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I agree that technology is appropriate at the high school level. However elementary students need to study the practice calculation and basic operation by hand so they understand the process. I teach 4th graders.

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I teach. So, no matter what I eat from our caf, I get diarrhea. I also have a peanut allergy and I've had several out breaks without eating nuts. I stopped eating the caf and my problems went away. It's probably a me thing... But I wonder.

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I had a low vision student in my elementary school class. (Very low vision.) His family has given him the impression that he will drive someday. He asked me what I thought. My answer was that he could rock a tractor, a golf cart and a riding mower, but a car on the streets might not be a good idea. Was that a good answer?

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What do you think of the common core / PARCC assessment and it's agenda? Would you have taught for 30 years under that initiative?

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Have you tried herbal remedies? I know that my health outlook changed tremendously when I moved to herbal remedies and left the pharmaceuticals. (A gradual shift for me with anti inflammatory meds.) For example I was told kraut juice is a natural cleanse. It balances the ph in the gut. Works within 24 hours.