Hi redditors! I'm Rambo Suicide, a model from SuicideGirls.com. I've been modeling on the site for 7 years and also help get new models & photographers to join the site as well. I'm sure you have a lot of questions so go ahead and AMA.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/sincerelyrambo/status/362271754640560128

Update: Thanks for all of your great questions! Its been so fun chatting with you guys but I've got to go. Be sure to come visit me and the other ladies on /r/suicidegirls and my sub /r/altgonewild xoxo

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Dr_Victor_Friess101 karma

I am an overweight male. How can I become a suicide girl?

RamboSuicide7 karma

You must be a female with all the right "parts" to become a SuicideGirl ;)

z93207428 karma

When recruiting, what do you look for in a potential suicide girl? Is it all about the looks?

RamboSuicide32 karma

Great question! There are many factors I look for in potential SuicideGirls - physical appearance, any body mods, attitude, personality, interests, etc. Body type is really no concern, we welcome beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes!

HotKarlHungus20 karma

How much cheese is 'too much' cheese?

RamboSuicide35 karma

No amount of cheese is 'too much'!

neightivebot15 karma

How did you become a Suicide Girl? Such as how did you find out about them and going along with their process.

RamboSuicide11 karma

I became a SuicideGirl by applying and submitting a photo set back in 2006. A friend had introduced me to the website and I immediately knew it was where I belonged!

CherryVLK13 karma

Wow . Love your work, i wish one day i can become a Sg to. I just moved to a new country so I don't really know anyone and don't know how to even start. :/ But can you tell me something, how is it being a sg?, i mean how do people react? Are they very judgmental? :s If you are a sg can you get a job, without any problems and all? kiss, and Thank you! :)

RamboSuicide5 karma

Hey there! You should definitely apply: http://suicidegirls.com/models

I LOVE being a SuicideGirl! Most people just think its really awesome. I have met so many great people and participated in some really amazing projects :) I am thankfully employed by SG so have had no issues there, and many of our girls have had no issues getting jobs. I would just do your research beforehand and make sure SG is something you really want to commit to :)

Dr_Victor_Friess4 karma


KiloLee19 karma

You can do this, easily.

CherryVLK9 karma

Yeah, I don't know, Ya think so? I also just moved to a country and I don't know anyone to take me pictures you know.

MashdPotatoJohnson3 karma

Hire a photographer

CherryVLK2 karma

yeah maybe i should!

RamboSuicide3 karma

If you need help finding a photographer just send me a PM!

clerk374513 karma

I think I saw on your instagram that you have a baby on the way. I just wanted to say Congratulations and best wishes!

RamboSuicide12 karma

Aw, I do! Thank you so much!

SSPenn12 karma

Why do you think so many people view nude modeling as something "slutty" and are so uncomfortable with it? It always seems like so many people turn it into a bigger deal than it should be. If you have a daughter, how would you feel about her being a nude model on SG or anywhere else?

RamboSuicide23 karma

I think hardcore pornography has certainly had a negative effect on how nude modeling is viewed by the general public. If I have a daughter, I will be just as supportive of her choices as my wonderful mother has been of mine.

Rhoxd11 karma

Growing up in Portland, OR, I've often heard that Suicide Girls had it's roots here. Silly enough after being a member of the site for years, I've never posted in the forums about it.

It used to say on the SG profiles where someone was from, though I've noticed that seems to be removed. (Safety reasons, perhaps.) Were you around the Portland culture? And what started you into this empowering position of showing off just who you really are in any state you can be in.

RamboSuicide11 karma

Yes, SG originated in Portland, OR and has since moved operations down to Los Angeles, CA. I was never around the Portland culture, SG had migrated down to CA before I joined the site. I was a huge fan and member of SG before I become a model - it was a goal of mine and I am so happy to have accomplished it!

Yachats11 karma

Hey Rambo! Thanks for stopping by.

I grew up in a small town with Ackley suicide (before she was Ackley) Do you two know each other?

How did you decide to join suicide girls?

How did your friends and family react? I assume your ex's were a bit jealous :p

Do you get any scary mail from fans?

Do you ever get recognized in public?

Thanks again :)

RamboSuicide9 karma

Hey, my pleasure! Yes, I do know Ackley. We are very good friends! I decided to join SuicideGirls when I was 18, I had always been a huge fan of pinup photography and love tattoos so it seemed like a great fit for me. My friends were really excited for me, and I'm very lucky to have a supportive family. I don't ever get scary mail, mostly just really sweet notes from fans and Hopefuls. I have been recognized in public and handful of times but not very often. Great questions!

flounder1910 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Nickolai Tesla

RamboSuicide9 karma

Interesting...Hm. Fuck: Nikola, Marry: Albert, Kill: Bill

Kill Bill...hehehe :)

user_error_dnb10 karma

hi rambo. what games are you currently playing?

RamboSuicide33 karma

Hey! Awesome, love this question. I'm mostly a retro gamer - I'm currently playing Kirby's Epic Yarn for Wii, and Donkey Kong Country & Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo. I've had the Final Fantasy itch lately though so I think I'll be dusting off my PS1 soon to start FF8 again :)

Dr_King_Schultz10 karma

Were you one of the girls that made a cameo on CSI: NY?

RamboSuicide17 karma

No :( But I was one of the ladies who made a cameo on Criminal Minds!

DirtyPandas2 karma

Which episode?! I can't believe I could've missed you.

RamboSuicide2 karma

We were only on briefly at the beginning of the episode. It was "The Performer" - Season 5, Episode 7

MyNameIsNurf10 karma

How do you deal with all the stigma attached to what you do? Do you get a lot of grief for doing risque modeling/having a lot of tattoos? Lastly, How did your close friends/family feel about your career choice?

RamboSuicide8 karma

Great question! I try to let things roll off my back. Life is what you make it, so I try to be as positive and kind a person as possible. Thankfully, I do not get too much grief, most people are more curious than anything. My friends and family have all been very supportive of my career choice and have always wanted me to do what makes me happy.

MrThrasher9 karma

Do you have a workout routine, and if so, what is it?

RamboSuicide15 karma

I enjoy running, so my usual routine is running 2 miles at least 3 days a week. If the weather is crummy I'll head to the gym and do about 20 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes on the treadmill. I also love swimming!

ken272386 karma

What is the weirdest/funniest interaction you've had with a fan.

RamboSuicide13 karma

Most fans are SUPER awesome, but I have been emailed some interesting fan fictions, haha :)

CaptainMattson6 karma

What would be the best way for a huge fan to go about approaching you in public?

RamboSuicide5 karma

Just to come up and say Hi! I love meeting fans!

Ewwiikk6 karma

Hi Rambo! I'm a pretty big fan of your sets and the site in general. I have a few questions, hopefully you can get to them. If not then no worries.

  1. What's the reaction you get when you tell people you're an alt. model for Suicide Girls?

  2. How long do you think you'll remain a model for the site and do you have any plans to remain affliated with the site if and after you stop modeling?

  3. What's the best memory you've made so far being part of the site and the community?

Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your sets! :D

RamboSuicide6 karma

Hey there! Most people thinks its awesome that I am a SuicideGirl. I would like to continue modeling for the site for as long as possible and I absolutely plan to remain affiliated with the site after I stop modeling. My best memories have been the friendships I've made with the girls - Vegas in 2009 for the "Guide to Living" movie was an incredible experience I'll never forget :)

CWagner6 karma

How and why did you decide to join SG?

and also help get new models & photographers to join the site

So what are you doing for that?

Oh and: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?

edit: in case anyone wonders about verification, check the posting history or just this post

RamboSuicide9 karma

I decided to become a SuicideGirl because I admired the models so much and it seemed like a place where I could be a part of a huge community of other awesome alternative people.

Regarding recruiting: I scour the internet for talented photographers and gorgeous alternative ladies who I think would be a great fit for us and reach out to them to see if they might be interested in applying or shooting sets for us. I walk them through the entire process from beginning to end and offer myself as their official point-of-contact for any questions they might have.

I wouldn't call myself an exhibitionist. Honestly, I felt a bit uncomfortable being nude most of my life and I think modeling for SG helped me really love my body!

Dr_Victor_Friess6 karma

How is the pay?

RamboSuicide2 karma

We pay $500 for each set that goes up as "Set of the Day"

lyrenia6 karma

Would you say that the original values of SG have diminished over the past several years? Or is it just an illusion from outside the site? How does operating the Facebook page work? Is it shared between several girls, or is it just one? Do you cycle who controls it? Over the years I've seen more boobs and less personality shown through that page, and I'd like to still believe in these core values. I love the ideology behind the site. How do you recommend talking to a significant other who disagrees with your wishes to become an SG? And lastly, does SG have any plans for the Penny Arcade Expo (Seattle) this year? I'd absolutely LOVE to see them there!

RamboSuicide3 karma

I think our original values remain the same - to celebrate alternative beauty! As a member of the site, you can see that the girls update their blogs with tidbits about their personal life, have profiles full of their interests and favorite movies/books/bands, post videos, etc. The SG Facebook is run by staff (some of which are SGs). Thanks for the questions!

geronimi5 karma

Hello, Rambo!

How much are you paid for a set of pictures, usually?

RamboSuicide9 karma

We pay $500 for each "Set of the Day"


Thanks for stopping by! I have been following SG for a while now and you are, without a doubt, one of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite photographer to work with?

Have you worked with Alissa Brunelli? She has such tremendous talent when it comes to what she does with you lovely ladies.

RamboSuicide3 karma

Aw, thanks so much! I have been fortunate enough to work with many of our staff photographers and it would be impossible to pick a favorite. They are all such talented and awesome people! I have worked with Alissa multiple times and she RULES - such a funny lady and so incredibly talented.

Cody6665 karma

What is the recruitment process like for girls who want to become a suicide girl?

RamboSuicide2 karma

If they are being recruited by me, I will contact them to see if they are interested. If they are, they apply at: http://suicidegirls.com/model and from there must upload a few documents for us and submit a photo set.

mind_teaser4 karma

The name Suicide Girl is quite controversial, and could easily be interpreted as promoting self inflicting behavior? What do you do to change this perception and how do you feel about the controversy?

RamboSuicide13 karma

Our interpretation of the name is committing social suicide by choosing to not fit into the conventional idea of beauty (getting tattooed and pierced and what not).

isadora_drunken4 karma

Are you ever concern-trolled by sex-negative types trying to tell you your work is degrading and you must be oppressed? If so, how do you respond? I'm a model myself, and I hear such things far more than I would like to. I'm always interested in how others react.

RamboSuicide4 karma

Thankfully, I don't receive a lot of negativity. Most people are just very interested or curious about SG. I always do my best to educate people on the facts, which are that SG is awesome and super fun and I have had nothing but great experiences as a model on the site!

lrgrnr4 karma

Who's your favorite Suicide Girl?

RamboSuicide4 karma

Missy :)

thatguyjesse4 karma

What do you like the most about your self?

RamboSuicide6 karma

Probably my mellow attitude :)

kaleidoscopeeyes4203 karma

I always wanted to be a suicide girl, when i got a good port going i was going to apply but then I heard from many different people that they don't treat their models that great. What is it that gives suicide girls this reputation? I applied to bombshell brats and was accepted but never went through with it. I still do alternative modeling and I'm very into it!

RamboSuicide4 karma

Many people base their opinions on rumors. I have had nothing but amazing, positive experiences in my 7 years as a SuicideGirl and am SO happy I decided to apply back in 2006 :) You should definitely apply to SG: http://suicidegirls.com/model

I'm happy to explain the application process in detail and help you get to know the community - just send me a PM!

angry_baconbits3 karma


RamboSuicide5 karma

Haha. I'm a pancake gal!

Arieswolf3 karma

My question is more so a business question; aside from the website revenue that comes from things like membership, movies, and general merchandise. What are some of the other ways suicidegirls.com and the individual models make money? I assume their are public appearances and events but I haven't really ever heard of any until another user's comment about opening for bands on tour. I also am wondering do you all throw parties and do events like that and if so is it throught the suicide girls as a whole or do girls do it individually.

RamboSuicide5 karma

Good question! Lots of the girls sell signed prints and personal crafts they make (jewelry, clothing, etc). We do throw SG parties and events! Usually one or two girls will be in charge of organizing, and we'll have lots of local girls come out to participate and have a good time :)

Conri3 karma

Is it awkward or weird for you to know that people have uh pleasured themselves to your photos? Or is that something you just don't think about?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Not awkward. Honestly I don't think about it much!

QuimLiquor3 karma


RamboSuicide12 karma

Choosing a favorite is SO hard! I am really eclectic when it comes to music but I guess I'd have to say Electric Light Orchestra.

hellomiggy3 karma

Hey Rambo, I'm a big fan and I just wanted to say congrats with the baby.. I hope you have a safe Delivery. Looks like you're about to pop anytime soon.

RamboSuicide4 karma

Haha, about 2 months left. Thank you so much!

TheVoiceofKroeger3 karma

Do you guys have any plans for another feature length movie?

RamboSuicide5 karma

Yes! We are working on one now, in fact!

The_Lurk_Dragon3 karma

I have the 2 Suicide Girls books that my wonderfully awesome wife bought for me. Is there anywhere that we can send the books to get them signed by yourself or other SG models? I often see girls doing different types of conventions and things of that nature, but unfortunately none are ever close to me. PS you're awesome! :)

RamboSuicide3 karma

Hey there! The best place to get SG merch signed is at one of the many conventions we participate in - like San Diego Comic Con, Hell City Columbus, OH & Phoenix, AZ and other comic and tattoo conventions.


Hello Rambo!

First would like to say you are one of my top Suicide Girls and hope you keep doing what you do.

My question for you is who your favorite Suicide Girl?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Missy, of course!

hanni903 karma

would you ever date a black guy? arab guy? asian guy?

RamboSuicide3 karma

Sure! Race has nothing to do with how awesome or attractive a person is :)

geert3 karma

How long do you see yourself doing nude modeling?

RamboSuicide8 karma

For as long as I'm still hot! ;)

elwray19892 karma

So, uhh, need a new photographer? I'm trained in photography, just too poor to own my own camera.

RamboSuicide2 karma

Hey there! You can get all the info on shooting sets for SG in our Photographers FAQ: http://suicidegirls.com/models/faq/photographer/ and you can also email: [email protected]

TheEnnuiedBuzzard2 karma

What was it like touring/opening up for guns n roses? That was the first show I ever saw.. i was still young and when with my dad... I still liked it

RamboSuicide2 karma

Thats awesome! Unfortunately I did not participate in the burlesque tour, as it took place before I became an SG!

Sickness692 karma

Hi Rambo, I just wanted to stop by and say you're beautiful and love your sets! Hope you have a wonderful day!

RamboSuicide2 karma

Thank you!

9rdood2 karma

Hi Rambo. You are one of my favorite SGs. You can be my favorite SG depending on how you answer this question: Niners or Raiders? :)

RamboSuicide3 karma

Oakland A's! ;)

Rico_Rizzo2 karma

I just googled you, you're very attractive. With that said, what type of guy is ideal for you? Is it safe to say that you'd probably only go for tattooed guys? If so, why is that? I ask because its rare to see a tatted girl with a non-tatted dude, and vice a versa.

Thanks in advance

RamboSuicide3 karma

Why thank you! My ideal guy is someone who is kind, responsible, funny, creative, and loves adventure. Tattoos don't matter to me. Almost every guy I've dated in the past was not tattooed!

lolrazorswut2 karma

Does the SG contract still bar its models from working with other adult websites? And if so, do the girls earn a liveable income from SG?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Hey there, you can check out our Model Release here: http://suicidegirls.com/media/models/downloads/Models.zip

86310712 karma

Seeing as you are pregnant at the moment, have you thought about doing a set like this for SG?

RamboSuicide4 karma

I am not interested in shooting a set for SG while I am harboring a tiny human, haha.

Arieswolf2 karma

You are pregnant, and yet I must ask, are you married?

RamboSuicide2 karma

I am not. But I am in an exclusive relationship :)

KiloLee2 karma

Any favorite fellow SG's?

RamboSuicide6 karma

Lots! Radeo, Ackley, Moon, Milloux, Brewin, Damsel, Dimples, GoGo, Cherry, AnnaLee, Luana, Buellher, and SO many more!

bfraiche2 karma


RamboSuicide2 karma

I have never been tattooed outside the United States.

bitethepillowreddit2 karma

Do they pay for your ink work?

RamboSuicide2 karma

No, haha, I pay for my own tattoos. Although I do use the money I receive from my "Sets of the Day" for new tattoos sometimes!

Grimx062 karma

When will u be coming to Los Angeles, Ca for a book signing?? And how come u girls don't have a comi con here in LA??

RamboSuicide2 karma

Hey there, we had a book signing in LA earlier this year and do participate in conventions in the LA area!

Bambi_19912 karma

I don't think this has been asked yet. Would you be willing to get a Reddit tattoo?

RamboSuicide3 karma

Haha, probably not, but I do run /r/altgonewild and participate in lots of other subs so I LOVE the community here!

LeviathanTheMighty2 karma

Hey! It's an absolute pleasure to have you here! Just wanted to say that I love your work!

Now for the questions; do you have a favorite set that you've done since joining SG, or a favorite Suicide Girl to work with?
Also, do you have a favorite tattoo artist or studio? Just curious.

RamboSuicide4 karma

Thanks for the questions! Here is a link to my favorite set "Kiss Don't Tell" which I shot in 2009 with the help of some of my favorite SuicideGirls: http://suicidegirls.com/girls/Rambo/photos/Kiss%2C+Don%27t+Tell/

I have quite enjoyed working with Radeo! She is a very talented lady and just a lovely human being.

My favorite tattoo artist is Brad Worthen - he works at Garage Ink in Napa, CA & Ocean Avenue Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.

IWWICH2 karma

As someone who finds tattoos attractive but would never get one: - What is it about tattoos/body modification that is so appealing to you? - Have you ever dated someone that doesn't have a tattoo? - lastly, Why do a lot of heavily tattooed women like 50's style pin-up girls art?


RamboSuicide6 karma

I love that tattoos tell a story - each one reminds me of a different time in my life or commemorates a special person or experience. I have dated lots of men that did not have tattoos. I don't think an affinity for 50's style pin-up art is limited to heavily tattooed women. I think lots of women just appreciate the original pin-up girls because they were some of the first to embrace their bodies and share them with the world!

MaximumMagic872 karma

Rambo I admire the site and how it has made women who are curvy and have tattoos or piercings standout as more than just objects. I've always wondered what it would be like to date a SG, and how you know if you find one? Also what kinds of geeky hobbies do you indulge in.

RamboSuicide5 karma

I think dating a SuicideGirl would be pretty similar to dating any other girl with the added bonus of her being undoubtedly awesome ;) If you find a rad alternative girl you like, be confident and approach her! Treat her with respect and show her a great time. I love video games, sewing/cross stitch/knitting, and collecting Legos, among other things.

Nogard19732 karma

just curious, what's the best perk you've found since being s SG?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Meeting so many amazing women from around the world!

Torphius2 karma

How does your career, being a recognizable nude model, affect your dating or love life? How do other SG's deal with that?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Thankfully, my partner is very supportive of my choices and it has not caused any rifts in our relationship. I would never date someone who was super jealous or was not OK with my career. I believe each girl deals with this in her own way.

SnazzberryEnt1 karma

Why the name "SuicideGirls"?

RamboSuicide2 karma

It derived from an excerpt of a Chuck Palahniuk book. Our interpretation of the name is committing social suicide by choosing to not fit into the conventional idea of beauty (by getting tattooed and pierced and what not).

Smokeweed071 karma

Hey Rambo, your my all time favorite Suicide Girl and I'm sure you hear it all the time. You game, you smoke weed, you like to have fun, your laid back, and your beautiful. My question is if someone were to run into you would it be at a mall, bar, dance club, library or what?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Probably at a mall - this girl loves to shop! :)

Or maybe a park. I also LOVE the outdoors!

Kirky03311 karma

Rambo, you're by far my favorite SG, and you helped get me into SG. So I wanna thank you for that.

Now, because I can't really think of a good question, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

RamboSuicide2 karma

Oh man. I LOVE ice cream! I don't think I could choose just one - I like Butter Brickle, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Green Tea, Peanut Butter Swirl, Coffee, Brownie Bits, and the list goes on... :)


heey, do you know of any more SG movies in the future, i am still watching Suicide girls must die! ? Also the dancing you did on that HBO special, whats it called, was killer.

RamboSuicide1 karma

Thanks so much! I had a blast filming that scene. We're currently working on a new movie!

You can download and purchase our other movies here: http://suicidegirls.com/shop/media/

And we also post lots of awesome videos on our Vimeo account here: http://vimeo.com/suicidegirls

Islebar1 karma

Hi Rambo! What's the oddest and/or most random fact about you that few know about?

Also: be my wife.

RamboSuicide2 karma

Hm. I have crooked middle fingers and I LOVE all things sour/salty - lemon, vinegar, green olives, pickles, sauerkraut, etc.

iforgotmypen1 karma

Who's your personal favorite SG?

RamboSuicide2 karma