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Bomber is not amused.

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I have a photo for each emotion of Bomber. Like, happy, or surprised.

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Hi Bill, Thanks for taking the time to stop by reddit. Three questions for you.

As a Washington Heights resident, hailing a cab is no easy task. The addition of green outer borough cabs has been an incredibly welcome addition to the neighborhood. Previously you have opposed the city's plan for street-hail livery cabs. Do you still oppose the green cab system, or have you come around now after seeing the success?

Second, can you speak to your plans around the second avenue subway, extending the 7 to the west side, and a potential hudson crossing of a NYC subway? What transit initiatives are most important to you?

Finally, You have opposed the planned NYCFC stadium in Queens, if you could put a new stadium in the 5 boros, where would it be? Is there any chance at an additional stadium in Manhattan, either in upper manhattan or on the water?

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Hey Ashton - Thanks so much for doing this AMA! Other than JOBS, what was your favorite project (movie, TV, or otherwise) to work on and be a part of?

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That does not mean that the mayor of NYC does not have great influence on the MTA. The MTA head works directly with the mayor and the mayor can absolutely influence decisions that happen with the MTA.