wish my mom and I had had that website. What is it, might I ask? I'd love to check it out. <3

skydart14 karma

It means connection. A way to connect with someone who recognizes your costume and loves that game/show/book almost as much as you do (but maybe not enough to spend 50+ hours on a costume from it).

jessicamerizan12 karma

I grew up with a pretty effed up childhood. I don't like talking about it because I'm not into pity parties or pissing contests, but I learned from a very young age to hide my feelings to be "brave". To me, that meant I was performing a role to be a different person for various people. No surprise I'm an ESFP. Humor and theatrics has always been an escape for me, and I was heavily involved in theater until I was in college and didn't have time for auditions, rejections, and rehearsals. It was at that cusp that I found "cosplay", after years of theater projects, casual costumes around the house, and Renaissance Faires. Cosplay allowed me to step into someone else's shoes anytime I wanted. It's the best therapy I've ever had.

scruffyrebel6 karma

For the most part, I decide to cosplay a particular character because I am a crazy intense fan and want to represent the character in the flesh to the most perfect degree possible. My passion is all in representation, i.e. accuracy. That is my be all and end all, for better or for worse. I strive for the moment when someone tells me I look like I just stepped out of the comic. That means the world to me.

Tyler4526 karma

Monika, Whats it like living in the ATL?

London21917 karma

It's humid as balls right now. But otherwise, super awesome! There's an incredible cosplay scene here, you should check out this documentary about cosplay in Atlanta (https://www.facebook.com/CosplayPBS).

aPickledGinger6 karma

Chloe, Are you really Simon Pegg in disguise?

scruffyrebel6 karma

I can attest that this is true, despite what she might say otherwise.

ChristoferRudd5 karma

Good convention horror story...

CommanderHolly13 karma

Episode 4. Just wait for it. lol

skydart10 karma

Oh sweet jesus. Holly's right. I wasn't there but I'm piggybacking onto that one.

gingerspicebeard5 karma

Hey Chloe, how was Ottawa? (My home town) I hope you and Chris found enough interesting things to do!

skydart11 karma

Fucking Scone Witch, man.

Changed my life.

gentlemantis5 karma

Any tips on how to help my family accept me cosplaying? They think everyone involved is crazy. Holly saying she might make Jessica's head into a block of cement right when they walked in didn't help.

skydart12 karma

I've never been one to care what my family thinks, but you can always involve them in the process! Show them how fucking cool it is to just make things. Learn how to resin cast together. Stuff like that.

jessicamerizan3 karma

This might be biased but have you shown them Just Cos and Try This At Home? Maybe you could all go to a convention together :) Or if you can't make it to one, Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope" is a fantastic glimpse!! :)

fiftyniftycats5 karma

A zombie apocalypse breaks out and you can become one character whom you have cosplayed as, who do you choose?

CommanderHolly16 karma

Commander Shepard. Duh.

skydart13 karma

I want to say Zoey, but Lara's a little bit better equipped. Crossbow? COME ON.

scruffyrebel7 karma

Kate from LOST.

London21917 karma

Jill Valentine--already equipped for a zombie apocalypse and sexy Chris Redfield arms.

gentlemantis4 karma

As someone who got halfway through making a voodoo doll before realizing I'd sewed most of it into my leg, what is the worst physical injury you've sustained working on a costume?

London219114 karma

Sticking a finger into a glob of hot glue because I was watching Netflix. 3rd degree burn wooohoooo

scruffyrebel10 karma

I got a bald spot from the first Ahsoka headpiece Jinyo made me. Had a quarter-sized bald spot on top of my head for months.

skydart9 karma

First couple times working with a hot knife. Nothing terrible, but I had a tiny grid pattern on a few of my fingers for about a month.

groovemonkey4 karma

Remember when we had no pants on in the subway and those guys from Compton tried to hit on you.
That was awesome.
And by awesome I mean terrifying.

skydart5 karma

Ahhh, life.

MissMelody4 karma

Not a question, just a thanks.

What you said during dinner on HoC made such an amazing impression on me! That heartfelt admission that cosplay is for ANYONE, not just those that are in perfect physical shape, made me SO proud to be a fan of yours. Way to be too freakin' awesome.

skydart7 karma

Thank you, MissMelody! That means quite a lot. <3

gentlemantis4 karma

Steampunk or Cyberpunk?

skydart12 karma


CommanderHolly11 karma

AUGH BOTH. I used to make Steampunk costumes though. It was good fun. :) I even had a steampunk store on Etsy called Orpheus Alchemy.

scruffyrebel6 karma

Steampunk! But that's just because I like the past more than the future?

masterzak4 karma

Why is the show just featuring women and not men? they seemed to cover the ECCC competition and the top winner of the master's category was a man, yet no mention of him or his costume is to be found. Is featuring the women is a ratings ploy?

jessicamerizan3 karma

I've heard the show had a hard time casting guys. I recommended a few well known male costume/prop makers and they all turned it down. Remember, Holly and I made 4 brand new costumes each for this show - maybe that had something to do with guys turning down the casting call. Personally, I'm happy to see a show that doesn't emphasize women as objects but rather as powerful agents at the top of their field :)

jgarfink3 karma

How many of your costumes do you make vs how many you buy?

skydart17 karma

I usually buy a lot of stuff for my costumes. I don't see why you shouldn't. Part of the fun of cosplay for me is the scavenger hunt for the items that, of course, never turn out to be perfect, but are completely editable. I love dreaming up the the different ways to combine bits and pieces to make something.

I rarely buy an entire costume. Elizabeth was bought (from a lovely seamstress named Kristen Carr) and Aela was bought (from Vanessa Walton). But I still had involvement in making certain (crappier looking) pieces for Aela.

London219111 karma

I make all my own costumes! No shame in buying them though, there are some awesome cosplay commissioners out there!

jessicamerizan11 karma

Holly and I make most of ours but sometimes we will mod store bought things (lol obviously - and with no shame). This next costume I'm making will actually be the first time I've commissioned out, as far as I can remember, major pieces to two awesome ladies. I don't have time to teach myself how to make a totally crazy corset and ballgown in 3 weeks and go to Gamescom in time to reveal it at PAX Prime ;) Buying costumes is awesome because it helps support someone who is making their dream come true and you get to wear an awesome costume!

scruffyrebel8 karma

I make most of mine, with massive help from Jinyo. But I've purchased a few as well when the quality is really amazing and I know I couldn't do better. I really only like to make costumes when I think it could be done better.

gingerspicebeard3 karma

Actually... the entire team: Book recommendations?

skydart6 karma

I am so, so sorry for what I'm about to write, but: I wish I had more time. I guess two of my fairly recent favorites are "Ready Player One" and "John Dies At The End".

scruffyrebel5 karma

A Song of Ice and Fire if you haven't read them yet. Otherwise I studied Austen, Hemingway and Middle English texts in high school so....Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is always a fun read? I actually really need to read Asimov and Phillip K. Dick...

CommanderHolly4 karma

PODs and Robopocalypse. Both great technology/aliens vs humanity books! I thought they were both freaking awesome.

London21913 karma

I'm reading a Song of Ice and Fire series for like the 6th time over. I need new books.

workroom3 karma

to everyone: what's your favorite Halloween costume memory (and did that set the groundwork for your entry into Cosplay?)

CommanderHolly13 karma

In 7th grade I dressed as Tippy Hedren from "The Birds". No one knew what I was, but it was AMAZING. To me that was already cosplay, I just only wore it on Halloween. ;)

skydart9 karma

Zoey from Left4Dead. Terrible costume, favorite character. Got a little crazy with accuracy. That's actually when I really got involved with cosplay. I even made a hunter costume for my chihuahua.

jessicamerizan9 karma

Definitely when I made my own costume dress rehearsal night for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream because the costumer didn't finish it in time. I ran into the shop, grabbed a natty green dress, tore it up, hot glued silk flowers onto it, and threw it on top of my leotard and brown fishnet tights. Did my own hair and make up design. I realized I could control my performance as well as my appearance. It was addicting :)

scruffyrebel6 karma

I dressed as the Phantom of the Opera in middle school I think, and terrified smaller kids when I would open the door to give them candy.

Halloween was all I had until I hit high school and discovered cosplay and comic conventions, and that I didn't need to wait for Halloween to be in a costume!

quietasashadow3 karma

Who/What was your first cosplay? What con? And why?

skydart6 karma

First cosplay was Gabe from Penny Arcade. It was not a good one, but it still counted. It was my first con- NYCC. That's where I caught the bug. I'm talking about con flu. But also the cosplay bug.

CommanderHolly5 karma

I crossplayed Valen (sort of....lol) from NwN:Hords of the Underdark and entered the SDCC masquerade with a few friends. We looked awful, but we had a fucking great time.

scruffyrebel4 karma

Merle from Visions of Escaflowne. Anime Expo, 1999. Esca is one of my favorite animes, and I had just watched it that year. AX was my first con because that's the con all my classmates were going to.

wtippin3 karma

I am so excited you are doing an AMA, I'm a huge fan of your cosplay! I was a little bummed that you weren't on the first ep last week :(
As a (very) armature cos player I have a bit of an issue with perfectionism. I tend to focus so much on the little things that I eventually get frustrated and give up. I know for me to get better (and to a point where all the little things stop being roadblocks) I need to practise, but when I feel defeated I give up. It's a bit of a vicious cycle thing. I guess my question is, any advice on working through that? What do you do if you start to feel overwhelmed by something you are working on?
PS - you need to be in more Nerdist podcast openings. You are hilarious and make hearing about stamps.com for the millionth time fun! PPS - I saw that you were in my town a few weeks ago - Kingston, Ontario. I hope you enjoyed our little town :)

skydart10 karma

I will be on the show a lot tonight! Not that I've seen it yet, or anything...

Look, you're not on a time crunch. Keep working at it. I'll also tell you a little secret, and you'll think you've heard it a million times before:

NO ONE IS PERFECT. No one's seams are exact, no one's patterns are dead on. A lot of the props that cosplayers carry are dented or not perfectly painted. If you look at anyone's costume up close there are A BUTTLOAD OF FLAWS. I swear to god, some of the best costumes I've seen are made from fucking yoga mats. Last week's winner on HoC was held together with duct tape. There will always be someone who spent more time on a costume than you, and threw out more attempts than you, but who gives a shit? It's your costume, and YOU MADE IT. Pat yourself on the back.

P.S. KINGSTON IS MY FAVORITE. Like, top three favorite towns now. And thank you. <3

Coconutbongos3 karma

Also, all joking aside, do you feel greater satisfaction when you craft a costume by yourself, or is it just a great feeling to complete a costume, even with the help of others?

skydart21 karma

HELP. I love me some help. I love to bond. Gluing rhinestones on Sailor Moon costumes with friends and talking about boys and boobs and stuff girls talk about is the best thing ever. Maybe it's just because I missed out on all that stuff in high school.

jessicamerizan8 karma

WORD! Cosplay alone and you cosplay with communists or something ;) Solo working is great for some but I get lonely!!

London219110 karma

For myself, I love that pride of saying I made every single part of a costume by myself. If it's a character or series I'm really passionate about, it's the best way for me to go to, for example, a video game company and say, 'hey, I loved your game so much I slaved hours over these small details to make it this accurate, etc.' It's like HEY I LOVE THIS LOOK HOW HARD I WORKED. haha

scruffyrebel7 karma

I think there are different kinds of satisfaction, which are all awesome. Jinyo might do a lot of the construction on some of my costumes, but I'm the one doing hours of research on fabrics and photos to achieve my vision. When I see the final result I have helped craft because of my research, sometimes that gives me the same satisfaction as having made a skirt myself.

Rob_Saget3 karma


Thank you for this AMA! I absolutely adore your cosplays!

  • What is the next costume you plan on making?
  • Why do you think nerd culture has picked up as of lately?
  • I really love your podcast. I too host a podcast where we have celebrity guests nerd out about TV, games, music, etc. we've had Alison Haislip and Kevin Smith will be on soon. We'd love for you to be a guest too! Would you be interested?

Thanks again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

skydart13 karma

Thank you!

  • I don't want to say yet, because I have a lot of ideas brewing. Also, it's possible I may be taking a slight break from intense costume making after wrapping this show. It takes a lot out of you, and I have no idea how the other ladies (and man) do it.

  • I think nerd culture was always there, but with the uprising of video games and nerdy franchises, we're finally finding the strength to be like HEY GUYS WE'RE HERE, WE'RE QUEER, WE DON'T WANT ANYMORE BEARS. Plus, people are starting to realize there's a reason we're passionate about the stuff we're passionate about. We were right all along.

  • I would be happy to come on your podcast! Send me a PM and we can discuss.

RenaissanceKing3 karma

I enjoyed the first episode. I agree that it showed real-world issues that CosPlayers have, and with Dragon Con coming up, I certainly identified with the last-minute stress. It was also great to see D&D get some positive face time on TV for a change.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was Yaya being a judge of the contests. I was concerned whether having cast members as judges and competitors would affect the perception of the integrity of the contests. I was encouraged when non-cast members won, but I wonder if even the possibility of outside influence might leave hard feelings with other competitors.

jessicamerizan5 karma

Yaya is SUPER impartial. Even outside this show, she judges people she knows or is friends with alllllll the time. She does this all year for loads of conventions :) Glad the issues in the show resonated with you!!

gentlemantis3 karma

Just a debate me and some cosplay friends have: are Civil War re-enacters cosplaying or not?

jessicamerizan14 karma

Ok here is THE definitive answer coming from someone who has actually done quite a bit of Revolutionary War & Civil War reenacting (go look at the SyFy website under the cosplay babies photo gallery for pics of me with my beloved snare drum which I kick ass at BTW)... Ready? THEY ARE IF THEY SAY THEY ARE :) it's that simple. And I have to disagree with the lovely Victoria, the same goes for Mall Santas. If someone self identifies as a cosplayer, who is to say he or she isn't? Alternatively, maybe that guy dressed as Luigi at SDCC doesn't think he's a cosplayer. That's ok too. Also, reenactors do it in the mud, rain and snow ;)

CommanderHolly7 karma

Ohh that's a good one! I'd say yes, in a way. But they're very serious about historic accuracy, and yet some cosplayers are as well. Either way, I respect the hell out of them. :)

KnightsOfArgonia3 karma

I first wanted to say to Chloe I love when you do the intro's with Chris on the Nerdist. It always warms my heart hearing how much laughter and fun you guys have :)

So before I ask the question, I want to start off by saying I loved Almost everything about mass effect 1. That, to me, was THE rpg of the series. it had exploration, tons of interaction, loot, weapon and armor customization, and the character relationships felt organic. With 2 and 3 It felt like a giant spiral down to an action game where everything above took the backseat for action. My question is what things do you favor most in an RPG like Mass Effect or Dragon Age Origins?

EDIT: Also to Chloe I saw you at one of the 'Midnight' shows and asked you if your dog was okay when chris was telling the story about the kigurumis and the pizza guy xD

skydart14 karma

Thank you for your concern about my little dog. He's absolutely fine, not a single seizure since. :D

In an RPG I favor dialogue. I want my relationships, and I want my goddamn romance. I may like my gun battles, but deep down I wanna tongue kiss a hot Vakarian or a witty warrior who teases my character for being ungirly or whatever. I like to fight, but I like the stark contrast of the relationship aspect. It gives you more of a reason to fight, when you care about someone you want to save.

TL;DR It's important to have realistic interactions in a game to keep it alive.

ai-honey2 karma

Why are you all so kawaii.

But seriously I am probably going to have the opposite opinion of everyone else. If anything NEEDS MORE DRAMA.

Honestly, I've been back stage as girls dressed like barbies CRIED AND CRIED at the judges for not winning a costume contest. Also the last masquerade I watched, everyone tweeted absolutely awful things drunk. Which is pretty standard. These people don't know real catty.

So far I find the scripting to be within the realms of reasonable, but was there anybody here who was unhappy with how they were presented?

skydart6 karma


I'm sure most of the people are probably going to be not 100% happy with how we're presented, just because many of us are perfectionists who strive to look awesome all the time forever. That said, I think I lean more derpy than mean, so I'm hoping I'll be pretty safe.

ster1ing2 karma

Hi Chloe! I briefly saw you at Chris' show at Helium in Philly, you ran past us yelling "excuse me" my wife didn't notice and she was bummed. Could you say hi to her? She's a huge fan of you!

skydart10 karma

OH MAN I'm super sorry if I was rude! I must have been in a rush.

Hi wifey!

workroom2 karma

Chloe and Castmates, was there a lot of scripted stuff they asked you say... I've only seen episode 1 so far and it seems that the 'drama' is manufactured to try and compete with other 'reality TV'?

and, I totally understand if you are not allowed to answer this question...

: |

jessicamerizan12 karma

I can only answer for myself, but the only thing they asked me to do was repeat things I said that the audio didn't pick up. Like maybe I said something important but the camera wasn't on me or the boom mic wasn't close enough. Since Holly and I were in the Morgan Spurlock documentary, this was already something we were used to.

workroom6 karma

I loved your D&D characters btw! wish the cameras had spent more time showing the details of everyone's work as opposed to playing up drama (and yaya boobs, lol).

looking forward to the next episodes!

CommanderHolly8 karma

I know!! I made a ray-skin pouch by hand, and my cloak was supposed to be a Piwafwi cloak from forgotten realms lore! I'm sad they didn't go into the parts of our characters that were awesome. :C

scruffyrebel9 karma

There was nothing I was forced to say. How things are edited on a TV show is another story entirely, and that's the main thing to keep in mind I think.

cdsk2 karma

Trying to settle a bet with my girlfriend here. From what I can tell, you do not have a brother nor grew up in the Thousand Oaks area? I feel she's gotten your father mixed up with Lenny Dykstra.

She went to school with this young boy Dykstra.

scruffyrebel3 karma

Her dad is John Dykstra not Lenny.

gingerspicebeard2 karma

To the entire team: Why is the Scarlet Witch's tiara the most difficult part of any costume to make, ever in the HISTORY of TIME?!

London21913 karma

scruffyrebel2 karma

lol, I've been thinking about doing a Scarlet Witch cosplay and that is literally the same thing I've been thinking about! If you have a bust of your head, it's probably not too terribly hard...and I think all the points/angles of it make it look scarier than it is.

I say this, of course, without having tried to make that tiara yet XD

JBassmanSC2 karma

Chloe, I read your blog post yesterday about modeling and what not. If you had the opportunity to do it all again, would you opt out of modeling the 2nd time around?

skydart9 karma

I don't really believe in regrets, because I am a lucky SOB to be where I am and I wouldn't risk changing anything about my life that would change my current life. I mean, I've seen Butterfly Effect.

talon032 karma

Do you have a favourite cosplay that you've done?
What about a favourite that someone else has done?
I saw a photo you posted to /r/cosplay of you and Nerdist doing Booker and Elizabeth and can I say that was IMMENSE!

skydart10 karma

Thank you! Hmm, favorite cosplay would have to be one coming up on Heroes of Cosplay... But I can't say yet. :) Someone else's cosplay... Wow, that's tough. Holly and Jessica have done some of my all-time favorites though (their Wrex is awe-some, in the literal sense of the word)

DrNipplesXTREME2 karma

Yeah what do you have to say in response to the allegations that you are in fact a shitty butt?

skydart6 karma

i dun goofd

Coconutbongos2 karma

If you could cosplay as 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck, which would you chose?

London219111 karma

Horse sized duck so my friends can ride me into the wilderness.

skydart20 karma

100 duck sized horses because TINY HERD OF PONIES?

Lenquo2 karma

Isn't cosplay supposed to be about the fun, and not competition? It seems like there's more and more focus on the contests, not people cosplaying for love of the character

skydart5 karma

That's how I feel, but it appears a lot of people don't feel that way. We just gotta fight the good fight.

Darkwater1082 karma

I have never been to a "Con" of any sort. What was the best one any of you have experienced? When and why would you say that particular one was the best experience?

scruffyrebel10 karma

DragonCon is a mecha for most cosplayers. It's a wonderful social scene and very unique from standard "comic cons". It's my favorite place to go.

Otherwise, San Diego Comic Con is amazing to experience at least once. But it is a BEAST.

CommanderHolly10 karma

Jessica and I love Geek Girl Con. Seattle is amazing, and the con is super chill with really interesting panels. Hooray!

jessicamerizan8 karma

GeekGirlCon is one of my favorite conventions. It's small and filled with people selling handmade crafts and it's totally joyful. It reminds me of the Renaissance Faire. And despite their decision in naming it, men are welcome and lots attend. Supporting small cons is a great feeling!

London21917 karma

Dragon*Con hands down is my favorite. I love the nostalgia factor of returning to the con everywhere and it's like all your best friends are there and everyone gets your nerdy inside jokes. The costumes there are phenomenal and everyone's so damn cool.

RCheddar2 karma

Hi from Mike and Terri.

skydart6 karma

Hey, friends. <3