Proof: Blind Travel Pass

@613pm +8gmt. Edit, Hi guys, Mums gone home for the evening, keep posting questions and I'll get them answered for you asap., thanks -Omni 455pm +8gmt. Mum's back for a little while guys, final questions please. Any regarding me you can PM me about, thanks Omni! *IAMA Over, thanks guys Had a blast! -Omni's Mom**

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nebeeskan250 karma

Why did you name your child Omni?

Miss-Omnibus29 karma

Omni decided to choose her own name fro her own reasons few years ago, it is not the name of birth.

nebeeskan221 karma

Oh cool. Why did she choose that?

Miss-Omnibus26 karma

You'll have to ask her. Send a Pm Omni's way.

Miss-Omnibus5 karma

You'll have to ask Omni that.

Smooty24 karma

What things you prefer to do on your own? What things can you not?

Miss-Omnibus35 karma

I like to exercising on my own, cooking, art. I can't drive a car, but I'd like to.

Ghostshirts226 karma

this isn't the 1950's. don't let anyone tell you that you can't drive a car just because you're a woman.

Miss-Omnibus9 karma

Uh... I'm blind?

eBGCashew11 karma

Don't think you got the joke, twas a good one.

Miss-Omnibus11 karma

I was born in the 50's son... Don't even.

AdrianDrake25 karma

Now I'm not saying its the greatest idea, but my aunts solution for when my uncle went blind, she would drive him to a large abandoned/empty parking lots , and let him drive in circles(and guide him vocally), it made him so happy to drive again, that he cries from joy almost every time. It was a amazing seeing him do such a trivial thing that most don't think about, and getting so much joy from it. If this idea helps, I hope you enjoy yourself!!!

Miss-Omnibus7 karma

Being blind from the age of three, I never learnt to drive, but my husband let me drive on the farm once... I shouted for glee and my children screamed in terror...

jayriley17 karma

What do you dream about? Do you dream in colors?

Miss-Omnibus51 karma

I always dream in colour and my dreams are mainly about flying.

im_hungry_16 karma

I was reading about Charles Bonnet syndrome the other day. Do you ever have hallucinations? If so, what were they like? Also, were you blind from birth?

Miss-Omnibus20 karma

1/ I have hallucinations sometimes, my brain tries to interoperate what i see and showing me things that are not there. 2/ No, deterioration of my sight has been since the age of three.

jamide15 karma

I had a legally blind teacher once. Do you work and if so, does being legally blind affect the way you do your job?

Miss-Omnibus26 karma

(I print my own my money), just kidding, I'm heavily into art when other conditions permit me to be.

naive_eve13 karma

I think that is such an interesting perspective to do art, when you can't fully see. So awesome. DO you have a place you sell it?

Miss-Omnibus15 karma

Not yet. My art is therapeutic but I'd like to. Art allows me to see pictures of things in my mind when I can't physically see it.

naive_eve12 karma

Even therapeutic is interesting to viewers. Do what makes you happy more than anthing else.

Miss-Omnibus9 karma

Aww thankyou <3

naive_eve5 karma

It's true. When life hands you lemons...

Abaustin13 karma

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!” -Cave Johnson

Miss-Omnibus4 karma

Can't see shit, Captain.

qwertygirl9111 karma

I would love to see some of your art! :)

Miss-Omnibus6 karma

Maybe one day :)

Breaking_Glass2 karma


Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I'm very shy about my work.

Mr_Dr_Prof_Derp2 karma

Why don't you just take pictures and upload them to imgur or something?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

Will do when I get my shit together but I am very shy about my work.

KindInternetStranger2 karma

Really? My neighbor is blind, and she also loves art! She does ceramics, but right now she's more into watercolor. She paints better than I do...

Miss-Omnibus3 karma

I like using oil paints.

frackiewicz12311 karma

I have a 14-yr old son who is legally blind and his twin sister is visually impaired. He has had vision issues since shortly after birth due to ROP. He's got vision, and it's been stable for a while, but there are some things he just won't be able to do in life. He's pretty well adjusted and attends a regular school, so far his vision hasn't been much of an issue other than needing magnifiers, preferential seating, etc. As he becomes older, I expect that there will be issues that come up such as not being able to drive. What sort of things can we do to help him navigate his teen years and basically become a functioning adult member of society? We're encouraging him to do some sort of work that can either be done from home or to live in a place with good public transportation.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Allow him to become orientated to his surroundings where he decides to move to, and keep updating these as circumstances change/ he gets older. Get in contact with support groups and blind/visual impairment associations/ disability services and maintain contact as they can offer support.

ashley39311 karma

How blind are you, what can you see? Is this something you were born with?

Miss-Omnibus21 karma

I've got 2% vision in one eye, the other eye can barely detect movement at all. It's progressive, it's also genetic. I have several conditions contributing to my loss of sight.

Kezumi8 karma

What is sex / childbirth like when blind?

Especially sex, I mean you lost your sight at age 3.

Which means you never actually got excited from WATCHING another person (correct me if I'm wrong, but for people who can see I think the visual aspect is very important in terms of attraction etc. ), so what is it that attracts you the most in your husband.

What would you describe as the blind equivalent of "love on first sight".

And childbirth... I can only imagine it being a very terifying experience when you can't see what's going on...

EDIT: Spelling

nunyobiz20 karma

dude..Her kid is helping her with this AMA.

EDIT: okay, her kids are technically not kids anymore, but still, no child wants to hear about their parent's sex life.

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

Omni o_o what has been read...

Miss-Omnibus4 karma

As scarey as it is when you have sighted. But with good drugs and pain relief anything is possible.... (that's in relation to childbirth by the way) In regards to sex, It's in the moment thing, its sensual, you dont blankly stare at someone you're doodeling do you? Creeepy....

Kezumi1 karma

Of course people with vision don't stare at the person they are making love with, that would be creepy indeed.

I was actually just very curious about how you fell in love with your husband, what characteristics about him (except for personality) made you attracted to him. Is it in the voice, the way he speaks, the things he says, the way he touches...?

Sorry for the somewhat weird question, but I've been wanting to know this for a long time!

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

He was so angry when we met and i was curious as to where it came from, after 30 years now its just boring. I was very attracted to his height and his body shape. Because I'd never seen anyone so skinny before!

[deleted]1 karma

Interesting to say the least... :p

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

My mother got a great laugh out of it. She said 'I thought there would be more pervy questions'.... dear god. lol

[deleted]1 karma

I can totally believe that xD.

I guess people don't dare to ask away as they do with other AMA's as much?

And truly, was your mother just trolling me right now? XD

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

You know it. lord.

moochello8 karma

Do you hate Prius?

Miss-Omnibus12 karma

What is that? Is that a car? <snicker> small bugger.

thegreatgazoo11 karma

It is a hybrid car that can run as all electric at low speed and so is very quiet. There has been a movement to make electric cars have some sort of noise (I'd prefer the Jetson's car sound but that would be too cool to do) so blind people can hear them.

Miss-Omnibus10 karma

Oh I see, I still can't drive one tho :P

MessrMonsieur57 karma

Oh I see

I beg to differ

rskane13 karma


Miss-Omnibus2 karma


rskane1 karma

Oh no I wasn't asking you that question.. It was to MessrMonsieur for his witty statement..

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Opps sorry!

FakingZen7 karma


Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I wear glasses. it's more like 8-P

Miss-Omnibus5 karma

Come here and let me hit you.

flyingfresian6 karma

Have you always been visually impaired or is this something that has happened over the course of time. If it is, what do you miss about sight.

On a side note, do you think that your other senses are heightened, like a superhero?

Miss-Omnibus13 karma

/1 I stated loosing my sight at the age of 3. 2/ (my husband thinks my Braille technique is wonderful) HAHA... I have a heightened sense of taste, touch, hearing and smell to make up for my lack of sight. My memory is also good.

asherah2135 karma

If you were to suddenly regain your sight, say through some miracle new treatment, what would you want to see first?

Miss-Omnibus59 karma

My childrens faces.

SnooSnooCookie9 karma

On a similar note, can you "see" people by touching their faces?

Sonmi-45215 karma

They all look like Lionel Richie.

Miss-Omnibus17 karma

Can't get an answer, mother is pissing herself laughing.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I use this method from time to time, depending on the person.

50_shades_of_clay5 karma

What are the benefits for being legally blind?

Miss-Omnibus11 karma

The federal government in Australia provides some care for legally blind here, free medical, free public transport, housing subsidy, education (other than that being blind sucks)

Ctfvm4 karma


Miss-Omnibus17 karma

I was a taxation officer and sent my husband to be a final notice for non payment of tax he argued with me and the proceeded to ask me for a date. 30 years in October this year. (he did pay his fine and the rest is history)

Ctfvm7 karma


Miss-Omnibus12 karma

I can't remember, but the date was good... hahaha.

Ctfvm3 karma


Miss-Omnibus8 karma

I'm much more confident being in the dark and being aware of my surroundings than people who can see. My eyes are more adapt to the dark than during the day which is when they hurt more.

Mishiiee4 karma

Are you fully blind or can you still see somewhat? Like how some of those that are blind can see faint shadows if there is enough light.

Have you always been this way or did it progress slowly as you got older? If the latter, how did you cope with the changes?

Miss-Omnibus22 karma

I can still detect movement or shadows but i really cant see much. I cross roads by hearing. I spent most of my childhood in hospital and the condition is very painful. And I've had three cornea transplants and artificial lenses in my eyes, none of which have helped. Coping: good drugs and understanding doctors! I've been on morphine for 55 years.

enderminh4 karma

When I see blind people walk with a cane in NYC in the subways, I always wonder if I should approach them and help them out to guide them to wherever they want to go. Would you appreciate such a gesture or would you get annoyed that people always try to help you, if you don't need the help?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I would get annoyed that someone was breaking my concentration as we blind people tend to 'count' distances in steps, or stairs for orientation.

Antraxas4 karma

How was your childhood

Miss-Omnibus11 karma

My brother and sister who are both older teased me a lot, playing lots of tricks on me and throwing things. I also spent more time in hospital and away from school than the rest of the class. I grew up in South Africa and moved out to Australia where I currently reside when I was ten.

Antraxas3 karma

Do you forgive them?

Miss-Omnibus35 karma

Put it this way, 'we're not close.'.

Carlos13th4 karma

A while ago I came across a blind woman holding a card asking for help do cross the road. Do you use anything similar for assistance? What things do you have trouble doing due to your blindness. Also is there anything made easier by your blindness.

Miss-Omnibus16 karma

1/ I don't have a dog or a cane, there are audible cross walk signs to listen to, there is braille on my bank and health cards and on ATMS, public phones and phone services for the blind. There are also talking books, and talking watches. 2/ I have trouble reading if things have not been enlarged. I do not use a mobile phone or a computer (my child is typing this), I have extreme photo-phobia and glare hurts my eyes. 3/ I can manoeuvre in the dark easily, hearing and smelling things are also heightened. Cooking in the dark is great! Haven't burnt the house down yet... Doesn't impress the hubby tho.

Carlos13th5 karma

Thank you very much for your answers. I would not trust myself to cook in the dark. I would have no house.

Miss-Omnibus19 karma

With the light of the fire, you, could at least see it burning down :P

Carlos13th5 karma

Run down to the store and get some marshmallows to toast on the flames of all my stuff.

Miss-Omnibus7 karma

I like marshmallows, great idea!

everyothernameistake4 karma

Has it ever crossed your mind that there's a very high chance you'll never see your child with your own eyes? Does it bother you?

Miss-Omnibus20 karma

Yes it has crossed my mind, but my kids tell me constantly how beautiful they are, so much for self indulgence eh?

everyothernameistake3 karma

Thank you for the answer.

Miss-Omnibus5 karma

Thankyou for your question.

asherah2134 karma

What is something small which sighted people could do to make your life easier?

Miss-Omnibus18 karma

Get out of my way! (haha) Don't shout at me when you find out that I'm blind, or atalk to someone with me to ask how I am. (I am here, I have a disability, I am not disabled)

Randis_Albion4 karma

Are there illegally blind people?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I ask that question all the time, although to be legally blind means that i've been listed as such with the government and have been entitled to assistance.

graz10213 karma

Seeing as your sight started to deteriorate at the age of three can you still recall what some things look like? Colors, nature, faces, etc.?

Miss-Omnibus8 karma

I remember the brightness of colours, but I don't remember faces. I can't see details of anything but I love listening to wildlife- birds, kangaroos, ect.

mallycat10266 karma

What do kangaroos sound like?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Like a man coughing. And when tithey hit n fence they sound, like a drunk person bashing into the fence.

califmerchant3 karma

i feel so bad for you, i wanna help u somehow, dammit. wanna work on some device that could give you sight back.

what is your condition called.

Miss-Omnibus6 karma

You're so sweet, but just be happy that I am living my life as best as I can.. I have two conditions that currently are the major contributors to my sight degeneration, Bilateral Kerratoconus and Macular Degeneration.

califmerchant2 karma

i also have keratoconus, but it's to a much lesser degree ... but i have to wear an rgp contact lens on one eye ... keratoconus is correctable with lenses usually, the macular degeneration is the more serious of the two, is that correct?

Miss-Omnibus4 karma

Yes that is true. I am at the stage in my life where I am past the point of being able to wear contact lenses. <3

califmerchant1 karma

are they uncomfortable or they do not help have you tried any treatments for the macular deneration, were they unsuccessful?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

Nothing can be done to save my remaining sight and because of previous surgical ventures, I cannot wear contact lenses. My doctors don;t want to do anything to my eyes as I am currently in a period of supposed 'stability' with my vision.

chavojon3 karma


Miss-Omnibus11 karma

People arn't aware of my disability unless I tell them, I don't use a cane or a guide dog at this stage. I don't want to be defined as disabled, people treat you differently. I have a good photographic memory and a good spatial memory for knowing where i am. I wear dark glasses all the time.

MrKrazybones4 karma

I know of a woman who is mostly deaf but has the cochlear implant so she can hear better. She says in the deaf community you are seen as an outcast if you use the implant. Is there anything similar like that with the blind community?

Miss-Omnibus10 karma

Guide dogs and mobility canes and receiving modified living/ and such makes you an outcast.

irishspice7 karma

Where do you live that a cane or dog would make you an outcast? I'm in the US and know many blind people and they tell me they prefer to use a cane or dog so they are not dependent on another person. The dog users encourage the cane users to get a dog for the freedom of mobility they offer. Having a dog doesn't mark you as an outcast, at least in the US. It's been proven that blind people with a dog are much more likely to meet others because people feel more free to approach them and talk about the dog.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

For me it's either everybody wants to help or nobody wants to help. So for my own personal comfortability i choose not to 'stand out' as a person with a disability,

oribia1 karma

Latching onto that question, is there a large (strong focus on the) blind community? Since you can all communicate verbally with each other, I wouldn't think it'd be as large as the deaf one.

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

People with disabilities here are represented on councils here for input into infer structure. There are phone in groups and online support groups and educational classes, even the Red Cross here call us to see how we are.

Ploppinator3 karma

What does it feel like to be blind?

Miss-Omnibus6 karma

I haven't noticed anything unusual. This is my 'normal', I've been 90% blind since I was 13, and I just adapt as my sight degenerates. I hate not being able to drive... :P

chesterfieldking3 karma

Do you play any musical instruments?

What is your favourite piece of music?

Miss-Omnibus13 karma

I sing. My favourite genre is blues music,

AgainstBethesda6 karma

Can we hear you sing?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I'll find a song and come and sing one day. This like my art is also a confidence issue for me, like my art. :(

Anaslex694 karma

May I ask, how do you pick and choose your significant others when it comes to dating?

Thank you for this AMA!

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I have a husband of nearly 30 years and two children - I guess he chose me! :P

ItsRileyBro2 karma

Were you born blind or did you become blind? Anyways, thank you for taking your time to do this AmA, it means alot to the reddit community.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I started loosing my sight when i was three.

Mazrath2 karma

Have ever been illegally blind?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I'm confused. (pulls face)

Gentleman_Spy2 karma

Do you fear nature? Hearing all those weird animal sounds or being under threat from insects and predators must be terrifying for someone who cannot even see where the threat is coming from.

Miss-Omnibus3 karma

Contrary to popular belief, Australia isn't THAT bad... I'm accustomed to the noises that animals in my area make so I'm not scared.

locosherman12 karma

Since you lost your sight at the age of 3, do you remember at all what people look like? Or what most things look like? Is there any chance at all that you will ever regain your sight?

Miss-Omnibus5 karma

I have past memories of what people look like. I use my hands to get the basis of texture to interoperate how things look. With modern technology, who knows maybe one day I will see again, I am not a successful candidate for cornea transplants as I have an over active immune system that rejects human to human transplants. I have had 3 unsuccessful transplants in the past in both eyes, and i have an artificial lens in my left eye.

Roxabellum2 karma

Do you dream?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Yes, I dream of flying.

ShadowKeaton2 karma

I've been told I am legally blind but mine is no where as bad as yours. However, I'm pretty scared that my vision will eventually become that way. My eyes are healthy but my vision gets worse as time goes on. Is there any thing you have tried to prevent your eyesight from getting progressively worse? Has any thing been recommended? At what age did your eyesight get to where it is today?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

It's very gradual, from the time I had omni to now (26 years) I lost 8% vision, leaving me with the 2% i have now. There is nothing they can do for me now, unless technology becomes amazing in the near future. You will learn to cope with the right plan <3

mmaislife1 karma

How has an increase in hearing perception helped?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

It keeps me safe in traffic- crossing the road, on the footpath, extra loud are also a pain in the arse at times for orientation.

robokrish61 karma

How do you use dollar bills?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

We have got coins here. The dollar coin is bigger here, and the two dollar coin is smaller.

Cdsweetser1 karma

dont know how to say this but how do you imagine a human body?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I can see and feel if someone is hairy and i dont like that! I'm not afraid to touch people i know, to acquaint myself with how they are.

Vellene1 karma

Do people step out of their way often to assist you? The way i was raised, i would always help, but im curious if society believes similarly.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

If I'm visible and if i have my cane, they tend to try and help me cross the road when i don't want to go. But I basically don't use that so i dont get noticed.

Asparagus_Panda1 karma

Have you ever thought about special surgery, or have you been told that its not possible/ too expensive. If its too expensive and reddit likes you enough, I'm sure we can get some sort of charity going. Edit: LASER EYES! We have to get you these.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Bionic eyes? pewpew! That's for me!. I have not been told of any new technology that can help me. I have been told I am not a suitable candidate.

Times_Are_Rough1 karma

Do you imagine what things look like?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

All the time.

stu_bradley1 karma

Misread the title of this AMA as Legally Blond and was like ONG ELLE WOODS.

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

durrr. (mother called you a potato)

joshcues1 karma

Miss Omnibus your words have made me cry a few times. Which is good, I needed it.

My question for you is.. If you had to choose between being deaf or blind... Which would you choose?

For me as a deaf person I am terrified of losing my eyesight. Monty Nolder said.. "I'd rather be deaf than blind" but that may be because he was already deaf!

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I prefer to be blind, because I can hear EVERYTHING people say. It makes mean I trust more aware of my environment. I trust my ears more than I trust my sight.

CptSasa911 karma

So I am really confused. I not American and just have to ask. Can you be illegaly Blind? I mean. What?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

You can fake a medical condition. People do.

partialinsanity1 karma

When artificial eyes are starting to become good enough, are you getting a couple of those then?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Count me in, I'll be first in line.

nicholasjameson1 karma

What percentage, would you say, of blind people use brail? Also, how do you know where to look for it. I'm not trying to be smart, I just can't imagine it being very useful.

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Braille is being phased out in Australia because of better technology such as talking books, noise signals, voice activation. As for knowing where braille is on things, just feel around, its on things such as ATMS, payphones, bus timetables, ect. Steps.

mnm1231 karma

do you dream?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

Yes I do, I dream of flying.

drizzleinnorwich1 karma

Do you have any concept of colour?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I have a vivid memory of colour and I'm still able to differentiate tones, but brightness perception is fading.

Tobislu1 karma

I've always thought that vision was the most intellectually distracting sense. Do you think that blind people are on average smarter?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

More perceptive at least.

iapplephoenix1 karma

You have noted that your other senses are heightened - have you been able to properly cope?

Also, are you at the point where you can generally see where you're going so you don't walk into walls, or do you need to more-or-less use your other senses to determine your position?

I have a genetic condition that puts me at very high risk for optical disorders like glaucoma and retinal detachment later in life, do you have any issues with senses that aren't your sight, like auditorial impairment or analgesia? (Inability to feel pain. Actually quite a dangerous condition.)

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

I severed my right hand when i was 14 and needed an attachment so i have distorted sensation in that hand. I rely on my other senses for the most part to 'see' where i am going, my ability to echo locate with sounds is heightened.

thegreatgazoo1 karma

I can't imagine trying to raise kids while blind. Just doing diapers has to be a challenge. Do you still have the 3rd eye behind your head?

Miss-Omnibus13 karma

Diapers were easier, my children are now 23 and 26. There haven't been diapers in a long while, as far as I know. They can change their own now if there are!

Murpeen121 karma

I had a low vision student in my elementary school class. (Very low vision.) His family has given him the impression that he will drive someday. He asked me what I thought. My answer was that he could rock a tractor, a golf cart and a riding mower, but a car on the streets might not be a good idea. Was that a good answer?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

Excellent answer, maybe with future technology who knows.

bobbydrew1 karma

Hi, the other day I was getting off of a bus and there was a blind man witga a cane looking quite confused as to where he was (in the middle of the road) and I asked him if he needed and help. Is this concidered offensive at all? Or rude?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

No, Asking if we need help before just dragging us off somewhere makes you a hero! <3

munkr21 karma

Have you ever tried a psychedelic? And if so what were the results and if not would you?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

I would again and it was brilliant. THE COLOURS WERE AMAZING. It took me back to my childhood.

jellybeanforest1 karma

Do you think the Braille system is efficient?

Miss-Omnibus2 karma

They're phasing it out in Australia. I don't use it, it's better to hear audio cues.

kingdadrock1 karma

Do you enjoy movies or television? if so, are any particular actors that you enjoy? And what do you like about them?

Miss-Omnibus9 karma

I like things that make me laugh or think. I get into travel shows on tv and bear gryllis. I also like murder shows like midsommer murders. Omni introduced me to the Xfiles awhle back but I've watched all seasons and movies. Omni said I'd get me some breaking bad too! David Duchovny is a bit of yummy.

mayhawjelly1 karma

Do you have any particular preference in someone's physical appearance? Does other people's opinion factor into whether or not you find someone attractive?

Miss-Omnibus6 karma

Definitely not. People are just people or, generally smudges to me anyway :p

Indipandapolis1 karma

This is a bit of an awkward question but I am really curious. Please don't take offense to this, but how do you know when to stop wiping?

Miss-Omnibus3 karma

(making wtf faces and laughing) omg. I don't wipe with my eyes. That's the kind of question you ask to someone who doesn't have hands.

ala-akbar1 karma

What is that?

Miss-Omnibus1 karma

A visually impaired travel pass for people to use on public transportation in this state.