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chunkymice291 karma

I've been on the receiving end of a snapchat of your dick before, I'm just here to confirm that it is actually quite large. You're welcome :)

xanturd225 karma

wait no way i dont believe you

chunkymice183 karma

you drew it into a little person....

xanturd234 karma

that sounds like something i would do! who is this

BecauseImAnAsshole233 karma

I'll go first .. how do you have sex and poop. Any order will do.

xanturd513 karma

i can easily get a boner, but the challenge is making it last. so i take cialis sometimes. 22 years old and taking cialis, fuckin ballin. cant control my poops which is the worst thing about being paralyzed. every day and a half ish i take a dump. you put a suppository in your butt, wait 15 minutes, then get on the toilet and make it rain. fingering your butt helps the poop come out, obviously i do it with gloves on. on a side note, i miss the feeling of taking a nice shit than the feeling of sex

ShyJalapeno142 karma

Do you have any feeling in your dick? Sorry for being ignorant creep ;)

xanturd294 karma

zero feeling but sex is still totes fun. everyone ive hooked up with says im really really good and luckily my dick is big

ShyJalapeno89 karma

Ok, then, how do you get off without any feeling of the friction? Is it exclusively mental thing now?

Edit. You sort of answered it below, you don't really cum now. Is it different mentally though?

xanturd108 karma

its like 4 inches. on a good day. mentally its still fun. and other body parts still feel pleasure.

YouLikeBarney68 karma

Sorry to tell you bro but I think they're lying

xanturd129 karma

i agree :(

ShyJalapeno37 karma

Thank you for answering, that's quite interesting, what about the whole tension-release system, do you feel any tension and need to release when aroused? How do you know that you're aroused without looking down there?
I can't really separate it from the body when thinking about it.

Edit. This whole topic reminded me about quite freaky episode of Aeon Flux where guy was pleasuring his girl by tinkering with nerves in her spinal column... (I'm not suggesting anything)

xanturd41 karma

i have noticed i break out when i hook up with girls. i think i am building and storing too much testosterone and not really releasing it. my skin breaks out and my arms seem bigger

ShyJalapeno20 karma

But no mental urge to unload?
What about phantom pains, do you have these? Phantom dick feelings? (O_o?). Since you still have brain areas responsible for these, just disconnected.

xanturd24 karma

mentally yes of course but no phantoms

ayjayred29 karma

4 inches when erected?

xanturd50 karma

usually like 3 when erect. sometimes 4 if i cheat

ayjayred32 karma

pics or it never happened.

xanturd116 karma

snapchat only

AdrianLou167 karma

I love you and your wheel chair!! Be my friend*?


**friends with benefits

xanturd248 karma

how hot are you? can you backflip? snapchat me xanderofsc

AdrianLou180 karma

I don't have snap chat- if I wanted to send nude pics I'll just send them...fuck ill download it

xanturd441 karma

yeah you better download that shit

elizabethptp34 karma

Wait... can anyone snapchat you nudes?

xanturd153 karma

isnt that the point of snapchat

heybrahsupbrah117 karma

Film or Digital?

Also, what's up with Michael Cera? http://imgur.com/kjHTsC6

xanturd112 karma

both. how did you find that picture haha. he da homie

CuntFlappe40 karma

You know Michael Fucking Cera?

xanturd224 karma

the homie. he did cocaine off my dick

ImTheBestMayne111 karma

Your flow is immaculate.

xanturd214 karma

im da best mayne, i DID it

xanturd114 karma


Cyclops_lazy_laser_I99 karma

Do you suggest nude wheel chairing in public??? Ya know. " hypothetically "

xanturd236 karma

never wear clothes. ever

dominion4795 karma

Seriously, this is the fastest turn around, I'd like to say, in reddit histroy that we get to talk to THE naked guy posted in a random picture...well, probably.

I'm not gonna lie..I didn't research that.

My question...why you nude next to a highway dude?

xanturd188 karma

i just wanted to be

potatopickles91 karma

Are you naked right now?

xanturd159 karma

yeah actually

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xanturd113 karma

snapchat only

ohpoopsicles58 karma


xanturd123 karma

yeah probably

peristeriaetos46 karma

What about your butt

xanturd124 karma

my booty is super white

AmishRobotics83 karma

It looks like you work out in some way. How do you stay fit while having to wheel around?

xanturd187 karma

go to a gym. its called core. its in northridge and it specializes in helping people with spinal cord injuries who are in wheelchairs. but anyone can go there. i have no feeling or movement from my ribs down, so its all upper body. i can chest press two of you probably

OvidNaso319 karma

i can chest press two of you probably

You're really not familiar with the average redditor.

xanturd1274 karma

youre not familiar with my arms

nikkukun77 karma

Fuck, man. I aspire to one day be half as chill as you are.

Tell me some shit about sharks.

xanturd120 karma

follow my instagram. i posted shark facts every day this week

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xanturd137 karma

1) Dog... really? Have you not heard his music. 2) Never tired doggie post accident. 3) Occasionally. 4) #2monthz 5) Ducati s4 vs. Large SUV. Heading west on Ventura at Tujunga, one block from my house. I was going 50 ish, he turned left in front of me. I remember none of it. My homie was on his bike 10 feet behind me. No one to blame, it was an accident.

oddfuture44558 karma

How do you like Yeezus?

xanturd154 karma

suck the skin off my dick.

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xanturd57 karma

56) the kanye shirt was golden

lostinstjohns53 karma


xanturd145 karma

taco bell? ill get you a crunchwrap supreme

lostinstjohns71 karma


xanturd96 karma

HAHAHA aight i will. were doing drive thru though

lostinstjohns71 karma


xanturd128 karma

lets get married

Bandor_the_destroyer50 karma

If I snap you a dick pic will I receive one in return

xanturd77 karma


IhaveSomeQuestions5649 karma


xanturd103 karma

11) I'm a champion, so i turn tragedy to triumph. 12) Nah 13) No way. So lucky to have my arms. 14) Take pictures of pretty girls and tennis shoes. 15) A few. A few.

TodayWeFeastAsKings48 karma

Do you know somebody named Spartan Daggenhurst? Is it true he wrestles sharks in his spare time?

xanturd79 karma

is this spartan? i heard about that 8 foot mako you knocked out the other day

IFeelLikeAndy67 karma

Dude, do you know everyone in this thread?

xanturd90 karma

im kinda famous

IFeelLikeAndy31 karma

I want to be famous like you one day. Any tips?

xanturd72 karma

i was in batman and on glee

zeecok39 karma

You're hot. Im a dude. Im straight. Im not gunna say No-Homo.

xanturd132 karma

i look like a girl its chill

IhaveSomeQuestions5639 karma


xanturd114 karma

26) i saw them once post accident. they were surprised i was alive. 27) not long at all 28) a lot. i tip a lot. i know what its like to work your ass off for $9 an hour. i know what its like to do nothing for $2000 a day 29) soooooooo long 30) catheter, pee bag. its always a party in my pants

panaz39 karma

So whats the story of the pic? What was going on?

Edit: also your phone and facebook blowing up yet from people?

xanturd101 karma

i wanted to be on the freeway naked in a pair of hi tops, so i did it. my phone and face always be blowin up

mangomorphases36 karma

Did the police bother you?

xanturd225 karma

nah we did it wit da quickness

IhaveSomeQuestions5636 karma


xanturd61 karma

46) medical 47) buy a ducati. ride fast and hard. be careful 48) yeah waiting for one to hit ebay at a decent price 49) what do you mean? i dont fuck ugly bitches 50) making books, t shirts, prints, trying to get tumblr notes

LearnWithGern36 karma

Your attitude puts the things in life that irritate me into perspective. Hang in there man. Enjoying your candid responses.

xanturd185 karma

my advice: cherrish every poop

IhaveSomeQuestions5635 karma


xanturd68 karma

21) ahahaha thats amazing! trash that shit 22) i have had 16 ct scans, 96 x rays, and im in the sun almost every day. im not gonna last too long. when i die burry me next to #2bitchez 23) rarely 24) hospital was 3.5 mil 25) luck

OvidNaso47 karma

25) luck

Like rich parents luck or misspelled your name in billing luck?

xanturd91 karma

like i wish i had rich parents. a program called charity cares and medical

Lindsaythe45 karma


So glad I'm Canadian...

xanturd79 karma

i can talk about taxes and how they're spent on much more important things in every part of the world except the us for hourssss

IhaveSomeQuestions5633 karma


xanturd127 karma

6) I haven't really cum post injury. 7) Not so much from the wheelchair, more from me just being dope AF. 8) I'm tryna fade. Get on worldstar. "Guy in wheelchair beats up Chief Keef" 9) Obviously. Its annoying. 10) Yes but not while they live at home/in LA

tsbell7332 karma


xanturd51 karma

not on my face im soooooo broken out

GeluNumber131 karma

How good are you at twister?

xanturd83 karma

i am soooo flexible i can almost suck my own dick

IhaveSomeQuestions5627 karma


xanturd55 karma

41) skate 4 lyfe 42) internet fame hopefully 43) tumblr worldstar the berrics 44) the one whos down wit jay z 45) 6.9, fuck college

Kanex26 karma

Dude we have like, the exact same hair. Can you please become a superhero so I can be your sidekick?

xanturd42 karma

im wit it

IhaveSomeQuestions5626 karma


xanturd70 karma

31) the sit ski was dope. hand cycling was dope 32) nothing 33) doing a backflip. have yet to do one yet in the chair. 34) wheelie from my back door, down my driveway, down my hill, to a restaurant 35) i dont set goals. i do what i can one day at a time.

GoldenMKZ16 karma

Dude big ups on the sit ski. I do a lot of regular skiing but when I see some motherfucker on a sit ski I'm always super impressed just cause dat core strength doe

Also, how the fuck did you get your flow that long and fuckin shiny? I'm a chick and my locks take fuckin days to grow.

xanturd82 karma

yeah i was hitting boxes my thrid run down the mountain it was dope. one day we can have a sleep over and ill brush your hair and do your nails and we can talk about boys

railfan84424 karma


xanturd44 karma

how are all these pictures ending up on the internet?!?!?! all i do is post on insta

IhaveSomeQuestions5623 karma


xanturd48 karma

36) OH MY GOD! Supermodels. i swear thats the reason all my homies kicked it at the hospital. 37) Buritto. Maybe sushi. 38) Never 39) Life is a joke 40) all the time, i love talking about it

Gingetastico20 karma

You are obviously still in great shape tbh. Have you thought about trying out for the paralympics in any way?

xanturd39 karma

im not THAT beast

onnoj81719 karma

what kind of bike did you have, and how did the accident happen?

xanturd26 karma

ducati s4

IhaveSomeQuestions5618 karma


xanturd46 karma

51) i dont get embarrassed anymore 52) ive never shit in a diaper 53) i never ate hospital food. ever. 54) i have no clue i was hella turnt 55) diloted and oxycodone. you have never been turnt up til you done that shit

schibbyzolta7 karma

I can vouch for the diloted and oxycodone. Shits amazing and mellows you out in all the pain.

xanturd29 karma

i had never even smoked weed before the hospital. it was the craziest thing ever for me. i felt like lil wayne

MalcolmButterfiddle17 karma

Have you ever thought about playing Murderball? If I was in a wheelchair, I would be fucking up some murderball. Those guys are badass.

Also, just reading some of your self effacing and comedic answers, I can tell you are not someone who sits and pities himself all of the time. You sound like you said "fuck it, this is my reality and I'm still going to live an awesome life." I wish more people in seemingly lesser predicaments would have such a positive attitude as you. I wish I could be as positive as you sound.

Edited to add a question.

xanturd20 karma

ive heard about how gnarly it is those guys are beast.

fap-master-flex15 karma

Do you take any sort of pain meds?

xanturd110 karma

very very very little for nerve pain. i rarely have pain. all my pain be champagne

Awod32015 karma


Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

xanturd58 karma

great question. it would depend on the weapon i was given. if i had a crossbow with three arrows, one horse sized duck. if i had two purple light sabers (like mace windus) 100 duck horses

Warodne14 karma

What hair products do you use?

xanturd38 karma

cheap shit. moroccan oil is good. pantene pro v is good but its bad for your hair. suave professionals is good

JesusExists77713 karma

Why were you naked? And what does 818 mean?

xanturd36 karma

i rep da valley

DangerRangerous12 karma

How do you pronounce your last name?

xanturd37 karma

Mo zgheee pooooooop ski

CanadianCrusade11 karma

How did your parents handle the accident?

xanturd25 karma

it was/is tough but they're chill

turtles_and_frogs10 karma

You look crazy fit, dude. What's your workout like? =)

xanturd42 karma

a buritto a day keeps the doctor away

BenPup10 karma

Thoughts on Yeezus?

xanturd18 karma


BenPup2 karma

right! i really like the death grips influence on it.

xanturd7 karma

i like how jay and ye did songs about abortions. it was cute.

MegaDOS10 karma

What's there to do in the valley, I find it relatively boring sometimes :(

xanturd26 karma

they just put up a fence around the baseball field at beeman but before the fence was there, you drive in the parking lot then off the pavement and through the table then you can drive on the field and tokyo drift

Rekusha9 karma

How do you feel about this incident and how do you think it impacted your life?

xanturd74 karma

the biggest change in my life didnt change me at all

doberwoman8 karma

Which is your favorite pokemon ?

xanturd32 karma

scyther, shiny charizard

IamKingP7 karma

Where'd you go to high school? I live in the valley too so im jw

xanturd9 karma


pizzafaceman6 karma

nice royals
you get em for retail or the reseller prices?

xanturd23 karma

if you have to pay more than retail for a pair of shoes, you dont need them

JizzMuffin_McSpermat3 karma

Favorite Kanye albums in order of 1-6, Go!

Mine: 1 LR 2 CD 3 MBDTF 4 Yeezus 5 Graduation 6 808's

xanturd7 karma

top three songs go touch the sky homecoming cant tell me nothing all of the lights (i cheated and did 4)

jambot20032 karma

holds up spork

Yeah, it sucks that you're in a wheelchair, but you're trying way too hard. You come off as a real dink.

xanturd1 karma

im not trying, im just like this. sorry if you dont like it.

[deleted]1 karma


xanturd0 karma


kdog2551 karma

Has anyone bought the thousand dollar shirt?

xanturd1 karma

you have to admit that its a dope shirt

WarmBlanketOfBliss1 karma

Dude! Psyched to see you have a great attitude! I have two questions:

  • What do you do in your down time to relax?
  • what type of bike were you riding when you had the accident?

Thanks for doing this AMA! Take care!

xanturd1 karma

snapchat ducati monster s4

wholebrazilnuts1 karma

I like your instagram :)

xanturd1 karma

i like that you like my insta

GetFreeCash1 karma

What do you think of James Bond?

xanturd1 karma

he gets with some beautiful women

ProbablyDoesntLikeU1 karma

How did you find out your pic was on reddit?

xanturd1 karma

i guess reddit is huge. a bunch of friends told me i was on it.

[deleted]-1 karma


xanturd11 karma

i am not answering this question ever again in my life

you_should_try3 karma

what was the question?!?!?

xanturd1 karma

"do you like yeezus?"

[deleted]-1 karma


xanturd1 karma

watch the throne and dark fantasy are pretty amazing

all_my_jokes_argon1 karma

Nice, I love dark fantasy but I think 808's is still my favorite.

xanturd3 karma

808s is my least fave :(

fijikin-2 karma

Do you ever lie on the internet to make yourself sound cool?

xanturd10 karma

no i don't need to

GalaxyDear-9 karma

You do realize you are white, right?

xanturd37 karma

want me to snapchat you a picture of my dick?

fijikin-23 karma

Why are you so boring and uneducated?

xanturd28 karma

i didnt go to college. if im so boring why are you reading this shit.