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Ive always wanted to know how in Gods name you guys can boom a punt for like 60 yards? Even my soccer playing friends cant get the ball downfield like you guys can.

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Follow up question to that, would you ever be interested in creating a console game for platforms like Xbox and playstation? I know I'd sure as hell pay any amount for that too and play the shit out of it!

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What did one snowman say to the other?

Also, the lost finale was the most brilliant one I have seen for any show. What was it like to see the whole show finally come together, and what did it mean for you, having been such an important part with your character in its culmination?

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Can confirm. Have never gone to a haunted house under my own will, was always coerced. Even then though, I didn't get douchey when I was in there. I just avoided the chainsaw people (irrational uncontrollable fear of chainsaws) and tried to pretend I wasn't on the verge of shitting my pants.

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This is very true