I am getting ready to head to Vancouver to shoot the100 an upcoming series on CW and am currently editing a short film I directed called DRESS.

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Thanks everyone! I enjoyed your questions. Sorry if I couldn't get to them all. I will tweet a thank you video Hope to do this again soon.

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Orboro353 karma

Why aren't you Mance Rayder? Everyone I know was hoping they were going to cast you for that role.

henryiancusick468 karma


Troomaan276 karma

How often do people say they will "See you in another life."?

henryiancusick309 karma

Only on twitter

Endileath194 karma

Hey Henry, you're one of my favorite characters in LOST. You're definitely a skill actor. There was a recent poll on the LOST subreddit asking who people's favorite character was, and you were first on the list. How does it feel being the top favorite in a very popular show?

henryiancusick239 karma

Am I? send me the link

Eluveitie150 karma

What was the best thing about being Desmond, and did you have any input in the creation of the character or his backstory?

Bonus question: Can we hang out when you're in Vancouver?

henryiancusick244 karma

Yes! do you play soccer? looking for a game!

Eluveitie154 karma

I do actually! Send me a message if you're serious about playing and we can totally set something up!

henryiancusick204 karma

YES I AM! 11's ?

RamsesThePigeon127 karma

Hello, Henry!

Something I've noticed about many television actors is a tendency to star in or contribute to shows within particular genres. In your case - and please forgive me if this isn't accurate - you seem to appear most frequently in science fiction/fantasy and crime drama. Is this a personal choice, a function of the industry, or both? Also, I'll have you know that you have my vote for 13th Doctor!

henryiancusick152 karma

Thanks for the vote! I love sci-fi, Fav genre

jpatton89113 karma

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

henryiancusick211 karma

Who made you?

itsonlyashark96 karma

Hi! What was your favourite season of Lost to film?

henryiancusick461 karma

Season 4 because I got to wear a blue shirt.

Smocke5587 karma

how was it shooting charlie's death scene? did you or Dominic get emotional?

henryiancusick160 karma

I certainly did!

AlmightyKerfuffle77 karma

Hey! Big fan! I felt Desmond was one of the most well-made characters on Lost, and your acting in the scene in 'The Constant' where Desmond contacts Penny was phenomenal. Just a few questions:

1) Who were your favorite co-stars?

2) What were the most memorable episodes of the show to film?

henryiancusick116 karma

Dan Dae Kim, Nestor Carbonell. Loved working with Terry.

The most memorable episode was the Constant, not at the time though, in hindsight it became special because of the attention it received as a standalone episode.

fatsquatch74 karma

I'm not sure if this has been asked in other interviews, but I've always been curious: was the term "brotha" written into the script or was that your own addition to the character?

Did the writers of Lost give you a lot of freedom to sort of adapt your character or was everything pretty much set in stone?

We loved you on Lost and make a special effort to watch other shows that you've been in (really enjoyed your Fringe & the Mentalist appearances btw!) Our dogs are named Penny & Desmond so that we can yell PENNEH! and COME HERE BROTHA! Thanks again!!

henryiancusick112 karma

Everything was in the script. But I was always curious about why brotha, I assume because of the Hawaii term brah or braddah.

PaladinSato73 karma

Are you a Redditor or did your agent recommend you doing this? Its a great idea bc now i will watch for your new show. Ps thanks for doing this.

henryiancusick182 karma

I am now! My friend suggested it, fairly new to social media

scsoc63 karma

If you were Desmond in real life and kept flipping through time, what would be your constant?

henryiancusick231 karma

My wife Annie :)

Nomsfud125 karma

If you were Desmond in real life your wife would be Penny

mcphly92 karma

Don't argue with him he's famous!

henryiancusick190 karma

I like a good argument

harrythelostavatar61 karma

Do you think there will ever be a Lost cast reunion in the near future?

henryiancusick106 karma

That would be so cool!

ilovecreamcheese55 karma

What is your favorite scotch whisky (besides MacCutcheon)?

henryiancusick104 karma

Laphroig, Bunnahabin...how do you spell that?

iamfirstandlast54 karma

I saw you portray Jesus. What was the hardest part about playing such a role?

henryiancusick161 karma

Learning the lines was a huge challenge, had to be word perfect. Other than that, wearing the sandals...?

TurnipKing54 karma

What would you say was/is the largest perk of being Desmond? Both on and off the Island.

henryiancusick125 karma

I get to live in HI.

GPPB53 karma

If you had to choose 1 un-answered question from the lost series what would it be?

henryiancusick200 karma

What? Wait...what? Why? huh..oh

TheRealFakeSteve45 karma

Mathew Fox said in interviews that he knew long before season 6, and since Desmond was literally the most important character in the finale, did you know the ending of LOST before you guys got the official script?

henryiancusick83 karma

I don't think i was but thanks

FluorescentVoid32 karma

Hello! I have to say that you are my favorite character from my favorite TV show in existence, LOST! So my question is, what did you think of the ending and since it is very open to interpretation, how did you take it?

henryiancusick88 karma

I loved it, I loved the whole experience, one of the happiest times of my wife

MattFleet31 karma

Your character had a lot of scenes with Charlie, how was working with Dominic Monaghan? He's always seemed like an extremely cool dude

henryiancusick68 karma

I loved his story lines and he always gave 100%

uberlad31 karma


henryiancusick116 karma

Keep going

shalom-john29 karma

Hello... Brother,

Are you related to Dustin Hoffman?

Thanks xx

henryiancusick59 karma

YES! x

INebelung28 karma

Hey! Thanks for the AMA. What was it like working with Michael Emmerson? He seems like he's a very intimidating man. Is he nicer in person?

henryiancusick50 karma

The sweetest man, kind, generous, too may superlatives

itsonlyashark24 karma

Are you him?

henryiancusick37 karma

I think so .... just going to ask

EarthboundCory22 karma

Big fan of yours since 24 (and then Lost, Fringe, and Scandal).

  • What do you think it was about the character of Desmond that made his centric episodes some of the best ones of the series?
  • Did you happen to know Sonya Walger before filming Lost? Your on-screen chemistry with her is unbelievable.
  • What led you to being cast in Fringe? Was it just because you were in the other JJ Abrams' show? I was kind of hoping you were going to return (alive) for Season 5.
  • Where will we be able to watch DRESS? Short films are sometimes difficult to be seen.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to checking out The Hundred.

henryiancusick36 karma

The writing. Sonya was great, really enjoyed working with her, we have mutual friends Me too! Editing now. Will keep you updated!

Ashok019 karma

I loved your character Simon in FRINGE. Were there ever any behind-the-scenes talks of you potentially being in more than one FRINGE episode?

henryiancusick70 karma

Only a monologue with myself...

JWard51519 karma

What did one snowman say to the other?

Also, the lost finale was the most brilliant one I have seen for any show. What was it like to see the whole show finally come together, and what did it mean for you, having been such an important part with your character in its culmination?

henryiancusick36 karma

It was a blur to be honest...

Kerplunk12418 karma

Beatles or Stones?

henryiancusick198 karma

Stone roses

amoviescriptending18 karma

Hey HIC thanks for doing this! What was the best thing about being on LOST?

henryiancusick72 karma

I got to be on the greatest show evah!

DarksideoftheIsland16 karma

I heard that if not Desmond you would have wanted to play either Ben Linus or John Locke. What drew you to those characters? And did you like the character of Desmond or would you have liked to play him in another way? Also, do you like Pink Floyd? I made some videos while waiting for season 6 to start. Us and Them is the first one I made and your character starts it off. LOST meets Pink Floyd Cheers, Brotha!

henryiancusick71 karma

That's 3 questions and I'm hung over...x

henryiancusick41 karma

I guess I loved the actors playing them. Love Pink Floyd I'll check out your video. Merci

liamquane15 karma

do you have any directing advice Mr. Cusick? :~)

henryiancusick34 karma

Listen to those who have the best ideas.

JayGatsbyyy15 karma

As someone who grew up all over the world, where is your favorite place to travel?

henryiancusick49 karma

I quite like the walk to the beach. I'm so boring


I wish there was a part in Lost where you and Nestor Carbonell could have some Spanish speaking history together :(

henryiancusick56 karma

We speak spanish al the time, we should film and post

jandalofdoom14 karma

According to IMDB, DRESS will be your directorial debut - how was it? Do you prefer it to acting?

henryiancusick34 karma

I want to do more directing

elovingfos12 karma

Hi Ian, this is Erika... Do you want to be a bad guy on The 100? We don't know if Kane is good or bad, correct?

henryiancusick34 karma

Hi Erika! define bad ;) x

xgirl3012 karma

Hi Ian, I was wondering if you enjoyed the San Diego Comic-Con and if you consider yourself a geek at all (comic book, sci-fi, etc.) I am a total geek and imagine going to a con like that would be a blast. Thanks for doing this and for all the other ways you connect with your fans.

henryiancusick40 karma

Isn't it cool to be a geek now?

Smocke5510 karma

any favorite shows apart from LOST?

henryiancusick28 karma

Yes, Hawaii 5-0!

dbtad9 karma

Your performance as Charles Darwin was wonderful. Is it more difficult to take on the role of an historical figure like Darwin or Christ than to play a "new" role that will ultimately be defined by your performance? Also, your character in Fringe, Simon, was incredible given the fact that you only had one episode to explore him. They should have made you a bigger part of that show's final season. Thanks!

henryiancusick22 karma

Thank you! Really enjoyed playing the headless guy. ;)

aur0ra1458 karma

Huge fan of you since Lost. During the filming of Lost, was there anything that particularly scared you, ie, wild animals, bad equipment, just a general, "Oh, this ain't good" moment?

henryiancusick23 karma

Sunstroke...that was scary as i didn't know what was going on

totes-muh-gotes7 karma

Hi Henry! Glad to hear you'll be back on screen soon! What has been an influential piece of media (books, shows, movies, etc) in your life? Also, would you be up for a 10 year reunion at 2014 San Diego ComicCon?

henryiancusick20 karma

On the Road was a book that i loved when I was 15. Open to reunion

kwag586 karma

Hi Ian....it's Kathy, have no clue what I'm doing on here, never have been on Reddit! lol What are you looking forward to the most working in Vancouver? And the least?? And do you know how many episodes we'll have for the first season? X

henryiancusick13 karma

Hi Kathy, I'm not sure to be honest. 12 eps for the first season, haven't seen snow in a while....? xx

Smocke556 karma

what type of music do you listen to?

henryiancusick31 karma

I think my sons call it ALTERNATIVE

henryiancusick39 karma

or old

adsm_inamorta5 karma

Hi Henry. Big fan here. Thanks for being a part of LOST and making the show what it has become. Can you sum up your LOST experience over the years for us Losties? Did you know you were going to become a crucial character back in Season 2?

henryiancusick22 karma

Nope. I was only doing 3 eps but it's pretty cool the way it turned out

radio_dead4 karma

What was the most memorable time that you couldn't stop laughing during a shoot?

henryiancusick18 karma

When Patchy fell over

fluxuation4 karma

Henry! Do you remember when you were filming Everglades (I believe it was last year or earlier this year) there was a crew member named Dan who asked you to make a video holding a sign for his friend? That friend is me!

I had no idea he was doing it and I flipped out when he showed me. I'm a huge LOST fan and The Constant is probably my favorite episode.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for taking part in that short video. It was a huge surprise and the highlight of my day when he showed me. What did you think of Miami when you were filming down here?

henryiancusick9 karma

Very well! Glad you enjoyed! x

johnnyboyyy233 karma

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

henryiancusick6 karma

enjoying everything that Hawaii offers

JayGatsbyyy3 karma

Hey there! Huge fan of your work!

What was your relationship with Sonya Walger like?

henryiancusick17 karma

She is lovely and talented and I'd love to work with her again

FlutterDash003 karma

What work are you most proud of in your life?

henryiancusick18 karma

My children

harrythelostavatar3 karma

  • Desmond had many memorable relationships with a lot of the characters on the show; those with the Widmores/Hawking/Faraday, Charlie, Jack, and Locke are some that come to mind first. Which relationship was your favorite to film? Which actor/actress did you have the best/most interesting time working with?

  • Did you ever have a theory on where Desmond’s story (or other aspects of the overall Lost story) would go in later seasons, and how do you think your ideas compare to the complex and interesting adventure that Desmond and the show actually went on?

Your work on Lost was incredible! Thanks for doing this AMA!

henryiancusick10 karma

Thats too hard! Loved working with TOQ. I had lots of theories for my character but they seem redundant now..

johnnyboyyy232 karma

What do you do to prepare for any of your roles?

henryiancusick9 karma

I learn my lines....usually ;)

tarea2 karma

Hey there Ian, I'm a huge fan of Lost, and I think you did an amazing job playing the role of Desmond.

My question is, who was your favorite person or people to work with on the set of Lost? Also, have any funny stories or memories to share from when you were on Lost?

Thanks so much for doing this AmA!

henryiancusick10 karma

I loved them all especially the crew

iWasHereMomentsAgo2 karma

Hey Henry! First and foremost I just wanna say you were hands-down my favorite character on LOST, I loved every aspect of your stoeyline and glad it wrapped up the way it did. I know you lived in Glasgow for a period of time, my mother was born there and lived in St. Vincent Crescent. I was lucky enough to have her take me back over there about 5 years ago (Partick in particular) but also Glasgow, Luss, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Stirling among some other places, I absolutely loved it, beautiful country, and hope to return at some point soon. How often are you back in Scotland, and where is your favorite place to go when there? Best of luck with everything, brotha!

henryiancusick10 karma

Love LUSS! I grew up in he south side of Glasgow, always good to see the family

teleekom2 karma

Hiya, why didn't you return to Fringe for the fifth season? I really loved your character even after that one episode and was really disappointed to find out you were killed off.. well pretty much without any explanation. Was it your decision or the team behind Fringe? And how was it to work on Fringe?

dbtad2 karma

Well, technically part of him returned for another episode...

henryiancusick7 karma

That was a huge surprise!

endrok1 karma

How much vocal training did you do to perfect your Irish accent of Desmond?

henryiancusick23 karma

Obviously not enough!