Hello reddit! This is Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad and we play Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, respectively, in JOBS, which hits theaters next Friday the 16. We’re excited to answer your questions over the next hour so ask us almost anything. And no, we are not a bot. But if you want the answers we are going to put for these questions just go to Quora.com... or RapGenius.com... or Uber.com...

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Josh already left so Ashton here. Thank you so much for joining us. Your questions were insightful. We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our film.

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mpgorans293 karma

Ashton, how many popsicles did you consume on That 70's Show?

AshtonandJosh447 karma

A: I lost count after 5 billion.

anonymous123421180 karma

Dude, where's your car?

AshtonandJosh296 karma

A: It's charging.

Jagator100 karma

Tesla huh?

AshtonandJosh276 karma

A: Tesla YES. But what I really want is the Hyperloop.

anonymous123421163 karma

Ashton, your interview on The Colbert Report last night was amazing. Sold the movie to me. In a sense it’s transcending your typecasting as a frat type personality. What was it like portraying such a polarizing figure? And were there any unique ways you prepared for this role?

Thanks for doing the AMA both of you!

edit: Yarr, a dubloon! Thank you stranger.

AshtonandJosh198 karma

A: That is very sweet. I hope you enjoy the film. It's a big responsibility anytime you are representing anybody other than yourself. And when you represent someone so many people admire, the responsibility gets even bigger.

It was scary but most of the good things in life come from taking on the things that scare you.

And Stephen Colbert rocks.

Here's my clip.

clamdever131 karma

Who's playing Bill Gates?

squatly403 karma

Samuel L Jackson

AshtonandJosh234 karma


AshtonandJosh236 karma


logically123 karma

iPhone or Android?

AshtonandJosh210 karma

A: Teetering on the precipice of Android. But still addicted to iOS.

J: iPhone.

geekyenthusiast110 karma

Are you coming back to Iowa for the State Fair? (Fellow Iowan here!)

AshtonandJosh130 karma

A: No I start "Two and a Half Men" on Monday so I can't make it back.

operation_hennessey102 karma

What is the most interesting thing you learned while preparing and filming?

AshtonandJosh194 karma

A: The most interesting thing that we learned... that I learned was Steve Jobs' perspective on education and that the greatest education that you can have is a set of diverse life experiences.

J: And with reference to Steve Wozniak, I was fascinated to learn that after he completed his tasks at Apple he went on to a career in education. And he devoted a couple of years to actually teaching because his father had told him that the greatest contributors to the world are teachers.

A: I think education is the biggest problem around the world right now.

TheDuskDragon98 karma

Ashton, do you still have the Steve Jobs beard going on?

AshtonandJosh185 karma

A: Shaved yesterday. :-(

Jagator95 karma

Are you now completely tired of wearing jeans and black turtlenecks all the time?

AshtonandJosh156 karma

A: I only had to wear that outfit two days on the entire shoot. But i don't wear turtlenecks. They were actually very comfortable though.

Turd11185 karma

What is your favorite movie of all time? Not including ones you were in.

AshtonandJosh167 karma

J: The Goonies.

A: I gotta say Boogie Nights.

operation_hennessey73 karma

Josh, Did you meet Steve Wozniak prior to this role? Or have you bumped into him since?

AshtonandJosh108 karma

J: No unfortunately i neither had a chance to meet him before or haven't bumped into him since. I would welcome the opportunity with open arms. I revere the man and would love the opportunity to meet him. And I hope I do his legacy justice.

sptagnew63 karma

What was your favorite Punk'd episode?

AshtonandJosh139 karma

A: My favorite one was one I did on Drake this year.

J: My favorite Punk'd episode was the episode in which I went to audition for Ashton Kutcher to be on Punk'd. This is a true story, I auditioned for Punk'd FOUR TIMES, and he made me audition more thoroughly than I did for the role of Wozniak.

And then he gave the role to somebody else and broke my heart. :'-( It ended with nothing but sadness and no work.

A: I knew in my heart of hearts that being on Punk'd would stifle the progress of Josh's industrious career.

J: This is actually the first time I've talked about this.

A: And I was busy with Matt & Trey writing book of mormon and suggested Josh Gad for the role.

J: Revisionist weird history.

MrProfessorCat39 karma

What music do you listen to currently

AshtonandJosh100 karma

J: Imagine Dragons. I also love Labirinth.

A: Loving The Lone Bellow. And Jake Bugg.

Rob_Saget33 karma

Ashton and Josh,

Thanks so much for this AMA!

  • Ashton, for your role in Jobs, what kind of research did you to prepare yourself for a more serious character?
  • Josh, what was your favorite moment behind the scenes while filming Jobs?
  • For both of you, I cohost a podcast where we have celebrity guests nerd out about TV, games, music, etc . Long shot, but would either of you be interested in being on an episode and nerd out with us?

Thanks again for this AMA and look forward to your responses!

AshtonandJosh37 karma

A: Well Steve Jobs actually wasn't that serious of a character. But he was a complicated character. So I spent three months studying every aspect of his life that i could unveil in an effort to understand his complexities.

J: My favorite behind the scenes moment was being able to sit in the original garage where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both sat when they built the original Apple I.

A: We'll check it out! Tweet the link at us

Stiffstick32 karma

Thank you both for doing this AMA! I have a question for both of you:

  • Ahston – Tell us more about your company Katalyst and what is you’re favorite piece of technology?

  • Josh – What was it like working with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on The Book of Mormon and are you excited to play Sam Kinison in the upcoming biopic?

AshtonandJosh48 karma

A: Well, I decided this year to take a break from producing content to focus on other things. Katalyst has been an amazing experience for me: telling stories is my passion no matter what the platform. My favorite piece of technology right now is my Tesla S.

J: Working with Trey and Matt was a master class in comedy and satire. Being able to work with two of my idols on a daily basis and understand their process was a dream come true. I am both terrified and ecstatic to be able to play one of my idols onscreen. Sam was a huge influence on me growing up and I am going to work my ass off to make sure that my performance is awesome.

Fadore28 karma

Ashton: Most of your roles have been comedy driven. Not all, but most. If you had your choice, what genre would you prefer to act in? Or would you remain in comedy?

Josh: Looking forward to seeing "The Internship"! What did you take away from the experience of working closely with Google for the film?

AshtonandJosh37 karma

J: It was an amazing experience. Being able to go to Google's headquarters was like an adult Disneyland. The stuff they are working on is mindboggling. I can't wait for Google Glass to be widespread, it is one of the coolest things ever.

A: I like playing interesting characters and working with awesome people. And I will ride that train to whatever it stops to.

ME2460127 karma

So Josh, which do you prefer acting for? The stage, television, or movies?

AshtonandJosh42 karma

J: Each one is equally exciting and unique although nothing can ever replicate a live audience and what interaction that brings.

NotJustAPrettyFace26 karma

---OMG, Josh, you are my favorite new actor on the scene. I find myself attracted to you due to your character on 1600 Penn. Are you anything like that character in real life?

---Ashton - what was it like working with Brittany Murphy?

AshtonandJosh57 karma

J: I feel like this is how Manti T'Eo got into trouble so I am going to avoid this answer.

I'm so sorry guys, I have to go catch a flight. But thanks for all the great questions.

A: Brittany was an angel. She was funny, creative, inspired. And of all the actors I've worked with, had the ability to be completely in every single moment in a way I have never seen before and don't know if I will ever see again.

TheGizmojo24 karma

Blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes?

AshtonandJosh95 karma

J: Blueberry. Easily.

A: Dutchbaby.

J: Five words. What the fuck is a dutch baby.

A: Six words. It's heaven.

dylan24 karma

Hey Ashton - Thanks so much for doing this AMA! Other than JOBS, what was your favorite project (movie, TV, or otherwise) to work on and be a part of?

AshtonandJosh49 karma

A: I love working on Two and a Half Men, it's the greatest job I've ever had in my entire life. I hang out with people I love every day and get to make people laugh. A lot of people get to see the show but we also get to shoot in front of a live audience and the thrill of shooting in front of a live audience is something that's hard to replicate.

DexPedition23 karma

I have been waiting for this AMA for ages, thanks for doing one!

AshtonandJosh35 karma

J: You are welcome.

Markshlitz22223 karma

What should I have for breakfast?

AshtonandJosh56 karma

J: It depends on where you are. IF you are in New York City, I would recommend an eggwich on a bagel from a deli with cheddar cheese.

A: Coffee.

J: Do you not eat breakfast? Favorite meal of the day.

Zaytes19 karma

Ashton, I feel like you get an unjustifiable amount of shit just for being famous (I guess that's true of a lot of celebrities); I've always liked your performances and you seem like a genuinely nice guy.

My question about 'Jobs' specifically is - did you try to bring more to light some of Steve's lesser known personality traits? Everyone knows him for Apple but he had so much more to him than just his company and his reputation as an uncompromising visionary.

AshtonandJosh41 karma

A: Fame is its own challenge and in a world where everyone has the ability to broadcast their criticsms and their praise you learn to find the good in the bad comments and the bad in the good comments. And try to allow criticism to motivate you. Thank you for your support.

For all the amazing things that Steve Jobs did in the world, at the end of the day he was a person just like you and me. He had scars, and flaws, and gifts, and my ultimate effort was to humanize an icon. So that people had a feeling and an understanding that they are capable of great things.

zhbrass19 karma

Ashton, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was by your interview at the opening of MacWorld this year. I'll be honest, up until that point, I was very skeptical with the choice of you in the role. The Steves inspired me to become an engineer and try to make my mark on the world, and needless to say, I cared very much about how this movie turned out. I thought you were a guy trying to ride the buzzword-y tech startup wave and after Punk'd, I found it hard to take you seriously. But man, did you win me over at Macworld. I was impressed that you cared as much as I did about Steve Jobs, and that you were as inspired by him as I was. I smiled inside when you told us that you were "era-checking" the various computers used in the various scenes. And to top it all off, you actually studied engineering (biochemical is no walk in the park). So thank you for winning me over. And you can bet I'll be camping out for the midnight premiere of the movie like it was a brand new Apple product.

I also do have a question for both of you: did you talk at all with people involved in "Pirates of Silicon Valley?"

Also, Josh, in the spirit of Woz's Dial-A-Joke, could you tell us a good joke?

AshtonandJosh40 karma

A: I watched Pirates of Silicon Valley and learned a lot from Noah Wyle's portrayal of Steve. But I didn't talk to anyone involved with it because I wanted to create a unique perspective on Steve for this movie. And in regards to changing your mind: I hope you think that the book is as good as its new cover.

J: In the spirit of Woz's Dial-A-Joke: What is Beethoven doing in his grave?


operation_hennessey18 karma

Hello Steves!

What kind of preparation did you have to do for your roles as Jobs and Wozniak?

AshtonandJosh35 karma

A: Check out my Quora.

J: I watched about 200 hours worth of footage of Steve Wozniak, and I read as much literature as I could, including IWoz, took computer programming classes and soldering classes, and then more than anything I consulted with my good friend Ashton Kutcher who knows more about the technology sector than any other human alive.

kmillxo16 karma

This is for Josh: I saw you a few days ago when you asked to cut in at the Pippin stage door (thanks for the picture by the way) but I was wondering if you'll ever consider going back on Broadway?

AshtonandJosh22 karma

J: Absolutely. Do you have anything in mind?

BreakingBadBitch13 karma

Ashton, do you feel that this is the most important role you have played in a movie?

AshtonandJosh16 karma

A: I felt more responsibility for this role than I've ever felt because I had friends and colleagues that knew and loved Steve and wanted to portray him in a way they felt was honest.

sixstringhead12 karma

Hey Ashton, i just wanted to say you're really cool, keep up the good work!

AshtonandJosh20 karma

A: TY!

CallmeBDD12 karma

Ashton - is their any type of role or person you would not want to play? i suppose im mostly thinking of movies based on true stories. any historical persons or types or persons you'd find uncomfortable to 'shadow'?

AshtonandJosh21 karma

A: You never know what roles are going to come your way. And the roles that are the most fun are complicated ones.

So I supposed I would not be interested in playing an uncomplicated person.

On second thought, I would never want to play myself.

geekyenthusiast12 karma

Thanks for doing this QA today. I was curious, being from Iowa, how you got started in acting? I'm trying to get my foot in the door, also, and I just don't know where to start. Thanks again!

AshtonandJosh15 karma

A: I started with junior high school theater. And took every acting class my school offered. And was a member of the National Thespian Society. Live theater is the greatest training ground for an actor that exists. Acting is no different than any other discipline. You have to practice. So my recommendation is to take every role you can get until you have an opportunity to discern which roles you want.