Greetings everyone, I'm MasakoX from TeamFourStar at . I voice Goku and Gohan in the team's well-known parody of DBZ - Dragonball Z Abridged. I also am the original founder of the abridged series of Naruto, Kampfer and Rosario+Vampire. I also voice act in many web series, am a writer on Crunchyroll and of the webcomic series Project Jikoku.

Seeing as some of my friends from TeamFourStar had done AMAs recently, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. Ask away everyone!

EDIT: OK guys, it's just after 1AM and I think I'll call it a night. Thank you for taking part, it was fun! Have a very peaceful night and take care.

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garzek124 karma

Senzu bean!

MasakoX67 karma

Thanks, buddy!

Gregarwolf64 karma

Did you expect the popularity of your show to explode as much as it did?

MasakoX86 karma

Honestly? Not at all. We do this for fun and always will. We love touching peoples' lives in a way that makes them happy. We love you guys and it's down to you that we've got this far. hugs

EasilyEnabled56 karma

What would you do for a real life Muffin Button?

MasakoX71 karma

Say pretty please in a cute manner.

IFinallyMadeOne12 karma

Would you... give up a Klondike bar?

MasakoX13 karma

Keep talking...

Kongo2045 karma

What would you dooooOOOOoooo, for a muffin button?

MasakoX6 karma

Be very happy! 8D

ssbbnitewing43 karma

Hey MasakoX! Do you plan on voicing Goten when the series progresses far enough?

Also, what was your favorite line to do as Goku? Favorite line as Gohan?

MasakoX49 karma

We've not got that far ahead yet in casting people, so who knows?

In recent episodes? Episode 34 when Goku goes "YAY!" in a whispery fashion. It was funny and adhoc. Still though, any moment I get to do foley for Goku is special.

Zogeta34 karma

So you guys have made it pretty hilariously obvious that Goku is a pretty bad father in the series. Was that something you had always noticed, or did you figure that out while making the series? Because I didn't realize it 'till DBZ Abridged.

MasakoX50 karma

Well if you think about it, Goku's not really around. For nearly half of Gohan's life up to the end of Buu, he's dead. The most time he spent with Gohan was up to the age of 4 and most kids don't remember things from before the age of 3 so go figure. ;

darthrevan14031 karma

What is it like being Goku? and if you could voice anyone from anything video game anime etc who would it be

MasakoX54 karma

I LOVE voicing Goku. I feel such a connection with him and adore every moment I get to record for him. I only hope I do him justice.

I'd love to voice Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, he's so cool in that game. That or Dante from the original Devil May Cry.

darthrevan1405 karma

Nice thanks for answering

MasakoX6 karma

No problem!

StrangeShuckles31 karma

3 questions:

  1. Who's your favorite member of TFS?

  2. Is Naruto Abridged officially dead?

  3. How exactly does the muffin button work?

MasakoX55 karma

  1. I love 'em all, silly! <3
  2. Maybe, maybe not...;D
  3. The power of dreams.

PereCallahan28 karma

Why did you guys decide to make Goku's personality the way it is?

MasakoX74 karma

It's just an exaggeration of what Goku is already - naive and a little selfish.

Runnerbrax58 karma

And a little retarded

MasakoX82 karma

He is not overly furnished in the brain department I'll give you that.

SniperJDM25 karma

MasakoX, Did you ever get to ride on Yoshi?

MasakoX29 karma

Still waiting on it.

IndieFlea23 karma

how did you kill that hooker in Moment w/ TFS 7?

MasakoX37 karma


Dinkle-berg22 karma

What happened to TFS' Dragon Ball Kai Abridged?

MasakoX30 karma

It's still there, the guys are just prioritising the main episodes. :)

ThatGavinFellow21 karma

Any characters coming up in future episodes you'd like to voice?

MasakoX28 karma

I'd love to have a crack at Babidi or even voicing Grand Kai. Rocking old dude. :)

TheRandomSam19 karma

How is the Muffin Button relevant to my life? Would you make a commercial for the Muffin Button?

MasakoX40 karma

"I'm MasakoX and I've got my finger on the button."

mangamaster0318 karma

Not to kill the Dragonball Z vibe that's going on here, but is there a chance at another Helsing Abridged this fall?

I love that series, and have seen the three episodes WAY to many times...

MasakoX22 karma

I think it's in Taka and Kaiser's mind to make Hellsing a bi-annual release but at the very least there'll be another one ready for around Youmacon. :D

Destati18 karma

How was it working with Screwattack on the episode of Death Battle?

MasakoX26 karma

It was a delight and an honour. Getting to voice Goku in all his forms was special and for my voice to be used in helping answer a huge internet question such as Goku vs Superman was a monumental point in my vocal career.

decodeyoutokyo15 karma

Will you be doing a History of Trunks abridged like you did with Bardock??? PLEASE SAY YES.

MasakoX26 karma

I can't say for the others but the way it's gone with the other specials it seems likely.

Chaidez109515 karma

How did you get into voice acting?

MasakoX24 karma

Kira Buckland and a very ancient email asking for advice back off in 2005. Man that's a while back!

FLStyle14 karma

Goku vs. Superman! Did you agree with the result? Was the reasoning fair? How was your experience working with the ScrewAttack guys? Has your DBZA work got you any other upcoming collab work?

MasakoX21 karma

I thought it was a fair conclusion and one made with thorough research and time dedicated to it. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet though. :)

Waterhaul14 karma

My god. You and Lanipator have some of the most perfectly impersonated dubbing for Goku and Vegeta. So What's it like behind the scenes? Do you ever break character and just laugh at some of the things you say when recording? Thanks again for the AMA. TFS:DBZ is still probably my favorite abridging.

MasakoX20 karma

Thank you. I'm glad you like what Lani and I do. It's pretty much like normal people. We're dudes who are great friends and love getting to hang out with one another. I do giggle sometimes at Goku's lines. :)

Brawlonline13 karma

im here too early. Whats your favorite episode of all the abridge series you have done? DBZA, NA, etc. Take your time.

MasakoX29 karma

Probably Episode 30 of DBZA. Getting to go Super Saiyan for the first time was amazing. Been waiting for so long to do that.

beef_boloney12 karma

Tell us a crazy story from a convention appearance? Any offers of professional voice acting gigs through DBZA?

MasakoX12 karma

I'd rather not single one particular event here. As for pro gigs, nothing as of yet but again we do this for fun and if things come our way then that's a bonus but we don't assume it.

Emperor_Jonathan12 karma

Do you write for Goku? How exactly would you say that Abridged Goku is written and acted?

MasakoX16 karma

I don't write for Goku per se. That's down to the guys proper. I sometimes throw in a line or two and I think they garner inspiration from my mannerisms. :3

Hmko12 karma

what inspires you people to write Goku?, it's so random and hilarious at the same time, the muffins, the cyborg thinking, also gotta love his bad parenting all the time

MasakoX13 karma

Well, I can't speak for the others, but Goku is an easy character to write for. He's goofy, kind, naive and obsessed with food - things we take and amplify. :)

Yokuo12 karma

Masako, what's been your favorite episode of DBZA and do you have a favorite line that you've performed?

MasakoX22 karma

I have different ones from the seasons. From Season 1, it's episode 10. Season 2, Episode 30 and from this current season, Episode 34.

I loved doing the muted "YAY!" in Episode 34. :)

SatelliteofLouvre11 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, MasakoX. I just wanted to say you guys have made me care about DBZ again.

MasakoX13 karma

No problem. I'm glad that we could help rekindle your love for it. :)

SatelliteofLouvre8 karma

Just for fun, I'd love to see TFS do a version of the old Chinese Dragon Ball movie. It can't be any worse than DB:E

MasakoX10 karma

Haha. I think we'll stick to the anime for now. :)

awesomeredefined9 karma

Hey Masako, how does it feel knowing that some people more associate your voice with Goku than the various others (like Schemmel)? I have a few friends who watch the Abridged series but never actually watched the original DBZ.

MasakoX12 karma

It's heartwarming that people like my Goku voice but I'm still a believer that Schemmel is the legit English voice or at least the most recognised. I have huge respect for his talents. His screams, man - they're epic!

awesomeredefined7 karma

Yeah totally. When I think of Goku, I think of Schemmel's voice. He's one of the few guys who could scream for five minutes and be epic as hell doing it. Speaking of screams, has the thought ever crossed your mind that (if you guys get to this point), you'll have to do the SSJ3 transformation scene?

MasakoX5 karma

Oh yeah, his experience of playing the french horn served him well. Breathing techniques. Oh yeah! I'm so stoked for that one. I'm preparing for it. :)

Defective149 karma

When you were going for the Super Saiyan scream for Goku, what was your process and how did you settle on the one we all know from that particular episode? Also, are you looking forward to doing Gohan as SS2 if TFS eventually gets to it?

MasakoX18 karma

It took me 25 takes to get that scream down. I wanted to make sure it was good and did the moment justice. I just stepped back a little from the mic and let it go. Ooooh the SSJ2 Gohan scream - that's gonna be something I can tell ya!

GoldenEyeSonic9 karma

Do you have any plans to do voice acting as a professional career in the future?

What was your favorite episode to record?

Any favorite lines/moments in the series?

MasakoX10 karma

I'd love to do voice acting as a profession, but for now I'm happy with doing it for fun. :)

Episode 30 - it was a special moment to voice Super Saiyan Goku.

Probably the "Muffin Button" lines.

Glamredhel9 karma

Hi thanks for doing this and for all the laughs.

What kind of muffin is your favourite kind?

MasakoX24 karma

You're welcome, it's a pleasure. :)

White chocolate and raspberry.

ISenseRustling7 karma

no bacon?

MasakoX12 karma

Bacon and maple syrup is a close second.

professorfox9 karma

Howdy! Big fan

I was wondering how much interaction you have with the actual guys from DBZ, like Chris Sabat and the rest?

Also: One of the things I would love to see is an option in a future DBZ game to use TFS voices. Would you be up to seeing that happen?

MasakoX8 karma


Well, I've met Chris Sabat at a London convention and a couple of the other voice actors - they're cool blokes. :)

Haha, as much as that would be awesome, I don't think it'll happen. XD;

ThatGavinFellow8 karma

What's your current facial hair status, I recall a moustache last I checked?

MasakoX8 karma

Indeed it's the same as usual. Moustache and soul patch. Or a jazz patch as I like to call it. BD

Erior7 karma

Just going to say that I found DBZA while I was through a, well, complicated part of my life, and the laughts I had were very helpful. Keep the good work, and I'm looking forwards to how Goku and Gohan being locked together for a year pans out, as well as SSJ2 (but first Androids and Cell, of course!)

MasakoX7 karma

I'm glad that we could play some small part in your life and that you came out of it on top. I hope that you're doing well for yourself and that you go from strength to strength.

Oh I'm looking forward to SSJ2...too. Yeah!

On_Mental_Knees7 karma

No question here; just wanted to say many thanks to you and your cohorts for all you guys do and all the laughs and good times you provide to us. I don't typically like to speak for others, but I think I can say with some confidence that we all really appreciate it. You're awesome!

MasakoX9 karma

You're very welcome, dude. :)

ThatsMyHat7 karma

Ohai Masako, big fan of the TFS abridged series's!

Do ya think you'll be visiting Akumakon next year? I saw your smooth jazz panels the last couple years and they were fantastic!

Good luck with any further projects!! :D

MasakoX11 karma

I'd love to come back to Akumakon again if they'd have me. Receiving the Irish flag as a gift was so moving. I still have it...just need to find a place to put it. :P

linkletonsan7 karma

Are there any plans to bring out a Dragon Ball Abridged?

MasakoX6 karma

Maybe, in the far off years after Z...if we ever get there.

Demicos7 karma

Muffin Button?

MasakoX12 karma

Yes please!

Russellmania777 karma

R u the tallest person on team four star? How tall r u?

MasakoX12 karma

I am the tallest, yeah. 6"3.

kaetten7 karma

Muffin button?

MasakoX8 karma

Where? :O

Running4coffee7 karma

Whats your favorite abridged series?

MasakoX11 karma

I like loads of abridged series, but a standout one for me is KaiserNeko's original Lupin III Abridged. I loved it for its witty dialogue and coherent narrative despite being made into an abridged version. It's partly why I respect the guy so much. Editing hombres. :)

Canopenor7 karma

Will there ever be a full version for 'Dodge Bitch'?

MasakoX7 karma

I think the moment has passed I'm afraid.

Pentellium6 karma

Does being Goku help you with getting chicks?

MasakoX11 karma

Nope, just being me and I can honestly say i'm very happily taken. :)

Pentellium12 karma

Did Chi-Chi tell you to say that?

MasakoX9 karma

No, it comes from the heart. :)

Argetlam226 karma

Hey masako! Love everything about your work. How did you first become a part of TFS?

MasakoX7 karma

Thank you! I was asked by KaiserNeko to reprise my Goku and Gohan from the two DBZ movies I did with Lanipator and I jumped on the chance. That and I got to work with talented chaps. :)

Argetlam225 karma

How did you get in with Lani?

MasakoX4 karma

Via his Yu-Yu Hakusho Abridged series. God that was an age ago!

Red_Joker6 karma

What was your initial reaction when LittleKuriboh made the first episode of Naruto the abridged comedy fandub spoof series show?

MasakoX8 karma

I found it funny. :)

DarkwingD4536 karma

What was your favorite episode to do?

MasakoX10 karma

Episode 30 was cool to do. :)

Super_Vegeta6 karma

I'm such a huge fan of the series and you guys do such an amazing job with it. It really brightens my day when I get home from Uni an see a new TFS/DBZA video. I usually have a massive smile on my face for the whole episode. I love quoting all the hilarious stuff you guys come up.

(You will most likely hate for me asking this but...)

What ever happened to Abrigdimon?

Stay awesome!

MasakoX4 karma

Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)

Ahhahaha, that's a new one! XD But yeah, we keep meaning to do a new one but most of us end up drunk at our annual gathering at Alcon and so it falls out of the window.

dannyskye6 karma

Why was the decision made to end Naruto Abridged? Was it for the aforementioned reason of Vegeta needing to attend to his personal life or something more?

My cousin and I shared many laughs over that show and as we get older and times get tough, thank you for giving us fond memories to look back and smile upon!

MasakoX5 karma

It was pretty much down to lack of communication and it drifted apart.

You're welcome, man. It was a pleasure to give you such memories. :)

MartyMcFly986 karma

Have you guys ever been contacted by Toei, Fujitv, or Funimation?

MasakoX13 karma

I can't really comment on that.

Russellmania776 karma

Masako u r so funny, anyways my question is What really happened with team four star and vegeta3986?

MasakoX23 karma

Simply put, they both drifted apart. Vegeta had real life and needed to devote his time to his personal goals. Understandable, but a shame to see him go.

addaone6 karma

How will you be doing Gohan's voice when he's a teenager? The same as Goku's?

MasakoX5 karma

We haven't got to that point yet. I'd imagine that for now Gohan's voice will remain the same.

sparxy56 karma

If you could have one wish grated by Shenron what would it be?

MasakoX10 karma

More parmesan on my wishes please. :P

But seriously, I'd wish for financial security to all of my friends and loved ones. Never having to worry about money again.

whatevah_whatevah5 karma

Is there anything you miss at all about Naruto Abridged? I understand from the questions that Vegeta3986 had things he had on his mind that brought him away from the project, so I get if it's a touchy subject.

MasakoX7 karma

I do miss the simplicity of those days. The newness of doing abridged series.

tipsybug5 karma

How long does it usually take to make an episode?

MasakoX4 karma

Usually it takes a few weeks. Depends on schedules in terms of work and whatnot.

Hardrockgod5 karma

Masako have you ever been tempted to go back to making Naruto abridge and how is your relationship with Vegeta3986?

MasakoX11 karma

I have been tempted to go back to Naruto Abridged but I don't think Vegeta is.

JJSec5 karma

I've seen you at Alcon every year for the past 2 years (I am part of the crew) and have seen you surrounded most of the time you are there. Does it feel as awkward as it looks to have so many people round you at the time? and Are you attending Alcon again this year at all?

MasakoX6 karma

It's nice to meet people so I don't feel awkward at all. :) Indeed I am attending Alcon.

ThatGavinFellow5 karma

How much do you know in advance what's gonna happen in scripts as to my knowledge you aren't part of the scripting sessions?

MasakoX8 karma

I usually get snippets from the script but I tend to see the finished article when they're done. Then it's up to me when I record - usually it's the next day.

ThatGavinFellow3 karma

Thank you for the answer, I imagine even snippets are fun to read.

MasakoX3 karma

They are and fascinating. :)

defenestratingpanda5 karma

What would you say is your favourite line from any episode of dbza, and also, what is your favourite episode?

MasakoX11 karma

I've answered this a coupla times already but I also liked recording the exchange in Episode 34 between Goku and Piccolo. I recorded it with Kaiser in real time so the back-and-forth pattern was genuine and felt good to record for.

teslarobot5 karma

Have you ever watched Mystery Science Theater 3000?

It was on the air for 10 years and it made fun of bad movies.

MasakoX3 karma

I am aware of it and want to see some of it but I didn't see it when it was new as it wasn't on in the UK...or at least I didn't know if it was.

Argetlam225 karma

If you could see any anime become a perfect live action movie, which would you choose and why?

MasakoX3 karma

You know what? I'm not exactly sure off the top of my head. The big series have already done it...or adult entertainment companies of Japan have made clones of them. >.>

FuckNamekians4 karma

I've always felt your Goku has a tendency sound more like Ocean Dub Goku rather than Sean Schemmel?

Would you agree with that? If so was it a conscious descision?

MasakoX3 karma

Indeed I do. My inspiration for Goku is mostly based on Peter Kelamis's rendition. There's a little bit of all the English Goku and Nozawa-san's from the Japanese version.

zentagon4 karma

As an additional question to the Naruto Abridged / Vegeta questions, are the two of you (you and Vegeta) still friends / in contact?

MasakoX10 karma

Honestly, I've not heard from the guy in 2 years. I hope he's OK.

JakeTheSnake164 karma

No question. I just want to say you guys are fucking AWESOME. I enjoy every episode and movie special you do. I love you...

MasakoX5 karma

Thank you very much. :)

Joeamedia4 karma

Have you ever watched any of the various Mecha-robot series (Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Evangelion etc.) and have you ever considered trying an episode? Have you ever guest-starred in someone else's?

MasakoX5 karma

I've watched fact, my favourite anime is a mecha series [albeit a spoof of one of sorts] called Martian Successor Nadesico.

VectorF224 karma

So are you guys thinking about moving onto GT or even the original DB after finishing Z?

MasakoX13 karma

Probably going back to the original Dragonball.

kko_4 karma

regarding DBZA--I was wondering what exactly is the process for making each episode? Do you guys, like, watch both versions over and over, writing jokes, and then do a crap load of video editing on top of it?

MasakoX5 karma

It usually starts with the guys watching the episodes to refresh, throwing ideas around, seeing what works and what doesn't and then completing the script. Kaiser gathers the actors to record with them and then receives their lines. Then he is a trooper and begins editing!

Solidsnake2234 karma

So I know you have cell Already cast for takahata101 but after hearing ant fishes Tim curry how tempted were to go that route. Ever meet Sean schemel?

MasakoX7 karma

I think takahata would not give up playing Cell. He's been waiting for this for years.

I nearly met Sean at a London convention a couple years back but I was too ill to go so missed out. I still wanna meet him one of these days.

With_Hands_And_Paper3 karma

I keep rewatching DBZA a disturbing amount of times, your voice acting is simply amazing, I don't really have a question but I love you guys and love your work, thanks for doing what you do.

MasakoX7 karma

Thank you, buddy. :)

Scyntrus963 karma

What gave you the idea for MasakoX as a username?

MasakoX6 karma

I got the name from the Japanese voice of Goku, Masako Nozawa. I found her performance of Goku totally different from what I heard before and so it stuck. It's been username online pretty much since 2004.

The X was added because Masako was taken on AIM. Plus X is awesome. :D

DarkVorteX3 karma

What kind of music do you listen to? Also, what's it like traveling for conventions?

MasakoX6 karma

Anything with a good rhythm and melody really. It's an adventure when I travel to conventions. It's always different and I always look forward to seeing my friends but I miss when I'm away from my girlfriend and family.

Russellmania773 karma

The log vs clucky?

MasakoX6 karma

Log, man! Log be representing!

TheRealSlimSaiyan3 karma

I met you at SunnyCon earlier this year, do you plan to go to SunnyCon again in the future?

MasakoX3 karma

If Tucky and co want me back, then I'll gladly come back. :)

linkskyward3 karma

Whenever I see stuff from cons you always look like you have an expression of both awe and pure humour at being stopped for videos. Do you enjoy having people coming up and asking you to voice this, or sign that, or do this with that one person?

Also, have you even been stopped, anywhere for being in Teamfourstar?

MasakoX3 karma

You think so? Well you are right there - I do enjoy when people come up to me and ask me to do things for them. Doing it not only is fun for me but if it makes them happy or their friends happy then it's all worth it. :)

capybara93 karma

How did you enjoy working with the guys from Death Battle?

MasakoX3 karma

I enjoyed it a lot. The guys over at Screwattack are ace!

CleverBoy13 karma

Hey do you guys plan on ever doing parodies of other series after Dragon ball z? Also, when does Takahata ever plan on finishing Hellsing? Any way keep being awesome guys!

MasakoX4 karma

I don't know in terms of parodies, but the guys have ideas of their own for original content. Taka is working on more Hellsing as he enjoys it.

DefinitelyAWizardBro3 karma

What is your mindset when you do the voices in your Abridged series? And, how do you guys team up and write jokes? Do you just sit down and ask "What's funny?" Or is it more improv-based?

Huge fan of your work, have been following you guys for about a year and a half now, you haven't dissapointed! :D

MasakoX5 karma

Takahata101, Lanipator and KaiserNeko are the primary writers for the series. They usually get together for a couple of nights and thrash out a script.

Thank you very much! :D

CrazyWearsPJs3 karma

Yo Mr. MasakoX! Thanks for your work on the show, whenever I imagine the voice of the English-speaking Goku, yours comes to mind first.

Obviously your interpretation of Goku is inspired by Masako Nozawa, who pretty much is Son Goku to much of those who watched the original Japanese version of the anime. My question is have you ever met any of official voice actors for the show, from FUNimation, Toei or otherwise? More importantly, have you ever another Goku voice actor, perhaps Mr. Sean Schemmel? How did that go? Where any Kamehamehas fired?

Thank you for answering so many of our questions, hope you know your fans support you!

MasakoX4 karma

You're welcome - I'm glad that we can make you guys happy! Aww, thank you. That's kind of you to say. :)

I haven't met any of them, no. I came close to meeting Sean but I was ill on a weekend he was at a British con and I couldn't make it. :(

X20053 karma

This question involved a little stalking. Twitter account says England and i swear i saw your name on the net before 2008.

Did you ever hang out on the MCM expo forums? Because i swear i saw your name there back in the days. If so, Hey.

MasakoX5 karma

I've been abridging since 2006 so I had been on the internet radar so to speak before 2008. I did attend the MCM forums back in the day but I've fallen out of touch with it for a good long while though.

kyokenbyo3 karma

How has your life improved from before you began with your more notable voice acting? I'm curious if the career is somewhat like comedy where professionals often have little success and rather quickly strike it big.

MasakoX3 karma

Awww, I'm just a guy who does voice online. I wouldn't say I'm big or anything. ;

But I'd say my life has improved because I've gotten to meet so many interesting people who I call my friends and people that I hold dear. It's something that I really care about.

Full-Paragon3 karma

Muffin button?

MasakoX4 karma

Yes please! :D

the4thson2 karma

What made you laugh the hardest doing the show?

MasakoX2 karma

Probably the "YAY" in Episode 34 - still makes me giggle.

GerFubDhuw2 karma

Do you guys ever get tempted to hold back a new video to punish people who keep begging for new videos?

MasakoX11 karma

Not at all. Baiting people isn't my style.

lilvon2 karma

Honestly I just wanna say thanks for the laughs! Whenever a new episode comes out me and my friends make an event out of it. Also you should credit Nappa a prouducer!

MasakoX3 karma

Thank you, dude. :)

Luffy10272 karma

Is there any upcoming Dragon Ball moments that your looking foward to doing

MasakoX3 karma

There's the first encounter with Cell that Goku has and of course the moment when Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2.

typtyphus2 karma

If someone from horriblesubs was reading this, what would you like to say to them?

MasakoX7 karma

horriblesubs What's that?

dark5ide2 karma

Hey MasakoX! Love your work. Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of talent getting together and creating something great.

I am sure you've gotten this a billion times by now but...what would it take to become involved with either you folks or get noticed by any other reputable group? I've been working on my voice acting on and off for the past 3 or so years now and have gotten professional lessons. I've followed a few of your videos on becoming a better voice actor as well.

Any suggestions?

MasakoX3 karma

Thank you very much! :)

Well, it sounds like you're doing the right things so just keep doing what you do. Take classes, audition for projects and get yourself known. We don't audition people, we scout for people so you never know.

masumikitty2 karma

I love how you voice Goku and Gohan! <3 Can you visit comic con in New York? What's a typical day like working on abridging an episode?

MasakoX2 karma

Thank you! I would come to New York if I could afford it. ;o; Well, these days our time is precious so gone are the days of 14-hour editathons and now I like to extend it to a couple of hours a day over a few days so I don't burn myself out.

typtyphus2 karma

are you going to do another abridge verion of the abridged?

in other words, episode 2 of the kai abridged

MasakoX4 karma

We'll get to it, but first we want to get the main episodes out. :)

Schrang412 karma

being a creator of a brand myself, how did you get TFS off the ground? I'm proud to say our own series will be launching around labor day. Go visionaries!

MasakoX2 karma

Well, I would imagine that it was down to hard work and not letting ourselves get big-headed.

Kamehameha271 karma

Hi MasakoX, I'm a big TFS fan, I'm sure you've had this question asked to you before, which of the characters that you don't voice in the DBZ abridged eps would you have liked to have tried to voice?? (maybe just for a laugh)

Keep up the good work!

MasakoX3 karma

I'd have liked to give Jeice a go, that would've been fun. But Ganxingba had more experience with the Australian accent so it was only fair that he got the part and he did a good job of it!

Zombilau1 karma

How much time willl you guys continue making these episodes? Have you made any profit from these episodes in all these years?

MasakoX3 karma

For as long as you guys want them. From the episodes, no we haven't and do not intend to do so.

Samoman211 karma

What made you want to start abridging and why did you choose the series' that you did?

MasakoX4 karma

Vegeta and I wondered if what LittleKuriboh had done with Yu-Gi-Oh could work with Naruto and so gave it a shot. It worked pretty well I think.

json11 karma

Love your series! Are you going to do Pre-DBZ stuff? Like from the very start of dragon ball?

MasakoX3 karma

Kaiser has mooted about doing the original Dragonball if we ever get to the end of Z...but that's YEARS away!

OneNeonLight1 karma

Have you or any of the TFSers thought of the concept of dubbing an entire episode's cast by yourself, and who would be best at it?

MasakoX3 karma

There are SO many characters in Z that one person couldn't do it alone...well, at least not very well. XD;

triggerhappy1011 karma

Does doing the voice overs affect your free time greatly or only mildly? Really just wondering how much time you devote each day to the abridged series and everything around them. Also do you write or do most of your own lines or others? Is it a joint effort? Or is one guy legit doing it and is somehow a genius at making us roflmao every episode?

MasakoX3 karma

Well first and foremost comes real life so we prioritise our time accordingly. We make sure that voice acting doesn't rule our lives but of course not think less of it. The guys do the core writing for each character and we chip in a line or two. It's a true team effort. :)

jaderawrr1 karma

Do you ever see people in casual every day life who recognize you and/or your voice?

MasakoX3 karma

Being from the UK, it happens much less frequently than in the States. I have had one or two people outside a con recognise me but I don't really go searching for them. If it happens, it happens.

Nansai1 karma

Hey Masako! I'd like you to know you've become the default Goku for me. When I think about him, I hear your voice. Anyways my question is, what has been your favorite scene to do in DBZA to date?

MasakoX4 karma

Thank you. That means a lot but I know I could do better. I keep perfecting my Goku to make sure it makes you guys happy.

Favourite scene would be the speech from Episode 30. Our Hope of the Omniverse. :)

Epyon3111 karma

Do you have any plans for SSJ Goku to turn back into his "serious self" like when he first transformed?

MasakoX4 karma

Well, Goku can now control it more so it's most likely his normal self will shine through. When he first changed, that was pure rage flowing through him mind.

Ste35011 karma

So, where did Goku get the muffin button?

MasakoX6 karma

Muffin Button.

fullfire551 karma

Would you still do abridging if abridgers were no longer accepted / barred at cons for whatever reason? As in weren't allowed as guests and have panels.

MasakoX4 karma

It's not about the cons for us. They're nice but we do this for fun first and foremost. We'd still be friends and that's what counts.

shad0wth3fall3n1 karma

As an amateur voice actor what would be the best way to audition for something like TFS?

MasakoX3 karma

We don't do auditions, I'm afraid. We look for people who we know or have seen and that we know can deliver consistently and reliably. It's all well and good being talented but if you can't get lines in on time and don't conduct yourself respectfully then you won't last long.

Superdude14771 karma

What would Goku do if the muffin button stopped working?

MasakoX3 karma

You don't want to know.

Ghooble1 karma

What's your favorite quote from Goku in TFS?

MasakoX3 karma

"Muffin Button."

BobbyLeeJordan1 karma

Is DBZA scripted or just all of you throwing jokes around until it becomes a coherent product?

And for recordings, do you have to redo the 'shot' several times or do you just go with what comes first and let the animator (neko?) work around how you say it?

MasakoX2 karma

It is indeed scripted. :)

I record over Skype with KaiserNeko. That way he can get what he wants for each 'shot' first time and rarely needs a redo.

Casper271 karma

Here's my question, whats the best advice you could give someone who wants to try to make their own abridged series

MasakoX2 karma

Do it. If you enjoy the idea of making your own series with your own friends and have the right motivation to do so, then give it a try. Don't assume you'll be popular - you'll burn out super fast.

Ulmaxes1 karma

What was the most difficult scene to get right as Goku's voice actor?

How many times did you have to practice to get Goku's badass boast against Frieza (bacon in the fridge, hope of theomniverse, etc.) right?

MasakoX3 karma

Probably in episode 23 when Goku and Ginyu switched bodies. Trying to take Goku's voice and making it British and refined was tricky. It doesn't work right in my opinion.

Oh that was a one take affair. I knew how to do that. :D

xzarion21121 karma

Oh god, oh god, I've never been early enough to one of these to actually have a chance at having my question answered. Oh god, oh shit, uh..

What should I ask you?

MasakoX4 karma

Whatever you want. :)

JenzelWashington1 karma

What don't you like about DBZ or DB GT? At all?

MasakoX3 karma

Z had massive filler, no doubt about it. GT was a mess and no Toriyama behind it. I thought GT was OK though, it had good music.

DarkoHexar1 karma

What project are you the most proud of so far, out of everything you've worked on? Alternatively, what project would you want to rework if you had the chance to change it before it was released? (Quite a fan of what you've done, so I'm really interested in hearing your view on these two extremes!)

MasakoX5 karma

I'm proud of Dragonball Z Abridged and to be part of it of course but I am most pleased with my webcomic, Project Jikoku. To get it off the ground and see it develop its own following is really satisfying. :)